The Customer Isn't Always Right
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We agreed to build an insane system for someone with an unlimited budget. Unfortunately the discussions got a bit out of hand so now we're scratch building a case with an Illuminati theme....
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  • eMpTyEdits

    Kinda figured Alan Walker was in the illuminati

  • austin craft
    austin craft

    i never knew Linus had a Bridgeport mill or any serious tools, they should definitely do more videos like this!!!!!

  • Omar Asfari
    Omar Asfari

    What am I missing does LTT make custom builds for clients now? I thought they were strictly a RSloft company.

  • james Hau
    james Hau

    Guys I’m starting to thing this customer is right

  • King Luuie
    King Luuie

    The client Chris Brown??

  • Fetus PC-TECH
    Fetus PC-TECH

    When a customer asks for that POINT THEM TO ALIEXPRESS you numpties . They have one on the market ... you knew this right ?

  • Khel Venturi
    Khel Venturi

    Who's the client?

  • Dragon Racer73
    Dragon Racer73

    Mig welder is better, though it requires more material/gas

  • Luke Glover
    Luke Glover

    The amount of work put into this thing, holy shit. Good job. Was it worth all of that work though? :P

  • JustVurce

    1:17 there is a illuminati logo in the monitor kek

  • Miles Kinkead
    Miles Kinkead

    I find it hilarious that the guy who specifically builds as overpowered PCs as possible is bewildered when someone hits him up to do just that. He’s done a lot more then 256 gb before so I don’t get why he’s annoyed by it

  • bonds wrk
    bonds wrk

    Thanks worlds of tanks for sponsoring! I love this channel!

  • Samuel Fogelgren
    Samuel Fogelgren

    If i get rich i want a unnecessary fatt'ed-out PC to ^_^

  • Corbin Karl
    Corbin Karl

    I never saw this. I saw part two yesterday and had to come find this.

  • Ebithril

    Is the client just Linus? I mean, he goes agaisnt everything he says himself since EVER but... I feel that the only client they would talk so much smack about, even if anonimous, would be someone they know well, or one of themselves.

  • Quinten de Zwijger
    Quinten de Zwijger

    "Syntax error" :) 15:06

  • Stefan Hoffmann
    Stefan Hoffmann

    Magnets interfere with your welding arc and causes all kind of trouble, don't use them. 5:31

  • SugmaLahma

    "Part two will be very soon."

  • Scrapgrace

    RTX 3090 joins the chat

  • Brandon Rodda
    Brandon Rodda

    That's a whole lotta money in a small case

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith

    I saw the Illuminati snuck into the intro I was he’d it twice to verify

  • daveisdave


  • Munoobinater

    I'm hung up on the client part, I thought LTT only does vids?

  • Jay holloway II
    Jay holloway II

    Alex kinda reminds me of Ben heck all the soldering he does and all the machines he uses anyone else get that same vibe ?

  • Kyle padilla
    Kyle padilla

    this is cute

  • The Cool Man
    The Cool Man

    Is this client a billionaire

  • Andy Ta
    Andy Ta

    Is it me or did I see an illuminati in the intro

  • Jojoba

    Whoever the customer was had a beautiful vision and concept for the PC it’s a shame that the PC was created by these disrespectful guys. The constant insults and lack of care to the customer really shows what kind of people the LTT crew is!

  • Anthony Gioia
    Anthony Gioia

    Customer asks for pyramid case. They build one instead of just buying the one made by Azza

  • Olga Rigoni
    Olga Rigoni

    I'm sensing that they're trying their best to have a sensible costumer service instead of blatantly calling how stupid the client is.

  • Jebediah Kerman
    Jebediah Kerman

    The clients name is 7-15 words long

  • dotjpeg

    I like how the client is probably gonna watch this video and see them talking about how insane he is while building his system

  • Charles

    Huge magnets next to the PSU nice

  • Aidan MaKinster
    Aidan MaKinster

    Grinder and paint make you the welder you ain't.

  • marleensrain

    that is a shitty shape lol that would be annoying 🤣

  • Kevin Siebert
    Kevin Siebert

    Just get from azza

  • guillotine

    dissapointed no fanvy segway

  • swaglikeits99

    You guys should just make your own shipping company so you don't have to worry about the pcs getting messed up

  • Elementrix Online
    Elementrix Online

    Client looking at this confused

  • Abdullah Alhag
    Abdullah Alhag

    I am calling it now, the special customer Linus has been referring to is Alan walker. The fact he replied to one of his videos and the triangle design of the case is sufficient to assume so.

  • B S
    B S

    Part 2??

  • the funny nerve in your elbow
    the funny nerve in your elbow

    the man who ordered this will have a good gaming pc tuill like 2040

  • Taylor j
    Taylor j

    As a welder I wonder why he welded steel with a tig welder. Seems like a waste of time when you could've just mig welded it and probably even looked better than he did it.

  • Victor Rubio
    Victor Rubio

    You where did they get the graphics card assets in the solid works sketch

  • kazuto kirigaya Seno
    kazuto kirigaya Seno

    Where the part 2?

  • Knorbie _
    Knorbie _

    So... No Part 2?

  • Hytterli minde
    Hytterli minde

    Why didnt they just go for azza pyramid case?

  • DCtropical C
    DCtropical C

    So no part 2? :(

  • Tai Theguy
    Tai Theguy

    I used to weld doors & door frames. Angle grinder & random orbit sander was used after every weld. Draw a nice bread, then make it disappear & match paint over it👌

  • Vinicius MRF
    Vinicius MRF

    and the client is elon musk

  • Jason McArthur
    Jason McArthur

    Is there a part two to this video?

