This 100TB SSD Costs $40,000 - HOLY $H!T
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Today we take a look at the Nimbus Data ExaDrive DC 100TB - the world LARGEST solid state drive. HOLY $H!T.
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  • Cyberpower124

    Finally, something that can download call of duty updates

  • MaiCha MH
    MaiCha MH

    lol, 400USD per Tb in SATA speed, not even Nvme.

  • AKPro907

    When he "droped" the ssd My heart droped so much it came out of my A**HOLE

  • Nick KIllam
    Nick KIllam

    why did i think this came out years ago? fucking 2020.

  • Kat Man Dew ToolsNGames
    Kat Man Dew ToolsNGames

    100tb hardrive sells for: 40,000$ Cost to make: 50$ Not worth 40,000

  • pri Di
    pri Di

    I wish I had a 40000 dollars...

  • Based Jake
    Based Jake

    Drive name = Big Boi.... NICE

  • AshyKo 99
    AshyKo 99

    This ssd is huge👀

  • Rohin 2006
    Rohin 2006

    lmao he called it (D:)Big Boi

  • CMDR unematti
    CMDR unematti

    No linus, it costs 40k, not worth. Huge difference

  • Big Boofman
    Big Boofman

    Perfect for call of duty players

  • Graymatter

    O it's Robust alright. 5 year warranty. "Were using Intel's newest 14nm process!" You know they might just have something there. Lol

  • Michael Garcia Rodriguez
    Michael Garcia Rodriguez

    when you are precocious but you justify them with the size of the little thing ..... 4:40

  • LPyourplay

    Finally a hard drive big enough to store my homework folder

  • Joshua Steele
    Joshua Steele

    Cool, now fill a server with 24 of them.

  • Kosmyn S.
    Kosmyn S.

    I'm still using my 120 gb SSD in 2020.

  • thomas Burke
    thomas Burke

    Remind me NOT to have you fix a transmission.. learning to repair stuff from my father who was an electronic specialist in the army .. either have the diagram or make one as you disassemble it.. you just took a 5 speed automatic and use the reverses clutch are your final drive..

  • Mark Doug
    Mark Doug

    The question is not how much it is but how many times he dropped it and it's still working

  • Depopa

    shittiest packaging ive ever seen for a 40k product

  • ken Tries
    ken Tries

    Because it does not have a DRAM cache That is why the ssd is slow ....

  • Sesshoumaru sama
    Sesshoumaru sama

    For 1/10th of the price I would consider it.

  • jutu baeh
    jutu baeh

    cömp stöHR€ ´´ät end öff GäläXX ^ ^ do you want to wear yör new phvn-key DReiFF ^?^ t€iGh me frv?v zäh killöhbeitz ^^

  • jutu baeh
    jutu baeh

    fröm wätt amount öf ´H döes he ´´$hin€ ^ ? ^ id be so content with 2x2 maybe 4 möstlie 16 tb raid ´RiD€ növv... ´äDlipp ^ ^

  • FN videos
    FN videos

    Yall remember when an iphone 6 came with 16gb and we thought that was plenty?

  • Spiderboy70

    anyone else noticed that Linus named the drive 'Big Boi'?

  • Yoman Level 74
    Yoman Level 74

    Upload your soul to the drive

  • Maximo Dakila
    Maximo Dakila

    Ok, you twisted my arm. I just bought 2 pcs. It's too expensive yet, I can only afford 2.

  • Toaster Master
    Toaster Master

    When the apocalypse had come. I have a 100TB worth of secret "sauce". Now, just to have to find a right computer to use on

  • Windows XP
    Windows XP

    Imagine if you by this 10 extra drives 400,000$ and have 1 petabyte...

  • Ahmed Siddiq ツ
    Ahmed Siddiq ツ

    Nice beard

  • pravculear

    was anyone else worried that Linus would end up breaking the hard drive during the teardown?

  • prune eater
    prune eater

    pplease.... dont fucking drop it....

  • Bigbo 1
    Bigbo 1

    It may not be long before we see a 1 petabyte drive

  • Natán Parrondo
    Natán Parrondo

    40000/175 $228 by instaling warzone

  • Ian Trump
    Ian Trump

    Anybody else like Linus with a beard better?

  • Jeremy Hsieh
    Jeremy Hsieh

    fill a Storinator to the brim with Exadrives

  • Court Jester
    Court Jester

    "But wait it's big" That's what he said

  • Raudie Robles
    Raudie Robles

    Awsome ending! Love the genuine emotion from Linus about breaking a $40,000 ssd. Hahaha!!!

  • DriftProYTSF

    arnt USB's at this day and age like smaller SSD's?

  • GrimboNutter

    Can't wait for 50 years time when this goes for $30 on ebay

  • PhunkBustA

    you could get that much storage on tape for considerably cheaper if storage is the main goal?

  • Potastation

    Imagine a game which is 1TB big

  • Jimmy Boab
    Jimmy Boab

    "This 100TB SSD Costs $40,000 - " and HOLY $H!T, they game me it to keep for nothing.

  • Nam Plaa Angry Joer
    Nam Plaa Angry Joer

    If Modern Warfare was a Long-Time Service Game.

  • Jensar Joey Sayson
    Jensar Joey Sayson

    That is a top of the line Mitsubishi Strada (Triton) here in PH with all the bells and whistles and aftermarket tune ups...

