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  • Charles Flamand
    Charles Flamand

    I like how in the very beginning there's an iPhone 6 on the car and then falls as an iPhone X Pls drop my phone

  • sou atain
    sou atain

    delet appl slow account and dont use appl worst slow product with bad software for beginners only bad failed product shutdown appl slow fake premium and add better premium for original os producs only,

  • thinkit

    Looking as Kane Williamson

  • Benjamin Lewis
    Benjamin Lewis

    How on earth did they edit this video after it was uploaded?!

  • funnylumpy

    Linus, Driversavers is overpriced no good company. They defently didnt do their own tweaks. They steal from from a community which they are not. Link to Jessas video.

  • Mega

    8:23 Exactly what happened to me a few days ago

  • Byron Patterson
    Byron Patterson

    way to be a shill. Driversaves DID NOT figure out how to do this! others did first!

  • TTgamer OP
    TTgamer OP

    I could have sworn that it was Jessa that figured out the tweak?

  • Pvshka

    So Linus, you gonna address the fact that Drivesavers stole the credit for coming up with that technique?

  • whuzzzup


  • Raf

    Update from latest WAN show about the "IC short" fix and allegations:

  • Naomi Armitage
    Naomi Armitage

    DriveSaver shill

  • ramosel

    Linus, you totally skanked this one.... in favor of a sponsor. Bad optics.

  • Rob Howell-Jones
    Rob Howell-Jones

    Hey Linus, careful you don't get burned by association with Drivesavers. Sounds like they have a history of taking credit for the hard work of other independent repairers.

  • Alan Smith
    Alan Smith

    Linus, the curtain has been lifted. Your reputation is now in the gutter. Shill. 😠

  • ZaPpaul

    Jessa done pwnt Linus today.

  • Sl1pp1

    I would drop them immediately as a Sponsor ...

    • Skywolf750

      This is why cancelling anything is retarded

    • Skywolf750

      They never said they figured it out. They said they learned it from people. Ltt said it in a wan show. Y'all are full of shit.

  • Sushi Bear
    Sushi Bear

    Find a reliable sponsor. Drivesaver is BS and I am so disappointed in you Linus!

  • bernard tayar
    bernard tayar

  • Floydarn'


  • Max Lee
    Max Lee

    Please respond to Jessa about DriveSavers

  • Joao Eduardo Soares e Silva
    Joao Eduardo Soares e Silva

    Wow I clicked (skip ad) and the video just ended, how strange.

    • 90suffix

      this comment is actually gold, should be MUCH higher!

  • Milton Ginebra
    Milton Ginebra

  • Mac·au

    Hope the cheque/check was worth it, Linus. I'm not even in your neck of the woods and even I know they are a wolf in sheep's clothing 😬

  • Fuse4Gaming

    Misleading information in this video, sorry. Be sure to get the facts straight:

  • Ascdren

  • Ascdren

    divesavers are a scam. do not use drive savers

  • IraQNid

    In your video about how your company makes money you state that no company regardless of size can buy you off. This video is informative to be sure but it isn't an honest review. it is a one-sided glowing promotion of what looks like a commercial that they paid you to present.

  • Dreamy

    This is what happens when a business lacks the due diligence to do their own independent research and instead choose to be market shills

  • Potato Tech
    Potato Tech

    Reporting this video for misleading

  • Potato Tech
    Potato Tech


    • Ansil Naseem
      Ansil Naseem

      9:58 linus have address the issue in lan shows

  • iris

    so what we have learnt from all this is never use apple if youre interested in your data. what a backwards company.

  • CPY

    Do not trust DriveSavers! They are a god damn scam and a joke they took this fix from IPadRehab! Jessa Jones knew how to fix this for real and her community knows way more!

  • Marc-André Servant
    Marc-André Servant

    My phone has gorilla damage. - You mean gorilla glass damage? No, it was attacked by an actual wild gorilla.

