We fixed Windows 10 - Microsoft will HATE this!
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Windows 10 is known to come with a lot of telemetry and other “features” that reduce privacy in order to work as “software as a service”. Thankfully, there’s an effort to ameliorate this…
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Check out Windows 10 Ameliorated: ameliorated.info/
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  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips

    PSA: While it's possible to mimic what Windows 10 Ameliorated does through Group Policy without pulling features, Windows 10 Ameliorated directly removes the components responsible for phoning home.

    • Hand Solo
      Hand Solo

      $29.99 for a freaking water bottle? Are you insane?

    • Jack Plays
      Jack Plays

      i force uninstalled all the crap i guess that was illegal oh well , america sue me i like new york

    • Krzysztof Drzewiecki
      Krzysztof Drzewiecki

      GOT ONE MORE INTERESTING THIGN FOR U :) Get Wattmeter, some ryzens for start ...5 2600 2600x 3600 and few 7s ..., boot windows run some browser etc or dont run anything and stay on desktop.... loook at Power cons. ... and then !!! make magic - TURN ON TASK MANAGER AND CHECK WHAT DA FAK HAPPENS ... THEN RUN SOME GAMES OR STABILITY TESTS OCCT FOR EXAMPLE :) RUN IT WITH TURN ON TASK MANAGER AND WITHOUT IT .. THEN SAME WITH BENCHMARKS :> AND THEN TELL ME THAT IT STARTED JUST BEFORE A WHILE .. AND I NOTICED IT AS FRESH SHIT? .,.... COUSE STILL THINKING OF CHECK PC'S BOUGHT BEFORE SEPTEMBER... AND BILLS FOR POWER.....

    • Rudi Ansah
      Rudi Ansah


    • John Doe
      John Doe

      I think you can do the same with NTLite

  • Dakota Lewis
    Dakota Lewis

    Bro anonthy needs more videos of his own.. his voice be very pleasant when he be explaining stuff

  • Kristopher Kohlmeier
    Kristopher Kohlmeier

    15:54 Anthony's "Oh no" reaction to Linus segwaying into sponsorship is gold. I loved that.

  • johnnie broadway
    johnnie broadway

    Manjaro Linux and done.......

  • Stelios Tsarsitalidis
    Stelios Tsarsitalidis

    Well, why not use a debloater script with ShutUp? There are many out there... Oh, and nothing is "missing", you remove or keep any feature you want.

  • Consural

    My video started buffering exactly at 13:09, and it was funny. That is all.

  • Tulus Putra
    Tulus Putra

    Windows 10 1903 is the freaking best! 1909 and 2004 is hot garbage in my PCs at least

  • Mr & Mrs Projects & Adventures
    Mr & Mrs Projects & Adventures

    telemetry, code word for spying

  • Ikilleddave

    I essentially watch these for Anthony now, he's the smartest guy in the room.

  • Lee Clement
    Lee Clement

    why not run some benchmarks to see if the disabled spyware gives you some extra fps?

  • Rytis Liaučys
    Rytis Liaučys

    I use Windows Mail. It's convenient. I just pop up the app, it's very fast, and I have all of my inboxes in one place.

  • Raja Bebek
    Raja Bebek

    Your voice like duck

  • Stefan Mosoi
    Stefan Mosoi

    You can also use: flings.vmware.com/vmware-os-optimization-tool It's for optimization of vm's ... don't run all the optimizations on a live PC :) without a backup. It has a lot of "cleanups" , no extra install stuff. It has some cleanups to windows like: old superseeded files , disable update, optimize .net for native and more. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK :)

  • A Ackroyd
    A Ackroyd

    You look better with the beard!

  • jonnda

    A human not being able to find a shortcut on the desktop, and searching for it? Terrible.

  • MrBibi86

    *WOW! have not watched a video in months. did Linus just hit puberty? lol*

  • Paul smith
    Paul smith

    Get Anthony a radio show. THAT is a voice for radio.

