ULTIMATE Water Cooled Gaming Chair!!
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No AC? NO PROBLEM. Who needs to cool the whole room when you can cool just yourself! A handful of parts and a little VHB tape is all it takes to make your own Sweaty-Ass-B-Gone 9000™.
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Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

  • MatthiasAI

    I could have used one of these during the lockdown!! :0 10/10 will try to copy for next summer!

  • MonoNoodles

    If you want the opposite of this chair, check out *ElectroBOOM's* channel lmao


    The best water cooling technique is Take a water bottle and drop it in the face

  • Vincent Kam
    Vincent Kam

    What pc case is that? Or when is the build video for it? Looks pretty nice.

  • T_L_K

    Аудитория не та, но очень интересно...


    I’m more happy about Linus playing doom in the background this is a real man ladies and gentlemen

  • stonegames sm
    stonegames sm

    When he picked up the pink bottle i was wondering when he was gone say LTTSTORE.COM

  • stonegames sm
    stonegames sm

    When you have a gaming chair that uses more power then you 3d printer

  • Nox

    PS5 isn't the future of gaming, watercooled gaming chairs are.

  • Mateusz Matczuk
    Mateusz Matczuk

    One question... for what? :D

  • xUnion

    laughs in mesh

  • Rod Duarte
    Rod Duarte

    So the obvious next step here is talking to car companies about how THEY do this. A channel this big might be able to get a reply, maybe they sponsor the next one and improve the design? :-)

  • bartlomiejruranski

    i have 300w gpu a power hungry gtx 970

  • Wali Rahman
    Wali Rahman

    Ok bois we water-cooled our asses

  • Arnaldo Conceição
    Arnaldo Conceição

    I think it needs RGB

  • En Trattkatt Med En Underbar Hatt
    En Trattkatt Med En Underbar Hatt

    Linus when he relises that human sweat

  • Jafar Mahdavi
    Jafar Mahdavi

    I can't wait for ver.2 of this monstrosity so I can try it out

  • Bros Does
    Bros Does

    Next up: rgb underwear

  • SaRaKi LoVeR BoY
    SaRaKi LoVeR BoY


  • Shawn David
    Shawn David

    linus plz make a gaming tv like 75 inch smart tv upgraded with gaming parts

  • Snuskedundret

    So that's a load of shit. Put an AC in your room and you'll be cooler as well, making the chair cooler.

  • Jack Chapman
    Jack Chapman

    Can someone tell me why Linus doesn’t use Fahrenheit even though he’s an American

    • Mason Doffing
      Mason Doffing

      Because he's Canadian. LTT is in the Canadian Province of British Columbia. Canada uses the metric system.

  • Jack Chapman
    Jack Chapman

    I want that so bad

  • carson998 lismo
    carson998 lismo

    When someone is water cooling a chair and you cant cool your pc

  • prune eater
    prune eater

    no backrest? huh

  • prune eater
    prune eater


  • Bombarasclaat

    2° is the difference between the warm pool in the cold pool, yes Linus but we’re not talking about being submerged in water we are talking about the chair that is being felt through layers of clothing. this water co-chair is the biggest indicator that Linus is running out of ideas I have seen in a long time

  • Leo Rio
    Leo Rio

    I really would love so much if you did this water cooled chair hahaha unfurtonetly living in Brazil I would not have the money to pay for shipping haha

  • akmal renza adi wijaya
    akmal renza adi wijaya

    Water cooled gaming mouse would be cool, no pun intended

  • Just a normal guy in the forest
    Just a normal guy in the forest

    what about watercooling beds and pillow

  • Nathan Maclamare
    Nathan Maclamare

    That's all good, but have you watercooled a watercooler?

  • zector

    "This is more efficient, this is Eco friendly" No, far from it.

  • Heavy Weapons
    Heavy Weapons

    Please do this for my bed

  • Gamer Van
    Gamer Van

    Me just seeing the title WHY???

  • YamiGekusu

    Pimp my Chair

  • Vron

    But why

  • BaSkA

    *1:46** that probably didn't hurt the fins.*

  • DCtropical C
    DCtropical C

    I want to apply this to a racing seat in my car cause it gets VERY hot during the summer, I need it

  • white wolf dylan
    white wolf dylan

    What’s next water cooled humans

  • AussieAdapt

    Water cooled headset

  • Quacky

    Next time water cool yo shoes :)

  • justnobody

    or just buy an ac .

  • WisemanProductions

    The temperature of my room is 16 degrees without aircon I live in the uk

  • Timynator

    now that in a nice steampunk designe...is what i need

  • jameswalker199

    My fat arse would appreciate those side bits being water cooled, too.

  • Redoz

    "We'll give you the 3d print file if you want to replicate this yourself" Proceeds to use a freaking laser

    • jameswalker199

      Buy a cheap soldering iron and a sacrificial tip that you can gunk up with burned foam and not worry about damaging it.

  • Artofficial

    I had a generic gaming chair with foam .. it gets too hot yeah. I have one with a mesh back and seat and it's WAY better. Put a lil fan behind you and you're good to go.

  • Cory Sennett
    Cory Sennett

    There’s only one the left to do... water cool a water cooler

  • JustImax

    no one: Linus: whats better than a gaming chair.. a water cooled gaming chair

  • RicePanda

    This chair is also a good idea for SBS (Sweaty Ball Syndrome)

  • Kire EDC
    Kire EDC

    I'm pretty sure humans are water-cooled...

