This was MUCH harder than I expected... DIY Air Conditioning Pt 1
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Home air conditioning installations are EXPENSIVE. So I'm doing mine myself...
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  • Raditia Puttra
    Raditia Puttra

    in indonesia, u can get ac for just around 400 usd and the cost for installing them is only 68 bucks

  • t0nito

    Many single split systems instead of a multi split system isn't such a bad idea, at least if something goes wrong with the outdoor unit you just lose AC in one room instead of the whole house.

  • UnkwnGaming

    Linus the apprentice

  • Antonin Donnadieu
    Antonin Donnadieu

    Asbestos is a little town with a very tragic story..

  • Shawn

    I forgot this is Canada and they don’t already have an A/C.

  • b romero
    b romero

    Where is part 2?

  • Mikey tee
    Mikey tee

    Asbestos is the bestos!!!

  • ixxgunnerx x
    ixxgunnerx x

    11:17 linus ur unrolling it r\wrong bro..

  • ixxgunnerx x
    ixxgunnerx x

    5:07 wow he lucky that dry wall did fail or he would of fell through.

  • A.S.

    I = BRIAN

  • Aaron George Abraham
    Aaron George Abraham

    let brian host these kind of vids

  • RandomKen

    This is literally one of the few videos on LTT thats seriously funny. All Hail Brian the Electrician!

  • Sei Iori
    Sei Iori

    I think the Brian character arc is my favorite in this series.

  • Franc Massaneda
    Franc Massaneda

    Why didn't you mount duct air conditioning?

  • whatsacommentary

    You never put links to the product in your chat, kind of a dick.

  • Chase Thomas
    Chase Thomas

    11:34 The pain in his heart :(

  • MarbledPaladin

    "I don't think you could have done any better..." Well, they could have found a way to encase it...

  • BenSuzi1980

    That attic Failfish -.- NA style, its almost half ready to use hahahahaha

  • Sloppy Joe
    Sloppy Joe

    This reminds me of my dad teaching me how to fix things like oil changes and stuff like that

  • Singing Owl
    Singing Owl

    Brian's introduction song is better than Linus's own intro.

  • Oleg Prosianyk
    Oleg Prosianyk

    SEER 21.5? That's worse than scam!

  • Corristo89

    11:33 Linus: So you can put the caulk in there. Brian: Yes. Yes Linus... Brian understands that the only way to deal with Linus is just not react to his nonsense and just keep doing what you're doing.

  • Kevin Masilung
    Kevin Masilung

    hahahahaha... poor Linus

  • Daniel Penny
    Daniel Penny

    Electrician needs a portable bandsaw!!!


    People I know that this isnt the place for this discussion but imagine if Linus was a girl wearing the same clothing( :D) and was crawling and bending over like that 4:50. Be honest about what you would have said and thought.... I mean dont say it just- i mean reflect on it and NOOO I FORGOT ABOUT RULE 34 *WHAT HAVE I DONE*

    • Lewis Heer
      Lewis Heer


  • 80s retro
    80s retro

    It's not illegal in USA to fit it yourself then? in the EU you need to be certified to handle "F-Gas". Installing it yourself would get you a nice big fine and also invalidate your warranty.

  • Tanner Paxton
    Tanner Paxton

    Oh man. I saw you stand on what looks like drywall for a second. I'm glad you don't weigh any more than you do. That could have been painful

  • Javier Herrera
    Javier Herrera

    I want a "Brian the electrician" in my life

  • Khazandar

    I love that Brian the Electrician pulls up with a fucking portable workshop. How do you feel about your screws and hammers now, Linus? XD

  • John Gomez
    John Gomez

    Brian the Electrician's truck of tools is badass, I love it

  • Anthony Laurice
    Anthony Laurice

    Please change out the metal straps holding refer lines to copper ones. And for all who are saying it's ugly outside. Just run a plastic siding cover and yah good

  • sam playz
    sam playz


  • boomish69

    That is some messy looking pipework going into the unit Linus..still saving so much $ it’s not worth worrying about..

