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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Androxilogin

    Type-C video out??

  • Skinny Eggrolls
    Skinny Eggrolls

    Its simple as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,24,25,26,27,28,29,30

  • David Sharp
    David Sharp

    When will this be water cooled?

  • GrassFedMeats

    I don't care what Nintendo likes or wants

  • Ryan Ulibarri
    Ryan Ulibarri

    I love Anthony, He's the perfect Geek. Brilliant. Dry humor and just a total badass. Please keep including more of him. He is great. And the stuff finds is so out of what I would even dream of thinking about. I'm not dumping $400 into making one of these myself, but I will watch this again because his DIY hackery makes me think hard about my own.

  • Seba92000

    Anthony you're filthy but awesome.

  • Francis Guidera
    Francis Guidera

    An insanely expensive way of having a really bad gaming experience. Having said that, Nintendo really need to open their minds a bit and build a portable retro console with online account purchasable snes, nes, wii, gamcube games!

  • Munky Munky
    Munky Munky

    Receding Hairline Club checking in. I need to trade in my card for a Shaved Head Club card before I look like this.

  • Thi Nguyen
    Thi Nguyen

    this guy is so cool!!!

  • Nora Dichter
    Nora Dichter

    Skill level: Anthony

  • Cero Z
    Cero Z

    Time to shave those 2 antenna's off buddy lol your losing it go bald

  • Riccardo Ciuffi
    Riccardo Ciuffi

    Anthony has to be the cutiest geek in the whole world. I'm gonna need to pm you guys to acquire rights for 3d scanning him for the game i'm working on

  • Arbi Gjylbegaj
    Arbi Gjylbegaj

    And the other day after this video was uploaded this dude made another thing like that. Edit:Also please like this comment because it was not getting many likes and I think it should be on the top of the comment section so everyone watching this video knows about this.

  • SkillsDND

    Now put a Wii U in a 3ds.

  • Yoon H. Kim
    Yoon H. Kim

    Okay, seriously, you can't let this fella do these things anymore. The thought of going back to the overanimated ginger with the shrill voice hurts my face now.

  • BBerg99

    you guys arent going to get covid. like jeez

  • Salmanhtr

    Wait,you cant play animal crossing? Nah i aint playing

  • evilpants

    it puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose again!

  • shinedrummer

    Anthony's such a badass

  • Peter Müller
    Peter Müller

    OMG my hands were shaking when cutting down my sim from micro to nano and you just cut a motherboard? Btw is this the solution to fit an E-ATX board into a small case? ;)

  • Drake Snider
    Drake Snider

    ANDY IS THE FUCKING MAN!!!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown

    I look forward to any content featuring Anthony. One of the best additions to the LTT crew, 100%.

  • asherael

    i do love my modded wii... if i could carry it around......that sure would be nice

  • peachez Kiko
    peachez Kiko

    This is definitely more of a passion project than trying to save money, because it's a investment

  • ANON

    Wish this was an actual tutorial. Lol

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez

    never seen linus act this douchey before lol good job anthony, the real star everyday!

  • kaymezRap

    well, you can just run dolphin on a phone. with even higher resolution. and better controllers.

  • Richi Richitos
    Richi Richitos

    ANTHONY is King

  • Lunacy Phoenix
    Lunacy Phoenix

    I really want a Wii U version of this, Mobile Call of Duty Black Ops II would be EPIC AF, Though I'd Definitely prefer a GBA Formfactor over the OG Gameboy or Gameboy Colour .

  • Gummy

    What are some of the options for a cheaper mini on the go switch like Linus mentioned?

  • Ryan Jordan Evans
    Ryan Jordan Evans

    holy fuck is he smart

  • KridOCaign

    >Cheetahmen theme playing over Super Mario World I see what you did there.

  • Bayu Astha
    Bayu Astha

    This is the more extreme version of the PS2P

  • L3mar

    GOD I love his voice

  • lkswift

    I know I’m late to the show, but I’d definitely watch more DIY or other videos similar to this. Cool stuff!

  • David Rains
    David Rains

    niice job man

  • DEVUNK88

    make it slightly bigger with a bigger screen

  • Valentino Pizzi
    Valentino Pizzi

    5:04 Linus Drop Tips

  • Le Hearse
    Le Hearse

    "did you build that super small pc?" "Did you hack the motherboard with a dremel tool??"

  • NeFaRiOuS

    Welp I smell a Hotfix Patch XD

  • Ryan Christie
    Ryan Christie

    Respect Anthony. Respect.

  • Christopher 74ka
    Christopher 74ka

    i think anthony has the best content of this channel i mean for real

  • Fenris

    Dang that kit is fucking expensive for missing half the hardware.

  • L- Keijzers
    L- Keijzers


  • Miguel Ayala
    Miguel Ayala

    Anthony bring Linus gold and he complains about the screen scrutiny

  • dudley Gamer
    dudley Gamer

    I will not sacrifice my wii for that

  • Just a PLANK
    Just a PLANK

    The n64 emulator is great for the hardware, it only has 64mb of ram

  • Yamazake Whitesky
    Yamazake Whitesky

    Stuff like this from the console-portabilizing community would be some really cool video material for ltt I think! Like for starters maybe a video about upgrading the portable wii with a different shell, screen and buttons would be sick

  • Ob1 Kenobi
    Ob1 Kenobi

    This man is amazing 👌

  • Drea

    linus hates nintendo

  • Jaxon Keleher
    Jaxon Keleher

    6:30 DID HE JUST SY ZED ITS ZEE... lol jk america is wrong they changed it from zed to zee to say f you to the british lol

  • broken lee
    broken lee

    so your telling me is the honda of consoles

  • donutdoode69

    Anthony should make his own channel

  • Alesker Kasimov
    Alesker Kasimov

    except wii games, a 30$ ps-vita is more than enough to run all the emulators mentioned.