  • Ryan lewis
    Ryan lewis

    Come on man I wish you would have forgone the money an talked to Rossman before making this video.

    • Paagrill

      Dude, this video was released on October 1st as Linus already talked about it on the latest WAN show. Sometimes, it just happens that a influencer partners with a wrong company without any idea that their practices could be fishy.

  • Scott Prazak
    Scott Prazak

    I have surge protector to prevent lightning cable.

  • Fadi Alzammar
    Fadi Alzammar

    9:44 DriveSavers did not discover this. Jessa Jones from iPadRehab did after an incredible amount of hard work, and DriveSavers is claiming credit for her work.

    • Samuel Matheson
      Samuel Matheson Proof

  • Bruno Mostert
    Bruno Mostert

    all this still sounds like one big commercial, though. on a slippery slope, Linus, my friend.

  • Lekker ce
    Lekker ce

    What I missed here is that most iPhones are backed up to iCloud....this is just one big add...nothing more.

  • Juan Perez
    Juan Perez

    This is just one giant commercial. Needs to be seriously looked at when you give credit to the wrong person.

  • Gdhdj ysisj
    Gdhdj ysisj

    can they deal with me??

  • Anon 123
    Anon 123

    So it was not DriveSavers who came up with the technique

  • Bodzitza

    In your video "How does Linus make money? - 2020 Update" you said that you don't let companies pay for influence. But you let DriveSavers pay you to spread their false claim that they found the fix. As many other comments pointed out that it was actually Ipadrehab that found the fix. I really hope that this is a simple mistake, and that you will right this wrong.

  • Tivnator SJT
    Tivnator SJT

    It wasn't DriveSavers who discovers how to solve that problem it was iPhone Rehab. You should clarify that, Linus. They are adjudicating themselves something they only learned from people who freely teach how to repair their equipment. That's totally unfair...

  • lies damnlies
    lies damnlies

    9:44 DriveSavers did NOT come-up with this solution! It was this lady, putting in dozens of hours to find a fix, which she shared with everyone, yes, including DriveSavers:

  • HAkeado

    Is anybody going to point out he is wearing the same shirt and has the same set as Proyect zero wires?

  • Zetharion

    Please drop DriveSavers as sponsors, they may have paid big but they leave a bad taste in the mouth of the community at large and have rather dishonest business practices.

    • Samuel Matheson
      Samuel Matheson Proof

  • Rita Abgata
    Rita Abgata

    Recomiendo encarecidamente *benhack_22* en *Instagram* su servicio es legítimo, me ayudó a recuperar mi contraseña de iCloud.

  • Rita Abgata
    Rita Abgata

    Recomiendo encarecidamente *benhack_22* en *Instagram* su servicio es legítimo, me ayudó a recuperar mi contraseña de iCloud.

  • Rita Abgata
    Rita Abgata

    Recomiendo encarecidamente *benhack_22* en *Instagram* su servicio es legítimo, me ayudó a recuperar mi contraseña de iCloud.

  • boxofspam

    Louis Rossmann repair guy said small Indy right to repair business actually found the fix.

  • ypsilon

    DriveSavers, the old marketing bastards :)

  • Chubbysumo

    Just one giant advertisement for a company who cleans credit for work they didn't do.

    • Pvshka

      @Potato Tech that's an oxymoron

    • Potato Tech
      Potato Tech

      One day I'm hoping there will be a company that will be reasonable and humane.

  • Roel Vanderstukken
    Roel Vanderstukken

    my gf dropped her phone in the toilet...not once but twice. had to replace the USb-c pcb and the battery because of corrosion. the second time the display got wrecked. had to pull the plug because the display was too expensive. the people at DriveSavers were not lying when they said good tweezers are a must have.

  • B Diamond
    B Diamond

    any chance your gonna grow a set and credit jess with finding the fix, or you just going to prove how much of a sell-out you really are.

  • brunoais

    @Linus Was it DriveSavers that figured it out? Which one is right?

