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Smartphones are perfectly good audio players, so why would you need an MP3 player? Well, there are some situations where a good MP3 player can actually make a lot of sense!
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  • 16-Bit Bernie
    16-Bit Bernie

    Just buy some waterproof bluetooth earbuds for your phone

  • Ralph Carpenter
    Ralph Carpenter

    TV fans! We're starting to put together our end of year lists, and we want to know: who are the best TV couples of 2020? Leave your picks below, and remember, it has to specifically be couples from shows that aired within the year!


    It was fun watching people humiliating themselves..

  • Mitchell Davidson
    Mitchell Davidson

    My vibrator is 4 pull 3.5 mm jack charging lol

  • ZylethX3N0

    Most athletes use MP3 players. I'm getting one for skateboarding. Don't feel like breaking a phone.

  • josh taylor
    josh taylor

    Uhm yeah. Because sometimes I’m out snowboarding on a mountain and don’t have service, or it’s too cold out for the phone, or I don’t want to fall on my phone. Or when I’m skateboarding I don’t want to fall on my phone, or when I’m running I don’t want to carry a bulky phone, or the thousands of reasons why I would have a device to listen just to music when I don’t want to use my phone. You guys suck

  • Ramgladore

    I have an MP3 player from Eclipse that looks kind of like an Ipod rip off. Oddly enough, its battery life lasts very long. I'd say at least 6 hours. My phone would run out of power before too long, being that it has other processes that it probably runs. I need my phone to be a phone more than anything. I would rather have s small device dedicated to playing music.

  • skullcrusher1o1

    The real thing is because I think the high ohms being able to drive

  • Diptansh Maharana
    Diptansh Maharana

    Check dankpod on RSloft

  • Shpooptypants13

    the day the pool actually closed

  • Shpooptypants13

    My Boy Linus listening to Schism

  • Reed Klein
    Reed Klein

    That segue XD

  • Jack Kraken
    Jack Kraken

    Came for the MP3 players, stayed for the tits.

  • Arthur Benatto
    Arthur Benatto

    Somebody needs to have a talk with DankPods

  • Crokobos

    2 man enter a shower,

  • Lightning4X Paoli
    Lightning4X Paoli

    $400 is nothing. Some of those players cost in the thousands.

  • Joey L
    Joey L

    Why tf would you bring in an M11 and not plug any headphones or iems worth listening into it? It seems like a total waste to even bring it into a lineup like this without, you know, actually showing what it's good for. The shortcircuit video on the M15 shouldn't be so much more informative than a video on the main channel.

  • Lorenzo Pollo Caffè
    Lorenzo Pollo Caffè

    Linus: from a virgin that somehow has wife and kids to a ripped hipster-looking cool nerd

  • Waasiciye


  • Felix

    "Anyone can go out and buy an iPod or a Zune but we wanted some new stuff" You do realize Apple are still making and releasing new versions of the iPod touch right?

  • Burnt Chicken Nugget
    Burnt Chicken Nugget

    Why didnt they try to sony walkman. Those ones are actually good. You cant buy them from snony you can only by them from amazon from sony Ikr weird. The sony NW-A35 A45 A55 and up. Are all good bang for your buck options. They can take up to 2 terabytes of data physically only 1tb due to there only being a 1 tb card you can purchase on the market today. So i would get one of em that or a hackpod.

  • Burnt Chicken Nugget
    Burnt Chicken Nugget

    1, they are trying to remove the head phone jack. 2. If you drive a lot you realize mobile data cant work. 3. The drivers in MP3s are designed to make audio clear. 4. They are compact and seemless.

  • Amaroq

    Can anyone please appreciate that Linus is playing Tool on the Fiio M5 and M11? He IS a man of culture, I certainly did not expect that.

  • PlatinumEagleStudio's

    The original iPod Shuffle used the same design with the 3.5mm headphone jack that also charges and outputs audio. Can't believe linus never seen that design before lol.

  • Louis

    "why would you want a separate device just for playing?" *Dankpods screams in the distance*

  • Daniel Schroedinger
    Daniel Schroedinger

    I have a cheap mp3 player for swimming and the sound is WAY better underwater. Like i tried them for running as well and it was quite terrible but for swimming its okay.

  • Vito Cambodiawan
    Vito Cambodiawan

    Look at these noobs making fun of audio peripherals, makes me laugh

  • JdRDMS

    0:26 & 0:31 *Smartwatches have entered the chat*

  • Mcsatans

    9:46 But why would you go out and buy a zune they were, are, and always will be awful.

  • Adam Hosein
    Adam Hosein

    Where is the m15, why is there no Fiio m15 :(

  • Alabaster Scarf
    Alabaster Scarf

    I actually have a FiiO X3-II. Great capacity with the micro sd, tons of options to fine tune your experience, and it plays pretty much anything under the sun. Plus the audio quality is outstanding. I've heard stuff in songs I've listened to for years that I never noticed before. But they're right about the earbuds. Never go with stock earbuds when getting an mp3 player. They're always there just because.

  • OpinionDay007

    I am still trying to replace my Commodore e-vic music player.........

