The Ruthless Economy PC
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Cej b.
    Cej b.

    That's a pretty expensive bomb/bludgeon Wait...

  • Eduardo Oliveira
    Eduardo Oliveira

    "side of the road edition" I feel personally attacked, that case looks dangerously like 'my' old computer

  • Chonk

    I have the same exact ram in my 1st gen Ryzen build

  • Coffinbrood

    "Budget PC... More like piece of shit PC." *Looks down at computer* :(

  • Cestarian Inhabitant
    Cestarian Inhabitant

    Compared to the risk of just getting broken parts, 20% performance increase just doesn't seem worth it man.

  • Minds Blue
    Minds Blue

  • philip hansen
    philip hansen

    I had this case when it first come out. Was proper luxury back then.

  • Nick Gamer
    Nick Gamer

    i wish i this video existed earlier before i built my "gaming" pc

  • Dizzy Wala
    Dizzy Wala

    lol my ssd sits where my disk tray should be :)))

  • J Wohl
    J Wohl

    its sad that this ruthless economy PC is better then mine. Except the case. I win that round...

  • Al13n1nV8D3R

    Should be called Hobo Pc build.


    You missed the whole spirit of cheap builds. Which is to say that your time is zero cost and you therefor clean, cut, de-burr and add grommets until that case makes you proud of your workmanship. Then you build, doing the same to every used part. Dirty fan in my cheap builds? NOT happening.

  • jish fish
    jish fish

    You know you're poor when your cpu cooler in your pc is the exact one linus describes as 'ruthless economy'

  • Abhinay K
    Abhinay K

    "She might not look like much, she might not last long, and she might smell real bad, but she's got it where it counts" Just like my wife. *Boomer humor has entered the chat*

    • Xotiic

      I like boomer humor

  • Abhinay K
    Abhinay K

    "Its not a bug, its a feature" EA and ubisoft's design philosophy.

    • Abhinay K
      Abhinay K

      @sadniqqahours titanfall 2 didnt have many bugs. I finished it like 5-6 times. Didnt encounter any.

    • sadniqqahours

      Meanwhile Titanfall 2 it's the most fun experience when using that "feature".

  • Haberstock Dominik
    Haberstock Dominik

    That 14 nm intel burn 🔥 😂😂

  • Drew Y
    Drew Y

    This is my current case lol

  • Archerys

    bruh that case is cleaner than mine

  • Braxton Burtis
    Braxton Burtis

    i would take that case over mine. Mine is an ibm case with no front panel ports because I wanted a sleeper build.

  • K-9

    thats not a sleeper. Thats a freaking rat rod

  • Andrea Tuser
    Andrea Tuser

    meet... COMPUTER CASE

  • Noah Brown
    Noah Brown

    Linus Tech Tips is not just a RSloft Chanel. It is a religion! If you agree you should check out my podcast, The Genius Bar With Noah and Miles.

  • JorDanK's Bud
    JorDanK's Bud

    i've gotta say that i just actually upgraded from a ruthless economy pc with a xeon x5675 oc to 4.5 to a new ryzen 3 3100 oc to 4.3 and the new system in every single game functions better unless it's completely cpu bound, like totalwar. but not only that but my graphics card is able to hit higher clocks and stay more steady in those higher clocks. my new system scores the same as my old one on 3d mark but the new system is literally 5 times more smooth. and in games that rely on single core performance, which is like almost every single game out there, the ryzen is smashing my old xeon. not to mention that my xeon didnt have avx instruction. so i was actually unable to play death stranding until i upgraded my pc. so the xeon has 4 more cores but im still hitting the same score with the ryzen that is down 4 cores. economy builds are fun but if youre looking for the best bang for your buck def buy newer components. with the 3100 at 130 cad dollars right now it's literally a no brainer too.

  • BW Fishing and production
    BW Fishing and production

    That’s what I did withe my ssd

  • Joe Rogan
    Joe Rogan

    Why does American A&W suck? Can anyone elaborate?

  • Käiten

    Linus: Ewwww its dust My family's pentium II computer that has been sitting in the attic for 10 years: *You wanna know what dust is?*

  • JuicyBlender

    It's not a bug,it's a feature -Linus 2020

  • Afflixiar

    The Ruthless Communist PC

  • WhatLuck 150
    WhatLuck 150

    Perhaps I got my 16gb kit of corsair vengeance lpx ram for no more then 60 for 2 sticks and, 54 for the other 2 sticks and these were brand new from best buy

  • JooJoo Flop
    JooJoo Flop

    Steel and front pannel! 🤣🤣

  • MrGoose

    *Looking down at my Antec P180*, don't listen to Linus you're still relevant to me

  • Windows 7
    Windows 7

    Intel REALLY AMD has better CPUS

  • david cancel
    david cancel

    linus: the case it s not a bug it s a feature

  • Paul Kaszap
    Paul Kaszap

    would a Gtx 1650 Super would be better then the Gtx 1070 as per cost and performance?