  • Life Lover
    Life Lover

    I really want one of those Canadian Maple Leaf wall art pieces. 0:29. It looks GREAT!!

  • S K
    S K

    Part 2?

  • kai

    How do I buy pc from linus?

  • Juan Contreras Alvarado
    Juan Contreras Alvarado

    Petition to have Alex host his own show "Crazy Case Conundrum", all about making weird pc cases.

  • Robin Gifford
    Robin Gifford

    Is there a part 2

  • Eleventy49 - Test
    Eleventy49 - Test

    Why are they getting rid of the workshop????

  • G-3R0

    Looks like Obama prism

  • ThatAwesomeDude

    where is the part two

  • Chris F.
    Chris F.

    so ltt builds custom pcs to order??

  • Blackstar1701

    those welds are awful lol

  • TJ and TJ Kelly
    TJ and TJ Kelly

    Sphere case

  • pennekamper1

    that welding job ......

  • Richard Untalan
    Richard Untalan

    a slide system wouldve been great for the gpu slots since it might be way too hard to add more due to the shape of the case

  • Margaret Williams
    Margaret Williams

    LGR bought a pyramid pc case not long lmao

  • urejokin

    Post Malone build?

  • Brian Martin
    Brian Martin

    So I have been watching LTT for about 5 years now but haven't owned a PC since 2006. So I built my own pc in July of this year and one major thing I've come to realize is the comments calling Linus a shill are absolutely true! I used to chalk it up to haters or people that follow other tech channels.but it's really just this transparent channel. I still like LTT even tho their store plugs are the cringest shit on the internet today.

    • Omar Yehya
      Omar Yehya


    • James Stine
      James Stine

      What does building a PC have to do with your stupid comment?

  • TheKazragore
    TheKazragore nobody going to mention the Illuminati Eye in the intro sequence?

  • Bad Wolf Bay
    Bad Wolf Bay

    You can buy those pyramid cases online.

  • Eric Gerwatowski
    Eric Gerwatowski

    wouldn't it have been able to be smaller if you rotated the gpus 90 degrees?

  • N3D Productions
    N3D Productions

    piramid case is not hard to find. i have a Azza piramid 804 case.

  • Quiet Nites
    Quiet Nites

    the part II tho😳

  • The Throne
    The Throne

    I like the "illuminati" subliminal messaging in the intro

  • Greg's

    I like the heavy metal theme under the building part!

  • Creatip

    Wait, LTT actually accepts pre-built orders? With custom cases?? Also, did they ever made part 2 of this?

    • Z S
      Z S

      Part 2 just went up on floatplane today

  • bhpowerup

    dude i want to have an update to this.

  • Edward Medina
    Edward Medina

    LOL - I'm sure the client is kicking himself that he didn't wait until the GTX 3080 came out.

  • J E
    J E

    Still waiting on a part 2 there

  • ixxgunnerx x
    ixxgunnerx x

    if i won , i would of made u guys do this shape

  • konto 13524
    konto 13524

    but where's part 2 tho?

  • Χρήστος

    Some Man at Arms action on LTT

  • Eric McClelland
    Eric McClelland

    So is there a part 2 somewhere? we(I) need to see the final product

  • sochyvonn nora
    sochyvonn nora

    Was the client shane dawson?

  • sochyvonn nora
    sochyvonn nora

    I dont understand. Thought you company is all about media output. You making custom case for client also?

  • Trapish Dubster
    Trapish Dubster

    The only company to complain about a customer having an unlimited budget

  • Mohammed H Alashur
    Mohammed H Alashur

    if they bought azza pyramid case they would save a lot of time

  • Redman Outdoors
    Redman Outdoors

    Please please please tell me they did not actually throw a weld on the gpu mount with those graphics cards on. That is so painful to watch.

  • Ben Church
    Ben Church

    As a machinist I'm horrified by the method used on the bridgeport.

  • TheChemizzle

    Watching him use a TIG Welder for this job makes me want to cry, MIG or Acetylene would have been a better choice and they are easier to use.

  • Javier Garcon
    Javier Garcon

    So they did not go Liquid cool? I would have done a Volcano with the 3 Liquid cool tubes coming out from the top. 3 separate radiators and 3 separate pumps. 1 pump for the GPU another for the CPU the other for the Ram and NVME drive.

  • Suryanu Sarkar
    Suryanu Sarkar

    I think it going to be the next compensator PC

  • Bedardo

    Is there an update video? I'm curious of the final product

  • Jaydee Bb
    Jaydee Bb

    You know there's already a pyramid case out there plus if Alex makes it. It's going to look like crap it always does I didn't mind when I thought everybody was amateur but Alex is actually hired for these kind of things

    • James Stine
      James Stine

      That case isn't big enough.

  • Alejandro Rodolfo Mendez
    Alejandro Rodolfo Mendez

    LTT: nobody will buy this. LGR: I bought the stupid pyramid thing.

  • Joni Lakso
    Joni Lakso

    Hey! Illuminati call and they want part 2

  • Emil Lindhart
    Emil Lindhart

    It's there a part 2 to this?

  • Pierce McGrath
    Pierce McGrath

    Part 2?

  • Ronnie Heuveltje
    Ronnie Heuveltje

    Did we ever find out where the system went ?

  • IamR3D88

    Is there a part 2? I want to see how it goes from this to finished.

  • godfatherderzucht

    You have no idea of working with metal as a material at all...

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