The Final Nail for Intel - WAN Show October 2 , 2020
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Timestamps (Courtesy of Michael O'Brien):
00:00:00 - Stream Start!
00:00:05 - What is up ladies and gentlemen
00:00:13 - Topic #1: Ryzen 5800X Benchmark Leak (Jump to 00:01:54)
00:00:20 - Topic #2: Pixel 4, 4a 5G, Chromecast, Nest Audio speaker (Jump to 00:14:05)
00:00:31 - Topic #4: Linus' Bounty Program (Jump to 00:53:18)
00:01:00 - Topic #3: Microsoft & Arm (Jump to 00:47:43) (Titled topic)
00:01:10 - Intro's Broken!
00:01:54 - Topic #1: Ryzen 5800X Benchmark Leak
00:02:16 - AMD's branding vs Intel's Branding
00:04:28 - Resyncing Mobile & Desktop nomenclature
00:05:09 - Benchmarks are gone, but here is chart
00:06:35 - R9 5900X @ 150 W TDP, ~15% increase
00:09:28 - Linus' take, involving tin foil and fish
00:12:31 - Discussion about leaks & espionage
00:13:35 - sweater update
00:14:05 - Topic #2: Pixel 4, 4a 5G, Chromecast, Nest Audio Speaker
00:14:19 - Snapdragon 765G SoC downgrade
00:15:31 - Would Luke buy it?
00:17:39 - Additional Pixel 5G specs & Linus' concerns
00:19:21 - How could you provide long-term device support?
00:22:44 - $5 text vs "not a good idea" - Fight!
00:25:45 - End result of costs vs free
00:27:38 - SoC cost vs phone MSRP
00:28:54 - But Luke, really?
00:31:35 - Nest Audio & Chrome Cast TV w/ Google TV
00:32:53 - Google's development process & support
00:36:05 - Google Play Music -- RSloft Music issues
00:39:25 - G-Suite Reminders, paid vs free
00:40:11 - Sponsors!
00:40:15 - Honey -
00:40:55 - Nerd of Die -
00:41:32 - Vessi Footwear - Code WANSHOW -
00:42:11 - Unofficial Topic #1: RTX 3070 Launch Delay
00:42:28 - Altruism?
00:44:49 - But that Radeon event...
00:45:29 - Correct move regardless?
00:47:43 - Topic #3a: Microsoft's Surface Laptop Go & Surface Pro X
00:47:49 - Laptop Go specs
00:48:10 - Surface Pro X specs
00:48:27 - Topic #3b: Windows on Arm (Titled topic)
00:48:47 - 64-bit x86 emulation support
00:50:21 - Linus' take
00:53:18 - Topic #4: Bounty Time!
00:54:02 - HIS X1600 Pro Dual DVI w/ AGP & PCIe WORKING
00:55:39 - Superchats!
00:57:14 - Tell people you love them and how much they mean to you
00:59:45 - Small runs with Creative Warehouse
01:02:09 - Phone performance usefulness
01:03:58 - Shuffle on the RSloft Music app
01:05:13 - EK is now an SI (System Integrator)
01:06:20 - Same Bad time, same bad channel. G'bye!
01:06:25 - Outro!

  • Blake Markum
    Blake Markum

    The pixel 5 is launching for cheaper than the Pixel 4 correct? That is the benefit of the SD 765G over the SD 865.

  • Jerry T Caple
    Jerry T Caple

    RSloft keeps cutting the resolution to 720p even though I am paying them for the premium service. Very aggravating! But, love the show!

  • Martin Janovský
    Martin Janovský

    Why they have to release new phones and system versions every year? Looking like they is not so big spec upgrade from year to a year today. It's like PC/console market today. Why not do new phone every 2-3 years to make it look like bigger upgrade for a customer?

  • JH K
    JH K

    I agree with Luke on the phone topic! I didn't even want to upgrade from my Pixel 2 if the screen weren't broken and the battery is getting worse and worse.