  • Alexandre Menino
    Alexandre Menino

    this is basicly windows 7 experience + windows 10 layout and compatibility

  • HillbillyRepairs

    A striped down windows is over 6g to download ,I thought it would make it smaller.

  • Commander Shepard
    Commander Shepard

    Idk why, but "Ok boomer, enjoy your Outlook!" just sent my overtired self 🤣

  • Sulav Acharya
    Sulav Acharya

    We need Window 10 start up sound..Please help

  • Giovanni de Almeida
    Giovanni de Almeida

    IBut hey, Simplewall does a pretty good job at maintaining privacy

  • Freemasons1732

    i like anthony in these videos! he seems very knowledgeable and he has a very good way or articulating his words!

  • James Cen_sored
    James Cen_sored

    How about removing whatever in Windows 10 deletes things? That's the reason I went to Win 8.1 instead after it deleted about 150 of my files, all videos and saved web pages, not pirated things like they claimed.

  • Okami The Kid
    Okami The Kid

    Why does LTT use different colors on the intro? I love the black! But I’m confused why they change it here and there.

  • Allan Middleton
    Allan Middleton

    i don't use windows search either... Free Commander works much better than Windows Search anyway and it's a better file manager too!

  • Let't Play Pogotowie Komputerowe Wałcz i Okolice.
    Let't Play Pogotowie Komputerowe Wałcz i Okolice.

    Pass the auto updates it seems light 4 some users like me. XP rules Boomers ;]

  • mii car
    mii car


  • magicalfeyfenny

    as an avid Thunderbird user i reject the modern 'go to your mail's website' approach

  • Michael Danger
    Michael Danger

    392 TB free of 780 TB That is one big network storage!

  • Shmuel A.
    Shmuel A.

    Why not... Upgrade to Windows 7???

  • ShRed Vines
    ShRed Vines

    Why is my Win10 system prompting me on politics like Black Lives Matter on my login screen? This is my comptuer which I paid for, it's not an ad platform or a platform for your political views. Get that trash off of my computer. I should be able to watch news on my time when I choose, not when I login to my PC to receive messages demanding I educate myself on your politics. I have no news apps enabled and have not approved this feature, it's not something I can disable.

  • The one true pepe
    The one true pepe

    That segway was lit *dab*

  • Biuti Col
    Biuti Col

    Im using 7 with bypassESU until 2023, the best choice. F c k w10 until then

  • its private
    its private

    im both pissed and surprised how much having bill gates not spying on me would cost me

  • TheDeathmail

    "You can afford it; you bought a Mac" fair point...

  • Biff Bifford
    Biff Bifford

    I use SpyBot to shutdown Windows Telemetry and gain more privacy.

  • Blue Eye
    Blue Eye

    Hi linus is there a way to install window7 in VMware on rayzen 3 2200g windows 10 64bit can you make video tutorial

  • Tsuki

    Watch NCIX on RSloft

  • packet_operator

    More like Windows 10 -Broken Edition. Just use Group Policy and maybe block some stuff with the HOSTS file?

  • alireza neisi
    alireza neisi

    Its more like Windows 7 2.0

  • Maxwell Benz
    Maxwell Benz

    Yeah we basically just rent in Os from Microsoft now

  • Bill Keith Channel
    Bill Keith Channel

    I turned Windows Auto Update off on my Win7Ult back in 2014 and have not had an OpSys issue since. The "waiting for download" list is huge, and still being ignored.

  • Daan R
    Daan R

    LTT has become the Vice of computer youtubers.

  • Reverent Evzheniy
    Reverent Evzheniy

    so basically, LTSC win10

    • Reverent Evzheniy
      Reverent Evzheniy

      @Taurus I use Lex_6000 LTSC build and it doesn't have WD or WU, last one replaced with WinUp utility guess experience differs

    • Taurus

      No. LTSC includes Windows Defender and Windows Update for example. These are both not present in AME.

