You don't deserve this monitor - Does 360Hz gaming make a difference?
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You thought 240Hz gaming monitors were fast? Meet the ASUS PG259QN, a 360HZ IPS gaming monitor with G-SYNC and HDR10. But is it a meaningful upgrade to the PG258Q…or a worthy opponent of the Samsung Odyssey G7?
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • TeamY2

    people at LTT : play some games in 360hz me at the start of the video : just give this monitor to a geometry dash player and he will be 1000x times better than before

  • Giedrius Budvytis
    Giedrius Budvytis

    thats kinda stupid test because they all looking at 4 monitors at same time so monitor they sitting to always told to be the best lol :D

  • Dream Boat
    Dream Boat

    What are the pc specs that were used to run with the monitor?

  • Flavio Gualtieri
    Flavio Gualtieri

    Me: watches a 360Hz monitor review My GT710: *don't even think about it*

  • PAIR of Sneakerheads
    PAIR of Sneakerheads

    I miss the simple crt days. These pannels keep getting more specs to keep track off.

  • Hollow

    You will definitely notice the difference as soon as you are in *focus/try-hard mode*

  • ItsYaBoyPETE

    Just went from a gtx 660 with a 60hz monitor to a gtx 1660ti and a 165hz monitor and oh my, I did not know it was going to be that huge of a difference. I will never go back to 60hz 😧 Playing csgo on this made it feel like I was cheating, it was so smooth 😛

  • Physickl

    Im more worried about bottlenecks tbh

  • Alexandru Buse
    Alexandru Buse

    With all due respect, Your opinion compared to a pro's opinion is nothing.

  • AirTour

    well now I am scared to buy 240hz because in a moment there will be a ton of 360 on the market

  • سلطان آل مكتوم
    سلطان آل مكتوم

    I use 500hz monitor but in work I can't get it home it's still available for nasa only

  • nojato 42
    nojato 42

    Im not limited by my schreen, not my hardware, but my laptops thermals. I7 8750h and 1070 mobile And can barely run overwatch on 16FPS!!!!

  • 300 x 600 Savage
    300 x 600 Savage

    do not buy this monitor just go for the g7 guys.

    • MakeLiberals CryAgain
      MakeLiberals CryAgain

      Sorry But I’m rich

  • Vubizee

    How much does it cost?

  • Σά ββας
    Σά ββας

    the colors are more of a giveaway than hertz are to be fair

  • rydr

    I just jumped from 60 hz to this. It felt so fucking good

  • Hiraeth

    First of all, you don't even have 360 FPS to even show on the monitor so you cant really see the difference unless u get over 240 fps idiot

  • LonlyGamerXs Gaming Blog
    LonlyGamerXs Gaming Blog

    To be honest i dont see a difference between these monitors and a 144hz monitor except for price


    Yeah I do

  • rdkay

    2020: Does 360Hz gaming make a difference? 2030: does 720Hz gaming make a difference?

  • One Grinchy Boi
    One Grinchy Boi

    ‘Turn 360 degrees and walk away’? Wut? I would just turn a complete circle.

  • UAmIdot

    They should have tested on Minecraft on a really good Pc to get 1k fps

  • Javier Cruz
    Javier Cruz

    Why would anyone in the world need this

  • Padgey

    You don’t deserve your RSloft viewers where’s your nex crying video saying your leaving RSloft again

  • Sharp SK
    Sharp SK

    Those some wack gamers, good gamer could surely tell or pro.

  • Necropants

    Probably is some advantage but becoming to get into extreme dimishing returns in both visual fidelity and latency at this point. I feel the industry should have looked into supporting stereoscopic gaming (at 144hz) more, certain games at least would benefit more with real depth perception. I know for a fact I perform in tekken alot better when I play in the 3dmigoto fixed 3Dvision, since I can judge spacing way better and see that that roundhouse kick is going to wiff my characters head with more accuracy in 3D space.

  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne

    "Your wrong". "cool".

  • noqi

    Looks cool, will buy one in 20 year’s there is it ceeper

  • Xon

    Disliked because of your underwear photo. That really wasn't necessary. I was about to make dinner here.

  • Taran Saini
    Taran Saini

    lmao my parents have a 240 hz tv and the only thing connected to it is my ps4

  • Ok

    My 240 hertz monitor isn’t obsolete YET

  • TMK Riceyy
    TMK Riceyy

    Me when I’m older: Hey son! Want to play some games? Son: Ewwwww why 144hz and a 1660 super let me get my 720hz monitor and my RTX 6090!

  • C1T RIK
    C1T RIK

    ''the problem is your a gamer''

  • Carlos Jett Romero
    Carlos Jett Romero

    I don’t advise going above 360hz since your eyes won’t be able to handle it, I recommend staying on 360hz.