  • Ernest Fenstermaker
    Ernest Fenstermaker

    Christmas lights in July

  • Bryce Reish
    Bryce Reish

    Only linus could make me watch an AC installation

  • Beats By Expla
    Beats By Expla

    Brian is that one nice friend that laughs at every stupid sentence you say

  • tunezjunkie87

    6:31 dude, whose ICBC L sticker is that??

  • saul vides
    saul vides

    I neeeeed the 2nd part, I’ve been waiting for 2 months

  • Jack S
    Jack S

    Can we get contact info on Brian the technician he looks more trustworthy electrician.

  • Dark

    That intro was amazing

  • masterkamrin

    Brian Tech Tips

  • Zeusasaurus

    21.5 seer? You better then that

  • Wedekind

    Is there a "Linus does Electick / Smarthome stuff around his house" playlist?

  • Nick Napolitano
    Nick Napolitano

    linus replace that outside metal straping with the product called "slim duct" its a pvc covering that is much nicer looking running up the side of you're house and it keeps the lines out of the sun

  • Erik

    I like seeing that Linus doesn't know everything lmao

  • Faye

    one thing that amazes me is how in a full on english city on the other side of the continent, still have bilingual label on everything.

    • Alan _
      Alan _

      They probably sell this same unit in Quebec province Canada which their laws require french labeling on everything.

  • Limboipa Grinds
    Limboipa Grinds

    (HELP) i have a new tech tips channel and I've put up 5 videos and am really struggling for my first subscriberrrrr.... someone hook me up!!!! also let me know what over tips you would like to see

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D

    11.8 million subscribers and Linus couldn't afford a house with HVAC???

  • James Lennon
    James Lennon

    As a professional from the UK where we have proper regulations on installing AC this is just typical of what everyone expects from the USA. Two complete goons making mistake after mistake. "Why is this pipe connection bigger" "oh thats to link two units together" what! Really! Hcfc's are the second most harmful thing to the atmosphere so when you fuck this up and the gas leaks out you are causing huge damage. In the UK an ac supplier won't even sell you a unit unless you are qualified. The best thing about this is he will have to call a pro when the compressor fails in a few months

    • Pyared

      They're Canadian. And from an Australian perspective, I've found English tradies to be completely clueless and stuck in the past. You guys cant even get hot and cold water running out of a single tap!

  • George

    It's crazy to see someone install a/c in their house. I live in AZ where it gets to 115 f and its mandatory for a house to have a/c when built

    • Alex Strömberg
      Alex Strömberg

      Here in Sweden like 98% of houses don't have ac. But more or less all houses have really good heating.

  • T2Master01

    Was linus trying to argue the cost of this advertisement campaign to get a free air conditioner (plus installation) and he managed to haggle down to just helping the installation? Lol

  • Ryan Keller
    Ryan Keller

    O.k. why didn't you just go with an HVAC integrated AC? There is actual servo controlled dampeners you can install to route it to whatever room you need it with as many zones as you want. This would have been a lot more simple and would have been cleaner on the side of your house.

    • TechnoBeatz Idfd
      TechnoBeatz Idfd

      That's what he was quoted originally, central air conditioning is expensive and inefficient not to mention much more labour intensive than split type units.

  • Krusty Sean
    Krusty Sean

    these mini splits are the future and most of them can have up to five heads.

    • Alex T
      Alex T

      Their good for smaller spaces, you would want a normal unit for larger area’s.

  • Luke McIntyre
    Luke McIntyre

    That's rough as fuck.

  • Inservio

    Hoooooly shit that ending. His own WIFE just asian mother-in-law'ed him

  • Lyle Miller
    Lyle Miller

    this is like looking to what it would be like if my brother and i were on good terms and worked on a home project together, he being a college grad “computer nerd” tech guy and me being the craftsman. i would be terrified to let my brother use power tools

  • streaky

    One day Canada should consider becoming a member of the IEC.. Memes, relax.

  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason

    such a clean looking loft. Mine is like some grotty dungeon with decades worth of spider corpses, manky dangling spider webs and dissolved fly bodies spattered all over the place. And there is no light. I basically just pretend it doesn't exist.