  • Alex Nights
    Alex Nights

    Hides behind the table when line's chouts who uses windows mail.

  • John Galonska
    John Galonska

    Damn dude, you changed.

  • Luke Roberts
    Luke Roberts


  • Luke Roberts
    Luke Roberts


  • John Hanek
    John Hanek

    At 3:57, the extreme bottom of the window says "5 items" on the left and on the lower right corner there's two clickable icons. If anyone can help I need to know how toe get rid of that stupid window section please! In my color scheme of black windows and dark cherry red window headinsg using white letters that ugly little white bar doesn't change color, it stays white and takes up real estate.

  • Ambru

    i physically laughed at linus telling who even uses windows mail?! and i was like me! hahaha. my email is so old its not even outlook.com i refuse to even update it 😂

  • Danny C. Howard
    Danny C. Howard

    I like the castaway Linus lol

  • Gally GGG
    Gally GGG

    lol footduster

  • The Geeky Gardener
    The Geeky Gardener

    I ... I use outlook, but we're doing real business here.

  • Steven Anderson
    Steven Anderson

    I understand if i use Windows Microsoft owns my pc thats why i use linux not privacy i build my own pc's and the thought of Microsoft thinking they own my pc well that will not happening.Bye the way i understand its in the EULA.

  • Douglas Celente
    Douglas Celente

    Glad to see someone else also gets frustrated with the 'up folder' after a search.

  • Velho Bit
    Velho Bit

    My problem with Windows is the terrible and pathetic GUI.

  • mark totton
    mark totton

    Oh, and by the way, if you are not a power user, Linux sucks hard.

  • mark totton
    mark totton

    Oh come on guys, this is nonsense - who is going to do this. And after all, why should we trust some anonymous kid?

  • Hol Marc
    Hol Marc

    So there is no camera app? 😂 Drivers pack can be used or not?

  • Bee Song
    Bee Song

    Anthony: *ms paint is not spyware* Hmm, I guess that's why Microsoft wanted that gone

  • StonedPickle

    windows 10 pro n isnt that bad, atleast i get all the necessary stuff. THANKS EU LOL.

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith

    So is Anthony the creator of Ameliorated edition and is Microsoft hunting him? 'Cuz he looks like he ready to bolt out the door...

  • KutWrite

    Interesting. Makes me glad I have Linux. I never heard of OnlyOffice, either. I"m not entirely happy with LibreOffice, so I'm going to check it out.

  • Keith McPherson
    Keith McPherson

    3:41 i use windows mail 😥 😔

  • Swordsman

    Ms Paint not a sus though, greaattt

  • David Vaníček
    David Vaníček

    Why Anthony looks like he's only just passing the room everytime Linus asks something

  • Swordsman

    Stop the "Boomer" crap. It's nasty, just like "Punk."

  • Miké Bolt
    Miké Bolt

    So you actually made windows worse :D

  • Master J
    Master J

    uhm , So the best way to fix windows 10 is to use Linux lol

  • Buddy308

    Windows 10 certainly isn't broken to the extent that it needs THIS fix. The title should be Black-Hat Hackers Edition.

  • Buddy308

    Lib-er Office? Don't you think it might be Leeb-ray Office since "Libre" in both French and Spanish means "free?"

  • darrennorniron

    Don't trust MS with your data, instead install software from some unknown source which makes changes to the very core of your OS

  • Arie Keren
    Arie Keren

    if you hate junk OS... why dont you use Mac OSx? it's faster, simpler, etc...

  • FilipasAlucard

    stuck without updates meanwhile i have installed stop update almost two years ago and have forgotten that they even exist

  • picosdrivethru

    i only use windows because of photoshop i hate it haha, i love linux

  • picosdrivethru

    Total Commander.

  • vlepo2000

    We have evolved past screen savers at this point as a species... epic !!!!!!! Love Anthony !