  • U1rich

    New Petabyte Project when?

  • LocatedLeech 1207
    LocatedLeech 1207

    lmao when he says got ya for the segway and your like no u didn't I got u when I fast forwarded......

  • ACE Cyph
    ACE Cyph

    0:46 made me shart my pants

  • Dude Bro
    Dude Bro

    I thought for a second it said 40$ and i thought It was a scam, now i know its 40000$ and know It is a scam

  • 4 Seasons
    4 Seasons

    12:53 for a split second I though Linus was Alpharad

  • dan roden
    dan roden

    light scratches at a level 6 and deeper gooves at a level 7.

  • Enyemberth Duarte
    Enyemberth Duarte

    That moment he left with everything screwed up lol

  • Shane O'Neal
    Shane O'Neal

    Does he actually buy all this crazy stuff or is it just sent to him to review? I know he makes good money from this channel, but $40,000 is ridiculous. I can't imagine anyone deciding that something like is would be worth the cost.

  • Floppin N
    Floppin N

    I bought a 5 terabyte one for 100 dollars so technically couldn’t you just buy 20 of those then somehow combine them together

  • Zii VorTeX
    Zii VorTeX

    can i have it

  • Not Angel
    Not Angel

    Keep in mind in 1956 a 5MB drive was M A S S I V E

  • CorporalAnsh

    Saale insta pe message kiya hai dekh le

  • Sulphur

    $40,000? That’s at least enough for a gaming mouse

  • Harvey Fritz
    Harvey Fritz

    Linus Be like: You Wanna know how poor you are ?

  • AleCz_RO

    Is not enough for my *homework* folder

  • Reeven

    100TB or not, I'm sure my aunt will manage to fill it with bloatware and toolbars within the next six months.

  • Illuminator

    I mean if you're some form of cloud provider you could literally save whole buildings through the space savings

  • crying cat
    crying cat

    Could it run a whole loaded minecraft world?

  • crazy squirrel
    crazy squirrel

    My wife needs about 10 of those for all the junk she keeps saving....

  • Tyrie Mccloud
    Tyrie Mccloud

    In the future that hundred terabyte will become just $1

  • Caustic Console
    Caustic Console

    It's a SATA sandwich :D

  • decoder55killer

    Imagine this in 20 years costing $100 lol


    I have been watching Linus now for more than ten years and I love it that he still gets very existed about new tech. This guy is number 1 as far as tech goes, and to me he always will be. Keep it going Linus your videos are never dull.

  • cooldude42454245

    linuses segways are unbeatable

  • Connor Wade
    Connor Wade

    Oh boy, did anyone else's anxiety start high and just keep going up in this?

  • GlitchInTheSystem

    Cod still gonna take half of its space

  • D Sloop
    D Sloop

    Send it to Ashens, so he can chooch it.

  • Aidansky

    If that was on a PS4, it would still somehow say you need more 50TB to be able to download a 1GB update

  • Pikachara

    i need 100 tb cuz i always uninstall some shit to install other game (that is 50 to 100 gb...)

  • Ayaan King
    Ayaan King


  • Stqdio

    Not enough for Warzone

  • Mason Sommers
    Mason Sommers

    2 months later and warzone is over 60gb larger than it was here.. hhh

  • Sara Khochonsaeng
    Sara Khochonsaeng


  • Spazzm

    A Tesla is cheaper lol

  • Spazzm

    Or just buy 100 1tb ssd s and pay 10000$

  • iZ BlackBerry
    iZ BlackBerry

    H-he DIDNT drop it...

  • Kexit

    cool , now we can play microsoft flying simulator 2020 offline

  • Mando Barnlas
    Mando Barnlas

    That is a lot of damage! 😂 😂 , for a moment.

  • N30V

    I read 1000TB.

  • Ricardo Silva
    Ricardo Silva

    Using war zone as a metric 😆😆😆😆

  • Juparkwastaken

    People in the future: hey remember when 100TB SSD's costs 40 grand?

  • daan stam
    daan stam

    ''wow that is not super fast. BUT but but it is really big.'' -linus 2020

  • Max Huang
    Max Huang

    apple ain't expensive

  • sepur leagtseniker
    sepur leagtseniker

    isnt it 0.1 BetaDrive

  • Duncan LANDMAN
    Duncan LANDMAN

    Now i can have 100Tb of Virtual ram lol

  • Sandra Bolos
    Sandra Bolos

    It cost 2 million in our country lmao

  • Walter

    Yes kids buy a 40'000$ sad and run Microsoft paint at 60fps.

  • Huracán RDGZ
    Huracán RDGZ

    finaly i will can download warzone

  • Mista G
    Mista G

    Messi has let himself go

  • Femboy foxy
    Femboy foxy

    this man has more money than our corroupt politicians

  • NintendoFan 124
    NintendoFan 124

    in 50 years this will be $5 or something

  • Benjamin F
    Benjamin F


  • Moopheus

    So you are saying if you got a bunch of these together you could emulate a Soong class android?

  • Sôei

    cant wait to see the memes in 20 years about us thinking this will be normal in the future like "2020 : there will probably be infinite storage 2040 : look how mustard with ketchup explode

  • 5qd4

    Thats a lot of homework

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