The BEST Monitors of 2020 - LG 27GN950 Review
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The LG 27GN950 is a gaming monitor that has it all: 4K, 144Hz, DisplayHDR 600, adaptive sync, and of course, RGB. But is it a better buy than the 240Hz Samsung Odyssey G7? Depends…
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Edragyz

    You better not disappoint me Asus.

  • Izzy Ace Dolphin
    Izzy Ace Dolphin

    Does the gtx 1660 suport display stream compression. And if it doesn't what are the limits. Can i run in 1440p with 10 bit color 144hrz. Or will it not do 10 bit, or will it not do 144

  • Waltergotdrip_ 1
    Waltergotdrip_ 1

    Does it have Bluetooth????

  • micah

    I can't wait for 1440p OLED monitors to become the norm (with the necessary GPU power being the norm too).

  • Feuchte Klinge
    Feuchte Klinge

    Does this mean i can also use this Monitor at 1440p with 144hz without any problems?


    bruh moment

  • C J
    C J

    You had me at nipple stick.

  • Gabriel

    Anyone got the samsung g7 32inch?? How is??

  • Kosky

    It is missing the most important thing: Being 16:10.

  • Hansel Law
    Hansel Law

    No HDMI 2.1 = unpog

  • Emre

    Would this be recommended for the PS5? Thanks in advance for the reply, if possible of course.

  • Connor Yancy
    Connor Yancy

    Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven

  • SubZero On iPad
    SubZero On iPad

    I should have know that they would be recommending $800+ monitors after I clicked on a Linus Tech Tip video

  • thegrimcrimson

    Pc gamers good hardware however monitors are lacking.

  • thegrimcrimson

    Might as well buy a 4k tv for these prices.

  • TechGoggles

    When they say on our unit, you know they got a premium unit

    • Nick Dukeman
      Nick Dukeman

      True, but Optimum Tech said the same thing in his review, and he bought his with his own money.

  • 1911doc

    HELP! 2 days ago I bought this monitor and after 5 minutes of use I noticed something weird. I upgraded my "old" LG 27UL850 with this new LG 27GN950 and immediately noticed some very subtle horizontal lines/banding. And the weird part is that those lines are not all the time visible but most of the time they are...They include in the box 5k DP cable, tomorrow getting new 8k cable to see if that will help, also tried all the different connections and ports, updated monitors drivers and my gpu drivers,tried all LG software for this monitor and nothing... Does anyone has any idea what that could be? Or I just wasted my 950€?

  • Hanndrius

    LG34GN850 or MSI OPTIX MPG341CQR? Aesthetically I prefer the LG, but the MSI has a VA panel ...

  • ashiha

    Why do none of the reviewers on youtube ever discuss black uniformity or IPS glow?

    • Nick Dukeman
      Nick Dukeman

      Hardware Unboxed does!

  • Kris Williams
    Kris Williams

    My laptop only has 2.1ghz CPU 😭😭😭 it can barely run zoom nevermind stream my Xbox That’s why I’m here.

  • NamikazeNC

    what are the specs if im using a ps4 on this? ps5 next then pc one day. im curious

    • eaglesallday8o8

      Doesn’t matter for ps4 but you’ll see performance on ps5 and pc

  • Johnsue Rivera
    Johnsue Rivera

    This or the Acer predator CG7 Hmmmm.

  • Thorekk

    @0:32 lmao

  • Elestro Air-soft
    Elestro Air-soft

    Well, first bench-vids on the RTX 3080 has shown an FPS from 50-80 FPS in most games (racing games not included)

  • Zlord

    "Only 1440p" Me who only recently upgraded to 1080p: Pfffffffft, pathetic.

