ULTIMATE PC Tech Support Challenge - Jayztwocents vs Gamers Nexus
Thanks to Intel for sponsoring this Challenge! Enter our giveaway for a chance to win these PC's at geni.us/gcZ7
Learn more about Intel Gamer Days 2020: twitter.com/inteltech
Learn more about Intel® Core™ i9-10900K processors: geni.us/dQ4KA
Anyone can build a PC - But CAN THEY FIX ONE??? Who will come out on top in today's tech support battle between Jayztwocents and Steve from Gamers Nexus?
Shout-out to everyone who participated:
Co-Host: Austin @ rsloft.info/video/1IQIspOkCeV3WnYm32SBFQ.html
Contestant: Steve @ rsloft.info
Contestant: Jay @ rsloft.info
Gamers Nexus Overclocking our System: rsloft.info/loft/video/jNl1sK2TnIKZmaQ
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  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips

    Thanks to Intel for sponsoring this Challenge! Enter our giveaway for a chance to win these PC's at geni.us/gcZ7 Learn more about Intel Gamer Days 2020: twitter.com/inteltech Learn more about Intel® Core™ i9-10900K processors: geni.us/dQ4KA

    • Anjelo Bino
      Anjelo Bino

      another of this pls

    • Sayantan Choudhury
      Sayantan Choudhury

      Linus I need a PC like this man.

    • Chiller Beast
      Chiller Beast


    • Cory Pixley
      Cory Pixley

      Linus pls do a classic pc one of this pls

    • 70ixlr8

      @StableEntropy In my book the greatness Jay showed was in his ability to laugh at, and entertain the few shortcomings on his side. But both men are great minds, show supreme ability, and keep us interested in bettering ourselves. With so much wrong with the systems, they both had wins, just didn't hit the finish at the same time.

  • J Logan
    J Logan

    Legit can't understand the other dude. Lost patience at 8:55. Be better.

  • vf fa
    vf fa

    How is Austin's sound quality so damn bad? Like jesus, at least check your mic before a stream/video

  • The Shape
    The Shape

    Enjoyed this so much! Please do again!

  • Cark

    Subscribed to all three channels. I'm loving this, thanks for all the hard work putting this together!

  • BigDong69

    Tech Jesus vs Mad Scientist

  • Dara Jon
    Dara Jon

    I would love to see more of this! It feels like a true "nerd-sport", in a really great way. And there are a bunch of different riffs you could do on this format, so much potential!!

  • farmerfb

    Yeah i couldn't watch this video with the audio garble from Austin .

  • Samuel Fogelgren
    Samuel Fogelgren

    Would be so cool to build computers with you guys! Linus is allways so fun and energic to watch!

  • Mikasa


  • Qardo

    Reminds me of my time going to State for Skills USA. Which was an education challenge for trade schools across the country. I went to state for Missouri and played 8th overall after it was said and done. And know what? After a decade from me going there. I am quite proud of placing 8th out of hundreds of others for computers and Tech Support. So yeah. It was fun regardless.

  • Mihai Diaconu
    Mihai Diaconu

    Nice competition guys!

  • Frans Hartman
    Frans Hartman

    Jay was such great sport, but techno-jesus rocked.

  • Randy

    Steve & Jay should be the next judges of the next Tech Support Challenge with Linus & Austin as host.

  • Mr. Vtec
    Mr. Vtec

    I think Jay forgot to use I-fixit 😢

  • ashraf alex
    ashraf alex

    Austin in 30fps video not cool man.

  • 64BitCube

    I really hope there will be more of these. This is has all the adrenaline of Ninja Warrior type-shows along with tech support, my professional sphere. I love it.

  • Ryan Ali
    Ryan Ali

    Oh hey they must have just shipped them both two PCs The Verge built right? :^)

  • bulcub

    ponie's up 4k but has/had THE JANKIEST streaming setup in his home? 4k would've seriously tricked out my home office with change left over to donate lol

  • Anjelo Bino
    Anjelo Bino

    i want this type of stream HAHAHAHAHA

  • MustBJelly

    Lol jay in his feels after losing

  • ResinLip B Face
    ResinLip B Face

    To be honest at a certain point the technical issues became highly amusing... like watching a train wreck in slow motion. The silent ad break was the cherry on top.

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M

    Considering how many threads are run for all of these stunts I think a community member would be worth atleast ONE core.

  • ionescu

    That shit would be done in 45 minutes

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris

    Super good time.

  • Hoodlink Gaming
    Hoodlink Gaming

    I would rely like PC knowledge like this. Congrats guys

  • Luka Eradze
    Luka Eradze

    uh I like the fat one ❤️❤️❤️

  • Aaron Lee
    Aaron Lee

    Iron Chef Style component grab bag challenge next, please! I’d love to see an eco-friendly build competition (e.g. low power consumption with maximum performance, maybe re-used parts, etc.). You found a great format!