  • ZylethX3N0

    The title just makes me think I'll feel 17 again and "give her multiple O's" with just one magic pill.

  • Stephen Ippolito
    Stephen Ippolito

    Your show is awesome!! I just installed Linux Ubuntu. Windows 10 crashed several times. It's pretty good, but trying to install third party software is a pain using the terminal interface. I hear repeatedly that Linux doesn't need an antivirus, but I still want to be on the safe side. Where can I find an antivirus on ubuntu ?

  • Alex Florez
    Alex Florez

    Everything is paid on a Mac because the developer has to be able to afford paying for everything Mac.

  • A Day in the Life of
    A Day in the Life of

    Dude, honestly though. If your computer is to garbage to run Windows 10 than you should get a new computer. A 300 dollar HP runs it just fine. The newest Windows 10 is sweet, plus with multi-touch mousepad I have all kinds of fun shortcuts. Also, the new Edge is built off Chromium and it's actually pretty light and fast to be honest. And you know what, One Drive is way nicer than Google Drive, Microsoft is stepping up their game.

  • Pirate Labs
    Pirate Labs

    The 4,000 thumbs down are all from Bill Gates.

  • Richard Bogan
    Richard Bogan

    This is garbage.

  • The Spark
    The Spark

    I use windows mail, it works fine.

  • Rick Scorpio
    Rick Scorpio

    MEH, just toss w7 back on. its not supported so M$ isn't snoppin around your system (much) anymore. Seriously, why do you think they gave w10 free! I left w7 for like 4hrs in w10, then dumped it and switched back to w7. still doing fine.

  • Lazy Sorcerer
    Lazy Sorcerer

    This made me realize how many things we already take for granted in our daily lives are dependent on tech companies tracking everything we do.

  • Magnus Finch
    Magnus Finch

    anthony is def my fav besides linus

  • KrazeeKanuck

    I use Windows Mail because then I do not have to search for shortcuts and open five webpages to check my mail

  • Francis Francisco
    Francis Francisco

    Why is the title so click-bait-ish?

  • ewerybody

    *Win+Tab* doesn't go through apps on standard Win10 as well! It just opens up the Apps overview😉


    not so fun fact: you can block all the telemetry connections as windows tries to phone home using that glasswire program(but its trial and you have to pay if you want to continue to use all the selling point features). it gives popup for anything trying to connect to the internet. was suprized at how many and how frequent windows and other program keep connecting to the internet.

  • James Booth
    James Booth

    Okay, so whoever programmed this has fucked up. You can still go to your startup, and just start typing without Cortana being there, and Windows Defender is still there, it's invisible, but the settings is still there.

  • Matt Clay
    Matt Clay

    Windows technically is unnecessary garbage. So it has to be removed from itself to be made right.

  • Cassandra Rayne
    Cassandra Rayne

    Removes only 2 gigs? Childs play... **Reduces hers by over 10gb, bringing it to ~4.5gb full or ~2.5gb after NTFS compression**

    • octalillusion

      proof or it didnt happen :)

  • lil lebi
    lil lebi

    if you don't like telemetry you can use shutup10 to "block telemetry and spying"

  • N Ɇ Ǥ Ⱥ Ŧ Ɇ
    N Ɇ Ǥ Ⱥ Ŧ Ɇ

    Been obliterating telemetry and fixing other bugs for a while now, Windows 10 is a trainwreck.

  • JM Coulon
    JM Coulon

    That's exactly what I need for my Windows VMs. No more 25G installations just to run a 100M piece of software. Thank you so much for that !

  • Scientiae Magicae
    Scientiae Magicae

    Only slaves use Windows 10.

  • octalillusion

    sweet, i been waiting for such release for a very long time now, i had a WindowsXP Pro SP2 Corporate (Stripped to the Bone Edition) before that was 179mb and run like a charm on a 486 computer also back in the days

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