  • Matthew Chometa
    Matthew Chometa

    Give us more Dennis

  • joel la Soe
    joel la Soe

    I can smell the case through the screen

  • lopwidth

    This is my pc, lol. i3 4150 in a case from 2006 with a Corsair 400w PSU from 2008

  • FC 3S
    FC 3S

    fun fact, all of my builds was like this. I even ran out of screws and used some thin plastic strings to use a screw for a fan. BTW MY CASE WAN WAS AN OLD AMD COOLER the one that looks like the A series have. And I'm using a tape roll to hold my rx480 because of gpu sag and yea performs better than bnew parts on the same price

  • Da Ostrich King
    Da Ostrich King

    Ha, your economy pc has a case mines case would be a shoe box

  • Fu Goff
    Fu Goff

    06:07 "It's not a bug, it's a feature" -Todd Howard

  • Bad Wolf Bay
    Bad Wolf Bay

    Looks like something I have built...twice. Mine was back in the AGP days...

  • SusBoi69

    you got dumpter parts then a nice founders edition 1070 bruh

  • KAKE

    This made the twomad pc look good lmao

  • DanielGolem

    you could probably make it even cheeper by tricking the computer into using a mining gpu.

  • Philip Hubbe
    Philip Hubbe

    Linus you forgot the io shield!

  • Hei-Jay Abella
    Hei-Jay Abella

    Better performance for about a few months, a year if you're lucky

  • BuncGaming

    This was better than my pc

  • sean robinson
    sean robinson

    Earned a like for “it’s not a bug. It’s a feature”

  • Stuffy McGee
    Stuffy McGee

    Queue all the "That's just my PC" comments.

  • Michael Skinner
    Michael Skinner

    What's the Kepler version of the 1650(ti)? Or maxwell?

  • ThePetalesharo

    I mean, might just be that you bought the parts a while before the time of publishing, but 16GB of DDR4 has stayed around 50 for cheap sticks for a while, and even sometimes cheaper. For the publish time, you could save $15 from your $60 and stay at the same speed and better timings with actual name brand sticks like Oloy and Team lol. But I love the overall cheapness factor

  • Aaron Bauschardt
    Aaron Bauschardt

    Upgrading the ruthless economy rig with a bucket full of ice for cooling.

  • Panji Maulana
    Panji Maulana

    This feels like something a ugandan hacker would use

  • Chandler Cameron
    Chandler Cameron

    You can tell hes happy to not be stressing about a really expensive really complicated build

  • Mahim Raj Pandey
    Mahim Raj Pandey

    Those are actually the exact same storage/memory specs as my laptop lol

  • ParisiteDemon

    I would reuse my SSD and HDD, pick up a "Computer Case" pick up 16 gigs of Ram and a 5500xt and it should out perform my i7 2600 by miles amirite.

  • Xatruch

    I can't help it, i always watch Linus' videos with a fucking grin in my face :D

  • Machee Neraid
    Machee Neraid

    i dont know eminem is into rig building. "you have some rams to drop...?"

  • Totally Bethany
    Totally Bethany

    “Meet... 🙌 computer case

  • ExpectNeo

    11:55 linus spit tips

  • TRF Mav
    TRF Mav

    i need a pc man i got an all in one pc...... and i cant afford a new one. twomad be sus.....

    • RAF _
      RAF _

      @TRF Mav always best to build one dude. Also ryzen is better now for games, video and photo editing, music and sound production and just most things in general

    • TRF Mav
      TRF Mav

      @RAF _ yeah ik man just saying well ill have like 600 to 700 cash at december and thought of getting one online but it costs 1.2k with nvidia geforce 1060 and intel 5 9400k idk why but yeah its kinda strange and also 3.70ghz

    • RAF _
      RAF _

      @TRF Mav ok dude don't tell me all your personal info remember im just a rando on the internet. I could give you some tips on how to build a decent 2nd hand pc for >300$ that you could upgrade when you get more money?

    • TRF Mav
      TRF Mav

      @RAF _ i so have money just enough yk but the thing is im still young i got parents and they dont wanna pay that much for a pc... well my brother has a 1.2k pc but for school and hes 20. Im 16 and i have an all in one HP pc.

