This Sketchy AliExpress Cooler....
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Do you want better thermals on your laptop? Well one AliExpress seller has a water cooling kit to solve that very issue - so let's put it on the Alienware Area 51m.
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  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips

    Is an AliExpress water cooling kit a good idea? Download BlockuDoku for FREE at Can you beat our high score? We got 516..

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    • Ninja Gaming
      Ninja Gaming

      Lol my score is 529

  • Nate

    But can you chill it with the water chiller and get more performance?

  • 4gentOr4nge

    Get some sleep Linus....

  • D P O
    D P O

    You know if you think a site is horrible, you generally dont consistently throw money at them 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Bhushan Wagle
    Bhushan Wagle

    air cooling will become better than water cooling by some modifications, instead cooling pc components from water we can use radiator chilling technique by using it, so we will be able to provide up to less than 0 degree temperature air to pc for cooling and even no need to remove processor and graphic card fans. At low temperature we can use some technique not to freeze water below 0 degree in the radiators. The conclusion is that water will circulate inside the radiator and chill it below 0 degree centigrade and the fans pulls so much cold air from the radiator for pc.

  • Jacky_Gamez Roblox
    Jacky_Gamez Roblox

    Today's sponsor is!!!weird sponsor OFC!!!

  • UnFresh

    Ah yes, a game is unplayable at 76 fps. I of course, as a clearly high class gaming individual, never accept such low standards. Such framrate is a travesty. Jk, my computer can run tomb raider at 30 fps on medium settings, and I'm fine with that

  • Sangyoon Park
    Sangyoon Park

    is there a video for laptop water cooler? I would like to see that lol

  • J. M.
    J. M.

    7:28 "The bigger the gob, the better the job." Hmm, sounds like the words of another (RSloft famous) citizen of the Great White North (aka Canuckistan)... The legendary "Uncle Bumble F**k"

  • stubs

    mad ...

  • wac55

    Have you heard of a gaming PC company called MSI if you have what do you think of their stuff


    After watching his videos, i left the hope of assembling the CPU OF my specifications, so many compatibility issue to begin with...😅

  • Louie Friesen
    Louie Friesen

    4:41 missed a perfect spot for 10:31 another one

  • Patwick

    smartass he knows how to bring up his sponsors in 500iq ways

  • shafiq shahar
    shafiq shahar

    He probably got more than 400usd from this video..well money spent wisely

  • Lupul Românesc
    Lupul Românesc

    10:45 the laptop got scared by Linus hitting the table that it booted up right away lol

  • Virus Of Cyrus
    Virus Of Cyrus

    ROFL! WHY would someone who knows this channel insanely say to them "a bit expensive tho" to the BIGGEST "Paid Liar" on the internet!? This channel is known by EVERYONE that is capable of independent thought (the rest of the people that cant think, or technically "victims" are the subs, lol) as the worst tech channel in existence, u cant watch or take advice from someone who is in every way "paid" to Lie to you, thats HOW they make their millions. 12M subs to the WORST channel (& human being) on RSloft? Really? But HOW do 12M people NOT know what is General Knowledge?? MORONS.

  • sindbad20

    I love how the canadian accent/dialect just shines through at 3:23

  • Patrick Regis Tagoctoc
    Patrick Regis Tagoctoc

    Ali express sucks!, otherwise they also a scam.

  • DarkDuck

    Oh shit, Linus looks older...

  • Nonatic

    To be honest Everytime I see Linus's Beard It reminds me of Thor xd

  • Hollowed

    10:46 we gonna ignore this?

  • Omega Lucario
    Omega Lucario

    Don’t try this not at home not anywhere

  • jorge rocha
    jorge rocha

    It went from linus tech tips to alex makes everything


    Plz,can you donate me a gaming pc with monitor?