  • ibbs

    Driver savers are a fake repair company. they leech off findings from other people who actually know how to fix things

  • Sajag Verma
    Sajag Verma

    Would highly recommend anyone watching this video to check out Louis Rossmann's video titled "A word on big brand names in the repair industry ". Highly informative about why you don't necessarily need Drive savers and their $2000 Data recovery. Edit- And I despise any company that takes credit for someone else's findings, like they did with Jessa's solution from Ipad Rehab. Atrocious.

  • Eduardo

    11 out of 10 comments here are fake profiles spamming. What the hell youtube.

  • NeuesTestament

    DriveSavers lied about finding the fix for the iOS 13 bootloop. It was iPad Rehab who found it originally with help from the community.

  • Eduardo

    much ad, very marketing, wow

  • linuxares

    DriveSavers is scamming you. They stole the solution for this fix and claim it as their own! IpadRehab found the solution, not DriveSavers!

    • Jeriel Lopez
      Jeriel Lopez

      Lying, but not scamming. Linus was paid a lot of money to shill this disgusting company.

  • NO WAY
    NO WAY

    I dont know why there is flight recorder data stored on an ipad.. but cool story.

    • TerraBiker

      Probably because of the Foreflight app , very popular among pilots and it runs only on iOS.

  • leaky bean
    leaky bean

    This show is becoming one giant advert, o and by the way, have you seen the Louis Rossman video?

    • leaky bean
      leaky bean

      @Max Korinth I get you Max but disagree, for me bottom line, aside from the show becoming one giant advert, i think also LTT seem to be aligning themselves with the manufacturers and in this particular video drivesavers, of which there are many horror stories of price inflation for data retrieval. As regards MSI Jayztwocents and gamersnexus called it out for what it was Scalping, in a more upfront vocal videos instead of it being hid in the wan show. I have been watching Linus for years and love tech and also wish him all the best but i don't like the current direction of the show

    • Max Korinth
      Max Korinth

      @leaky bean not really, it's not something they've done in the past (or at least with any sort of frequency) and imo it's a much smaller deal than people are making it out to be. That's also basically the point of the wan show, to cover topics like that

    • leaky bean
      leaky bean

      @zukacs Thanks for pointing out. I have just watched though for me i thought they papered over the cracks. I think this news is big enough to warrant its own upload

    • zukacs

      @leaky bean they talked about it on the podcast

    • leaky bean
      leaky bean

      @zukacs Any techtuber who hasn't called out msi for scalping the RTX 3080 should be disregarded for the "never bite the hand that feeds you argument". Ill certainly be looking elsewhere for unbiased reviews

  • TheNite

    There’s false information on this video, drive saver steals credit from the community

    • Potato Tech
      Potato Tech

      YUP $$$ screws everything

  • ThePopeRope

    seems drivesavers got the idea to repair the bootloop thing from jessa (ipad rehab) and now pretending they invented it. shame on drivesavers.

    • Grumm HD
      Grumm HD

      She’s a hero

  • Jonathan Bartles
    Jonathan Bartles

    No. You allowed them to pay you to advertise a lie.

  • Dannydogs4

    Hey Linus. Please make a correction to your video around the 10 minute mark. You gave credit to the wrong person/company. Jessa Jones from iPad Rehab figured out the solution to the speaker ic that caused boot looping; not DriveSavers. Check out Louis Rossmann's video here: for more details. He does not find you at fault, but I believe that credit should be given where credit is due because of all the hours Jessa Jones put into that solution. Thank you nonetheless for your videos on tech. This is one of the many sources I use to learn more about technology. Edit: Jessa Jones was not the only one to help come up with the solution. She had help and credited the correct people in a video. I still believe there should be a correction to your video, since DriveSavers had nothing to do with that solution and they only knew about it due to a text that they received from Jessa herself.

  • -

    I was wondering how they could possibly have figured out that shorting the speaker amplifier chip could prevent boot-looping. Now I know; they didn't 😒:

    • Conker The Squirrel
      Conker The Squirrel

      Upvoting all these comments. While I usually think that Linus is reviewing stuff honestly, this time I'm deeply disappointed and I hope he will set this stuff right in another video.

