This MONSTER Video Card has 4 GPUs... and it's from 2004!
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Evans & Sutherland aren’t a big name in computing today, but that wasn’t always the case - Meet the simFUSION 6500q, a QUAD Radeon 9800 XT GPU from 2003!
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips

    We've received several requests to release the driver package we used in this video, and we've received permission to do so from Layne and Collins Aerospace. As far as we know, this is the only driver now online.

    • Bad Wolf Bay
      Bad Wolf Bay

      Asus offered a 2 agp board many a year ago. Last home built system I did had it.

    • Rageshroud

      Please Linus tell me why you touch your desk so much like you are pressing a button. I see you do it in so many videos when you as siting at a table.

    • EZ2ACTux

      Hell yeah preservation

    • 槇本誠


    • TheIncredibleMasterE

      I'm sure they wouldn't have cared much regardless. "Oh no! Somebody else is using our rare as hens teeth, 17 years old, oddly configured and designed for huge rack computers graphics card for things other than running old simulations where it would have only really been state of the art with four of them!" Thanks Layne.

  • Subadocious

    How about Linux?

  • سلطان آل مكتوم
    سلطان آل مكتوم

    When I see the title of the video I said oh man this graphic card can run rdr2 8k 1000 fps After I watched the video :💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • a a
    a a

    Linus looks like the Dood in American pickle if he was modernized

  • Ironmanfan

    This is cool.

  • Joe O.
    Joe O.

    "Here we have a 4xGPU AGP/PCI (NOT PCI-EXPRESS!) card...... Well, DUHHHH! Show me a AGP and PCI-E card together than.

  • Dan Foye
    Dan Foye

    But can it run Crysis?

  • Austonio Bryant
    Austonio Bryant

    Now water cool it lmao

  • Сын маминой подруги
    Сын маминой подруги

    все ясно, опять барыга с авито продал прогретую отвальную карту

    • KAsh1maDA

      Да, это отвал

  • finalizer0

    you all needed opengl titles to really test this thing and DIDN'T go for Doom 3, THE graphics showcase game of the time?

  • Rathori Khass
    Rathori Khass

    This brings back memories of a GeForce 7950 GX2 I had - also a 2 PCB sandwich, but only 2 GPUs and 1 PCI-E connector.

  • omer- kun
    omer- kun

    Crysis: I'm About to End This Man's Whole Career Gameplay: John Cena: Are you sure about that?

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Oh gezzzz... Take the mask off!

  • pennekamper1

    30 for a flask links is on drugs

  • blanket_ MP3
    blanket_ MP3

    My guy i have a windows 7 laptop that my gramps gave me,in my family we also have a windows 7 PC,we are too scared to do shenanigans inside of the PC or even clean it,I've watched some of your videos and i can safely safe that: -Cable management is,well..It doesn't exist. -the mother board is dirtier than my already broken organs. ect ect... :)

  • Like Clockwork64
    Like Clockwork64

    It makes sense that ATI would have been able to connect multiple GPUs on a board since they had tried it with the Rage Fury Maxx. Since ATI really had something promising with the Radeon 8500 it doesn't shock me they had this kind of tech ready at least at the prototype stage. Never knew anyone actually attempted anything like this with this kind of hardware.

  • Bruchelich

    Linus hasn't slept the past year now

  • Jamie Carroll
    Jamie Carroll

    I'm just wondering why is his apple watch is locked?

  • Juan Huertas
    Juan Huertas

    You should send it to LGR.

  • jean keravec
    jean keravec

    As a teenager , I remember drooling over 3D Labs Glint GMX 2000 , and I used to have a graphic board ( what we had before GPU and T&L ) with a Permedia ( I had both Permedia 2 and Permedia 3 ) or Real Image Chips from Mitsubishi or even an SGI Octane 2. Never owned any , saw the Octane at a convention , but fairly unusual setup are always nice to see. You should have reviewed the Open GL performance in a CAD or a DCC app , it would have made more sense , something like Lightwave would have been good ... Anyway , thanks for this really weird and wonderful GPU's review ! :)

  • Alirio Ruediger Junior
    Alirio Ruediger Junior

    ratatat seventeen years

  • Xavier Earnst
    Xavier Earnst

    but can it run crysis? never gets old...

