We killed it... but then SUCCESS!!! - Die Lapping Adventure
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We’re taking Intel’s 9900K and going FULL HARDCORE by delidding and lapping the die with NudeCNC’s NLap tools. Will the chip survive? Watch and find out!
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  • Luigi Piccioli
    Luigi Piccioli

    Colin is one of the better video companions

  • Deep Senpai
    Deep Senpai

    They bought to destroy,man here I can't even buy one ryzen 5 to use😢😂😂😂😂

  • DPain82

    Watching these "tech" guys lap is hilarious

  • Coldfusionstorm Gaming
    Coldfusionstorm Gaming

    Holy crap I thought he threw a cpu at first

  • Donovan Tuttle
    Donovan Tuttle

    Lap a 3090!

  • yeetmaster

    06:54 rip headphone users

  • ixxgunnerx x
    ixxgunnerx x


  • Bujf vjg
    Bujf vjg

    RIP 1X 9900K

  • Lulzaf

    thatdead cpu hurts me

  • Laurens Vermeyen
    Laurens Vermeyen

    got my fingers burned, thx a lot role model!

  • Phobix

    Linus looks like he hasn’t fallen asleep in years

  • Juan Beato
    Juan Beato

    did they used AVX enabled or disabled?

  • hidazip


  • P3chv0gel

    As often, as Linus is joking about the german "Aluminium": At least "Silikon" (silicone) und "Silizium"(Silicon) doesn't sound like the same thing ;)

  • Lyon Cat
    Lyon Cat

    LTT doing crazy Sh*t so you don't have to (even though you probably want still to.)

  • Dimondminer11

    I now have an NH D15 but I am using it on a 2200G. Also its the big beige beast instead of the black big beast

  • jacksuntrie

    is this a task failed successfully reference?

  • Trxsh Kid
    Trxsh Kid

    Did he mean der8auer roman or an other roman😅

  • C4rb0n6

    you already delidded a soldered threadripper

  • Lincoln Keane
    Lincoln Keane

    Linus is so much hotter with a beard.

  • The Screem Regular
    The Screem Regular

    cpu: dies Also cpu: no I don't think I will die

  • Daniel Fried
    Daniel Fried

    Because the die is soldered to the IHS, the more productive and far safer lapping approach would have been IHS and HSF surfaces. The point of lapping is primarily to even surfaces and reduce the transfer gap that thermal paste needs to fill. This way you showed is new to me, but I can see it working better to replace a pad. A second point of lapping is to shed unneeded lower thermally conductive layers. If the IHS is copper-core, lapping the aluminum from the top and getting a mirror finish and using a HSF with a similarly treated or stock surface would get you much better gains. Also, use a glass surface. Like a sheet of glass to top a table. It's one of the most consistently flat consumer materials. I lapped a s939 3800 x2 to a mirror finish way back. 200 through to auto grade grit papers. When you have it razor flat, you polish it with coffee filter paper to finish it to a mirror. With the number of cores, and all the package integrations on a cpu now, plus the TDP, the results should be far better than my Athlon X2: Idle Temps fell 3 degree and evened, peak temp on load (with PC) were 10C less. Seems like if you don't do the IHS and HSF... That difference you showed I attribute to a better paste bead on HSF reapplication moreso than any of the delidding. Try it again, and just do the IHS top and HSF. You'll see at least 5-8 better temps. Idk what paste you were using... Testing with something that needs no cure would be better for consistency. I don't recommend a HSF with merged heat pipes. Just the plate or copper core kind. If it's not a perfect mirror, you're not done lapping

  • Juha Rajamäki
    Juha Rajamäki

    You would have much better results by using adhesive only on the corners of the IHC and changing the IHC to copper.

  • Qasim Ashraf
    Qasim Ashraf

    Loving the debate with Health & Safety at the end

  • Branch & Vine
    Branch & Vine

    Linus: I would not recommend this at home.. Me: Buys a granite slab

  • ultimatexpka

    at the end of the video linus said the next gen intel cpus already come lapped? or is he talking about the IHS being thinner but not lapped?

  • William Knight
    William Knight

    11:30 - dab'll do ya, gob'll screw ya

  • David Lynch
    David Lynch

    Why not show the direct die temps too since your already 80% there

  • J Wag
    J Wag

    Why didn't any of the spoken microcenter details line up with the displayed ad?