  • Joseph Sanchez
    Joseph Sanchez Forget telling the truth when accepting that hot cheddar is soo much more tasty... #IPadRehab

  • Hexium

    Would you consider correcting the part where the speaker ic short for iPhone boot looping is attributed to drive savers when in actuality it was discovered by the fine folks at iPad rehab?

  • Pedro Mayoral
    Pedro Mayoral

    Watch louis rossman's video on big brand names

  • Kira

    Louis Rossmann would like to have a word with you :

  • Swae Ocean
    Swae Ocean


    • Samuel Matheson
      Samuel Matheson Proof

  • Swae Ocean
    Swae Ocean

    NO THEY DID NOT> LINUS PLEASE POST A CORRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben Doherty
    Ben Doherty

    Nahhh linus! Drivesavers did not come up with this solution!! Jessa from ipad rehab did. Look her up!!

  • Dave mexicotte
    Dave mexicotte

    No puedo creer que BRAIN_HACKER4 en IG recuperó mi Facebook en menos de una hora ... él es el mejor y legítimo💯

  • Dave mexicotte
    Dave mexicotte

    No puedo creer que BRAIN_HACKER4 en IG recuperó mi Facebook en menos de una hora ... él es el mejor y legítimo💯

  • Abc Def
    Abc Def

    Shouldn't the video title have "showcase" on it since this is clearly a paid advert? Isn't that the excuse you keep using for these paid advertisements, that you always label them "showcase", to clearly separate them from your editorial videos?

  • Budy Arto
    Budy Arto

    Drivesavers just got roasted on louis rossmann channel Maybe slight attack at linus aswell maybe

    • Alexandre P
      Alexandre P

      Well they did claim to come up with Jessas technique

  • Sebastian Jose
    Sebastian Jose

    linus when you skip through the intro: Accident- Accidents. They- Airplane your-house

  • hardergamer

    Linus you just keep selling out. Every video you do needs a fact check now, like this one it was not DriveSavers but Jessa Jones who brainstormed over this problem!

    • lies damnlies
      lies damnlies

      RedHairdo After Rossman’s video mentioning it, oh boy. Look at the comments. It’s getting it.

    • RedHairdo

      This really needs more attention...

  • Suraj Laddagiri
    Suraj Laddagiri

    my parents: 0:00

  • Wilson Tony
    Wilson Tony

    Les recomiendo a hacker_smith33 en Instagram para todos sus hacks, recuperación y verificación de redes sociales ..

  • Wilson Tony
    Wilson Tony

    Les recomiendo a hacker_smith33 en Instagram para todos sus hacks, recuperación y verificación de redes sociales ...

  • Sam Ku
    Sam Ku

    did you see Rossman's video about how DriveSavers rips people off.

    • RedHairdo

      @Daaell To be honest, Linus just had no idea when making/publishing this video, but yeah, if I was him, I'd do everything to have this particular video removed and address the mistake in a separate video. Though I imagine it must be legally-complicated to do all this.

    • Grumm HD
      Grumm HD

      Finally someone

    • Daaell

      Linus: What video? (wiping his forehead sweat with DriveSaver's dollars)

  • Dave Vanlezia
    Dave Vanlezia

    I can't believe that BRAIN_HACKER4 on IG got my Facebook back in less than an hour ..... he's the best and legit💯

  • Typical PC Tech
    Typical PC Tech

    Too bad the only quoted prices are $2000+. However if your data is that critical, that should be a small price to pay to recover your phone... Literally just watched Ipadrehab express this company quoted $900 to replace a screen. on oddly an iPhone 6 or 6s. Fairly old tech, I'd think this service would be expensive, not EXOTIC! :P However if everyone was Lunus, Everyone would get cheaper rates, maybe? While this company is very reputable, and the service is probably 2nd to none.... The prices will have you finding several 3rds if you know more than the common Joe, especially if you are relying on a stimulus check to fix your 10 year old phone...

