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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • C J
    C J

    daily train that... really a valid reason to buy it?XD

  • Drich R
    Drich R

    Can’t wait for the AMD version.

  • Knowledge Gained
    Knowledge Gained

    anything with good LED's are just really good tbh


    Linus is pro-Mac. Not everyone wants a Mac bro. Give it the like it deserves.

  • Lemon Tree
    Lemon Tree

    9:16 That hiddious blooming. My god...

  • shutseal7206

    6:53 And I am trying to finish this As Fast as Possible...

  • segoiii

    and how is this better than OLED ? It consumes much power and is still worse, because when you have a picture with a great variety of colors, the blacks will still look washed out, because you cannot switch off an LED in an area where there is still some color.

  • Gediminas

    This is NOT MiniLED display! How they call so backlit display? MiniLED works like OLED just uses better inorganic LED's.

  • Rizumu Tenshi
    Rizumu Tenshi

    Not sure if I commented before but 3:26 the name is starting to get grating beyond tolerance, do Microsoft even realise Windows 10 is NOT getting ANY better? ...this is why it's either Ryzen or I'll have to find a way to use 8.1 again

  • Gavers23

    "the sun is *TO* bright"?!?

  • zebub

    mfw linus talking about slightly off colour accuracy colour blind go brr

  • Tucker Webb
    Tucker Webb

    Hahaha, seriously love your ad intros.

  • Zachary Traficanti
    Zachary Traficanti

    You clearly do not like MSI products..

  • Dean

    Best thing Apple do well is to have a huge exit in their stores!

  • H

    Looking a little Stoney ☺️

  • Xbrox

    They bring the Picture "directly" to you -Satoru Iwata

  • Cxppoo

    yo i was just watching ur videos from like 2019 and u was bald face and now u look like a grizzle bear by the face XD but i still love u !!!!

  • Flugene Gu
    Flugene Gu

    Apple "not the first, but do it better than others" Yeah, not motherboard design...

  • Vaskedama

    60 hz in 2020? erm...

  • Top Craft
    Top Craft

    Laptop cams still are 720p? Come on their prices are thousands of dollars.

  • khendy Chrush
    khendy Chrush

    heaps of people reviewing this on youtube saw "Linus" THE CHOSEN ONE.

  • Diyon Ransidu
    Diyon Ransidu


  • Just Adupe
    Just Adupe

    mustache + linus what do you get? linus tache tips! boom👊💥

  • Joe Dow
    Joe Dow

    You talking to fruits?

  • Richard Uk
    Richard Uk

    Pulseway ....

  • Chan

    Total clickbait. This laptop has nothing to do with apple. It's just to rile up the apple haters.

  • Arno nümuss
    Arno nümuss

    You can't just lift the keyboard to change the ram?

  • DC 22
    DC 22

    Hey Linus, wanted to know what you think about ASUS Tuf Gaming 15.6" 32GB DDR4 1TB?

  • Sag ich Nicht
    Sag ich Nicht


  • InsanityCA

    They actually havent invented anything if you look it up

  • 1XC

    never buy msi there laptops hit 90 without any games running at least mine does

  • zvxcvxcz

    I hate zones, they all look awful. HDR sucks. Those zones are still huge, you really need to get to pixel level to bother, otherwise it just sucks.

  • zvxcvxcz

    Elgato sucks, no Linux support.

  • Ankan Sarkar
    Ankan Sarkar

    Why not use an OLED display????

  • destroslith

    MSI, king of shady review practices. no thanks

  • alan lars
    alan lars

    micro sd readers are annoying

    • alan lars
      alan lars

      im glad you pointed it out lol it really just doesnt make sense

  • nathanielcharnas


  • Mergatroid Mania
    Mergatroid Mania

    675 unhappy apple fans....

  • KelechIwuaba

    Here for the intro text

  • Kellan Alexander
    Kellan Alexander

    "As long as you don't type like a triggered Karen" 😹😹😹

  • Kaiesis

    OLED still better.

