The CLEANEST Living Room Tech Setup!!
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Remodeling an entire room is easy, right? Well, it's a bit easier when Yvonne and Linus do it together! Also, don't forget to comment below which chair should be used in the living room. Linus is counting....
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  • Jwzzlf S
    Jwzzlf S

    Seriously.. If you would play this stream from 8.24 till 8.26 at .05 speed.. fucking hilarious :-) [btw love all your content.. very helpfull]

  • Jwzzlf S
    Jwzzlf S

    Oh Linus.. Your reaction to your wife's action ripping the papermount in half is PRICELESS!!!

  • Pauline Pryde
    Pauline Pryde

    He’s an idiot

  • TheStudio49

    Linus just listen to the BOSS

  • Marco Aurélio
    Marco Aurélio

    mate lol i guess its ineherent to every "living together couple" lol you suffer from the same as i do.. couches are for sitiing, not to have pillows all around what the f***. i just want to seat no to start a Street Fight with pillows.. women being women

  • Coldfusionstorm Gaming
    Coldfusionstorm Gaming

    I love Linus's Wife, she's so wholesome.

  • Mask Media
    Mask Media

    Girl on the couch.. You want massage now or after you done playing with your

  • Spectraevil

    14:45 just get a blue lazy boy? (that matches the wall)

  • Peregrine


  • aoFeliX

    I love the pain in Linus's voice when he initially talks about the soundbar.. lol

  • Gerkov Wolf
    Gerkov Wolf

    watching Linus remove the screen protector was cringe

  • Dman

    I think he should of went with some Bose Speakers

  • 6foot beast
    6foot beast

    Ugly lazy boy..... Thats the 1 you should keep

  • Spencer Parker
    Spencer Parker

    The lazy boy and all that other clutter belongs in a game room and not a living room so I have to go with the blue chairs.

  • cyrus gakuo
    cyrus gakuo

    Crazy, I like it, it more natural and real. Next time learn how to use a wall level

  • Naartie M
    Naartie M

    hate it when the tv is not the anchor to the living space

  • dolphin playz
    dolphin playz


  • TimeCoder

    4:01 too early.... it's after you are supposed to do that

  • Aulistar

    why not put the tv over the fire place?

  • Ansel Adoyo
    Ansel Adoyo

    Yvonnes chairs look better

  • Ansel Adoyo
    Ansel Adoyo

    i like the way linus wife is just sitting there waiting for something to happen

  • Victor Furdean
    Victor Furdean

    4:07 that was close

  • kehaarable

    Where is that TV stand cupboard thing from? What's it called?

  • MrCheese


  • Adolfo Rivera
    Adolfo Rivera

    Linus relationship tips Title: how to get approved by wife for gaming

  • Nisha Beharry
    Nisha Beharry

    Blue chairs.. she let you get that huge ass tv lol!

  • T Sizzle
    T Sizzle

    Happy wife = happy life. Lucky you have an Asian wife, not sure if a Caucasian woman would put up with any of it. (No offense to Asian or Caucasian women). Nice that the samurai sword is back above the fireplace! 😂

  • Luccas Besfonc
    Luccas Besfonc

    Why you didn't went with BDI furniture? It's well ventilated.

  • Fatlace 13
    Fatlace 13

    Yo, how the hell does Linus pronounce alcove like that? He has to be baiting people, because there is no way you can act like that's the correct pronunciation.

  • DRC 85
    DRC 85

    whats going on with the vacom cleaner in the tiger look lmao

  • Max Kochkin
    Max Kochkin

    The Lazy boy for sure.

  • MrOrangeonion

    We all know whos the boss

  • henrique moniz
    henrique moniz

    Says new in French on the box probably from Quebec

  • Zeh Zahl
    Zeh Zahl

    7:37... "ALCLOVE"?? AL-COVE, Linus! 😁 LOL

  • Zeh Zahl
    Zeh Zahl

    4:17... haha... I was thinking that exact thing while he was peeling off that film

  • Jose Junior
    Jose Junior


  • Romeanie Gaming
    Romeanie Gaming

    Lazy boy

  • LJ Games
    LJ Games

    i love the xqc edit

  • Tanner A
    Tanner A

    Speaking of looks. Nice beard!

  • Silver Shoopie
    Silver Shoopie

    its the XQC clip for me

  • io

    chairs are more fancier looking, guests? they can die of pain.

  • Gary Stewart
    Gary Stewart

    omg why not cut the plasterboard and put the wood to hold tv flush with wall linus really ? cut a square same size as your board

  • Edmund YH Ee
    Edmund YH Ee

    plastic wrapper on the screen should always be the last thing to be teared down when u have install a new tv or monitor lol.

  • Javi de la Torre
    Javi de la Torre

    hehehe women funny hheehhe brrrrrr

  • John Gomez
    John Gomez

    Definitely the lazy boy, Ultimate comfortableness for your video entertainment ;)

  • DaRealLithor

    Linus kinda looks like the 11th doctor when he checks that he has all his limbs at 13:02

  • Gaz

    It's still missing one thing............ RGB

  • Lajos Fidy
    Lajos Fidy

    Please get someone to design your indoor areas who is NOT from the USA :D Great improvement though.