  • Diego Aguado
    Diego Aguado

    You should contact Louis Rossmann again

    • RedHairdo


  • Theo M
    Theo M

    The first of your videos I have ever disliked. iPad Rehab discovered this, NOT those scammers at Drivesavers!!!!

  • ED Bon
    ED Bon This is not cool:P

  • Ladislav Sieber
    Ladislav Sieber

    he is advertising big scamy compeny. That is LTT whoever pays gets a video iven scamers. :/

    • Conker The Squirrel
      Conker The Squirrel

      @B Diamond Yes, I'm upvoting all these comments. While I usually think that Linus is reviewing stuff honestly, this time I'm deeply disappointed and I hope he will set this stuff right in another video.

    • B Diamond
      B Diamond

      @[C] Then he should put a correction out. Just looks like he only cares about the $$ or there would have been some sort of statement by now.

    • [C]

      He didn't know.

    • B Diamond
      B Diamond

      @brunoais Linus is a shill, he only cares about the $$$$

    • brunoais

      I think LTT didn't know. There's so much that I understand it's hard to filter out... That, as long as they stop advertising about this.

  • Paya Chinglish
    Paya Chinglish

    Harambe didn't ask for this

  • Risu

    I saw a video on Rossman channel about Drivesaver quoting a broken screen 900-2k. That's some fishy s*** to pull and a hell naw on my part.

  • kazolar

    This is really disappointing Linus keeps relationship with this company who takes advantage of their customers. Every recovery is ridiculously overpriced, even if it's 10 minute job.

  • Pedro O
    Pedro O

    DriveSavers are a scam. Overpriced. And they take advantage of desperate people to price gauge them

    • RedHairdo

      Plus they are lying by saying they came up with the fix, when in reality IPadRehab DIRECTLY told them how to do it. IPadRehab also came up with it.

  • Ned Hineline
    Ned Hineline

    I'm a mod from ipadrehab channel and drive savers claiming to have found this issue and solved it themselves is a joke! Ipadrehab SOLEY discovered the iPhone 7 audio codec issue and shared it! They stole credit!

    • Jeriel Lopez
      Jeriel Lopez

      "SOLELY" Really? I believe Louis said that she credited those who helped her with the discovery.

    • Michael-Paul Moore
      Michael-Paul Moore

      He is talking about it on Wan show right now.

    • RedHairdo

      @Michael-Paul Moore Does he? I know they cooperated before, but I'm not sure this facilitates communication between them.

    • Michael-Paul Moore
      Michael-Paul Moore

      @Ned Hineline Hopefully Louis contacts them, since he probably has a more direct way of reaching out to them.

    • Ned Hineline
      Ned Hineline

      @Michael-Paul Moore I did email them and it will be lost in their sea of emails. Kinda annoying 🙄

  • Ned Hineline
    Ned Hineline

    Drive savers didn't find this repair. IPadRehab did and they stole the credit! Her channel has the proof! Drive savers is a scam and a minimum 2,000!!! Contact IPadRehab today!!!!

    • LavaCreeperBOSSB

      @bubble boi at least my name isn’t bubble boi

    • LavaCreeperBOSSB

      @bubble boi well that’s personal now

    • bubble boi
      bubble boi

      LavaCreeperBOSSB a quick glance at your RSloft profile name shows you’re a child and probably have literally 0 clue about anything anyone is talking about.

    • LavaCreeperBOSSB


    • Ned Hineline
      Ned Hineline

      @Sidharth H Yes! They will quote you 900 to 9,000 and its always AT LEAST 2,000 never 900

  • Sir. Bunny Butts
    Sir. Bunny Butts

    Would point you to video made by ipad rehab about drive savers

  • Luc Latinette
    Luc Latinette

    wow they fixed your problem and it only cost you twice the price of the original product!