  • Seth Moyer
    Seth Moyer

    I think he missed the point of the fiio DAP. That's meant to be a true hi-fi device for audiophiles, and you're meant to use nice headphones with them.

  • Mike

    "why would i use an mp3 player..." Because I don't want to be tethered to a phone 24/'s actually nice to take a break from the barrage of information, and phone calls, emails and other distractions. Just put on a song and escape... That's why

  • pungent lorry
    pungent lorry

    why is linus still associating with that riley scumbag? look at some real world metric so you can get over it and dump that turd.

  • Edward Medina
    Edward Medina

    Well several reasons really 1. When I fly I can continue to listen music and keep my phone off and in my backpack 2. So you have a smaller device when you go running or at the gym. 3. For when you are cutting the lawn and you prefer a smaller device 4. For better sound quality (depending on a device)

  • Lenardo Thomas
    Lenardo Thomas

    Might as well buy an Android Go phone that's waaaay less than the Filo.... 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Louis Charles
    Louis Charles

    you should burn off that ill thought moustache

  • Jedikraft

    have you heard of being an audiophile the audio has way better audio compatibility with higher ohm counts being able to run better audio like the fiio or however you spell it one can run AKG 512s which has extremely high ohm count

  • Cristian Gabriel Cabrera Mateo
    Cristian Gabriel Cabrera Mateo

    Linus yelling in the shower with his eyes close is the perfect depiction of modern depression that anyone would get.

  • Umer Rehman
    Umer Rehman

    Damn... I got an Mp3

  • Yairs Gutierrez
    Yairs Gutierrez

    POV you just bought one for prime day


    0:45 ahhhhhhhh

  • Priyanshu Chatterjee
    Priyanshu Chatterjee

    Okay, I admit. Riley made me laugh

  • Rover

    Anyone with iPod Touch 2nd Gen?

  • Russo TipsTechs& News
    Russo TipsTechs& News

    Tool? Yeaaaaaaah! Thats real bada$$

  • Efe

    That last part was hilarious

  • Michael Delahanty
    Michael Delahanty

    lol the DIY bluetooth speaker in the background

  • Dylan Harris
    Dylan Harris

    I still rock my iPod touch 2nd gen. Never been turned off since I've owned it

  • cesar7peru AprendiendoConCesar
    cesar7peru AprendiendoConCesar

    They didn't know about The 4.4mm balanced output at that point in their review 😇🎧

  • FlmngPhnx

    he listening to tool I see, nice.

  • Ian Ojeda-Vasquez
    Ian Ojeda-Vasquez

    You chose the wrong Sony MP3 product guys. Shoulda went after the Walkman series. $3.2k Walkman Signature Series

  • Luis L
    Luis L

    I was looking at a couple to use for holiday music.

  • Steve Ballmer
    Steve Ballmer

    Fiio have a $2000 dollar media player

  • Temmie gaming and memes
    Temmie gaming and memes

    Linus has as much body hair as me and I'm 16

  • diana raini
    diana raini

    Fiio m15 can be used with 600 ohms headphones.

  • Kenneth Lee
    Kenneth Lee

    Don't forget the military. Gotta have an MP3 player for deployment

  • Parker Threlkeld
    Parker Threlkeld

    The Fiio products can play mp3s, but they are made for Hi-Res audio files like WAV and FLAC and because they are uncompressed audio files they take up way more storage. A hi res album can take up 1GB and you would easily fill up your phone storage. So it make more sense to have a separate player.

  • Joshua John
    Joshua John

    7:11 Tool? I thought he exclusively listened to the LTT theme song all day

  • Bhavin Patel
    Bhavin Patel

    110$ M5 supports Truly natural sounding DSD format music, which are ONLY worth trying with audiophile earphone.


    The shower segment hit me like a good plot twist.

  • Daiva Deep Verma
    Daiva Deep Verma

    If Linus hates apple why does he wear an Apple Watch.

  • Kirky Plays
    Kirky Plays

    What if you don't have a mobile phone and the mobile tablet you have has a 10-inch screen on it and does not fit in your pocket and you don't feel like wearing heart backpack just to carry it while you are working on something physically demanding? that is my reason for owning an MP3 player.

  • MannyJazzcats

    Linus tech tips on acid

  • Dawnray

    Number 1 and 2 reason why audio players still exist, 1 having a phone isn't an option, or your an audiophile who needs super sound and phones just don't meet your standards.

  • Jack with a Hat
    Jack with a Hat

    7:11 Hell ye my boy Tool

  • J

    to this day i use an ipod touch. i was told more than 2 years ago that i had ancient technology, at that same time i was proud of my purchase =(

  • SleepDeprived42

    Hell yes. I will always prefer to have a dedicated audio device than rely on just my phone. Plus, I work in an industry where customer data security is legally enforced so I'm not allowed to have my phone anywhere near me, so I have to use an MP3 player.