  • Lajos Fidy
    Lajos Fidy

    Keep the lazy boy and that horrendous ocelot pattern sleeve for the vacuum hose as well :D I mean WTF is that thing anyway?! :D

  • Naz Sen
    Naz Sen


  • Bivens PC
    Bivens PC

    Ah a rerun is on today.

  • Danny Acevedo
    Danny Acevedo

    Whats the point of owning uncomfortable chairs?

  • mr magmind
    mr magmind

    15:04 to be continued XD duhdadehdolala oof imagin if she hit them tings

  • Tim M
    Tim M

    Happy wife happy life. Keep the blue.

  • T R
    T R

    What brand is the TV stand?

  • Patrick Hanson
    Patrick Hanson

    Comfort comes before looks for chairs I’d say.

  • Bladimir Estrella
    Bladimir Estrella

    The blue chairs are awesome. That lazy couch is the ugliest thing. Wife have good taste with the blue chairs. I can’t believe Linus want that ugly thing in his living room.

  • Leslie Savage
    Leslie Savage

    Go with comfort.

  • Andrew Dunnet
    Andrew Dunnet

    to be honest , his first set up was cooler for a dude and mates ,the new set better for the wife and mother in law

  • deez nutz gamer
    deez nutz gamer

    Blue chair

  • DrUranium Gaming
    DrUranium Gaming

    wtf is an alclove

  • JanTube

    The TV is reflecting the windows... It needs some anti-reflection technology.

  • JanTube

    Are these walls made of paper or why can he cut them that easily? xD

  • JanTube

    This woman wants to throw away everything.

  • robert lloyd
    robert lloyd


  • Cyfer AOM
    Cyfer AOM

    LOL. Linus working hard on raising the WAF to get the TV approved. Awesome :) And peeling the plastic at 4:16... Dang it, mate, too early...

  • Issac E Howard Jr
    Issac E Howard Jr

    White chairs would actually match the couch. lol

  • Frozo Bigchunges
    Frozo Bigchunges

    lazy boi

  • Elijah Andrade
    Elijah Andrade

    Always a Lazy Boi to keep

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    The blue chairs are ugly, send them to me!

  • Zhazi TheBeast
    Zhazi TheBeast

    8:25 the conflict I've ever seen on LTT

  • teipkep

    Women don't understand that... we just don't care about how things look sometimes :D. Edit: Unless it's graphics and performance.

  • teipkep

    5:35 That's what she said

  • P C
    P C

    "Alclove" Bruh. Alcove

  • Knowledge Gained
    Knowledge Gained

    people who love designing their own imaginary homes in that one app will love this video lmao

  • weaponx26

    "I don't watch sport" 1% of Linus viewers unsub lol

  • Noman Sddiqui
    Noman Sddiqui

    Loving the new intro

  • SwoleRadroach

    I thought he was gay

  • Kesra

    @15:50 What is that keyboard laying on the side table ???

  • Oluwaseyi Ademola Akinruntan
    Oluwaseyi Ademola Akinruntan

    The TV's cool. That's for sure.

  • Elvin Chacón
    Elvin Chacón

    Linus Olaya dirty, ask for a Third party vote of a group he knows will side with him....... I won’t be played Linus, keep the blue chairs!!! As a consolation prize let Linus add some RGB though, sponsored by Intel we all know why you went with blue jejeje jk

  • A teen built Tiny House
    A teen built Tiny House

    Ugly gray lazy boy 100%

  • Aaron Barber
    Aaron Barber

    4:08 Linus had an almost out of body experience level of cringe

  • Brandon S
    Brandon S

    Why no wallmount for the sound bar?

  • helder simoes
    helder simoes

    am I the only idiot who initially thought this channel was somewhat Linux sponsored?

  • carbide

    Linus: I recommend the Dyson V10 vacuum, I use it every day! Yvonne: Hold my cheetah vacuum.

  • G C
    G C

    Spawnpoints living is exactly like yours. Just reversed lol.


    Typical women wants to trash all the boxes and paperwork straight away 🙃

  • Esan First
    Esan First

    In India that TV cost 23,000 US dollar.

  • HalfMan HalfAmazing
    HalfMan HalfAmazing

    I love Linus; LOVE LOVE LOVE this dude's channel. But watching him just wing it with the installation process gave me a neurotic anxiety attack! The entire time I'm just sitting here yelling at the screen like "WHERE ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS?" and "WHY AREN'T YOU USING A LEVEL?" 😂

  • Nyxarc

    Lmao pvc surprised me

  • kelrapunzel

    Couple goals.

  • Mário Machado
    Mário Machado

    lazy chair batlle was lost even before start..

  • yung cash register
    yung cash register


  • mark fish
    mark fish

    i love the family already

  • Ben Sandford
    Ben Sandford

    What’s the wireless keyboard mouse thingy he was using ?

  • Tim Knickelbein
    Tim Knickelbein

    alclove? alcove

  • Paco

    12:55 well, that's a plot twist I wasn't expecting...

  • Milheiro Veen
    Milheiro Veen

    I was waiting till he mentioned a sponsor, wait this entire video is one big sponsor, great one you got me there

  • COScience

    9:05 Sponge Bob?

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