  • Mike Tillman
    Mike Tillman

    Open it up for Open source and provide drivers after 3 years. That will allow a lot of old devices to come back online and be used as IOT devices, folding@home processors, etc.

  • whiteandnerdytuba

    I like how the solution to most of these Android rants is to just buy an iPhone

  • N B
    N B

    At least you don’t have Apple demanding you type in your Apple ID every other week

  • Sp3EdStR

    I have the same worries about my children at night. So sad and so sorry for your loss.

  • KNOWFEAR 1337
    KNOWFEAR 1337

    OH hay guess what ... I CANT EVEN MIGRATE TO YT MUSIC, my YT account is from before the Google+ thing and it just says its not a supported account type so i cant even it i wanted to

  • т д в ө ө
    т д в ө ө

    Idk, I think youtube music is okay, can do everything I want it to do from play music and a bit more. Such as detecting new music I listen to on RSloft and then adding those songs to mixes. Also the RSloft music app on pc is a bit more convenient than having to open play music in a browser

  • C. R.
    C. R.

    By the way, you can still use a phone after 3 years of updates. I know a lot of people that use phones with Android 7 to 9! There is no problem, you can do the things you want and paying for longer update cyclus is dumb because nobody wants to pay more than the phone itself and the tariff! The only option is introduce Android Fuchsia and forget about Android and use Phones like Windows devices that are not fragmented! Every Fuchsia in every phone will be the same and no fragmentation! Like Windows devices! And updates as long as the device works!

  • TayaKnight

    Someone in the stream comments kept spamming about bringing back Napster. Rhapsody bought Napster, and then recently rebranded back to Napster. It's always been around, and has a different set of songs that are exclusive to their platform. How do I know? My Mom won't shut up about Rhapsody rebranding. She is a subscriber.

  • DreamFireNostalgia

    Peraonaly i would gladly pay 20 or even 30 usd per month if it ment i could keep my old windows 10 phone. That thing was great.

  • Liam Crowley
    Liam Crowley

    Ashes of the singularity went free back in the spring, I played it for a day during the spike.

  • Kyle Hagerty
    Kyle Hagerty

    Linus thinks his hot take is a better idea than superchats and boy do we hate that take

    • Kyle Hagerty
      Kyle Hagerty

      lol the thumbnail is accurate

  • Alex Schulz
    Alex Schulz

    High end phones should stop putting holes or notches and removing buttons while boasting "bigger screen!!" Its reducing the functionality and also a section of your screen just is unusable.

  • deep hazarika
    deep hazarika

    what are you guys talking about?i can't even see/do anything on microsoft teams without logging in. may be because i have to use teams for my work, so may be the paid version is like that due to security concerns

  • deep hazarika
    deep hazarika

    why the hell do you use google products? even after knowing how intrusive they are? you people should be showing the way to others, if people like you continue to use google then what's the point? i know you have to stream in youtube but that doesn't mean you need to use other google products. especially when there are good or even better alternatives

  • BockworschtSoldier

    Coffin Lake Technology: Intel Inside

  • Jimmy Genome
    Jimmy Genome

    I have a 7500+ song playlist on Spotify. I don't shuffle anymore, I listen to my music in Alphabetical order.

  • Extra Medium
    Extra Medium

    this makes me feel better for refusing to upgrade my iphone 7 because it is still supported and works amazingly well for my uses.

  • Florian Arul Sudhan F
    Florian Arul Sudhan F

    We don't need monthly payments for updates, XDA developers have been doing that for years now, I don't think Google is broke to support the device for 3 more years with atleast security updates

  • Trevor
    Trevor This is wan show right???? Did Linus cause the crash?

  • e21big

    I'll gladly pay for continue OS support on my phone - it may makes flagship investment finally an investment and not a waste of money (although I preferred a sum of yearly update rather than a monthly subscription)

  • Patrick

    Linus seems so much funnier when Luke is there to laugh at him.