  • Primberry Soup
    Primberry Soup

    due to the literal definition of a segue. can a Linus segue, actually be called a segue? discuss.... 🤣

    • FrikinOSM

      segue segue sputnik fast forward

  • Golden Gears
    Golden Gears

    how can the guy make linus fill out a report if its linus's company explain universe

  • J024

    He got all emotional on doing it right~

  • tankimus

    a report? lol

  • Mark Swann
    Mark Swann

    watching them use a snap-off knife as a scrapper hurts my eyes.....

  • Jonathan Sidwell
    Jonathan Sidwell


  • L3nko

    WTF is "Soder"?

  • erdin yıldız
    erdin yıldız

    linus why using sand paper? use liquid metal easy remove solder

  • JakeAndBake

    Why is Colin a douchebag?

  • Luke Glover
    Luke Glover

    "we're gonna fill out a report later" "im fine, i'm not burned, i could have taken my hand off at any time." "we're gonna fill out a report later" lol

  • Sadness Kant
    Sadness Kant

    Now watching 3 CPUs 1 video and 2 idiots

  • Joe Ferreira
    Joe Ferreira

    Linus branding himself with a Intel IHS. Life Time product placement!

  • Ayurai

    "doing it for you" the only thing i'd wish is to have this 9900k =/

  • Sandeepan Sengupta
    Sandeepan Sengupta

    der8our is a "very cool guy" I 'feel' what you did there

  • JorgGamingCR

    I want to ahow this video to my college professor so bad XD, he worked for intel years ago and he teaches Integrated circuits design and functional verification.

  • Jack's Blue Plate Family
    Jack's Blue Plate Family

    OSHA accedent report reads. Boss does something dumb to himself and gets a report filed haha

  • james timmons
    james timmons

    i do not like that collin guy,such a smart arse

  • black bored
    black bored

    My die is broken.....dont cry after you decided on that 220 grit shit...they should actually take help of a metallurgist into metallography.

  • Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname
    Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname

    How much of the difference was just the liquid metal vs using solder? I know that solder is pretty close to LM but it's not quite as good, which makes it hard to say how effective the lapping was.

  • ctiley2212

    The word 'solder' has an 'L' in it, why do North Americans not use it? Do you not use it when you say the word 'soldier'?

  • Tony Abbott
    Tony Abbott

    You should lap in the shape of an 8, it's more even that way

  • Clay Burks
    Clay Burks

    Just pour water on it

  • Ryan Guildford
    Ryan Guildford

    I genuinely love everyone at Linus Media group. Honestly, y'all are there for me everyday.

  • snake3276120

    Where's my micro center in Canada?

  • Syndex

    hey, there is actually a tecnique out there that is called like "the three plates tecnique" or something like that, wich flattens its surface to the point where it sticks to the heatsink only by placing it on, so that could be an improvement... eheh

  • 2 Devoted
    2 Devoted

    In this episode Linus gets downloaded

  • Pablo De Laforé
    Pablo De Laforé

    don't worry you didn't killed it, it died ;)

  • divinus41

    WTF!? This is CPU rape :'D

  • Planner channel
    Planner channel

    i like watching other people with more money to make mistakes so i wont make them myself. that little burn was a learning experience for all your viewers. double sub. also the billions spent to design, manufacture and distribute modern cpu's and an amateur with some sand paper and some paste can improve a product in which the industry is entirely built on small margins of performance.

  • Smill With
    Smill With

    This video title looks like a dark souls 3 orange note

  • S0ULT241N

    Ya but how do you test life of the chip?


    You could not void the warranty by buying it from Micro Center, then doing it right away within the 30 return window and if you fuck it up return it get another and try again. LOL

  • fellpower

    THats always soooo funny, when Linus say: Ohh, hopefully, wie dont ruin that"...and have, or can buy thousends of that products......

  • Bong Jovi
    Bong Jovi

    220 grit... smh

  • Bong Jovi
    Bong Jovi

    You know that Thermalright makes liquid metal that works literally the same as conductonaut but for half the price, right?

  • Bong Jovi
    Bong Jovi

    Guess what I don't have to do to my AMD chips? Intel is literally a joke now. They have been since the 8th gen, and nothing seems to be changing. I bet they still won't have 7nm next year, either.

  • ArsenHere

    0:56 lies...

  • MrMaxInAMillion

    yo dude wtf where r the ads

  • OPH2

    8:31 This should be a meme

  • Raxis

    when he says reducing heat helps the cpu last longer, what does he mean? longer than far far into the future when my cpu is useless? I have almost every cpu I've ever owned still working, including my 486sx, amd 233mhz, amd sempron 1.8ghz, 955 black edition quad, i5 3570k, i54690k, all of which have been massively abused and overclocked some for decades, never had a cpu die from anything other than physical damage, or electrical damage(blown psu, power spike, lightening etc, even then sometimes they gave no shits), CPU's are robust as hell.

