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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Jeeshified

    Is he acting like Linus as a bit or...?

  • calemm91

    I wonder how the thermals would perform in a docked scenario with the laptop closed and plugged into a monitor?

  • JoTokutora

    no gaming benchmarks? You do know that the GPU is based on the 2080 TI right?

  • Yodamas Kristito
    Yodamas Kristito

    Bruh, you smack that USD10,000 laptop like it worth IDR10,000 (~68 cents)

  • prune eater
    prune eater

    lmao imagine losing it

  • RequiemDylon

    That rtx 6000 is a beast. I have an rtx 5000 16 gig and its badass for game design and development, and shatters games like warzone.

  • Satan's Trilogy
    Satan's Trilogy


  • Joel Dugong
    Joel Dugong

    Linus looks a bit different today

  • Da Rush
    Da Rush

    ME!... I NEED THAT 24GB VRAM. :( Daz 3D characters are so VRAM thirsty. :( ... But this pricetag is way beyond reasonable. I'd be better off getting a desktop with a 3090 RTX.. Same VRAM. Then just keep my GTX 1070 8GB Laptop for portable missions and gaming. I wanted a laptop with a 1080TI when i bought this one, but sadly nobody made a reasonably priced laptop with more than 8GB VRAM at the time... I swear when I save up, there better be laptops with a 24GB RTX 3090 GPU on the market. I WANT TO RENDER without resorting to classic Resident Evil pre-rendered backgrounds tricks that ruin the Lighting and shadows/Reflections. :( (And my workflow efficiency for that matter.

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo Tabera

    I just booted up my Laptop. What did I miss?

  • B MSG
    B MSG

    Having the cooler where it can't be blocked ? Why is it not the norm?

  • HS Saugat
    HS Saugat

    ".... at 6.4 pounds or.." hmmm what might be it in kgs? "18 and a half bananas" 6:55

  • Abcde Fghij
    Abcde Fghij

    He looks so uncomfortable and awkward in this video

  • MaxPlayz



    This guy is smiling and speaking with that creepy look in his eyes like he is being forced to do this video I mean he looks scared or cried just 2 minutes ago

  • Vigneshwar

    He looks like a telemarketing agent that comes on tv

  • Zac Eubank
    Zac Eubank

    Anxiously awaiting any info on what settings are available under the hood. Lots of power in this baby but will we have access to it?

  • lextac23

    I really like Alex's contributions to the channel. It's nice to see him lead an entire video :)

  • Norman P
    Norman P

    Im not quite sure you people maltreating electronics is funny...

  • Deep Senpai
    Deep Senpai

    Even From my shitty screen I can see how superior studiobook's display is.

  • Jan Hörn
    Jan Hörn

    *slaps top of laptop* this bad boy can calculate all the things

  • PigsInSpace 99
    PigsInSpace 99


  • 》TGR《

    this guy is def a Irish man

  • Brian Wang
    Brian Wang

    Alex smacked the laptop harder than my mom slapped me.

  • Tedlasman

    i love this guy's voice.

  • Furlock Furli
    Furlock Furli

    If I ever need someone to make look sth very expensive as if it was a budget waste of money thing, I will pay you 10k to smack it in front of a camera. You are the man.

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    This dude has no idea that we can see (or better yet, hear) his adderall habit. lmao

  • yulan jayawardena
    yulan jayawardena

    go cool on the laptop man that is valuable

  • Knowledge Gained
    Knowledge Gained

    yeah of course 10k isn't much money for a laptop

  • Jan Košák
    Jan Košák

    Hello, please which laptop do you recommend under 400usd. For office work and traveling? 🤔 Thank you.

  • bigmugo

    Laptop breaks easily Never gonna buy because you smacked it

  • Michael Urwin
    Michael Urwin

    This man didn't blink one time

  • TWICE Tzuyu
    TWICE Tzuyu

    this laptop is not only laptop but it also have a fan blowing infront of your face. wow

  • LuckyCrydiaa 中華民國
    LuckyCrydiaa 中華民國

    My kidney cant handle this..........