  • TonGi018

    0:56 "printed using nylon powder" did you print this particular case yourselves on a Prusa i3 MK3S with textured bed though? Because the layer lines on the overhangs make it obviously not powder sintered as claimed but maybe this is preproduction?

  • Mr Afton
    Mr Afton

    Do this to a PS4

  • looksnotperfect L.N.P.
    looksnotperfect L.N.P.

    finally something i like on this channel... almost enough to subscribe

  • Duncan

    I think ill just get a switch?

  • Sjoer van der Ploeg
    Sjoer van der Ploeg

    Don't forget, there are still games being released for the Wii as well and it is in general still my favorite console to play on with friends!

  • WhiteZombie

    i could watch this guy tinkering all day

  • Blackkat26

    I'd buy that! lol

  • lostganado

    Watch; Nintendo will sue these guys too 😑

  • Grant Garrison
    Grant Garrison

    Yes, more of this Anthony!!!

  • loli kawaii
    loli kawaii

    It was a pleasant surprise when I realize how literal "packing into this Handheld" can be :)

  • Arron Somerville
    Arron Somerville

    his face mask looks so small on his face

  • LunatiC OnE
    LunatiC OnE

    I just wonder one thing, how much money does this channel earn? 3 sponsors/ads in the original video, plus external youtube ads plus the join button, and those nearly 12m subscribers :P

    • Necrostic Gaming
      Necrostic Gaming

      Enough to have a physical office with lots of full-time staff

  • mememanjeff

    wii phone

  • wallen1986

    Anthony is a 500 year old god

  • Musthegreat 94
    Musthegreat 94

    Why dont they change the blue shell to a skid that you can control with enough skill

  • TheChrisnextel

    Anthony is McGyver

  • RamadaArtist

    2:17 Subtitles: "(laughs heuristically)" Um... I don't think "heuristically" means what you think it means. I have no idea what you think it means, but whatever it is, I'm pretty confident you're incorrect.

  • bobmcdilen

    Rly like Anthony

  • joselondono

    Great content, Antony! More videos like this are certainly appreciated.

  • Dj Exit
    Dj Exit


  • MPG187

    How does it work without the censor bar?

  • Reinaldo Viccini Gutierrez
    Reinaldo Viccini Gutierrez

    Anthony is great. He definitely has the skills.

  • Mike Oh
    Mike Oh

    Assume people don't have the means to build on of these because it's expensive and even more if you don't already have the stop saying things like "and you can too" because most can't. This channel has gone downhill, I used to learn things here, now all I see is all this shit that no everyday person could ever afford.

  • PokerNick


  • GriswoldSmith

    I bet people are going to be cringing in 30 years when they look back and see you chopping up a Wii, just as we hate to see old NES systems get chopped up today

  • sertralino

    Where does Anthony get those shirts? 🤤

  • Smokey

    I never knew you could cut a board in pieces and it still work.

  • rolf johansen
    rolf johansen

    drop that bearded guy, Anhony needs his own show

  • Gustavo Zubieta
    Gustavo Zubieta

    Anthony es un weon de la ptm, debería tener muchos mas videos en el canal. me paso buscando y reviendo en los que el sale.

  • WadelDee

    PLEASE make an entire video making fun of Apple about the history of the headphone jack where you list of AAALLLLLL devices that have a headphone jack!

  • Canal do Marquin
    Canal do Marquin


  • Chastin Prater
    Chastin Prater

    More Anthony-led videos

  • nipdrops

    You have got to build it by yourself, but yeah, at least the interface is simple :/

  • Kurtis Haren
    Kurtis Haren

    The only thing that I have to complain about the video is that you only used Mario Kart Wii to test the Wii side of things. The game naturally is compatible with a GameCube controller, so of course it's going to work! What about games that require motion control or something? I mean, how would you play something like Skyward Sword? That game required not just the Wii's in-built motion control, but the MotionPlus attachment for the more precise gyroscope? But to be fair, I wouldn't really expect something like this to work with such an extreme case, so what about something "simple" like Super Mario Galaxy? You needed to be able to point the controller at the screen to use an aiming reticle and shoot Star Bits at enemies and targets while you played, and the aiming reticle could collect those things as well. The system software supposedly is supposed to manage simpler cases like that, you said so in-video, so why not actually show us to see how practical their method is?

  • lordtalon1337

    It's cool to see how Anthony got more confident in front of the camera over the years :)

  • Knowledge Gained
    Knowledge Gained

    what i would do to bring my wii around everywhere

  • Richard Downs
    Richard Downs

    i would be tempted to do this but moded my psp 3rd gen and loved all the games but cannot play ps2 onwards or n64 very buggy

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson


  • Aiden O'Malley
    Aiden O'Malley

    Ya but i bet it can't play wii sports

  • SalomnShad 『Y』『T』
    SalomnShad 『Y』『T』

    I thought he would've, i dunno, OVERLAYthe full motherboard into the thicc bricc and sawder them together, not CUT a chunk outta it.

  • Liam Slavitt
    Liam Slavitt

    im a simple man. i want 2 things. i want him to get a new haircut his is freakin me out and i want him to get his own channel and i dont think thats too much to ask

  • Hildebrand

    The fact that you can cut apart a board and just use a chunk of it baffles me.

  • Ati1m

    shouldn't the channel be called linus and anthony tech tips? I would be for it!

  • Dudeness

    Simply put, I love Anthony

  • Jazza Wazza
    Jazza Wazza

    A paperclip ruined wii security

  • tim styer
    tim styer

    This is awesome but I am definitely not going to attempt to do this I know I would mess it up

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