  • Salvo C
    Salvo C

    I need other videos like this

  • John Spaldingjr
    John Spaldingjr

    Gentle sirs, what great camaraderie for those who compete for and share viewers and sponsors. I'm amazed by how well you all work together and I can't wait for another round of competition. I have subscribed to you all. Thank you for all you guys do for the tech community.

  • Juan Contreras Alvarado
    Juan Contreras Alvarado

    If I learnt something today it was "Clear cmos immediately and if it doesn't solve the problem just take the whole think apart and rebuild it"

  • Madhavan Muru
    Madhavan Muru

    I love how no one pointed out the commercial not having audio...

  • A.O.D. Gaming
    A.O.D. Gaming

    I love cats but donations to cats seem kinda outweighed by humans in need during the COVID crisis. Love the video btw.

  • stephen ochieng
    stephen ochieng

    Nice challenge

  • Explore VR
    Explore VR

    This was awesome, I hope you do more of these!

  • SquaredbyX

    Linus, making mac-n-cheese at 1:29:07

  • FriendlyYoutuber

    What an awesome vid

  • G B
    G B

    I legit thought GN was about to drop that computer hahha.

  • Luis Galindo
    Luis Galindo

    I really enjoyed pros struggling as much as I do, great job. I fallow all you geeks.

  • Bane Tudajfor
    Bane Tudajfor

    This is great. Do this more often.

  • Tursun Elyar
    Tursun Elyar

    oh I get it now, video is sponsored by Intel, and Jay is just trying to show that Intel CPUs can totally run without thermal paste ==

  • k nection
    k nection

    I avoided this because of the length of the video but this is a must watch 😂

  • Generic

    What genius had the design of making exactly ONE corner in the overlay rounded?

  • Solverz

    Austin talks so much 😂

  • Mitch West
    Mitch West

    Jay: *Runs R15 with an AIO that has a push-push fan config AND NO THERMAL PASTE* Jay: "Ooooo. Sucker's running warm" PC: *still passes R15 CPU benchmark target score*

  • subjectsigma925

    Steve overclocks his GPU by dragging all the sliders to the max lol. I love it.

  • Rolf Bjorn
    Rolf Bjorn

    Technically, if the tech disassembles and rebuilds successfully the client's PC that had problem, he solved all the problems. Not knowing what exactly were the problems is not a failure. Especially if it's quicker.

  • AuroraCamo

    1:41:30 the CPU cooler is upside down! Lol

  • sloshappy2

    Now this is a great, old LTT video. Do more of these kind of videos and less linus flex of what he owns...

  • Ares14

    Am i the only one who cant stand Austin Evans? lol

  • TheAbsorbant

    I wish I watched it live and had a chance to win one of those computers, they seem rad...

  • No ID
    No ID

    would have liked to watch, but the audio cutting out is hard to follow

  • William Cates
    William Cates

    all i got to say is what a quality ad read where you couldnt hear anything

    • William Cates
      William Cates

      also Austin get some other friends

  • Frosty.

    3:37 you know someone must be rich when they scoff (steve) at $1k lol

  • williamrobertingram

    Badass format. We need a sidekick showdown with patrick and anthony.

  • System Developer
    System Developer

    He didn't finish tallking at 41:50 what was Austin saying? "Usually when you build a PC .."?

  • Oscar Giacoman
    Oscar Giacoman

    dont wanna be mean o jole j´s work im just curious will this build be done by hollydays...2022 XD

  • ColossusBall

    Rematch when?

  • Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson


  • System Developer
    System Developer

    Austins voice: hfiuehwifhiuwhefwiuh Me: Wut?

  • Bruce Hanson
    Bruce Hanson

    ok so im a bit late on commenting but I just watched this today. This was super awesome to watch. I've worked in the i.t. repair industry for years. loved it. Absolutely loved it.

  • HiiighAsAKite

    1:36:26 Jay notices the fans are on wrong lmfao

  • Alex Gruia
    Alex Gruia

    Both of them look a bit stressed :D. I really liked Steve's approach, also the bios rest to defaults...dude, that's the first thing you do..a bit shocked that Jay missed that.

  • moltenbullet

    Exactly how I would have dealt with a deliberately troll PC (or something built by an amateur and doesn't work). Re-build it from scratch.

  • Mr. Fahrenheit
    Mr. Fahrenheit

    I hope Chase didn't get fired lol

  • videowatcher495

    God dang it Austin. Your audio sucks donkey a$$! Y'all need to check that crap before going live.

  • KushFriendlyXeX

    I'd fuck on everyone in this challenge, I'm a natural born pro.