  • Laze_sell

    14:05 please peel off that protective foil from that camera pleaseeee

  • angel soto
    angel soto

    And send me a hit up if you ever do use the idea I want to see how it goes k thank you

  • Vit Gra
    Vit Gra

    2 million at least

  • angel soto
    angel soto

    Hey instead of using water why don't you use the ones they use in stores like Freon gas tanks now I know for sure that would work and just how everybody Angel Soto Shadow the Sandman reminder key taught you a lesson well known cuz it just barely hit me like cuz I'm God gifted and add that too please. please thank you

  • pringlesday

    Any laptop should be mobile. This one was heavy and thick to begin with and you guys ruined the remains of what was called a mobile computer. Next time please don't listen to those comments where people ask you to test some unnecessary shit.

  • Ian O'Donnell
    Ian O'Donnell

    I think it's called newton meters, not psi of force, when it comes to pressures of screwing stuff down.

  • Jacob Gutiérrez
    Jacob Gutiérrez

    thes stupid tecnical to change this.

  • Sizzel TV
    Sizzel TV

    Skeptical about pressure on cpu for paste also complains about too much mounting pressure

  • Richard G
    Richard G

    Wow figure out out & stop whining

  • Ahmed Sarkar
    Ahmed Sarkar

    Oh Jeebus

  • karga

    It's uplayable. Shows 76 fps. Yeah.. looks totally uplayable to me, mhm.

  • Danny Meeks
    Danny Meeks

    At least it's innovative. This is the first time I've ever even heard that at least somebody has attempted to find a way to make a water cooling solution for a laptop.

  • Etienne de Bruin
    Etienne de Bruin

    ***did anyone notice that he used the power supply for laptop to tilt the power supply gets really hot....not sure if it would have made an difference or not but every little bit helps i guess.***

  • Danny Meeks
    Danny Meeks

    Alienware?! You mean Dell?

  • Grimthaw

    "I'm going to drink the water" Was waiting for LTT segway to Linus bathwater in a jar on the store.

    • When you realize Bill the Butcher was the good guy
      When you realize Bill the Butcher was the good guy


  • Ben C
    Ben C

    Alex apparently doesn't know how to apply thermal paste. Interesting.

  • Mirror Personality
    Mirror Personality

    sellout is a hobby now

  • Prince Mahin
    Prince Mahin

    use 3 cemera -_- and use stand - please -

  • tony fox
    tony fox

    Did you seriously wear a mask cause he got closer? 🤦‍♂️

  • übermishkomensch


    • Kristijan Kušević
      Kristijan Kušević

      No u?

  • SheHatesJay

    not to flex or anything but i can run 2 chrome tabs

  • Gomez Mai
    Gomez Mai

    I havent seen Linus videos for a while, SHAVE YOUR FACE jesus christ, you dont need to look like a homless people, what happen to you lol.

  • Mustapha Boutbag
    Mustapha Boutbag

    that just makes me appreciate the guy behind the cooling idea , otherwise nothing would have been possible

  • BuddyBot

    Actually i wanted to modify the stock cooling system with water cooling blocks. That way we won't loose air cooling performance.

  • T4lyX

    Alienware is still a thing?

  • Vyshu Siroi
    Vyshu Siroi

    10:46 laptop got scared.

  • Hasan Hüseyin Gök
    Hasan Hüseyin Gök

    Nice mask

  • SDR

    Can we get rid of the stupid masks now that we know even an overweight 74 year old Big Mac lover can survive the virus just fine? It's just absurd to wear those things when pretty much everybody is basically impervious and not contageous either. If you're not at death's door or severely immunodeficient (like as in a cold could kill you,) chances are you're gonna be just fine.

  • Prem Mukherjee
    Prem Mukherjee

    Not to be gay gay but linus mask 👀

  • Ravin Chowdhury
    Ravin Chowdhury

    There was once a linus Water cooling his sinus: His tube popped a leak, His face started to creak, I give this poem a C-minus.

  • Benjamin H
    Benjamin H

    Off topic from the video, but liking the beard!

  • 宋家樟

    This video is golden. I had to leave this comment

  • Thomas Clarke
    Thomas Clarke

    I knew it was gonna leak haha

  • Thomas Clarke
    Thomas Clarke

    I just don't even know why you're bothering putting that dodgy looking technology into $4k laptop when it already had cooling thing

  • Andrés Velez
    Andrés Velez

    He looks so much cuter with a beard.