  • Patrick

    I use phones like the Redmi Note 8 Global phone which are wonderful phones with great specs for a fraction of the cost of the flagship brands. I got mine for $300 from Amazon and at the time it had the only 64G camera in the world.

  • Luis Henrique Pereira Taira
    Luis Henrique Pereira Taira

    The solution to unsupported phone operating systems is open source mobile operating systems

  • João Santos
    João Santos

    I thought I was the only one raging about play music being replaced by the crappy yt music

  • trance dj
    trance dj

    it's easy for a millionare to promote all these fees when the companies have been fine with the existing model for years. they don't need any more of our flippin money. even game studios had been fine for decades before loot boxes existed. they are just getting greedy and linus likes to promote that kind of stuff because he can see things from their prospective now and not ours. sad.

  • Aza-Industries

    I had 64bit Windows XP which was at least 2005.

  • BlockCrafted X
    BlockCrafted X

    I have a 2.5 GHz Pentium tho :(

    • BlockCrafted X
      BlockCrafted X

      From 2012

  • MADagain

    Disagree with Linus with the "pay as you go" model for continued support... However, YES companies need to realise that 3 years is bullshit. We already go months and months without continued updates that improve the user experience anyway, so would that help... No I do t think it will. So basically your saying a user should pay to continue to get support for their device?? How about companies stop cutting off their users and "soft locking" their phone into a corner just because they use it longer than the manufacturer expects. That's the same shit that happens with TV's, not all smart TVs support the same apps and not all streaming services have an app for the TV you want to use... So should the user pay again to have something they most likely already PAY for... no that's incredibly anti-consumer. We live in a world we're companies complain their users use phones longer than they expect just to cut support for them a few years later... What if Microsoft did that with Windows 10, required you to repurchase a licence every few years... That's a solid F U to everyone who spent money to use it in the first place. But yes their does need to be another solution... Which is DON'T ARTIFICIALLY MAKE YOUR PREVIOUS GENERATION RUN WORSE OVERTIME JUST TO GET THEM TO BUY THE NEW ONE... If the OS won't run on the old thing, don't bring it to the old thing. Just add the same feature set like the skin and other functions that already exist on the device. Personally I'm sick of it, Huawei intentionally added more visual noise to their camera in a firmware update to make it look worse than the newer one... That's horse shit, even for them

  • jake steel
    jake steel

    2 years then 20 each year for updates?

  • Just Zippy
    Just Zippy

    Your right most mobile games suck but I know like a handful that are really good and what’s funny is even the graphically deleting ones like cod mobile and pubg will run fine on the pixel 4a maybe not like high graphics but it’ll have a steady frameeate

  • Opensource

    Booting 2 PCs with that AMD GFX card would be a Computer Centipede.. Watch their faces at 54:55

  • Opensource

    Would it be that Nvidia have a huge backlog of 2xxx series and even 16xx series cards left at retail stores and are holding out until floor stock moves. And game engines are not released as soon as the usual "push out a Beta to public launch" that helps Hardware Vendors more than software Developers

  • Ian Clavaux
    Ian Clavaux

    riser cards :D.... flex on them luke :D

  • Blueyzachary

    Covid became a big thing.

  • Captain Pirate
    Captain Pirate

    Whole lot of final nails

  • Icdan Sheep
    Icdan Sheep

    What's with the hate on Ashes of the Singularity? Comparing it to 'real' games? Ashes is a fun game :

  • Hugsy Malone
    Hugsy Malone

    15:49 PREACH LUKE! I'm all for 2nd tier SOCs, if it reduces price, and improves battery.

  • Paagrill

    15:31 Luke's arguments makes sense here. I've happened to return my OnePlus 7 Pro which itself is more than a year old and got back to my OnePlus 5 with SD835 that goes on par with SD765G in terms of performance and it's absolutely fine running Android 10 and a brand new battery.