  • Ploper Dung
    Ploper Dung

    Austin sounds like: ok so chshsichhhdjsichhhxisidh and sushshhcihhhshcixjxhskkshcisjs

  • dragade101

    way to go #intel

  • kaeota

    Linus: there are a total of 9 problems with the systems Me: 10 if you count Austins mic ffs. can't watch, fix audio and reup please.

  • Izzy Sirius
    Izzy Sirius

    Failing to roast someone by saying "hey you should do comedy, you should do roasts" has got to be one of the most ironic things I've seen in a while.

  • Tezon

    Jay Cheated! He opened it up before Steve, bad boi! Haha. I love this kinda challenge, fun to see all the tech guys I actually go to for info. Really fun and good job Steve and Jay. Thanks for a fun video! Hope to see more!

  • DJ GotGame
    DJ GotGame

    What's with the shitty mic, Austin?

  • petemcauliffe1983

    Why did Steve apply tape to the back of the motherboard?

  • King Reese
    King Reese

    We need another one of these for Jay And steve to find out what the hell is wrong with Austin's mic.

  • shaneclipse97

    Solo can someone answer this... Did they never install thermal paste and somehow ran these benchmarks and didn't have thermal issues?

    • shaneclipse97

      Lol literally after I typed this they began discussing jays thermal paste hard to think j didn't notice the aio ramping to full speed because out of the box it should have a thermal default plan that would ramp on auto

  • Will Graham
    Will Graham


  • AntisepticHandwash

    If this was edited and produced like a proper reality TV show, it would be an absolutely incredible watch

  • DCUO Geoforcee100
    DCUO Geoforcee100

    34:28 when he found out thr m2 drive was stuck to the cover 😂😂

  • Jerry Powell
    Jerry Powell

    Would love to compete. 22 years in IT, 17 of it high end desktop/workstation builds.

  • PampersNorway

    Audio is horrible :(

  • Eric Gagnon
    Eric Gagnon

    Funny how you of all people would have so many technical issues with the stream! Teehee

  • Per Jessen
    Per Jessen

    Why is Stewe putting the CPU cooler on the side of the case and not on top, which he has told people himself is the correct position

  • Mark Tang
    Mark Tang

    It is the same thing I usually do when I trouble shoot these thing is to to check all connector, screw mount , like freshly install, just to make sure no grounding issue etc... get thing should work.

  • Logan Mancuso
    Logan Mancuso

    10/10 this is an amazing idea with even better people. Donating to a charity is an amazing prize.

  • Rist

    Steve knew better than to trust anything Linus sent him at face value without inspecting it personally Steve obviously never watched a Linus tech video life or would know better, but at the same time he could've learned how to install a LAN driver I'm sure Linus has a video on it someplace.

  • Rist

    I'd just like to congratulate Steve for knowing how to install a LAN driver.

  • Matthew Fraser
    Matthew Fraser

    I think the assessment on the 2 Technician is we bit unfair because no scenario was put out to them both about the computer and what type user competence to expect, you said that jayzd2cents did not check there was thermal paste on cpu, no one would check for that unless a user came up to you and said i tried build a computer and does not work. Only then would you consider checking everything

  • GeneralFresh

    come on steve!

    • GeneralFresh

      oh bummer it was in august lol -.-

  • LSDGamingesport

    Watching it on my off day really enjoyed it... awesome sportsmanship good troubleshooting and all for charity Wow.....

  • Acupresh x
    Acupresh x

    Much prefer Ltt over that fat old man, actually over both I can't stand watching them. One reminds me of a heavy metal rocker and the other needs to just give up already, grey, fat, old, out of breath, and kinda dumb tbh (jay) Spend time with his kids already

  • Zachary A. Hampton
    Zachary A. Hampton


  • Alex Marnellos
    Alex Marnellos

    ❤ 34:24

  • Lumis Olumis
    Lumis Olumis

    How geeky can someone be getting the heart racing like it is an eSport?

  • Sai Harsit
    Sai Harsit

    I think I never been this entertained in a livestream. Enjoyed every single second of it. All of you guys are amazing!

  • Oscar Patxot
    Oscar Patxot

    Bitwit vs Paul’s next 💪🏽

  • Adam M.
    Adam M.

    Here's a tech tip Linus, don't use airpods with a windows PC lol

  • Jimit Soni
    Jimit Soni

    I just had your pulseway advertisement

  • Winters Gaming
    Winters Gaming

    Awesome video! Loved it!!!

  • Edgar Sanchez
    Edgar Sanchez

    The hidden challenge, it would seem, was how to create a smooth and error free broadcast that would work across the internet. Can someone please make this possible? Apple, Microsoft, Webex, Citrix, Someone? (ear buds, sound and audio, etc) We're in 2020 and even the top of the line and best of best is far below what we need as consumers. If there's one thing that Covid has shown us is how terrible our communications systems truly are and how thirsty we are to have the "right stuff". Can someone take on this challenge?

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