This gaming setup is INCREDIBLE!
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We've had racing simulator gear on the channel before, but never like this.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link:
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • James Shelnutt
    James Shelnutt

    I calculate a minimum of about $7500 for this setup so pricy but pretty cool - now that I think about it, you know what would be insanely cool would be to get a sportscar (doesn't even need to run) and set this up inside it - you'd eliminate the cockpit but you'd have to replace the steering wheel and shifter gearbox with the ones like in this setup. put the monitor up on the dashboard. I'd be so cool to actually be inside a real car and racing in a video game.

  • Vipergaming23

    VR with this would be insane

  • Tyler D
    Tyler D

    That is one slick screwdriver flip @6:40.

  • Harikrishnan AK
    Harikrishnan AK

    "5:16" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $1016 a week with them! είναι ένα εργαείο ερσίας για όλ

  • Dreamy

    10:53 David’s enthusiasm for the Honda Fit is heartwarming. Glad to see the LTT crew having fun with this rig!

  • Nicolas Locke
    Nicolas Locke

    Get the DOFreality motion platform. Much cheaper and their highest option have 6DOF instead of just a seat mover with 2DOF.

  • Matt Morris
    Matt Morris

    single screen roflol!

  • AimingAtYou

    that fov setting.....

  • Glenn Day
    Glenn Day

    Ok for budget sim racing..but needs fanatec and VR

  • Digigeek19

    Needs track IR

  • Uncle M
    Uncle M

    I noticed the two different steering wheels! HA!

  • BlenderHelixAlpha

    All yours for the price of 5 grand :

  • George Stefancic
    George Stefancic

    you can get a motion platform with three degrees of freedom for less, and if you’re going for realism/immersion you should have at least three degrees of freedom. you especially need one with more degrees of freedom if you want to use it for flight sims.

  • NathanPHCash

    why does the case close itself? 6:29

  • Auprotim Ghosh
    Auprotim Ghosh

    Lovely content ,would have loved more if Linus dropped something😂

  • はそれを切り開くDigipak

    6:34 "You're already done ?" "I'm not even close "

  • Cameron Womack
    Cameron Womack

    Cool to see another Finnegan Speed and Marine fan on LTT.

  • Astrophobia

    for the price of that monitor you could... you know... gotten a vr headset, but sponsorship money talks louder

  • Jody Alberger
    Jody Alberger

    a gpu is like a pack of gum to you guys ha.

  • JYKDUTCH GamingAndFun
    JYKDUTCH GamingAndFun

    I got a few good AC mods if someone's interested DM me.


    If you ever quit making videos linus. turn your entire working place into arcade with a bunch of cool tech and stuff.

  • GregorSamsa

    Fun work you have here

  • Peter carelli
    Peter carelli

    this is a good one

  • Childish Karstino
    Childish Karstino

    This sim rig needs a fattydove racing drive..

  • James Laqui
    James Laqui

    that 1st minute totally cringes me hahaha

  • Kyle Henderson
    Kyle Henderson

    my same build. paired it with a corsair 275r white case and corsair hydro white aio for an all white build.

  • Christian Triesch
    Christian Triesch

    You should adjust the FOV xD

  • hxodiechild

    so like...i got a honey ad with Linus in it on a Linus video

  • GhiaSteve89

    Jake, Big props for the finnegan speed & marine jerry rig university shirt. I have the same one in blue.

  • Daniel Naylor
    Daniel Naylor

    6:34 ThAts WhAt ShE sAiD

  • Na Qiong Trading LLP Na Qiong Trading LLP
    Na Qiong Trading LLP Na Qiong Trading LLP

    3 monitor UltraWide Screen link together Video have...!! ( Put 3 of them & Race ok )

  • MarekTheFirst

    watching Linus playing Assetto Corsa was so painful

  • CentraljocK

    Take some time to fix seating position and FOV. The experience will be 5 times what you got here. Still great fun though :)

  • thudxxx

    whats the game name

  • Mitko Penkov
    Mitko Penkov



    this is a dream setup for me ;

  • Hassan Dawar
    Hassan Dawar

    thats niceeeee

  • Lucas Lincoln
    Lucas Lincoln

    This monitor is the piece of tech of my dreams! Screw you RTX 3090!

  • Chris Vagiatis
    Chris Vagiatis

    Socks and sandals..

  • Cars and Contorler
    Cars and Contorler

    Plz do the microsoft flight simulator

  • Jetfire725

    Jesus. for 50 grand just buy the damn car.

  • Side Effects
    Side Effects

    LoL got same MB, CPU and RAM.;)

  • suchachad

    this is why i want to punch a physical version of being poor in the face

  • J

    brakes are overrated, try more cowbell.

  • Bonnie 471
    Bonnie 471

    Linus: 13 minute lap at nordschleife. Me: a sub 7 minute lap at nordschleife

  • Bonnie 471
    Bonnie 471

    Nordschleife tip: you needed more brakes

  • Ardelean Alex
    Ardelean Alex

    I love that now when somebody says no performance compromise it means it’s a Ryzen

  • tunezjunkie87

    Dude, Jake with the Donut shirt, the Jerry Rigg University shirt, the Finnegan Speed & Marine shirt... frickin not-so-undercover car geek over here... #becauseroadkill #nitrousandturbosandbaconandbeer #boostcreeps #buffhorses

  • Funny Kup
    Funny Kup

    3:48 8:39

  • Fergus Carroll
    Fergus Carroll

    oh cool! "for $3000" nevermind.

  • Jason Sailo
    Jason Sailo

    Just buy a real fckin car with ...real life graphics

  • soulreaper2557

    Just one question. What are those?