  • Namik Hasic
    Namik Hasic

    Google makes more money on "free" applications because of ads than pay to play applications. That's why the free aps get more attention from Google.

  • Kurt Andersen
    Kurt Andersen

    Luke I agree with you, stop the speed race, and give us more battery life. Linus, i thought of the exact same. I'd happily pay an extra fee for os upgrades. Maybe not monthly but on a pay as you upgrade basis, kinnda like an "in app purchase".

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith

    You guys are the Fox News for AMD.. So they have new chips better than Intel old chips...until Intel chips come out 1st quarter next year: whoop-te-dooo. I only started following the cabal of tech youtubers lately because I was finally in the market to build, holy crap the boner, I mean bias, for AMD is crazy. Completely different environment than ~5 years ago. What I think is crazy is everyone is geeking out over AMD chips that are just marginally better than Intels current older chips (referring to gaming performance, because let’s be honest it’s the only thing that really matters)

  • Fuch Goog
    Fuch Goog

    Where is the topic that the video is titled for? Annoying af.

  • Олег Лосев
    Олег Лосев

    0:2 If you are from USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, or EU I will setup your blog and setup it to earn money w h a t s a p p +7 9 6 7 1 5 7 0 5 8 1

  • Lourens Basson
    Lourens Basson

    Google buy their success.

  • ZoeBios121

    I'm honestly still mad they killed google reader

  • Brian Green
    Brian Green

    Did something happen in April 2020... er... um... Covid?

  • Luke Éclair
    Luke Éclair

    I'm with Luke. I'm still on my OnePlus 5 (non-T). I don't need more speed. I just need a better camera.

  • Raymond Jarboe
    Raymond Jarboe

    I agree with Linus on this. I got a Pixel C tablet that no longer gets updates and that was not a cheap tablet. I am at the point now where I wont buy any more android tablets and will likely buy a surface next so I know I can have support for more than 3 or 4 years. At least I have Ubuntu touch running on my old Nexus 7. The clock is ticking on my Galaxy S9+.

  • Atis Zvirgzdins
    Atis Zvirgzdins

    In regards to phone software updates, why not get rid of all of the manufacturer bloat and have it function like an OS would on a PC? PCs don't have the security update problem, because they're all standardized. Why couldn't phones do the same? They're basically computers anyway. And if the manufacturer bloat stops getting updates then it should be possible to just get rid of it instead of being stuck with an insecure brick. As you said, the performance is at a point where only a small percentage of users even care about it anymore, so any updates to the Android OS itself shouldn't render the phone unusable anytime soon. Heck, even Luke, who's a tech enthusiast, doesn't care much about performance upgrades. If a PC can last 10+ years with updates, assuming you don't need the latest and greatest for pretty graphics, why isn't that an option for phones? The flagship phone prices have gotten so ridiculous that you could get a very good laptop cheaper and never suffer the 3 year planned obsolescence. There are reskin programs available on PC too, but no one uses them, because they cost performance and cause other problems, yet for phones each and every manufacturer has their own reskin which costs performance and causes serious, obsolescence inducing problems, yet everyone's okay with it. The phone companies have to realize that to justify exponential performance upgrades there has to be a need for them. Maybe it's about time where they take another look at the shitshow that is mobile gaming and take steps to cull it of trash, so that apps which actually push the hardware can get into the limelight, though at this point it will likely take as many years as it took to screw it up to get it even remotely functional.

  • Nick Buhl
    Nick Buhl

    If anything needed to go, it should have been RSloft music.

  • Squeaky4all

    Google should be paying the device manufacturers a cut of every play store purchase on their device.

