What the heck is a GAMING SERVER??
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Cloud gaming is getting more popular, and we're not strangers in how they work, but have you actually thought about what the hardware looks like when you play games or whatever on them? We convinced Shadow to send us one of their units, and they actually agreed to it... I hope they knew what they were agreeing to.
Check out the video where we toured their office and even their data center at rsloft.info/loft/video/YqWCmJu-sZWmiHo
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  • Well Silver
    Well Silver

    Nobody: the fan: im gonna kill ya.. n kil yer gain

  • Gamer Van
    Gamer Van

    *me watching this not understanding anything* I like your funny words magic man

  • Tricky Guy
    Tricky Guy

    We need a video about Game Server as well.

  • George Head
    George Head

    at $40 for the topend using an rtx card it just does not make sense to me

  • CollinTheLaptopGamer

    i should get that because i live in delaware which is really cloce to one of there servers😀

  • PlatinumEagleStudio's

    "I mean where's the RGB am I right" No, Linus, you're not right. Not everything has to be RGB. RGB is for kids.

  • Spicy Creates
    Spicy Creates

    Is there a "what the heck is a mining pc" video????

  • no one
    no one

    why quadro tho

  • Mauro Coluccio
    Mauro Coluccio

    The cyberman wallpaperrrrrrr


    Linus - I've never seen an open compute project server before. Me neither :]

  • JMUDoc

    "Where's the RGB? Amirite?" No. No, you're not.

  • frog

    whoever captioned this should get fired

  • HenryCats Yt
    HenryCats Yt

    How fast of a connection do i need to have a good experience while gaming and doing video editing?

  • Jahades

    I feel sorry for these companies letting Linus handle their products since he has a track record of dropping things

  • გიორგი ივანიძე
    გიორგი ივანიძე

    4:26 thank me later

  • Vincent Cojot
    Vincent Cojot

    Do they use any special NVidia Quadro firmware or what? NVidia always said Quadros weren't made for gaming and the benchmarks show that unless you spend 10x on a similarly SPEC'ed Quadro, gaming performance is going to suffer. So where are the tricks? :)

  • x-dim

    Because of this video I contract Shadow.tech services to render my Blender projects. The thing is I'm very disappointed. This is only a 20% faster than my Intel Core Duo from 2017 with a onboard Iris 610 Gpu. I don't know if something about virtualization. But when I switch to GPU render time it even slower than CPU. In fact a "P5000" even divided between 3 users should give me much more performance than it's does. I hope your team can check it out because Shadow.tech team, till now, doesn't reply my questions. Thank you.

  • BriscoBones

    "24ms ping not bad" PFT!! Id sell a kidney to get 24ms internet right now, my current internet is rocking a 900ms ping.. on average!

  • I'm a Cheez-it
    I'm a Cheez-it

    ".4 ms m ping. Not terrible." Me loading my biggest schemes in mindustry sitting at a cool 57603 MS PING.

  • Shabab Haider Siddique
    Shabab Haider Siddique

    i wish they sold gaming cases like that .

  • Matt Bowen
    Matt Bowen

    Where’s the RGB? Is it really a gaming server if it doesn’t have RGB?

  • Jeff Sollia
    Jeff Sollia

    Shadow tech is really good you should test it who wants it voucher: MARAMQKI

  • Suchipi

    Been using Shadow for years and I *LOVE* it. I signed up before it was available in my area by using a VPN (shhh). I've tested it in several parts of North America (before COVID) and it's never let me down. Highly recommended!

  • Harrison Smith
    Harrison Smith

    I learn so much cool $h!t from your videos linus, thanks for your dedication to your videos for however many years now

  • SSG Playboy
    SSG Playboy

    trash. laggy and blurry. cant compete like that.


  • Alejandro Trigueros
    Alejandro Trigueros

    The moment you said "where is RGB"? I stopped the video.

  • Delilah Wild
    Delilah Wild

    I detest that Shadow has link elements of its app and website to automatically open this video. Alongside the constant leadership changes and the diminishing quality of service, it bespeaks a desperate company in trouble.

  • David Prentice
    David Prentice

    Started using Shadow after I saw your video. Yeah... I'm probably a customer for life, its that good!

  • Sapphire

    Cant even stream a video lol 😂

  • Joe Jia
    Joe Jia

    That one guy who has an emotional attachment to the servers: no touchy on my server alright? Linus: time to unplug and plug in again everything

  • Bangtan Moments
    Bangtan Moments

    I saw shadow behind linus

  • Bangtan Moments
    Bangtan Moments

    How to make pc which is used for Android game server

  • Benjie/ LordUnsinkbar
    Benjie/ LordUnsinkbar

    how heavy is this thing?