  • THE Mechanick
    THE Mechanick

    For a frame time of 3ms, the framerate would be 333 fps. For a frame time of 8 ms, the framerate would be 125 1/frametime = framerate :)

  • Boes Gerhard
    Boes Gerhard

    this card better:

  • Brad Crosen
    Brad Crosen

    Anthony puts on mask off-screen: *speaking with audible impairment to his dictation* "better take off my mask" :P

  • Saturn V
    Saturn V

    literally my name is Layne and it just sounds so weird hearing them say that name cx cause honestly ive never met another dude named Layne lmao

  • James Jerico Aquino
    James Jerico Aquino

    are you high bruh?

  • Jhonzet Zet
    Jhonzet Zet

    You sound like bane before his balls dropped

  • AltuRoxx

    "Interested" is an understatement at this point.

  • Coolayyy Playz
    Coolayyy Playz

    the concepts of back then were great and you could buy 4 gpus for 1 but now gosh they are expensive.i wonder what rtx 3090 quad series would cost. 10,000 dollars? for 1% extra performance than the 3090.

  • Don Lorenzo
    Don Lorenzo

    I will not be watching, nor purchasing from your store until you stop wearing masks.

  • Hipro 84
    Hipro 84

    13:35 are we just gonna ignore what that screen looks like right now?

  • Greggg57

    Off with the goofy masks already.

  • Smasher Devourer
    Smasher Devourer

    Will it run Crysis?

  • Pat K
    Pat K

    Dude doesn't have a VPN and VLAN for connecting questionable machines to the internet???

  • Didi Abdillah
    Didi Abdillah

    Wait... i never see Windows Xp running on 1080p screen before

  • Willaby Zarkute
    Willaby Zarkute

    Speaking of who started 3D... can't forget to name ILM. Movie industry was where the money and need for it was.

  • Shedd

    My gt 710 still uses dvi 😔

  • Mr. Geek
    Mr. Geek

    2020 pc smoke 2000s tests/ benchmarks?

  • Chris Fischer
    Chris Fischer

    Didn't know Charlie Day hosted Ltt videos

  • phyzicks

    Run Classic WoW on it to truly test it for its time.

  • Dr. Kleiner
    Dr. Kleiner

    Imagine if there was a Video Card with 4 GTX 980-Tis, Would be more powerful than RTX 3080

  • Brackus2

    lol Linus... you had me at 3dmark2001se... :D

    • Brackus2

      Had to mention, after watching further into it, those earlier mutli cpu and gpu systems, while like your buddy says, was always fun and sexy to look at back in the day in the performance graphs, but they never gamed or performed in the benchmarks (for gaming) like regular pimped out single cpu and single gpu systems. Alot of that was always due to the drivers being subpar for the tasks, and people were pretty practiced at eeking every single score point out of their systems, even 2004 and earlier. Long story short, im sure that system you guys tested here can annhilate many 2004 systems at different tasks (video rendering etc) but it will always fall short in gaming.

  • Marbyyy !
    Marbyyy !

    “i pinched my tummy :c”

  • VoVillia Corp.
    VoVillia Corp.

    Love seeing tech from the late 90's early '00s era, it was when I first got interested in computers.

  • Mr Digital
    Mr Digital

    can it run crysis?

  • Jimmy Fuchstein
    Jimmy Fuchstein


  • Bowtech2

    Did someone steal all the mirrors from your housw? That hair OMG!!! LOL.

  • Falxie_

    Could've gone with some RTX voice noise cancelling on that loud-ass fan you put on it

  • Chris Hopkins Bass
    Chris Hopkins Bass

    I think at 1:05, Linus got a semi

  • Goremael

    I felt the exact same memories as you when I saw those benchmarks ♥

  • stoneybridger

    Couldn't the card just be fucked?

  • stoneybridger

    UT is open GL if you remember to change it in the launcher.......then it's too dark so you give up and go back to directx lol.....ahhh the good old days

  • W.Henn

    ANd we Anthony

  • Kyle S
    Kyle S

    This reminds me of the dual Radeon HD 4870's I had in my TOL rig back when I started a PC building company in 2008. I remember thinking how absolutely bonkers the price of those were (I think they were in the neighborhood of $500-$600 each). How many people would beg for that price on a dual high-end GPU now! Lol. I still have those cards (and that rig) as well, could never convince myself to get rid of them. I wonder how that would stack up now

  • Drew Senna
    Drew Senna

    That hair is magnificent, who styles your hair, Linus?

  • Lily Podczerwinski
    Lily Podczerwinski

    Me, 1:00 in: He's gonna game on it isn't he Edit: Me, 7:50 in: Nailed it!

  • John Magnifico
    John Magnifico

    I was praying he wouldn't drop the relic....