  • CraZyHen 25
    CraZyHen 25

    Is ROG rig reboot happening this year?

  • Aamir Khan
    Aamir Khan

    Iwantospktoyour manager! - Triggered Karen

  • alienghost3l33t

    "The sun is to bright". Good job.

  • Roeline van Schalkwyk
    Roeline van Schalkwyk

    I stick with my Lenovo Legion Y540, thanks, haha.

  • Sandip Achary
    Sandip Achary

    Someone tell why can't we use OLED instead of mini and micro LED screens. OLEDs are as much bright, colour accurate and the new OLEDs doesn't seem to have the burn in issues as much as the previous one.

    • Sandip Achary
      Sandip Achary

      @vladdx No i asked the wrong question. I meant was contrast ratio. Like blackest black and whitest white, the main property of OLED.

    • vladdx

      @Sandip Achary Accuracy is done by calibration, you probably meant color space coverage. This laptop has over 98% DCI-P3 coverage same as most OLED screens.

    • Sandip Achary
      Sandip Achary

      @vladdx what about colour accuracy ?

    • vladdx

      @Sandip Achary mini LED has 2 advantages over OLED: 1) higher brightness (this laptop reaches 1000 nits but TCL showed a mini LED TV with 4000 nits) with OLED being limited at 800 nits; 2) as all LCD tech there's zero chance of burn in regardless of application being used. Only microLED could compete with mini LED on monitors but it has scalability issues currently.

    • Sandip Achary
      Sandip Achary

      @vladdx Well i think unless they use it with full brightness and have a static image the OLED should be fine (like i said for general consumers). And while we are on the topic what is the advantages of mini LED over OLED ?

  • TheLastSeeker

    Next on LTT, a pc build for a "triggered karen". Never thought i'd hear linus say such words.

  • Ray Foss
    Ray Foss

    ... this is local array dimming... Not micro led

  • Zakkazz

    I sometimes almost forget that his last name isn't "TechTips" but Sebastian

  • Nuckerball

    Guess I misunderstood micro led. Thought the whole point was oled performance with lcd durability. This seems just like another led trying to imitate oled with dimming zones that still don't provide the level of contrast oled does.

  • Marina Armas
    Marina Armas

    Is it weird that I only come for the intro?

    • Shijiroku

      Not at all, I only come for Linus' sponsor transitions. And I have to say, I'm not disappointed.

  • Fee

    I’d buy one if it had AMD 8-16 core options

  • Derek Raymond
    Derek Raymond

    "..type like a triggered Karen." THE TEAAAA

  • UFOlogist

    Just because your laptop can't display HDR correctly doesn't mean you cant create an HDR video and have it display correctly on a proper device

  • π-zal

    Linux: "they're usually not first" Apple: remove headphone jack and create the monstrosity called notch

  • Richard Bruce
    Richard Bruce

    Battery life kills it. 8 hours minimum, 11 or better generally.

  • Karla Kirkpatrick
    Karla Kirkpatrick

    Oh my, I hope the future of TV doesn't turn into the movie with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe that was creeepy

  • Karla Kirkpatrick
    Karla Kirkpatrick

    Uh, there'sThunderbolt but where is Lightfoot? Hey, can anyone like this?

  • Karla Kirkpatrick
    Karla Kirkpatrick

    I'm trying to catch up here I left a challenge for you about an 11.6 or a 14-inch curved laptop with 2T on my comment no.2 I forgot to add a lighted keyboard and around the top cool teal preferred. Oh one more thing the color deep teal of course

  • Eric Graham
    Eric Graham

    I really wanna know you gotta be the only one on the internet who flexes a laptop. WTF man stop.