  • Dettidogg

    with his beard he looks like a female version of Chuck Norris :D

    • Xon


  • Xheftyy

    Is 120 fps not enough

  • David Macias
    David Macias

    Linus doesn’t even game don’t take his advice


    2:04 “to find out if that’s an improvement the human eye can perceive, we set up a blind test” Hold up

  • BlueAfLmao

    Anybody getting that the benq monitors are always yellow ish ?

  • AbramGG Gaming
    AbramGG Gaming

    my eyes only for 144hz ✌️


    Just a suggestion but try the test on someone who uses a 240hz monitor on a daily basis and see if they notice the difference. I used a 165hz monitor for over a year then updated to 240hz around 6 months ago. I can see the difference without doubt between 240 and 165/144. I’m almost certain I would see the difference between 240hz and 360hz. I’m very excited for the 360 monitors to become affordable.

  • 2x_god

    360hz 😱😱

  • Md. Anisur Rahman Anik resulun
    Md. Anisur Rahman Anik resulun


  • K A
    K A

    What RGB keyboard is that at the start of the video?

  • GucciBanana09

    my integrated graphics : that's true

  • NickD511

    You should to the FPS monitor test with. The the new 3080-3090

  • migz

    Very nice. Watching this on 60hz monitor

  • Gabriel Lanis Lopes
    Gabriel Lanis Lopes

    i have 2000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000fps -ppl play minecraft Monitor : 60hz

  • NKill

    Osu! Players: ill take your entire stock!


    This thumbnail I like my dad but replace the Monitor with happiness

  • Mahedi Ferdous
    Mahedi Ferdous

    Hey human can see maximum 260fps

  • {ᴇɴᴠʏ} windy ッ
    {ᴇɴᴠʏ} windy ッ

    I really enjoy LTT new intro, very visually pleasing

    • apsndd jwhdhd
      apsndd jwhdhd

      i dont think its new

  • Ashton Grist
    Ashton Grist

    shoe horned that one in..... is what HE said

  • Ashton Grist
    Ashton Grist

    what about the Radus 620hzs monitor from Epticom. I know tokyo brands aren't popular but for an ultrawide I was suprised at 900 LEDs backlighting and getting that bright w dolby vision its hard to understand why even people in Asia don't know about them

  • ThaGangstaFTW

    Don’t advertise pre-builts.

  • ossi saputra
    ossi saputra

    120/144hz is just right

  • Toxiotic

    Love the new sick intro

  • Syed Rehan
    Syed Rehan

    can they stop improving screens and improve GPUs so we can actually get 360 fps

    • Glxtch

      Syed Rehan I mean you can if you put low graphics settings on.

  • FRAN 350
    FRAN 350

    Humans eye can see 144hz

  • Benjamin G
    Benjamin G

    the beard fits you so well !

  • Rico

    who's idea was it to not put a tn panel on this they're trollling

    • Rico

      @Vunnie hoping in the future theres hardware to support the 360hz lmao n not just like esports titles

    • Vunnie

      @Rico With a true 360hz experience I mean that the monitor's response times are fast enough for 360 hz. But yea its true that you can barely run any games with 360+ fps

    • Rico

      @Vunnie idk about "true 360hz experience" unless ur playing a game like csgo remind me of the last pc game u played where u ran 360 fps lock

    • Vunnie

      @Rico What do you mean with bottleneck? The ips monitor has response times fast enough for a true 360hz experience.

    • Rico

      @Vunnie hm i didnt know that but isn't it still technically a "bottleneck"

  • Timelapse SlomoGuy
    Timelapse SlomoGuy

    Me whith my 60fps on PS4

    • Očołuoĺ

      Mostly 30 😂

  • H Darius
    H Darius

    linus is so red

  • Frogs

    GD players know what I'm thinking right now

  • Gaming Is Fun
    Gaming Is Fun


  • Artam Ghotbi
    Artam Ghotbi

    3:25 tho the accent

  • Kevin Fernando
    Kevin Fernando

    what is the game at 3:25 ???

  • Jedi Stache
    Jedi Stache

    Linus:360 hrz! Me on my 60 fps screen: Uh huh, ok.

  • Patnos :D
    Patnos :D

    Me: playing roblox with 20 fps Me after waiting this video. I want that monitor to be pro player in adopt me!!!(i hate adopt me)

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Awesome thanks

  • I Believe
    I Believe


  • SvenGlueckspilz

    Invite Shroud again and test if it makes a difference!

  • Geese

    360hz and it still blurs, meanwhile a 60hz crt doesn't.

  • David H'ee
    David H'ee

    Please review the new Dell G7 15 with the i5H and 1660 Ti. It has an 86WHr battery and has the potential to be a great long-battery gaming laptop for under $1,000. I want to know - how comfortable is the keyboard? How is the screen - is it calibrated enough to be okay for photo editing? What is the battery life? Please and thank you!