  • victor

    don't forget the was jumper pin that alow the card jump betwin 2 ore 1 system sli bridgh and was program that alow the card jump over to direct 3D long time ago so dont rember the program anymore sry i have 2 of then when i was younger, and sry for my bad english.. i'm from sweden :P

  • David Lannan
    David Lannan

    Just a note: We worked with similar cards in simulation back in the 2000's. You should turn off Hyper Threading on Single Core CPU's. The majority of drivers were not built with hyperthreading code (you had to build with intels compiler for this to work properly). Disabling Hyper-Threading usually gives a 1.5-3x perf boost on those machines.

  • Mr. SoWhat?
    Mr. SoWhat?

    yes yes yes PLEASE make more of these videos on old graphics cards PLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE

  • eg erjlgherg
    eg erjlgherg

    Epic Games at 12:00.

  • David VR
    David VR

    Why should I buy a 6900XT if there is already a 9800XT?

  • Onkar Indurkar
    Onkar Indurkar

    Who else thinks Linus & Anthony are timon & pumba 😂😂😂

  • SirWes

    I had a 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 card with 2 GPU's back in the day... Thing was a Beast.. I also had a Diamond Viper TNT2 32mb That was a beast.. Ah the good old days When high end was like Max $200

  • ben 10
    ben 10

    the disliker is the impostor and comeenting wow

  • P4F

    run minecraft

  • RearMisser

    2:48 I love how you can see them editing a video in the background through the door

  • Zhen Bond Law
    Zhen Bond Law

    Linus: Are you not interested???!!!! Me: I don't even know what you just said

  • mnd

    Too bad they didn't test Doom 3 with this.

  • szt1980

    Come on, 3dfx made multi-way SLI setups long before that. ATI had 2-GPU cards in the late 90s.

  • Arron Somerville
    Arron Somerville

    i think the card was dead

  • Not Riot
    Not Riot

    No one: Linus: "Two graphics cards, sAnDwIcHeD"


    Imagine playing crysis remastered and microsoft flight simulator xD

  • wizard x
    wizard x

    he is OFF HIS HEAD

  • Juanito Ferrero
    Juanito Ferrero

    The old time of the 3DFX Voodoo 6 :°)

  • Use WinMX
    Use WinMX

    XP is more safe than 7 or 10!

  • TheMrTape

    Nobody's gonna read this, but I have to mention how stupid the slide at #15:04 is. Not only are the 3 "unencrypted" examples definitely encrypted without VPN (Google searches and gmail, anything https), the shown IP's are impossible (604.86.75.309) because none of the numbers can go above 255 in a valid IP.

  • poxytron pox
    poxytron pox

    Bruh Anthony looks exactly like dude from tiger king

  • TheJsideGaming

    The fat dude is like, the perfect 2015 hardcore gamer stereotype

  • monkeycage 24
    monkeycage 24

    Simulation you say. Microsoft flight sim anyone

  • kingcarcas1349

    hooray for old stuff

  • Gr0llig3r

    is it just me or did the audio quality die at a certain point

  • Adomako Bamfo Banson
    Adomako Bamfo Banson

    Cool not bad for a GPU

  • Abdenacer Fodil
    Abdenacer Fodil

    wait linus had a girlfriend before . what a simp

  • P4F

    me: open this vid and Oneplus ad show

  • Peter Pinto
    Peter Pinto

    1:54 when the germans rolled out their tanks pre-ww2 and the americans were like Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • TheFeskar

    Oh i remember those 3d Mark 2001 Tests. When i was a kid i would always run these and wonder when i can start playing all the awesome games that flashes over the screen

  • VZreality

    Ahh this reminds me of the days of flashing my radeon 9500 to a 9700 pro. Good times.

  • JGlory99

    That cards only 4 years older than my 9800 gt, which still works after my motherboard broke

  • K3 K4
    K3 K4

    Why no more Dual GPU cards? Why no more Dual Socket Mobo? (Except servers I guess?)

  • RiZz0_CS

    can it run crysis?

  • syed Ahmad
    syed Ahmad

    gtx 295 had same design

  • ncsupi

    HOW DO YOU DIE TO BOTS IN OG UT? I didn't think that was possible.

  • ncsupi

    Man, 3dMark 2001 takes me back

  • syuaib sultan
    syuaib sultan

    About 9800 series, pro series was a crap, xt was a good deal to buy. But many people got trapped for "pro" .

  • jey Lee
    jey Lee

    some really awkward mask shuffling in this video, lol.


    Wow smooth transition XD

  • CryptonNite23

    You didn't saw the Voodoo 5 6000 AGP in action...

  • Ren Listra
    Ren Listra

    What a coincidence i saw a pulseway ad where linus was in it