  • jokamutta

    Seriously? Ads right before the sponsor? :D

  • Adnan Burek
    Adnan Burek

    If you want to be happy and enjoy your time with a laptop, never, but never buy MSI Creator. This laptop in one sentence: Bunch of high-end parts placed randomly inside of 1.8 kg box labeled as a laptop for creators. Even if you turn off all mighty turbo boost, you will still have heat and power throttling. The battery they market like 8 hours long.. what a joke. Even with battery saver on, I couldn't last 4 hours watching youtube or scrolling through social media. If you are still not convinced ask your self, how`s that the laptop with the same specs is 1-2K more expensive? Good luck

    • vladdx

      @Adnan Burek Maybe that's the case with your laptop which probably has either bad thermal design or you're just bad at configuring CPUs to maximize performance. In my Creator 17 case, after it hits 95C the CPU frequency drops to 4Ghz which is 80% of the 4.8Ghz max turbo when all cores are used. I bet you didn't even attempt undervolting your Intel mobile CPU, which is a must in order to get the best from the CPU and it's a basic thing that everyone who buys high-end laptops knows.

    • Adnan Burek
      Adnan Burek

      @vladdx I can give you proof of me owning this laptop if needed and my CPU knowledge is not important here. This laptop has big thermal problems, true color app sucks, low quality builds, not optimize and that is a fact. What`s the point of having a 3K laptop where you don`t use 60% of its power? With 100% CPU usage it goes to 98C in a second and in the next one CPU usage drops to 35% cause of throttling.

    • vladdx

      @Adnan Burek Not only did you claim you owned a laptop with " i7 10876H" which shows your poor level of knowledge because that CPU doesn't exist but you don't even understand the basics of power throttling. Do you think my laptop with i7-10875H doesn't throttle, or AMD mobile CPUs for that matter? All mobile CPUs will throttle because of the compact size, it's literally unavoidable on a laptop. All that matters to a professional like myself is the time it takes to finish my work and Intel beats AMD in most professional applications.

    • Adnan Burek
      Adnan Burek

      @vladdx From my own experience, using benchmark is not valid option because using laptop on daily basis has much more variaty then justdoing benchamarks. I had MSI Prestige i7 10876H, 32 GB RAM, Rtx 2080 super, powerful machine on paper and benchmark but in real life, even with turbo boost off I had thermal or power throtlling. With my lenovo, which is half of the price and lower specs I get more stable time spent working on my laptop. For a desktop I took ryzen 9 3900x and I am happy with it.

    • vladdx

      @Adnan Burek What metric did you use to compare them? I, who actuallu own this laptop, used Cinebench R20 which scores above Lenovo Legion in both single and multi core tests.

  • D


  • Ergin Demir
    Ergin Demir

    At that price tag, Apple should switch to oled.

  • Jrteen's

    What about the creator 15? How does that machine compare in terms of specs, size, and display color accuracy for content creating? I am considering that one because of the 99.9 Whr battery, but would love some kind of review of it before committing. Love the content y'all put out. It's helped me so much over the years.

    • vladdx

      @Jrteen's That's good, would you be willing to share the icc profiles after you're done calibrating? I know screens are not equal but it's still worth a shot especially for HDR. Also don't forget you need separate icc profiles for SDR and HDR mode.

    • Jrteen's

      vladdx I do, so I don’t care too much about it being accurate out of the box as long as I can calibrate it to be accurate and cover a large enough color space while being accurate

    • vladdx

      @Jrteen's No, as long as you don't install MSI True Color you're fine. You can just install the icc profile through Windows' color managament without any tools from MSI. Do you have a colorimeter?

    • Jrteen's

      If I have my own calibration tools, would either display be able to be corrected to be more accurate while still covering the adobe rgb space or wider or would true color still be required to install my corrected profile and therefore still causing issues?

    • vladdx

      @Jrteen's Same thing applies for Creator 15 since you're also required to install MSI True Color in order to use calibration profiles from MSI.

  • GameUnionTV

    Best sponsor intro EVER (also, nice mics)

  • Catalin Raducan
    Catalin Raducan

    shit colors on this video, the webcam looked better

  • SalmonPunk

    The only thing they didn't use SD card is back in MSI gs63 they pair it with usb 2.0 connection, in the end i buy some third party and connect it to the thunderbolt 3

  • Wqter

    Y e s a benchmark called MARKbench 😆

  • Senson Pan
    Senson Pan

    it's more like AUO did it. MSI just merely put together all the parts and assemble it in a existing chasis.