  • ivartheboneless

    Hey guys i'm looking to buy a monitor (4k preferably) to get back into gaming. I was a huge RTS nerd growing up and i'd like to play some Starcraft, Anno series, Age of Empires and overall perhaps 80% RTS and 20% racing and old FPS (Battlefield1? :) ) games. What would be the best option available, as of now, oct 2020, money not being a consideration, since i'd like to make a top of the line rig to enjoy my last gaming years lol. I'm looking into 27"- 36" range, i don't actually know if the 27" 4k or the smaller res 34-36" widescreen would be a better bet? ive seen a range of monitors in shops but couldn't decide on it. Thank you

  • Jason Nguyen
    Jason Nguyen

    Hi Tobey Maguire

  • Orion Pleiades
    Orion Pleiades

    It appears there will not be enough reasonably priced options for new 4k at 120 fps TV's and monitors that will be compatible and include all the new necessary features for the new consoles and new GPU's at 4k at 120 fps. Are there any new TV's and monitor options that will become available soon ... THIS YEAR??? It just sucks to spend all that money on new consoles and GPU's when there's just not very many good options for a reasonably priced TV or monitor to go with to tap all those new features. I wish the consoles and GPU's came with bundle options with new HDMI 2.1 TV and monitor options.

  • 佐藤海翔

    responce time still not 1ms

  • Warin Maletswa
    Warin Maletswa

    Now a lot of people have been upset because this monitor doesn't have hdmi 2.1 Yeah it seems bad but I'd bet that this would still be good enough for next gen consoles If it's good enough for an RTX 3090 which is way more powerful than both the next gen consoles combined I don't see how this couldn't handle em

  • Christian05

    Would this be good to buy for the upcoming ps5 or xbox series x???

  • Jonas Griffin
    Jonas Griffin

    What would be your recommendation: LG 27GN950 or Acer Predator XB273KGP Which one is the better monitor in your opinion?

  • PriMe MachiNe
    PriMe MachiNe

    So basically this is the best 2k monitor aswell

  • Teddy Tapiador
    Teddy Tapiador

    0:30 Can you guys link me that png?

  • Matthew Streacker
    Matthew Streacker

    Is the contrast any better than the GL850?

  • Schule04

    If this video was honest they would mention that the monitor can't display true blacks

  • Derpy Dyl Pickle
    Derpy Dyl Pickle

    So we not going to talk about 0:31

  • ECO Base Tech
    ECO Base Tech

    This monitor doesn't seem to exist anymore. It only has "Other Buying Options" which means overpriced on 3rd party resellers and can't find it on Newegg

    • Tb0n3

      Just got back in at Amazon.

  • Michael Emery
    Michael Emery

    "I'm generally not even into FALD" - in a world where FALD is some kind of bad touching.

  • Povilas Staniulis
    Povilas Staniulis

    Looks like a nice monitor to pair with a 3090 or 3080.

  • DuoX

    IPS viewing angles are bull shit. in the so called wider angles even the nicest panels have insane glow

  • Rita Kamingoak
    Rita Kamingoak

    *This is the Monitor that PewDiePie uses*

  • Marles

    Hey all.! I need some calrification. When I read on Nvidias website - it says: Gsync compatible: NO validated articfacts not certified for +300 test Not BEST HDR 1000 Nits. But if I buy LG 27GN950 it says it is g-sync compatible with VESA displayHDR 600. So I can Either chose to have gsync on OR display HDR600. How will this effect the experience? As a gamer I would most likely turn g-sync on, but I have no idea what colors I will see. Will it be like SDR or can it still display lifelike colors, but not validated HDR600? What will the downgrade be when I activate gsync? I aim to buy a 4k monitor that goes well with 3080 RTX - but most youtubers dont adress this issue in 2020: "Gsync compatible vs HDR" I hope someone can help me out here. Link to Nvidias explanation:

  • Steven Casassa
    Steven Casassa

    Seems like the monitor I should get to support my soon to be Xbox series x heheheh

  • Jorgedq

    Should I buy it? my Gpu is a Rtx 2070 super

  • Max Baas
    Max Baas

    came here to see what monitor is best for me, then realised this is a linus tech tips video

  • Timmy2Fingerz

    No HDMI 2.1? Really?

  • AkiTo

    Is it possible to have the calibration please ?

  • Sean H
    Sean H

    Just managed to snag one of these!

  • Heart Inner G
    Heart Inner G

    Did you just say corona?