  • M B
    M B

    Sorry man there’s too many damn subscriptions too many of those weird pay as you go things and people on a budget or fix income cannot afford all that nonsense companies make too much damn money already they over charged for the item and they give you some thing you can get out cracker jack boxI I mean it’s OK to make money don’t rip off the consumer an overcharge them for a product that cost 100 bucks but you charge you 700 or 1000 to charge person I am I should be quality not like that Black and Decker crab made in America with foreign parts why not tell the truth it put to gather in America but the rest of the parks is from another country spend the money more wisely spending And not paying the CEO more than he deserves I mean how much should you pay a dictatorI hope you can understand what I’m trying to say or what I trying to say I am using voice text on my iPhone sorry for any misspelling miss words over words out of place thank you and have a nice day

  • Obake

    At the prices charged for these mobile devices longer term support should be a given. 5 years, no extra charge. More than that, sure go ahead and charge. Though I don't know what sort of demand there would be for that. You call the status quo unsustainable, I call it a scam. I'm totally with Luke on the phone specs too. I'm still running a Nexus 5x, and the only reason I'd want to upgrade is to get more storage. All I do with it is email, text, and browse the internet. I don't game on my phone. Touch is a terrible interface for gaming, though I could maybe get over that if mobile games weren't all ad-infested gacha trash.

  • ujambo

    april 27th if i remember humble bundle gave away ashes for free confusion over for luke

  • kschaff2002

    Loved my Athlon XP 2500+ Barton!

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson

    I remember using google voice on my gmail to have a phone number and call people without needing a cell phone way back in the day. That shit is basically gone. My google voice phone still works but it’s not easy to use now like it used to be

  • Adam Zawadzki
    Adam Zawadzki

    waiing for the final nail for Linus :)

  • solidx


  • Steve Dixon
    Steve Dixon

    RE: Cell phone patches/updates no longer available after 2-3 years Option: force manufacturers to collect and recycle anything they stop supporting and make them figure it out, at their expense. Parts not available to after market repairs, mandatory free over the counter exchanges.

  • Refke van Lavieren
    Refke van Lavieren

    Linus has personally tested shoes and they look great. That may be so, but I don't trust this guy when it comes to footwear.

  • fudgeknuckle

    I bought tesla at $200 not because of youtube, but because of business news clearly not knowing a god damn thing about the company. Musk's vision got my attention and the relentless "FUD" content made it crystal clear there's money to be made by calling bullshit on the mainstream image of the company. I like you cuz you're funny and you get in nice zingers. You're a relatable dude. You make a strong case for buying Tesla, but i'd be a fool if i invested based off of one dude (or media conglomerate) analysis. If they want to blame someone for manipulating stock prices, they need go no further than CNBC and their ilk. When a punchline of a journalism cabal attacked Pewdiepie as a racist, i knew right away he was onto something and not a racist. I then watched my first Pewds video and i LOVE that dude. It's conditioning. They lie, we see, we assume they lie. By assuming they lie, I'm up 900% this year. It's just obvious if you look - silly that they dont.

  • Henry Phillips
    Henry Phillips

    40:13 Linus called the sponsor dumb

  • Henry Phillips
    Henry Phillips

    Sometimes I feel bad for the guys who have Android phones that only get support for 3 or MAYBE 4 years, while us iPhone users can still actually use a phone from 2014 and still have the latest version of iOS

  • R Rad
    R Rad

    Thank you for your Feedback on the Freak fuck Stream music bulll!

  • A Random Guy
    A Random Guy

    Yeah so Ashes of Singularity totes went hmbundle + free to play temporarily in the month of May + some in-game event, and then lost its new players' interest almost immediately

  • Hobo Joe
    Hobo Joe

    StarDock, the developers of Ashes is not just a game studio- they make other productivity or windows customization software- I'm not surprised they go all out for their game engine.

  • Noah Paulette
    Noah Paulette

    Phones should easily allow us to install different operating systems. Can't wait for a more powerful pine phone to come out for this reason.