  • ThunderUSB

    4:35 - damn, your voice is a delight

  • Sven F.
    Sven F. wtf???? hilarious!!!

  • Jordy Kelderman
    Jordy Kelderman

    “In-house benchmark does it under 8 min” Compared to....what....on other laptops? A comparison would have been nice if you put it in the vid, “a strong result” is not saying much

  • Aneesvar Tech Tips
    Aneesvar Tech Tips

    Linus, you are looking handsome man, a cool beard 😎😎

  • Starfals

    God, i wish everything used Mini LED. Its sooo much better and while its not as good as micro or OLED, this is the best next and cheaper thing we can get. The old tech is horrible. Every day i notice how ugly it looks and my hates for it grows even more.

    • vladdx

      Well said, working with desktop applications guarantees you'll get burn in on OLED screen down the line. That's why as a professional I chose this laptop instead of one with OLED.

  • SmogStreaming Channel
    SmogStreaming Channel

    Is that Max at 7:15 ????? Has she finally returned???

  • Gowtham

    who else got linus's pulseway ad on this video

  • 沈茂成

    OK, I miss MAX

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S

    I like MSi for the most part. Their customer service (I hear) continuously receives poor marks, but then if you don't need to use it..... On the other hand, someone needs to tell them that "sheet metal" does not mean "paper sheets." Seriously..... It doesn't need to be Apple-rexic thin, make it durable.

  • Nathan

    4:47 Ew.

  • Da A
    Da A

    A triggered Karen... Dear lord social media has caused utter devastation on the landscape of human consciousness and cognition. The downright stupid crap people are more than eager to bleat, it boggles the mind.

  • rdvgrd6

    Gotta love that clickbait title. Apple never wanted to have the first mini led laptop, ever

  • Dr S4T4N
    Dr S4T4N

    Laptops .... Good for facebook only.

  • incognito 82
    incognito 82

    The greyish silver makes that lappy boy look cheapo

  • Rev Lite
    Rev Lite

    0:34 hahahaha, that was a smooth transition

  • ares 054
    ares 054

    Why did i get a linus ad on a linus video

  • Jake Parker
    Jake Parker

    4:34 for the world's fastest "that's"

  • Pavel Novák
    Pavel Novák

    4:34 Sounds like a small dog bark lol

  • myself248

    There's no reason it shouldn't have BOTH sizes of SD reader! One for the GoPro, one for the DSLR, never hassle with adapters again.

  • Erivan Everlast
    Erivan Everlast

    5:47 i swear i thought he about to told another sponsor

  • McIntosh MotorSports
    McIntosh MotorSports


  • Kiaksar2142

    I never thought i will say that, but i love how linus talks about sponsors =D

  • nemure

    0:00 for example? marketing? ok I'll buy that one, what else? Apple is always inventing things years before products are on the market. Smartphones for example, people says at 2004 Apple launched first smartphone while android was born and working years ago, long before google bought it after apple's iphone launch. Apple is always last one to make things, usually worse than anyone else, super expensive and peeing on customers

  • Wiki

    windows... :(

  • Malthe Flindt
    Malthe Flindt

    hey linus, why not tell the audience why you are on TRT? testostorone replacement therapy

  • Gene Yuyiboy Jimenez
    Gene Yuyiboy Jimenez

    No surprise...... windows (it’s not the laptop it’s the OS) and mini LED is the backlight... Apple is working on mini LED screen. Please explain the difference for all viewers. 👌🏽👍🏽😊

  • Sanchayan Ghosh
    Sanchayan Ghosh

    Apple : Puts mini LED displays in their monitor Everyone Else: This is Innovation 🤨

  • Wirxaw Tanev
    Wirxaw Tanev

    Wait, just mini-LED? Who cares? MicroLED or bust.

  • David Holland
    David Holland

    Talk about MSI spamming the market with anything they can find.

  • Nosensev57

    over 600 triggered karens have downvoted this video....