  • I Sale
    I Sale

    Do u want to whatch Your life in full qualitiy?... 💊I'm sharing Acts 2:38 bless

  • Fahad Al-Ibraheem
    Fahad Al-Ibraheem

    whats the point of buying a wirless headset if im putting a wired mic on myself ;o ..

  • 金不二

    No HDMI 2.1... so...

  • Hondo Flatty
    Hondo Flatty

    2:30 what game is this?

    • Hondo Flatty
      Hondo Flatty

      @DaysChasingCars awesome, thanks! I actually thought that and bought it a few days ago.

    • DaysChasingCars

      shadow of tomb raider

  • Pengclub

    Waited for over a month after placing an order. I got it this week. Amazed by the crispness. Liking then back panel lighting.

  • Santiago Acevedo Hernandez Gutierrez Sotto
    Santiago Acevedo Hernandez Gutierrez Sotto

    So is this the same as the 27gn750?

  • Sellyei

    How can this monitor run 4K at high Hz, when it only has HDMI 1,4? Dont you need 2,1 for such a thing?

    • Rob Hewitt
      Rob Hewitt

      Display port

  • Lewis Can't Play
    Lewis Can't Play

    I have an RTX 2070 super, i7-9700k & Asus ROG Strix Z390i Mobo. I am looking to get two of these monitors, but im concerned I wont be able to push 144hz @4k... would i most likely need to set the monitor to 1440P? at any one time only one monitor will be running at 144hz, but if they are both on and set to 4k while one is also pushing 144hz, will it be an issue?

    • Lewis Can't Play
      Lewis Can't Play

      @ccdx2 wish I could, my PC is an ITX build :D RIP my bank account

    • ccdx2

      Buy just one and a 3080.

  • Jon

    If this monitor had HDMI 2.1 I would buy in a heartbeat

    • Jon

      @Noah Miller 4K 120fps is what is being promised for the series x. They've already shown the less powerful series s running Gears 5 at 120fps.

    • Noah Miller
      Noah Miller

      @coolgamer17 it's a next gen console thing. People believe the console company claims that some games will get 4k 144fps. I'll believe it when I see it.

    • coolgamer17

      Joe I was replying to “Jon” not your comment

    • Joe

      coolgamer17 Ik it can’t but I never said it could?

    • coolgamer17

      Joe I don’t believe the series x can run games at 4k 120 FPS unless they really mess up 4k

  • Olly

    This at 32" and HDMI 2.1 would be perfect

    • Olly

      Direct linkrexx yeah but it’s for those who want to use an Xbox Series X/PS5 with a monitor, sure you can get an adapter but there’s only so many ports

    • Direct linkrexx
      Direct linkrexx

      @Olly display port 1.4 v2 exists

    • Olly

      Direct linkrexx it supports 4K at 120hz, rather than just 4K at 60hz on hdmi 2.0

    • Direct linkrexx
      Direct linkrexx

      What's you guys with hdmi 2.1

  • Habib M
    Habib M

    They need to make more 32 inch 4K monitors. Especially gaming monitors

  • Mark W
    Mark W

    Does anyone know if there's a 29" or 32" version of this monitor planned?

  • seppy

    If i downscale to 1440p on this monitor does that mean i can up the graphics to lets say high on a 1440p monitor and get the same frames?

  • gregrum murgerg
    gregrum murgerg

    if i buy a adapter for hdmi 2.0 to dp would that be the same as using hdmi 2.0 considering this doesn’t have hdmi 2.0? im buying the series x if anyone can help me and give me some insight thanks

  • Good Zil Hunting
    Good Zil Hunting

    Nope, I hate lg ever since I had to deal with customer sopport

  • avm boi
    avm boi

    Can someone send me the picture of Linus from pc. Just asking for a friend....

  • Jose

    Anyone know is new rtx 3000 series supports DSC???

  • Randy Randy
    Randy Randy

    Does anyone know if *Display Stream Compression* affects picture quality?!?!


    Does it have HDMI 2.1?

    • Ryuji Production
      Ryuji Production

      No lol

  • xiTzillX -
    xiTzillX -

    Must buy for my 3080 (When they are available)

  • Dreamjdm

    Can you take a display port to HDMI converter and get 120hz?