  • Jay Macléver
    Jay Macléver

    1:00 wait for it LOL 🤣😂 I was baited

  • Giaiphage Orphanslayer
    Giaiphage Orphanslayer

    why are you two wearing facemasks

  • Hobbes Caltous
    Hobbes Caltous

    06:22 lap the fuck out of those cold plates.

  • Stan Lee
    Stan Lee

    Why didn't you guys overclock it whilst under water-cooling?

  • mayur kulkarni
    mayur kulkarni

    8:48 This was done deliberately

  • DHEi Halos
    DHEi Halos

    Mein Bruder heißt Steve mein Stevebruder hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Zill4TV

    if u dont need the laptop animore i take it :D

  • יהודה רומנו
    יהודה רומנו

    Can you do video about led's all over the office

  • Mr_Krippy

    Seeing them handle a 4k$ laptop like I would handle my free notebook back in my final year of school, makes me really weird

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf

    Can I get a graphic card 1650 please

  • Atlantic Picture
    Atlantic Picture

    at 4 min and still can't believe they're going to do it.... but it's Linus after all... :))

  • Views_lul

    tldr: it works kinda but not worth the money or hassle

  • wheelmanstan

    I used to be obsessed with temps, then I learned that computers are pretty much made to handle any temp as long as your computer isn't sitting in the sun (and you don't even want your computer to last that long anyway because you'll upgrade in a few years and it'll just become obsolete!), I left my ipod in the sun one day and it got all kinds of screwy, flashed some screen as if there was a nuclear meltdown about to occur, but it STILL recovered

  • wheelmanstan

    holy crap, I play that same game on my cheap burner phone, only it's an older cheaper version called woody 99, I'm addicted for some reason, nearly 5,000 high score, anyone else?

  • Newman Edem
    Newman Edem

    My old HP laptop spoiled like years ago. Please I want your old laptops which you're not using anymore the gaming ones, play games like god of war 2 and pes 2013 and I can root my LG v20

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi

    I like how the sponsor has absolutely no relation to the video topic of a trash cooler

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum

    Me searching for kishorevenket's comment

  • spotlithe greenman
    spotlithe greenman

    poor laptop

  • PowPow X
    PowPow X

    video idea Can i cool a cpu with my mouth you blow on a cpu trough an entire 3 hour gaming session.

  • Shaffaf Ahmed
    Shaffaf Ahmed

    why not do some rendering ?

  • R5N2K20

    Damn he’s a ninja sneaking in those ads

  • Ramiro Yaben
    Ramiro Yaben

    9:07 "you can see the whole PCB flexing as I put that in..." 18+

  • Mugen

    I just bought a full pc with an rx 5700xt and 2600x foor 400 euro's lol. Gg wp

  • MLGKeg

    i got a LTT honey ad before this lol

  • dadygee

    Break line connectors...

  • Rb Brma
    Rb Brma


  • Hacked


  • Justbase

    i am all for masks, but the two of yous look like you are wearing your old ladies' smelly underwear on your faces.

  • Jeff Chau
    Jeff Chau

    1:23 "oh boy, am i ever excited to wait to learn more about blockudoku at the end of this video" (Said no one ever)

  • aznmarshmallow

    have you ever wanted an aio that was fuckin impossible to install

  • Simon Bach
    Simon Bach

    Imagine paying that much for a product, and it being that shit.

  • Ramon Feitosa
    Ramon Feitosa


  • Rahul Paul
    Rahul Paul

    10:46 that's how we used to fix our broken tv in childhood days!

  • Eran Cheshet
    Eran Cheshet

    So the problem was drivers.....Not your old cooler system...

  • Strike 33
    Strike 33

    My favorite part about watching LTT is seeing the slow but steady decrease of linus' sanity as the years go by

  • Anthony Simons
    Anthony Simons

    I need to go back and watch your vids, where the heck did you buy the beard!? Lookin' good!

  • Prashant Singh
    Prashant Singh

    I cried @9:58. :(

  • Dan iel
    Dan iel

    Bruh it got cup holders

  • Kevin Milton
    Kevin Milton

    If the product needs you to drill a hole in ur laptop trust me , it's not recommended;)

  • GafasTelevisivas

    10:45 thats what i call timing

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