  • Kasra Kh
    Kasra Kh

    The dude actually goes in the shower to test them LOL

  • Ethan White
    Ethan White

    Why would you want a separate device to play audio This video is sponsored by ray con

  • Steven Randall
    Steven Randall

    I mean I mostly use mine in my car with the ol cassette to aux adapter, with my iPod with the micro sd conversation because like... Idk man don't ask questions

  • comicsansgreenkirby

    I keep hearing vaio, not fiio

  • Luke McFarland
    Luke McFarland, such a fitting name for this channel

  • NuclearSake

    You need big chungus MP3 players for BIG STINK HEadphones Linus

  • Danderdolf

    it all fun and games until the quiet kid pulls out a mp5

  • Emily Poppino
    Emily Poppino

    I think I'll stick with my 160 GB iPod Classic. it holds 150 GB or so of tunes and podcasts, (I know, misleading size claim) and the battery is still good even after several years and one HDD change-out, because the original drive failed.

  • Kerim Rushdi
    Kerim Rushdi

    Watching the video on android 4 is ironic 😂😂😂

  • Azraq Shinji
    Azraq Shinji

    I would get an MP3 player for my future child. I'm not giving them a smartphone

  • Uncle Marwee
    Uncle Marwee

    You guys should cover portable Dac/Amp. Makes more sense in this day and age.

  • starset81

    Check out Astell and Kern players. I would never spend that much money on one but I've got to test them, they will blow your socks off.

  • Subless

    usually more expensive players have better amps to power better headphones and sound... better

  • Subless

    he insulted every audiophile

  • sdobitoo

    Video : 5:52 Me an intelectual : POOL IS CLOSED DUE TO AIDS

  • Tato ._. Edits
    Tato ._. Edits

    Lol id probs get one cause i wouldnt have enough phone storage....

  • ThomasTankCollectables

    I like using an MP3 player because it saves battery life and storage on my phone. Also if I drop my £20 MP3 player when getting it out of my pocket it isn't a big deal. My MP3 player is a different AGPTek model and it absolutely fine for daily use and has BT to connect to my car.

  • Anna Wildsville
    Anna Wildsville

    Still rocking an ipod gen 5. Try using a phone to provide music for a live event, only to have a notification sound half way through the song (even when youve silenced everything.

  • Johnny gregorio
    Johnny gregorio

    We could have done without seeing linus's non-existant chest and wierd little nipples 👀

  • Odd BotLOL
    Odd BotLOL

    You have pissed of alot of audiophiles

  • Steve K Jr
    Steve K Jr

    Lol. No one tell him about Astell&Kern...

  • Hope And Hate
    Hope And Hate

    RIP Zune :'( still use (and love) my Zune 30

  • Jacob Crosby
    Jacob Crosby

    The statement Linus makes is literally a contradiction... Most people don't have a *dedicated* audio/mp3 player in their pocket... MOST PEOPLE have a phone, that isn't a dedicated *anything* device... So I'm not sure what he's on about... His argument precludes his argument... 😂

  • HiFiGO Audio
    HiFiGO Audio

    "Why would you ever want a separate device just to play audio" Because they are equipped with much cleaner Decoding and amplification chips as compared to the smartphones, That improves the sound quality output by huge margins :)

  • Light/Chill Channel
    Light/Chill Channel

    Audiophile Cellphones exists? Where? :D kidding aside I haven't tried any of those "DAP"s...

  • Omega The Noob
    Omega The Noob

    Portable, cheap, low profile, no ads, usable in most schools, optimized for music. Yes they still make them and yes people still buy them and for good reasons too

  • M B
    M B

    People like to exercise with a tiny device and premium audio.

  • Goat Bab
    Goat Bab

    I use an mp3 player. Better audio quality, as well as no problems that come with streaming

  • Jaymo

    "Why would you ever want a separate device just to play audio". Don't be so short sighted. I realize you are pigmentally challenged and will burst into flames if you go outside.... but some of us go outside with our music. I can get a sanza clip for $30. If it gets broken while I'm running, hiking, fishing, camping... On noez, I'm out $30! Very much unlike my reaction if something happened to my Pixel. I've gone through 4 Sanzas in the last 15 years via various accidents and rain storms. I actually dropped one in the creek and it still worked after it dried out. Something else I like to do is put 60gb of music on it that I know all the words to and then hook it into my car and just let it play forever. That way my text and calls (that I'm not going to answer while I'm driving) don't interrupt my music. It's like the best radio station ever without commercials, I know all the words to all the songs, it doesn't take any space on my phone, I never have to start or stop it, and it works when I don't have signal. Works quite well for me, especially since my car has a line in, but no bluetooth.

  • MundMoriginal

    I never paid more then 15€ for an mp3 player...

  • GoldRaider97 Gaming
    GoldRaider97 Gaming

    Yeah most kids in school can't afford a phone to play music on so they get like a 20 dollar Mp3 player to compensate. I bought an IPod Classic 6th Gen and put Rockbox on it because I like listening to music without the Notification Ring tone. Plus Rockbox is because I hate ITunes. EDIT: I think it's Hilarious walking down the street IPod in hand and getting funny looks while I casually use it.

  • Strifegar

    I saw Schism by Tool there, just one more reason Linus kicks ass.

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