  • Pieter Bodt
    Pieter Bodt

    We are water cooled it’s sweat

  • Daniel Jerman
    Daniel Jerman

    Does it run on windows

  • Warren Vale
    Warren Vale

    Now he needs to build a water cooled house

  • PuppetMaster634

    So because linus said "patent 100% not pending" I'm going to guess that he is 100% waiting for a patent to be his

  • ShadowByNine

    Not how we make our money..... Yet

  • caz

    I just went to the next video and I saw an ad for constant contact

  • Undisputed

    the idea was great.. but iam more in the cpu over there and i want to know build that cpu thanks

  • Spacenoodles

    Everyone gangsta till the chair fall down

  • Mitch Connor
    Mitch Connor


    • MutantEvilClan


  • createausernametrue

    Cooom in me cooom in me cooom bayyye coom baebi

    • MutantEvilClan

      Uh you good?

  • Astro

    2020- Linus water cooling chair , laptops,cameras 2024-linus water cooling himself

  • César Pazzi
    César Pazzi

    it would be ideal to make a kit to cool your own chair and sell it on the ltt store

  • Octane

    marketing here there everywhere

  • udaysaleen

    Peter Griffin: why aren't we funding this

  • udaysaleen

    linus that posture is unhealthy get a sponsor to help you with that 8:28

  • RedPanda


  • Tatical Gaming
    Tatical Gaming

    I want one

  • Flynn O'Halloran
    Flynn O'Halloran

    I love how he knows the specs of a human

  • John Madden
    John Madden

    What computer case is that at 9:18 ????

  • betta films
    betta films

    Next you should water cool a pillow

  • TheSpoonKing

    I have a body heat disorder, could you send me the chair please.

  • pr0xZen

    If there's ever an MK2, you should do thin custom top layer for the seat cushion with an embedded network of smaller tubes, for massively increased thermal transfer surface area. Instead of the nightmare of shaping a foam pad "deductively", you can 3D print a mold and cast it with the tubing embedded inside, using FlexFoam-iT (#25) 😊 incidentally, that makes series fabrication far more easy. Could (in theory) make "watercooled gaming chair" an actual viable product for sale, if you stick to only one or two common chair models (cushions).

  • Cha Leowin
    Cha Leowin

    Why do you use a cooling seat from a luxury car? Those cool you off real quick.

  • Cryptonic

    You should make a water cooled pillow so I dont have to turn it to the other side when it gets warm

  • Spill Z
    Spill Z

    just use a fan

  • Terry Fulds
    Terry Fulds

    I made a water cooled chair when I was a kid. I put my lawn chair over the sprinkler.

  • atomicasswhoppin

    You guys should try water cooled suits they use them in racing

  • Mike T
    Mike T

    Take my money already. I have been sitting on ice pack to keep my butt cool.

  • Mike T
    Mike T

    Does it have cooling controls? The last thing I want is to freeze my balls off and kill off my possible future offspring.

  • Jake Garrett
    Jake Garrett

    5% comments about how the body is water cooled 90% of comments spam bots (of which about 90% are Russian accounts) Me: seems reasonable

  • Cheeks2184

    You guys should totally work with SecretLab to design an awesome LTT edition watercooled gaming chair.

  • Cheeks2184

    I can't even afford that chair much less the watercooling. 😂

  • Cheeks2184

    My GPU puts out more heat than I do? Mind, blown.

  • donutdoode69

    Water cooled mouse and keyboard

  • Lee Gou
    Lee Gou

    Linus be like... "I don't have an air conditioner. My house is water cooled.

  • BW Fishing and production
    BW Fishing and production

    Add a motherboard,GPU, Intel i5,and 16. Gigs of ram ,and a m.2ssd then you hav a butt cooling pc

  • Edu

    So this is what motivated the thub's pc huh?

  • RKBock

    would have been so much better, if you would have some kind of metal sheet to which the water is connected. might be a bit more noticeable though

  • Hi, I'm Ollie lol
    Hi, I'm Ollie lol

    On films if an actors wearing tonnes of prosthetics they wear a thin wetsuit kinda thing with tubes that they pump ice cold water around during breaks

  • i think im Steve
    i think im Steve

    tbf id consider something like this for summer.

  • FryChicken

    Should have put a sit-switch, so it turns on when you sit down, and turns off when you stand up. Don’t have to think about it.

  • WaapRepeat

    Pinched tubes?

  • Niklas Fagerlie
    Niklas Fagerlie

    U guys should make a pc gaming chair: a pc in a gaming chair

  • Khazandar

    In about a year or so, you'll see a video with Linus trying to engineer a watercooled gaming wearable. Which essentially will just be a wetsuit with cooling tubes plugged into it.

  • Василий Мор
    Василий Мор

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    Олег Винтов

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  • Anry Terry
    Anry Terry

    0:56 Super helpful and loved the reality of our information. Thanks and congratulations to yourself on all you have achieved through your dedication. I only had 1000$ - this is because I installed 3dserts, but before it was zero zero zero

  • Арсен Беков
    Арсен Беков

    0:3 Check out my podcast called Real estate for beginners on Anchor.Fm and on Spotify. Let me know what you think. I purchased 3dsert-blog recently starting to get first proffits

  • Татьяна Черниенко
    Татьяна Черниенко

    0:51 Thank you for making this video. Such a great resource to come back to again and again. Why didnt you monetize the video? I advise everyone use 3dsert-blogging, very simple for non-techs

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