  • skyf

    Lets be friends : )

  • Kuruno San
    Kuruno San

    His desktop quite same as me. Lol, i am not the one

  • Farahthabet Farahthabet
    Farahthabet Farahthabet

    were the rgb (why you bulling me)

  • Cesar Bravo
    Cesar Bravo

    All that for $11.99 a month is a bit... too good to be true? My Digital Ocean VPS's are $5 a month and have like 1/10th the power of even the most basic subscription (plus they have bandwidth caps and CPU usage limits) I'm 100% getting a subscription once they become available in my region

  • Cesar.

    Kennt jemand sowas in Deutschland? Does anyone knows such a thing in Germany?

    • d4rkside84

      Gibt es in dtl.

  • Gabriel Collazos
    Gabriel Collazos

    So this is just stadia but good

  • XentimenT

    Nobody: Linus: 6 x 8 is... Hmmmm... *64*

  • Judess 69er
    Judess 69er

    rumour is there's now a 2 year long backlog after this video dropped :'D

  • MedRider

    this is the future of gaming as internet connections get faster and faster and google fiber becomes common place. gone will be the days of building your own gaming pc.

  • icon chan
    icon chan

    qUaDrO iS nOt fOr gAmInG

  • Original Nick
    Original Nick

    6:04 Close your eyes and turn on your fantasy

  • Vaporjoes

    dual CPU 20 core is the way to go.

  • fahad ibn hasib
    fahad ibn hasib

    So Linus is doing commercials now?

  • Noctis IX
    Noctis IX

    04:00 64? are u sure?

  • Shendue

    How does it work? It doesn't. Cloud gaming doesn't work, period. Input delay kills gaming.

    • d4rkside84

      Which delay?

  • SlickStretch

    So, what you're saying is... If I want a LAN party in a box (sans friends) I should buy one of these. Also, if feels weird to hear "neighbors to the south" and know they're referring to me.

  • Unplayed

    Not having redundant power inputs seems like an unfortunate choice for a server, regardless of whether or not the power supply is externalized.

  • AlTheEngineer

    We're still pushing stupid cloud gaming boys? How many services have to fail before we realize we cannot bend the laws of network physics? Sorry but even gaming on inferior and cheaper hardware with lesser FPS is better than a "blur" when I move around or a 24ms+ extra latency, not to mention nuking your entire allowed bandwidth for a given month. Stop pushing this crap man, it'll never take off for gaming! It's cool for productivity and a remote machine, that's about it.

  • BioWars Gaming
    BioWars Gaming

    It seams I cant use it in Canada

  • The Screem Regular
    The Screem Regular

    *windows book*

  • Charles Ingvar
    Charles Ingvar

    How mac-users game

  • Daniel Cook
    Daniel Cook

    So better than the other cloud platforms for gaming?

  • S M
    S M

    Oh Linus... disconnecting the GPUs when you have an out-of-band management card...

  • Rodolfo Benítez Montero
    Rodolfo Benítez Montero

    Now i have to wait until shadow is available in mexico

  • Jeremiah Davis
    Jeremiah Davis

    Make a app for the Xbox one, so Windows Games can be played on it and I wont have to use a PC or phone or tablet just load the app there. I aint gonna lie, Shadow is REALLY nice.... This past week, I just previewed Amazons New World streamed at 4k and 60fps on a 72" TV using an Xbox Controller mapped through Steam... It was REALLY REALLY cool... The only downside is that when using it on Android there is no mouse pointer control software (tested with Xbox one controller and Razer Kishi) so you dont have any mouse in games that need them for things like inventory management, if its on PC it works great with (edit) the xbox one controller. Just a problem with Android with controllers. ESO in 4k is also gorgeous but it doesn't need that kind of beefy hardware. I was SUPER impressed with New World... too bad the game is gonna be DOA - too much PVP and griefing ability, it sucks, but its a beautiful world they built. I would totally recommend Shadow to anyone considering getting a gaming PC - spend the 15 per month instead of the thousands at once, invest that money into something else that pays dividends to cover the cost. Just 02 cents from an actual user .

  • Fadedkid

    no wonder my shadow came late

  • coltmerg 420
    coltmerg 420

    7:25 A blowematron ,lol I have a pc ( old P4F- Prescott-2M ) that has 6 of them cooling that rig .My room mate can not stand it and runs out of house .

  • D Lynch
    D Lynch

    Why don’t you talk about how insanely unreliable Shadow is, as a service? The amount of issues that come with Shadow are pretty extreme. Crashing, mouse stop working, staff installing your server in the wrong region, freezing, etc etc. Shadow isn’t NEARLY as good, as you make it out to be.

  • M Talha Khalid
    M Talha Khalid

    Y nvidi gpu rather then they use radion

  • Stratus41298

    What's that thing in his pocket around the 1 minute mark? Looks kind of neat.

    • Just A Trash Can
      Just A Trash Can

      Some type of calculator maybe

  • David P.
    David P.

    Is that 2AWG power feeder wires? i couldn't read

  • Senior Rodrigez Ahmed
    Senior Rodrigez Ahmed

    Still better than Stadia.

  • OBVKiddos

    Shadow Sucks!