  • z32_David

    Ok wtf why is his under cost 50 dollars !!!! And it’s just 3 like bruh

  • Sean Morgan
    Sean Morgan

    8 gauge seams excessive 12 should work fine

    • Sean Morgan
      Sean Morgan

      4 zone hmm wonder what wattage obviously 220

    • Sean Morgan
      Sean Morgan

      bigger than I thought being 2 zone 10 gauge still should still plenty

  • bingobango

    Unqualified people should not be installing hvac units Secondly whoever sold you the unit broke the federal law you cannot purchase equipment unless u have a cfc

    • TechnoBeatz Idfd
      TechnoBeatz Idfd

      Different laws in Canada, I do not agree with it.

  • Matthew Micallef
    Matthew Micallef

    Calls normal split systems ugly, then has ugly cables going up the side of his house with no dressing pieces okay!

  • kitty 3578
    kitty 3578


  • Matthew Roberts
    Matthew Roberts

    I dont miss going into those crawl spaces but at least your got plenty of space

  • DarkSniper

    As a certified gas technician whos installed many furnaces and ac, I literally just came here to laugh at the struggle.

    • TechnoBeatz Idfd
      TechnoBeatz Idfd

      Hilarious to see them struggle with the flaring and tightening lmao

  • Blaise DeRoberts
    Blaise DeRoberts

    Please don't follow this man's advice for installing a split system. 1) you must not mix the wire and refrigerant lines' they must corespond ( for example the "A" spot in the wire diagram must go to the cassette with the refrigerant lines' that go to "A" on the refrigerant port side 2) you can't splice the the wire going from cassette to condenser 3) must be mounted at least 8" off the ground to allow for the defrost mode since it's a heat pump 4) refrigerant lines' must be torched to a certain speck ( for example 1/4" Lineset must be torched between 11 to 13 ft pounds) Long story short get a professional and buy a mitsubishi split system if you are going to install anything.

    • TechnoBeatz Idfd
      TechnoBeatz Idfd

      Yeah, Linus is most likely going to have to get a hvac company to fix his mistakes..

  • DesertFox

    If the dude had glasses he'd look like Brendan Dassey. And you should've used line set covers . They make a 6"

  • LexieAssassin

    Canadian...? Roubles...? Did you mean Canadian Dollars?

  • Vanessa Delisle
    Vanessa Delisle

    Ok so you're gonna need to put your condenser higher as its gonna freeze and defrost many times in the winter, its going to make a lot of ice, that will put pressure on the coil and burst it open ! ( For thermo-pump only and in a cold climate) The bigger succion is not to link multiple the condensers together. Its in case you don't use all of the exits ont the condenser and put a bigger evaporator instead

  • Speed Junkie
    Speed Junkie

    really! you guys find this complicated!!! installing Air Condition unit in the Middle East is a basic skill that you acquire as soon as you learn to walk

    • TechnoBeatz Idfd
      TechnoBeatz Idfd

      @Speed Junkie Wouldn't surprise me

    • Speed Junkie
      Speed Junkie

      @TechnoBeatz Idfd i have no idea what YOU are talking about

    • TechnoBeatz Idfd
      TechnoBeatz Idfd

      @Speed Junkie You have no idea what you're talking about.

    • Speed Junkie
      Speed Junkie

      @TechnoBeatz Idfd depends on the unit, the tools and the skills There're wide variety of installations

    • TechnoBeatz Idfd
      TechnoBeatz Idfd

      I've seen how you guys install units.. nothing to be proud of lmao

  • Erick Maglalang
    Erick Maglalang

    No offense... but I don't know if "DIY Air Conditioning" is the right term to title the video

  • QuantumBraced

    Why can't the cassettes get their power from elsewhere inside the house?

    • TechnoBeatz Idfd
      TechnoBeatz Idfd

      As for power in general they can but it has to be it's own supply. They must have a signal cable ran from the outdoor to the indoor to actually tell the outdoor unit to start to cool/heat.

  • Scott Morgan
    Scott Morgan

    Line Hide would help "hide" the line set. DUCT strip also works well for communication wire.