  • Santiago Meneses
    Santiago Meneses

    My hero 3 cpus !

  • Richard Joseph
    Richard Joseph

    Boy! This is a really expensive experiment!

  • Andy Cheung
    Andy Cheung

    Do you think they would ever send you unlidded cpu's just to play around like this?

  • Aeon

    I wish you showed what you did wrong so we could learn from your mistake, is it because you removed more than needed off the bottom of the IHS that you shorted things?

  • ResistCircuitResist

    This should be a rite of passage for pc techs, Kind of like in Kung fu or the matrix.

  • Spiv Zit
    Spiv Zit

    When Linus said they removed 2mm I screamed IRL.

    • Coldfusionstorm Gaming
      Coldfusionstorm Gaming

      CPU engineer?

  • Drake Sherwood
    Drake Sherwood

    why does he look so much more canadian with a beard

  • Alexander Sannikov
    Alexander Sannikov

    > We killed it... but then SUCCESS Praise the sun! Y

  • Astronaught y
    Astronaught y

    expensive video to make

  • Constant Ringing Tech
    Constant Ringing Tech

    Linus saying: This was fun anyway Linus meaning: This was expensive AF.

  • LogitechTM

    ive watched so much linus techtips ik jow long all the ads are so i can click the forward button

  • Nock

    Linus went full Canadian here. 14:20

  • Mitsos Tech
    Mitsos Tech

    Linus, are you giving away this 9900k? I need a nice upgrade from that i3 9100F, but I am on a dilemma (idk how it’s called in English) between getting a cheap i5 9400F, an i7 9700 or making some money and get the 9900 till the end of this year?

  • Mitsos Tech
    Mitsos Tech

    This i9 costs more than my 350€ i3 9100F with 1050ti main pc, lol

  • Colin Hughes
    Colin Hughes

    CPUs have had soldered IHSs since 2009, and possibly before

  • Farzigal

    What is your job??

  • World Theory
    World Theory

    If every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn't have hotdogs.

  • dodge ram 1500 1996
    dodge ram 1500 1996

    I'm scared

  • Ole

    If you say puppy again, I need to puke.

  • Peter Meter
    Peter Meter

    If u polish the die it will work a bit better (helps only with liquid metal)

  • Nelo Guitarra
    Nelo Guitarra

    Can’t intel just make CPU dies out of copper Yes i am aware that i wrote this without reasearch. I will leave this comment as a testament to do research before commenting on something you’re not very familiar of. *NOTE* I posted this comment 5 seconds before he said the die was made of copper


    16:48 When the Priest overhears your confession of lust and he knows just how to fix it

  • Michael W. Dean
    Michael W. Dean

    If I had surgery to shave down the top of my skull, I think it would make me smarter. lol.

  • Redayejedi

    Delidded my 9900k and honestly wasn't impressed...until i removed the IHS completely and direct die cooled it using Der8auer's OC plate. 65.c @ stock on water. 75.c @ 5ghz all core AVX load.

    • Aeon

      could not get good mounting pressure with mine(rockitcool direct die kit), ended with 77c couple of cores while the rest at 88-92c, it might have been my cooler but could not do it with provided washers, will order some m3x25mm bolts and try again later, for now i get about a 3c overall drop in temperature with regular delid.

  • hsihdbs sbcj tzksk
    hsihdbs sbcj tzksk

    I think this video is going to haunt me in my dreams. Regardless of the outcome, the whole process is terrifying af. (for my wallet)

  • Finn Troll
    Finn Troll

    poor cpu i wish i could affort 1 of this to upgrade my old shit LUL

  • LazyTV

    Is it a "near-miss" when the "event" was technically planned? Reminds me of my previous job where our internal safety inspector had to fill out an incident report on themself while they were on a job site doing a safety inspection...

  • SWITS Feral
    SWITS Feral

    16:45 who is he and why does he need to fill out reports?

  • Valentin

    I have already delidded a soldered CPU. I did not soften the solder, just needed WAY MORE force. It worked. However, it was a 10-year-old CPU so I didn't really care :p

  • Dhall243

    Ive done both of mine cold with that delid tool

  • Martin Herrin
    Martin Herrin

    “Mecha keyboard”? Is that what his shirt says?