    • TRF Mav
      TRF Mav

      @RAF _ well ill tell you everything thats in it tomorrow, i live in europe and its 23:06pm. If you would give me your discord i can send you everything of my pc

  • Jackson Jegatheesan
    Jackson Jegatheesan

    this si better than that alibaba PC

  • Mike

    lol the rattle in the PSU was the cherry on top

  • Ryan Major
    Ryan Major

    It’s sooooo hard to get the 1650 super

  • Kuj Gaming
    Kuj Gaming

    $30 for that case or $45 for a Carbide spec06 when it’s on sale lol

  • DeepFried Oreo
    DeepFried Oreo

    Linus: "It may be sketchy, but it sure sketches out that scene fast!" Me: *dies*

  • Asathon

    I'm actually still using that case. I mean, not THAT case, but a P180. Mine is actually intact and is a beauty. I like the sleek look, plus it has no goddamn RGB-bullshit.

  • Joseph Khoury Rahme
    Joseph Khoury Rahme

    hey I need your recommendation I have a Hp laptop with Amd ryzen 5 3500u with Amd radeon vega 8 graphics Which external graphic card would you recommend for such a laptop especially to run Call Of Duty Modern Warfare ( Warzone ) smoothly

  • Nin Hundred
    Nin Hundred

    I have that case...

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    Sadly, the side of the road is out of stock. Time to go to Micro Center!

  • Peach Cobbler
    Peach Cobbler

    So, no RGB mask?

  • Hardil Mann
    Hardil Mann


  • Juice-R Yur'Problm
    Juice-R Yur'Problm

    Ruthless economy? We have to build gaming rigs with half that cash. Technically speaking the monitor and decent GPU costs the most these days. $500 for both second hand if you are lucky 144hz 60 fps+ gtx1080 and 23 inches.

  • DeanRendar84

    2 separate $50 AIO liquid cooler add ons for the cpu and gpu would shoot that rig over the moon to over $1k performance priced things when new.

  • Grandma Bertha
    Grandma Bertha

    i use timetec ram, is it bad

  • SexCannonMusic

    6:30 ... wow , that's me D:

  • Lauren Gall
    Lauren Gall

    Frankenstein builds are my jam...warmed my soul to see you miss that stupid stock intel cooler clip. Those things are one of my banes!!

  • Mike Runnels
    Mike Runnels

    I can smell that computer from here. Is that cigarette smoke?? Seriously, I loved that PC build, creates less eWaste and saves money. Nice work!

  • Johnathon Waymire
    Johnathon Waymire

    How on earth did you get a 1070 for 200?!?

  • Antphoneigh

    Why not just use that $30 paper light case instead of the dusty side road edition?

  • Spencer B
    Spencer B

    Mmmm faeces sundae

  • Ro bery
    Ro bery

    This is what you get when you buy pre built computers. All this garbage inside but then advertise it as a "2080 super 3700x" EPIC gaming PC $2500

  • Kazrron

    When linus has a sketchy cpu run faster than your gen6-i7

  • Ian Owens
    Ian Owens

    It was fine till u cheaped out on the case.

  • Ian Owens
    Ian Owens

    *I want*

  • Luna

    I few months ago started wearing hats for the first time ever. I want your hat now.

  • dorkyshire

    Best PC build video on the internet.

  • GrenjaGaming

    Lmao i have the same case in 0:15

  • Spoody

    and it still runs faster than most schools computers

  • codemiesterbeats

    I have a very similar case but mine looks new... bought it about 5 years ago... I thought the design was pretty neat, the way the internals were modular. My first pc build and wanted a classy/under-stated case.

  • BAgodmode

    Wanna talk a budget build, I found a computer in the trash with a 3770K and 970 GTX. I was able to get it working, then I found I 2 1080 GTXs for $100 each. And pumped up the power supply. $350 for the bottle neck shit box. I’ll probably get it a 3 series mobo and a cheap 9 series Intel when I do my 10 series build tho.

  • Funny Kup
    Funny Kup

    13:11 13:12 13:33 Dang

  • Ian Faubert
    Ian Faubert

    Yay "retro" builds! Still on my own "budget build" from almost 10 years ago. Core i5-2500K on an MSI p67a-gd55 mobo with 16GB Crucial RAM and a Corsair Hydro H50. The only things I've upgraded are the GPU (GTX 970 - 4 years ago) and SSD (512GB 2 years ago, upgraded to 1TB this year). All in a Antec Three Hundred Illusion case with a Raidmax 730W modular PSU. The system is, arguably, showing its age. Then again, so am I.

  • Okayman

    This dude's funny

  • Rafael Rafael
    Rafael Rafael

    Can you du 200$ pc

  • Oliver Collard
    Oliver Collard

    Timetec is actually pretty good but it’s like the benq of ram

  • Merv Eleazar
    Merv Eleazar

    9:25 Hehe...when we were still in the office, we used to use double-sided tape :)

  • Mitchko3dTV


  • tdsescaped

    im getting a pc for the first time, im going to get a bundle but anyone please give me tips on gaming pcs and link sone good gaming pc bundles under £750 please

  • phil b
    phil b

    you can give give away worldwide bro?? it will be sweet

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