    • OBVKiddos

      TheLegendarycheese lmao

    • TheLegendarycheese


  • Charles Hines
    Charles Hines

    I would rather play my games directly on my own computer. Sure it doesn't have as much memory or the same CPU but I do have at least 32 GB of RAM. Some people might call it overkill. I say there is never such a thing unless you have gone broke paying for it. I know people who call somethings "overbuilt" but frankly Linus I just like them to last a while. I despise junk that doesn't last and would rather pay slightly more than I would for junk to avoid it failing too soon.

  • RKBock

    5:12 is the video already published?

  • Andreas Knepp
    Andreas Knepp

    Shadow group: Into the matrix.

  • Andreas Knepp
    Andreas Knepp

    Power Supply duo?

  • Andreas Knepp
    Andreas Knepp

    Built Anti-Government version. Im really into video gaming no hindrences.

  • Old Matey Bazza
    Old Matey Bazza

    "Can we game on this server manually?" Rips it apart and puts it back together "...Yes*"

  • TheThunderGuyS

    They use this for 8 player deathmatch Crysis servers

  • Matthews Jose
    Matthews Jose

    Shadow sucks I have used it and been to the office, at this stage no but I hope they work out the kinks excited

  • Mike

    VR streaming sounds like a recipe for vomit.

    • ab5_

      I tried it out with third party software on my friend's shadow. Works amazing and you can't tell. I was playing beat saber expert + and it was amazing. I could even finish Through The Fire And The Flame on my first try. I couldn't tell there was any latency and with the official software, it can only get better. It all depends on your ping and speed of your internet. My mate has 30ms ping to the Paris datacenter and 30Megs down. He's been using shadow for about 3 years no and he says it's amazing.

  • Laumoehoney

    I use this service and I am very happy but the latency doesn't allow me to play an fps game or RDR2 on a regular computer because of latency

  • Ram Hole
    Ram Hole

    Oh yeah sponsored by intel

  • Nostradamus 2000
    Nostradamus 2000

    I was wandering why my shadow was acting weird since a few weeks. Now I know

  • Kibbles

    Data board? Nah bro; Dottaboord.

  • coke

    Yea my Shadow comes with 24 GB VRAM

  • coke

    I have a Shadow and tbh, for the price you pay, it's very much worth the money, especially while you try & save for good PC parts

  • Asif Khan
    Asif Khan

    Without RGB Game Can't Run☠

  • Blue waffle cone
    Blue waffle cone

    or you could have hooked that baby up to jumper cables from your pinkass civic...

  • The Spark
    The Spark

    What is "cable management"? Is that a new Chinese indoctrination phrase? Damn, they are clever.

  • JugendlicheHurensöhne

    The final question is. Can it run Csgo?

  • Aayan Bastola
    Aayan Bastola

    Roses are red, Screens give off light, When Linux says "speaking of" I double tap the right.

    • Jon Hatcher
      Jon Hatcher

      I ignored this channel for years because I thought it said Linux Tech Tips ......

    • A LOWE
      A LOWE


    • Henri Ervasti
      Henri Ervasti

      Just press L - like Linus, so you only need to press once.

    • Akarshan gaba
      Akarshan gaba

      Speaking of linux Linus doesn't like Linux 🤣🤣🤏🤏

  • Brady Meehan
    Brady Meehan

    Get this the hell off my shadow homepage

  • Sylvain Bathalon
    Sylvain Bathalon

    I know you already did the review and was curious of what hardware they were using and this was a very nice video. To reduce input latency you need to sacrifice the eye candy settings like anti-aliasing and reduce shadow to medium on high paced game like doom eternal. Trust me latency is gone after that, you can't notice you're playing on a cloud gaming machine.

  • Spectacular Glasses
    Spectacular Glasses

    Just got my Shadow and I LOVE IT! Works very well

  • Louis whellem
    Louis whellem

    this gay is so happy he looks like he is a big fan of gaming

  • Ben Gring
    Ben Gring

    As someone who lives a few miles from a shadow datacenter, I get a latency of 7-9. If you were curious about how good it can get.

  • Igor Kralnova
    Igor Kralnova

    Everybody gangsta till you have no internet connection

  • Danny Patton
    Danny Patton

    I beat all the dark souls games and Sekiro for the first time on Shadow, on a 29 mbps connection. It's good.

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez

    Idea for a future video. Build a flat PC, like the server you're showing in this video, stick a TV screen in front of it, and mount the whole thing on the wall. Bonus points if the TV can swing open to expose the PC like a medicine cabinet.

  • DarkfulLightless

    "Too cable managed" Linus - 2020

  • Abhijith M.A
    Abhijith M.A

    Most used word in Linus videos. *Puppy*

  • Sebastian

    Huh, I'd rather pay 3k for my own high end gaming rig because... Well, i can't get good internet

  • RadioactiveSolar

    where's the RGB ? XDDD

  • breadbuttrjam 321
    breadbuttrjam 321

    Hey, you can play games in tr 3990x since it has high boost frequency (4.3Ghz) which is good for gaming