  • Ned Hineline
    Ned Hineline


  • David Harness
    David Harness

    I’m an iPhone user but I can see a point to a monthly thing for software support

  • Carrboro_Chapelhill Fpv
    Carrboro_Chapelhill Fpv

    On a realistic note, a fee after a certain point of the phones life to keep updates going would allow a cash flow to keep developers paid.

  • Virtual_Edition

    Still using an iphone 6s (5 years and running) It continues to do literally everything I need a phone to do. There's the random thing here or there that could perform a little better, but those are very few and far between. Phone performance by the iphone 7 was basically excessive for doing phone things, and by the 8 it was way overkill. All I've had to do is replace the battery once. Added bonus, still having a headphone jack. Honestly, if I could get a made to order upgrade, I'd want a current chip with about iphone 8 performance (and the massively increased in battery life that would give) in the body of an iphone 5s.

  • Michel Antunes
    Michel Antunes

    first iPods touch had paid updates, so did Mac OS X, it dindt worked

  • j t
    j t

    I SWEAR I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO USED TO USE GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC. until i was forced to switch to youtube music (app sux btw)

  • Muhammad Asad Nawaz
    Muhammad Asad Nawaz

    Hi Linus, How can I reach you?

  • Mike Bruzzone
    Mike Bruzzone

    Nvidia price 1K $360 down to $280 / 2 = MC @ MR = P. 3080 minimally $300 MR = MC @ $150 stakeholder gross. mb

    • Mike Bruzzone
      Mike Bruzzone

      And its a phone too, Snapdragon SQ_ Windows 10 laptop. mb

    • Mike Bruzzone
      Mike Bruzzone

      That's marginal cost loss of the launch. mb

    • Mike Bruzzone
      Mike Bruzzone

      Nvidia product rebates, you mean free GPUs to board houses to make up for the cost of swallowing FE launch price initial production samples. Free GPUs equivalent at least x3 the marginal cost launch suckered into attempting to emulate Nvidia FE intro price. mb

    • Mike Bruzzone
      Mike Bruzzone

      Ha Ha, $499, $699 no more or not for long.

  • Mike Bruzzone
    Mike Bruzzone

    Linus and Luke I thought you were both better than Stevie, PR yes that's what it is (Performance Rating System) was a trap Microprocessor Design Resource under the control of Softbank Ziff Davis talked AMD and Cyrix into on the strategy of eliminating Davidow's (once Intel Director of Marketing ) strategy of unique differentiation. The AMD and Cyrix CPUs performed better than Intel's clock per clock operating minimally 200 MHz slower. This with the architecture, including reduced instruction set advatage enabled Cyrix 686 a Pentium substitute to perform like Pentium Pro also a reduced instruction set processor. As a marketing person you want the buyer to ask why down frequency processor outperforms the up frequency processors which Intel on cartel associate network competitive mitigated and eliminated. mb

    • Mike Bruzzone
      Mike Bruzzone

      Why, B2B, $70 increase in Snappy price the answer is next gen NRE.

    • Mike Bruzzone
      Mike Bruzzone

      Post manufacturer tools do exist for extended support you just need t know how to develop them which may be a license. mb

    • Mike Bruzzone
      Mike Bruzzone

      Just joking I think you must b one of the rare good media moguls. mb

    • Mike Bruzzone
      Mike Bruzzone

      No, no media will pay $10K for a pre-release iphone because media will simply ask their corporate plants they move around and protect too give it to them through often PR and ad agency and marketing consultants operating as bridge agents to get it to their media handler bosses. As a media mogul you don't seem to know much about being a media mogul. mb

    • Mike Bruzzone
      Mike Bruzzone

      Ziff Davis was totally responsible for assigning competitire PR rating paid for by Intel Inside. mb

  • Echoeversky Ü
    Echoeversky Ü

    The Google nagware tho..

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M

    Bloons TD6 is a fun mobile game

  • Erruption

    I always look at these titles and I’m like “What did Intel do this time?” Lol

  • The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast
    The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast

    Get Qobuz music, the hi res sound quality is game changing. Spotify is AWFUL next to it.