  • KennyFubaralo

    i really dislike curve monitors, i am trying to find a 27 inch 1440p screen 144hz with display hdr600 that is not curved but for now it seems impossible, hopefully soon someone will manufacture such an ips or va panel

  • Infernus Titan
    Infernus Titan

    Ah. The ticks. They always get us with the ticks. Just dont buy them or else they will show you more solid ticks next time.

  • Ronin Rides
    Ronin Rides

    Is this good to run with the RTX 3080?

  • Darth Nox
    Darth Nox

    It's great and all but it can't be bought anywhere anymore. They probably stopped producing them.

  • Michael do Carmo
    Michael do Carmo

    Isn't there a bigger version of this puppy? Gamer/Creative here and I have a Dell UP3216Q - so really looking for 32"+ and 4k+ for my next "long lasting monitor" since I dont upgrade often.

  • gary iciano
    gary iciano

    You think this is wort it for the ps5?

  • Lliam Thrumble
    Lliam Thrumble

    Only 1440p... jesus... also, naked linis gains an instant like, obviously

  • Rui Silva
    Rui Silva

    Is this monitor too much for the ps5?

  • Spencer Yelinek
    Spencer Yelinek

    I can't find this monitor available ANYWHERE. I will buy one if someone could point in the right direction.

  • Christian Dinero
    Christian Dinero

    Is this better than the 27gl850?

  • gdanski72

    As soon as I see The BEST and LG in the same sentence i'm out.

  • DuoX

    i miss when monitor resolution was related to screen size

  • Mramazing544

    Would this monitor be good for the PS5?

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen

    Does anybody know why the LG 27950 is not available anywhere?

  • Davin Boyd
    Davin Boyd

    Nipple stick lol

  • majestic1994

    ▲ Please boys! Help me ASAP I have BIG a dilemma, I do not know which monitor I should choose. The fight is between the LG 27GN950-5 and the Acer predator XB273K. I will be using RTX 3080 and want to have great experience in the gaming. Predator X27 which HDR1000 is way too expensive for me.

  • Shadowidk

    When we able to buy this? I can’t find it anywhere

    • Jose J. Ramos
      Jose J. Ramos

      I think in nov 14

  • Ssin 19
    Ssin 19

    this guy's weird laugh and face creep me out wtf

  • Adam Zmikly
    Adam Zmikly

    Will this look pretty bad if I run it at 1440p instead of 4k on some games? Getting a 3080 in a few days and don't know if I should shoot for this monitor or LG 27GL850-B.

  • Yassine Mejdoubi
    Yassine Mejdoubi

    Ps5 ???

  • AgRo Clipz
    AgRo Clipz

    Can anyone please help me out. I'm looking for a new monitor for the xbox series x. What will it run regarding hz and 4k etc? All I play is call of duty please they Haha.

  • Paul

    Small feedback.. Please stop waving your hands in front of your face when presenting!

  • freestyla85

    I want a monitor with OLED 8K DolbyVision HDR 250PPI with 360Hz refresh in 24". My wallet is ready

    • Nezuko _Protection _Squad
      Nezuko _Protection _Squad

      I am waiting until they drop a 34" ultrawide 32k 5000hz monitor with old And v sync I will probably pay around 30 40 aud

  • Shadowidk

    What is the FPS in gta5 or Really any game with this monitor and a 2080ti?

  • PianomanSat

    Kind of a stupid question but would this work with the new Ps5 and Xbox series X

  • Bugeye Builder
    Bugeye Builder

    I just picked up the G7 and I'm dealing with flickering with adaptive sync on

  • Rofl Kartoffl
    Rofl Kartoffl

    Does it work with ps5 ?

  • Oliver Nielsen
    Oliver Nielsen

    We need an update with this monitor and the RTX 3080. Im planning on getting the combo, but it a huge investment here in denmark where the monitor costs $1100....

  • Berry Boy
    Berry Boy

    Worker at micro center:Hello how may I help you Customer:Hello do you have the lg 3g6s9ph5dtwu6ga8 monitor

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