  • Darren Thomson
    Darren Thomson

    FFS!!! if you are going to showcase a simrig with all that tech , please , please please get the FOV (field of view) right. you are trying to SIMulate being in a real car.... did someone tack on extra long arms?? are you sitting in the back seat??

  • mark wilson
    mark wilson

    nice monitor but the wheel was not calibrated correctly, he was turning it and no movement.

  • myname is private
    myname is private

    50 inch monitor $250 cut the panel in 1/2 and throw a little curve on the screen and its suddenly $3500, na I just don't see it!

  • rsaw1229

    so.. we're not gonna talk about how he used mem slots 1 and 3 instead of 2 and 4?

  • Sidharth Sinhku
    Sidharth Sinhku

    3:16 Linus: RGB makes it go faster XD

  • Vortexious

    "built in rgb is very... very rgb"

  • X314

    Nubs, you take off the clamp base on the shifter and there's mounting holes underneath it, I have a $1500 Thrustmaster rig which I mounted up all by bolts, believe me if you get good at the wheel you'll be yanking the hell out of everything, handbrake, shifter and everything. I need that base.

  • John Marshall
    John Marshall

    0:53 still less jacked than Pewds

  • When you realize Bill the Butcher was the good guy
    When you realize Bill the Butcher was the good guy

    These types of monitors just don't have enough height for me.

  • Herman Sory
    Herman Sory

    For 100K$ I buy a Ferrari

  • COCO Langot
    COCO Langot

    Meanwhile me still playing hillclimb racing on my phone

  • gld. dst.
    gld. dst.

    Find and game with some of these tech RSloftrs. All of these guys on RSloft

  • J4mc

    Never thought id see ltt lapping the nurburgring

  • Nostalgic

    "Samsung send us another one"

  • pm modi
    pm modi

    Is this double seat😂😂😂😂😂

  • El Teclas
    El Teclas

    I hate pedals moving XD

  • Erick Recinos
    Erick Recinos

    I rather just drive my car

  • HyLight

    this is painful to watch

  • alexander jelliman
    alexander jelliman

    I need one sponsor like this

  • Knowledge Gained
    Knowledge Gained

    anyone know if he did a video on that one game chair that has a tv connected to it?

  • Big Granny Dev
    Big Granny Dev

    Someone should let Jake know pc building IS the fun stuff

  • Altair4611

    Why buy this when you just go ham in a real car

  • Njj Gamer
    Njj Gamer

    It probably feels terrible because there playing grid

  • Ian Garris
    Ian Garris

    … Play Star Citizen on it.

  • Kyle Battagin
    Kyle Battagin

    Linus, let me buy this from you !! :D

  • Chris Dawes
    Chris Dawes

    "I could get behind that" - dad's applaud worldwide!

  • Conor Smyth
    Conor Smyth

    Should’ve got fanatec peripherals


    On my birthday, one of my friend gave me a high quality steering wheel, brakes, and gearbox but I dont have a pc or a monitor and it would be too expensive to buy them. What should I do?

  • XratedQ8

    You spent $3k on a movement base but scoff at the $2.5k for a direct drive setup with better pedals.... K..

  • Troy Thomas
    Troy Thomas

    I would rather have the OLED CX 48 on that setup.

  • sobreaver

    Why !? Why Linus ? Why do you nourish all this envy in mehhh !!! GODDAMMIT ! XDDDD

  • vic senpai
    vic senpai

    only if you had done this video about a month later hahah rtx 3000 series out and cheaper

  • Paikallinen Sankari
    Paikallinen Sankari

    i loved the last joke about europans xD

  • Pema Thinley Lepcha
    Pema Thinley Lepcha

    How about VR set in that chair

  • Aron Alliston
    Aron Alliston

    I wonder if this setup could be configured to work with OutRun via MAME or Cannonball? 🤔

  • Major Wolf 72
    Major Wolf 72

    Well, to call this setup incredible just goes to show you don’t know a whole lot about simracing, no offense 🤷🏻‍♂️😊 it’s a crappy rig, a crappy wheel, but the monitor looks ok for some arcade style games

  • Vivek Mani
    Vivek Mani

    2080 Ti!! 2 days later...

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee

    Fov needs sorting out

  • Ankur Saxena
    Ankur Saxena

    Its called an apex you illiterate

  • h3llra1z3r31

    No such thing as FOV. Driving from backseat is all the rage

  • RUS38

    watching it on my G9 and running at 60hz because I can't bloody upgrade my 980ti to 3000. Nvidia knows how to ruin 2020 even more.

  • Lulu yuyu
    Lulu yuyu

    Why are you buying a simulator for 57,000$ ? Why dont you just buy a real car?

  • Justin Proulx
    Justin Proulx

    The wheel needs to be mounted on the motion seat, that would change the feel dramatically and make it more realistic. ALEX!

  • Joost Hermens
    Joost Hermens

    Nice FOV :(

  • Jordan Mahar
    Jordan Mahar

    You can spend 100k on a simulator, and at that point you can just buy the actual car.... smh.

  • Leon

    Buying a $3k seat and than cheeping out on the most important part of a sim setup (steering wheel and pedals)....

  • advu

    i had to change the res to 2160p because 1080p wasn't enough for ltt

    • advu

      my pc has never had trouble buffering a youtube video. it's just too high res

  • Motion_Dude

    Ah the 2080ti show off must seem silly by now 😅. However regarding the motion seat set-up the next level racing rig is nice but have you already had a look at the "movus motion" base motion seat? ;) i heard it was a really great design and really gives you a nice feel for the track/car