  • The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast
    The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast

    Big tech has tens of thousands of developers, almost all of them doing totally useless work. Single dude software companies get more done faster than hundreds of big tech overpaid morons.

  • The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast
    The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast

    Google had 1 good idea that nobody has worked out how to destroy yet. Somebody will one day, and Google will be picked over for parts.

  • Jcastro

    I love Luke

  • The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast
    The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast

    Linus you badly need a pop filter, plosives all the time.

  • riseuplight

    Why were you laughing at the beginning

  • Matthew Imbrosciano
    Matthew Imbrosciano

    This is a list of parts for my first ever PC build, any suggestions/advice or feedback would truly help me tremendously. Thank you. CPU-Intel i9-10900k, CPU Cooler-Noctua NH-D15 Chromax.Black, Motherboard-Asus ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO(Wi-Fi) LGA 1200, Memory-Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro(4 sticks of 16GB each), GPU-Trying to get literally any 3080 but preferably not one of the worse custom cards, Case-Phanteks Eclipse P500A Digital RGB Mid Tower, PSU-Corsair 850W 80+ Titanium Fully Modular ATX and Monitor-Asus ROG Swift PG258Q 24.5” 1920x1080 Hz Monitor

  • Zack Morris
    Zack Morris

    They gave Ashs away for free during that week.

  • Lazer_Shat

    PLEASE get a pop filter🙏

  • Daniel Foerster
    Daniel Foerster

    Google is the big company that wants to brag about having a "startup culture", with the caveat that unlike the other companies that simply fail at that because of corporate strictures, they're just successful enough to prove why big companies shouldn't *try* to act like startups without userbases and product lock-in. Yeah Amazon has corners of its website that appear to have not been updated, at least visually, in 10-15 years, but at least those corners tend to *work*, instead of everything getting API-broken internally and discarded because no one wants to spend time doing maintenance.

  • Dudeomfgstfux

    24:00 Linus, there are people in the USA that are more concerned about the balance books of a Million Dollar Corporation over the health of their neighbours; They'll argue giving away 'free' products would be bad for a competitive business and people would stop buying the phones... As they sit there with their 5-year-old Android not knowing that their Congressperson have a deal with Blackberry to keep the security of their phones up to date.

  • Terry Lee
    Terry Lee

    I use the standard Google pixel 4a using the nova luncheon, it's great and I don't see any point in getting the 5G version. and there are a few quality mobile games, especially the paid ones in the Google play store like Stardew Valley. Because it's a real PC game, and I was pleasantly surprised what a great job they did porting it over to mobile, then made the controls work really well with a touchscreen. Of course it also has controller support which is doubly great. Terraria is pretty awesome as well. I haven't tried it yet, but apparently there is a mobile port of that popular PC game that's currently trending called Among Us that you mentioned near the end of the podcast. I'm curious to find out how good it performs on mobile devices

  • Joshua Rogers
    Joshua Rogers

    RSloft Music fails because it is just a jerry-rigged version of RSloft - it was an afterthought and it feels as such. I will never use it because Spotify has already expertly honed in on what people want in a music streaming app.

  • K H
    K H

    There also enterprise editions from common phones like samsung galaxy a40. You get 4 years of security updates for little bump in price.

  • Sand Grass
    Sand Grass

    Considering nvidia announced 3080 3090 shortages into 2021. Things don't look good for the 3070. I wonder if the delay was due to freq being to high on the aisle. That would make to much sense....

  • HighRock

    G2A was giving out Ashes of Singularity with their lootboxes that you get from buying for certain amount. 95% that it. It was the most common game you got. I got one as well.

    • HighRock

      Okay so the Humble Bundle as well. Which makes sense for them being in lootboxes as well.

  • BoltFixer

    999 phone not having flagship processor can fuck off , man these pixel phones keep fucking up some way other.