  • Big man Rob
    Big man Rob

    No Linus, you don’t deserve this monitor your the most casual gamer ever

  • Gamer Slayer
    Gamer Slayer

    what is the resolution on this monitor

  • Da'Neil Pitts
    Da'Neil Pitts

    How many advantages do you need on your opponent until you realize your just trash 🤣 #PCGamers

  • ᴄᴏᴅᴇx

    Obrij se

  • 연오랑.

    Before you get this monitor, you need to get rtx 3090.

  • suprafreak2100

    I wish plasma was developed more, I had one that runs at 600hz, super smooth and better than hdr range. Only downside was response at over 100ms, and was "limited" to 1080p.

  • Khalid

    Pretty certain that its targeted at competitive players at the highest level. A pro csgo player would love this monitor

  • Shreyas

    Tell them to play on 60hz for 5years and then use 240fps

  • That og Gamer
    That og Gamer

    Linus you don’t deserve this monitor Me but I do

  • Ognjen Corovic
    Ognjen Corovic

    Framerate sooo high that Snoop Dogg tried to smoke it.

  • Turboed Dude
    Turboed Dude

    3:22 😂😂🤣🤣

  • The_Womp_And_Only

    For $700 you could get 1440p 240hz monitors. And, even if you can't run games at 240hz, you could run some games(easy to run or just single players) at 1440p and competitive titles at 1080p 240hz. Also, if you're getting more than 144fps at 1440p, you could set it to that frame rate.

  • Thomas Snow
    Thomas Snow

    His girl is asian, needless to say she's used to little things.

    • Tyler Malik
      Tyler Malik


  • Timothy Vine
    Timothy Vine

    Me: why does everyone comment Also me: like this?

  • safayatislam hemel
    safayatislam hemel

    I got 322 fps in csgo with rx 580 8 gb in 144 hz lg monitor

  • Parath Paraman
    Parath Paraman

    Meanwhile me on 60 hz

  • Parath Paraman
    Parath Paraman

    I love ur improved intro it’s so sick

  • Oliver Michael
    Oliver Michael

    I can't hit 20 fps linus why must you torture me so

  • SpeedCubed

    “What games can even get 360 FPS” *Laughs in 1000 Minecraft FPS*

    • innerly

      @Hosiah Hedima Minecraft is made to use only very little gpu what are you talking about

    • Hosiah Hedima
      Hosiah Hedima

      @Shwabbaa I have a rtx 2070 super and it’s uses 40% gpu at 8 render distance I think I got scammed lol

    • Javier Cruz
      Javier Cruz

      What does that FPS feel like bruh

    • dynatryx

      @Dumb Comment ik it doesn't exist

    • Dumb Comment
      Dumb Comment

      @dynatryx which doesn't make sense because there are no monitor that can give you that much

  • Ricardo Santos
    Ricardo Santos

    Samsung odyssey C32G7 is the best buy at that price

  • Brotodeep pal
    Brotodeep pal

    Pls make a unboxing on Electrobot Gaming Tower PC - Intel i5 9400F, Nvidia RTX 2060 6GB, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD with 2 RGB Cooling Fans (Intel 9400F)

    • Brotodeep pal
      Brotodeep pal

      I need to know this pc....

  • gio2 tv
    gio2 tv

    Sana all may gamming pc

  • Antalyan Junction
    Antalyan Junction

    I bet 20 years from now, we'll see 8K 360Hz displays on some phones. I mean, the display will be the size of an iPad (even at 900ppi), it'll be half an inch thick for the 12 Ah battery (I call it a "phone" rather than a tablet because for some reason you'll be able to receive calls on it and because no bezels) and it'll drain the battery from 100% to 0% in 10 minutes unless I'm plugged into the 300W charger, but it'll be worth it for me to finally watch some truly high quality cat videos during my morning commute.

  • sledman3000

    Cant wait to play minesweeper!!

  • Bibiana Uri
    Bibiana Uri

    • Bibiana Uri
      Bibiana Uri

      Ana Maria te mando el presupuesto de las la 48 para el kheyr de las los las 8 y los de la 55 que te paso para que lo veas como con la de la empresa de la 5

    • Bibiana Uri
      Bibiana Uri

      I Ana have a 9h of a good 7 70 a 2 e ir a este este lugar lugar donde inicia el evento el próximo domingo 0 y disfrutar de la experiencia más completa 45 de o de la tv 658 was 0 for a long time and it was a

  • Dexzitψ

    Hay I was wondering if u could give me good parts to build a gaming pc.i need the pc for editing videos,streaming,gaming,and school work I know how to build pc’s from you’re video but i don’t know anything about pc parts and my price range is about anything under $1,500 I don’t have that much money I would really appreciate it if u could help me with the parts.

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