  • S1lent

    Man, this video could be better called 'meme compilation by LTT'

  • Nhilistic Komrad
    Nhilistic Komrad

    Does no one notice linus modelling an underwear?

  • John Michael Abad
    John Michael Abad

    The best way to play among us

  • DoofinsmirtzEvilInc.

    Wow finally a laptop to help me play minecraft

  • Udit Bhasker
    Udit Bhasker

    you forgot blinking bro :3

  • pslavi

    Pretty cheap really for what it does..most people forget about the 90s and how much laptops cost that wouldn't be able to do 1/10000 th of what this does..sad thing is as a CGI artist most artists I know wouldn't know what to do with it lol...

  • The Steak Connoisseur
    The Steak Connoisseur

    Wow I was thinking editing editing plus chrome plus gaming but chrome is what we worry aboutლ(´ ❥ `ლ)

  • Bryce Johnson
    Bryce Johnson

    I was mad that you smacked the computer

  • Pretty Good man
    Pretty Good man

    Is Alex trying to show us the durability of this laptop?

  • Headshot Otaku
    Headshot Otaku

    nice banana


    Is it $10G's because it is in a tiny package? How much would the same performance cost in a Desktop tower for comparison?

  • delloda

    7:07 No deck flex?!?! are you blind or have no feeling in your fingers!?! It's flexing like a circus contortionist!

  • Code Monster
    Code Monster

    Thank you I can now cry myself to sleep now.

  • mark vincent
    mark vincent

    It stressing hearing him smacking a 10k laptop 🙃🙃🙃

  • Chirag C S
    Chirag C S

    How many of you are watching although you cannot buy it?? 😂

  • Ulquiorra

    4k for a quadro... k buddy i'll just spend 500€on the 3070 and blow that shit out the water

  • ThePizzaNova

    pretty cool but the lack of a headphone jack on a content creation machine makes no sense

  • FubarMike

    Ok but what happens when someone wants to use the laptop with the lid closed with external monitor and keyboard?

  • Amandeep Singh
    Amandeep Singh

    Were is Linus????

  • Virdeo

    7:44 thank me later

  • Erick Ordonez
    Erick Ordonez

    Banana for scale, i sense a man of culture...

  • Andrew Lau
    Andrew Lau

    somebody get this maniac a laser pointer

  • Polite Cat
    Polite Cat

    So, a GIANT, HEAVY laptop WITH a large external box dongle..and no headphone jack? This has to be a joke. There is definitely room somewhere for one, they just didnt want to add it.

  • Gun Tech.
    Gun Tech.

    No sale. I'll hold out for the i9-9999KK. Hey. Maybe I'll save $8000 if I buy a NOT LAPTOP for pro work.

  • Vireakdara Soun
    Vireakdara Soun

    Rtx 3090 make the rtx6000 useless?

  • That/_One/_Idiot

    The Apex 15 will defeat the Area 51m with double the desktop cores

  • caddilacbob

    So its the most powerful laptop ever with cooling and power delivery that ACTUALLY keeps up, but it has no ports??! ! What a piece of shit🤮

  • J. V.
    J. V.

    It performs great, looks good but sounds a bit cheap. You could hear that from Alex smashing that poor thing from all sides in an almost satirical way.

  • Dr Strange
    Dr Strange

    so remove the keyboard and you have the most powerful tablet.

  • database

    It's smack proof

  • Alsa

    You know what I'm thinking? I know there's a lot of barebone PC's out there. But they're too small to be carrying a dedicated GPU and are poorly maintained thermally for the sake of portability. But, let's the form factor of the Xbox Series S. U can easily slid it into your backpack. Then, consider the motherboards in gaming & productivity laptops. They could be easily fit into those Xbox cases & there will still be room left for I/O, internal power supply & an even better cooling system. That would be my ideal cross between a desktop & a laptop. Don't even know what to call them.