  • acrprmann

    DIY... I love it. I make more if you buy it online and attempt the install.


    Here in the USA, by the looks of it. you can't work under another person certification. Under EPA rules & Regulations. Which can get your self into trouble and face heavy fines.and the company hired.

  • UltraGamma25

    He's become a man

  • Rieon

    you should have made the fan and the coils RGB, That would be the best thing ever. An RGB Gaming Air Conditioner. (I'm an HVAC Enthusiast if your wondering)

  • Swedishchef11

    Asbestos, free, nice! I don't wanna pay for asbestos.. Quote of the year! Bursted out a laugh on my commute home 😂

  • johan eriksson
    johan eriksson

    This really make my hvac heart bleed.

    • TechnoBeatz Idfd
      TechnoBeatz Idfd

      Feeling you man ;c diyers can't do a flare to save their lives.

  • Zachery Putalonis
    Zachery Putalonis

    Slim duct would of been wit better looking and protected your line sets from the weather....

  • Jay Nguyen
    Jay Nguyen

    im pretty sure that system didnt need a neutral.

    • TechnoBeatz Idfd
      TechnoBeatz Idfd


  • William Knight
    William Knight

    What's the Canuckistan Kopeks to Canadian Ruble exchange rate these days?

  • Lukas W
    Lukas W

    "DIY" -hires electrician

  • Esteban Sáenz
    Esteban Sáenz

    Why you don't have a koi pond???? XD

  • Will

    I know him as Brian the tech hoarder

  • J024

    Linus makes plenty of money and still skimps. Love it. The person that engineered the frame of that house should get punched in the face. That attic is useless because of the beams.

  • steven zemo
    steven zemo

    I'm a man, A hard working man, Straight man with kids...But I would give myself to Brian in a heartbeat.

  • returnofbeaux

    Someday I will become a Raccoon God and pee on something just like this while it's running.

  • Cheese Wit
    Cheese Wit

    Who does real work in sandals? Must be Canadian !

  • عبدالله

    i feel much confused .. hi Linus who help who ?

  • Mike351025

    Who else wants Brian to take over the show? If rather watch him work

  • Marshall London
    Marshall London

    Wheres the rest of this series?

  • John Mckeon
    John Mckeon

    To clarify you cannot link these units together, the bottom port on the mini splits is bigger for a larger primary indoor unit not to allow for twinning.

  • fuzz

    I do this for a living, normally in australia the plumbers install (me) and the electrician just hooks up the power.

    • TechnoBeatz Idfd
      TechnoBeatz Idfd

      Plumbers are cert 2 and unskilled in the Refrigeration trade. A two week course cannot possibly cover the 4 years Refrigeration apprentices go through.

  • Stormchoirs

    25k for a mini split install?! Lol. Who quoted you that? Also, it really isn’t DIY if you have an electrician there helping you.

    • TechnoBeatz Idfd
      TechnoBeatz Idfd

      Wasn't for a mini split install, he would've been quoted for centralised heating and cooling which is entirely different and far more expensive

  • Matthew Valadez
    Matthew Valadez

    Better off with central air

    • TechnoBeatz Idfd
      TechnoBeatz Idfd

      More expensive and that is what the hvac company quoted him to begin with

  • bharvey2010

    If working in HVAC has taught me anything, its that DIY kits like this are great for our business lol! Everyone thinks they can do it, right up until their flares are leaking or they have communication issues between the condenser and the indoor unit. That couple thousand dollars all of a sudden turns in to a service call and many more thousands lol. Fine by me!

    • TechnoBeatz Idfd
      TechnoBeatz Idfd

      Hahaha, It still pains me to watch them make mistakes. Especially when most of their flares are leaking after they've unseated the valves :/

  • Abdullah Saieed
    Abdullah Saieed

    Pretty sure that's the truck from Wall-E

  • Salty Sea
    Salty Sea

    This feels like making the main bus in Factorio.

  • Christopher Summers
    Christopher Summers

    You guys didn't blurr the license plate on the top of the electristion's trailer

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