  • M T
    M T

    soy face thumbnail

  • Majd Mahir
    Majd Mahir

    Gota say Alex needs more wiping

  • Khalifa

    Nvidia launches RTX 3090 for 1400 usd better than RTX 6000

  • Jared Gunkle
    Jared Gunkle

    why does it always seem like theres a gun to his head

  • Jamie Owns
    Jamie Owns

    I mean you do make a good point. The type of people to spend 4k on a laptop is the same type of people that would be able to afford 10k one. So when you look at it from that point of view it does make sense. I would never spend that type of cash on a laptop of all things. I honestly hate using laptops. I find laptops feel cheap while costing loads.

  • Rob

    We need to call Computer Protective Services, he's beating up that laptop for the whole video!

  • gaming jace
    gaming jace

    Could pay my rent like 8 times

    • Fawaz PlaysYT
      Fawaz PlaysYT


  • S Sing
    S Sing

    This guy definitely hits his wife

  • An OK Man
    An OK Man

    The way he smacked the laptop in the beginning earned him an immidiate dislike from me. Plus, what's with the constant smiling and happiness? With his upper teeth going above his lower lip when talks and smiles makes him look like a psychopath.

  • Kaapo Paavolainen
    Kaapo Paavolainen

    You got me at "This *smacks laptop*"

  • Ervin Lacsina
    Ervin Lacsina

    When i do that rendering , my laptop fly and never be able to see it

  • Palamontus 10
    Palamontus 10

    i cant even imagine how advanced we will be in ~100 or 200 years

  • Med- M.B
    Med- M.B

    why does he look like he's holding and butt plug in wtf

  • Emma Stone
    Emma Stone

    Little did the laptop knew, It's Introduction to Linus group soon lead to it's destruction

  • Emma Stone
    Emma Stone

    A lot of rage was spotted this day

  • Cliff Lee
    Cliff Lee

    The one lame thing is that it only has 1 nvme slot.

  • Nibelung Valesti
    Nibelung Valesti

    Why was there not an AMD laptop in the comparison? Lame.

  • Cyle Fougere
    Cyle Fougere

    No one likes this guy

  • Matt The King
    Matt The King

    Americans will use anything for scales... Even bananas...🤣🤣🤣

  • Dylan Lawrence
    Dylan Lawrence

    Its not 10k its 11k because of tax :/

  • JOT PB65
    JOT PB65

    BuT cAn iT rUn CrYsIs?

  • Tsino

    Your iFixit ad needs work. Look at JayzTwoCents' iFixit ad for reference.

  • Sort of
    Sort of

    It is now.

  • matia92

    why's is he so hard on the gear all the time?

  • ricky v
    ricky v

    I would buy this PC for the engineering that went into it. That's about it.

  • coolbuddydude1

    10K laptop breaks after 2 years.

  • Bhadru Maloth
    Bhadru Maloth

    Oooooh....feel sad for people who bought this laptop for the quadro,the new rex 3090 is cheaper than the graphics card in it and destroys it in performance

  • Mike Soda
    Mike Soda

    That clamshell back is a finger pinch point =\

  • Tapatio man
    Tapatio man

    I know nothing about computers and have no idea what he’s saying so my monkey brain is thinking this “more letters equal good I think as long as it can handle resident evil”

  • BT19ECE082

    Is it only me or anybody saw Linus with a banana hanging out of his underwear 😂😂😂. 7:44

  • Azmi Farhan
    Azmi Farhan

    6:31 Here you go, a $10,000 laptop from Type-A without any USB Taipei ports

  • Marilyn Mendoza
    Marilyn Mendoza

    Am I the only one cringing every time he knocks it around... >

  • TrophyMaster

    They get mad at apple for not having good airflow and hitting 100 degrees all the time but their windows laptops hit 100 as well

  • Dr Uzi
    Dr Uzi

    “$4000 graphics card” NVIDIA today: Hold my beer

  • Kyle Fillmore
    Kyle Fillmore

    why does he keep slapping the laptop and then he slammed it down on the table and hit the back off it on the table!!!!

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