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Can replacing your stock graphics card cooler with an aftermarket one give you better performance and a quieter system? Today we're taking a crack at installing the RaiJinTek Morpheus 8057 - and it DOESN'T go as planned.
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  • Osman Yildirim
    Osman Yildirim

    I cringe because I hear your screech Linus

  • Hirnlego999

    Too expensive. Can we get Arctic to make a bigger Accelero S3 for 2x 140mm fans? And some proper VRAM and VRM cooling dammit!

  • omar otoum
    omar otoum

    7:41 storaahhhge

  • IntroJoul

    Who remembers the April fools video where he said exactly this title

  • John Day
    John Day

    wooden dowels is my friend lol.

  • Binging With babish is amazing and I'm not creative
    Binging With babish is amazing and I'm not creative

    I am so jealous of that benchmark fps that is 96 times my intel hd graphics 4000

  • EricTheDesigner

    that is not easier than water cooling. Love you guys!

  • TheStigma

    Really wish that one of the AIB partners would just sell cards without the cooler as an option. It would obviously be very easy for them to do, and the cost saving should actually go a decent way towards offsetting the cost for a reasonable custom cooling solution. At least if you are aiming to mount a reasonable secondhand CPU cooler and epoxy on some cheap mass-produced heatsinks for the various other components. I really like that approach. Less so for the handful of extra percentage points of performance you can squeeze out - and more for the silence you can get in addition to it. It could be a bit problematic in terms of handling warranties reasonably but one can dream...

  • the Unofficial
    the Unofficial

    Ngl, the English translation is horrible af since from what i can tell is February 2020

  • Ruben Fernandes
    Ruben Fernandes

    Why do you guys, don’t just change the fans of original cooler sink? :/

  • prune eater
    prune eater

    what is the pc case you are using

  • PVP Panther
    PVP Panther


  • Ferna_Postales

    imagine using thermal epoxy on those tall heatsinks only to discover now the cpu heatsink wont fit anymore.

  • nruojos NS
    nruojos NS

    when can i buy this heatsink? im dying to buy this heatsink

  • Tomas Berglund
    Tomas Berglund

    this is a good fanprogram ^^

  • FapKing69

    For god's sake use some thermally conductive glue instead of those shitty thermal pads!

  • Sand_Man

    I need that for my cpu.

  • neferiusnexus

    4:13 That's TERRIBLE advice (i should know, i watched that video and the conclusion) Just use ArcticSilver folks. I did that for my 1080ti RAM chips and can OC them to 5880Mhz (+372) and play 4k downscaled to 1080p all day, every day. Use a toothpick to spread a VERY thin layer over the chips (less than two sesame seeds worth) Also, thanks to the nickel plating, these Raijintek coolers work AMAZING with liquid metal.

  • Blakslee Woody
    Blakslee Woody

    Back in the day, I put an NZXT Kraken kit on my 290 reference.

  • I Want To Be Better
    I Want To Be Better

    No good for VRM and memory at all

  • Matthew Ternullo
    Matthew Ternullo

    omg they just kept falling off XD

  • The Grand High Cat Person Of Catisum UK
    The Grand High Cat Person Of Catisum UK

    Bold of you to assume I can afford one

  • Damien

    Anyone here in 2050?

  • Murat Reis The Younger
    Murat Reis The Younger

    Grew a beard and now voice is starting to crack. Our boy is finally hitting puberty; so proud!

  • Dozer Hernandez
    Dozer Hernandez

    Yours is weird. Mine came with small ones that fit each vram individually.

    • Dozer Hernandez
      Dozer Hernandez

      Fuck yes! Thank you random knight dude!

    • dosko

      It probably depends when that cooler was manufactured. Seems he got an older one

  • Tahsin Faiyaz
    Tahsin Faiyaz

    Only 112%. 'we are really going to toast the graphics card'..

  • Captain Kuijt
    Captain Kuijt

    Cheaper solution: Put the PC itself in another room, drill a small hole in the wall for cables to your monitor(s), keyboard and mouse, etc. Fill the remaining space in the hole with insulation (or use an old T-shirt or a sock). Now you can crank up your fan speed to max to keep the temps down without having to be bothered by the noise.

  • FilZinGER

    Did this years ago with my GTX 285 an a ZALMAN custom cooler. Had no problems with the small heatsinks. They're still on the right place, never fall off.

  • monkeycage 24
    monkeycage 24

    Try cooling a cpu with it

  • Esoteric Indeed
    Esoteric Indeed

    You should modifi a graphics card that comes stock with a "beefy cooler" like you showed in the video where you just replace the fans in the encloser with noctua silent fans should be easy right?

  • 0othatoneo0

    well i borke my gpu like that . hahaha i did not use spacers . rip rx 580

  • snazzgers yackers
    snazzgers yackers

    8:16 Kajiggering? I look forward to that being added to the dictionary

  • Jesper Tc
    Jesper Tc

    Did Linus say, where does the D go?

  • Barry the Fish
    Barry the Fish

    Steave would have done 5 GPU's :/

  • Stefan Filipov
    Stefan Filipov

    Linus have you ever heard of Arctic ???????I have a way better radiator Plus a backplate plus it costed me around 40$

  • Diddles Mc Muffin
    Diddles Mc Muffin

    Wonder if this will work on a powercolour rx 590

  • StuntpilootStef

    Great, now put it on an RTX3090

  • Scrapyard Computing
    Scrapyard Computing

    Why dont just Asus or the others do this? They make 3 slot cards anyway

  • pslavi

    Noctua really need to change the color of those fans... They match with nothing...

  • Ghost

    7:40 thought you could hide your voice crack

  • notthere83

    Um... very few things can beat Noctua. I did this mod but with a decent solution that received great reviews from thousands of people (I think it was an Arctic Accelero) a number of years ago and in combination with installing an AIO cooler on my 2600K, it extended the life of that system significantly. Also modded my I think it was a 7800 GT (yeah, some 15 years ago) with a solution that looked almost identical and was I think Arctic Accelero too and back then, the cooler was able to dissipate so much heat that I didn't even need to put fans on. Great aftermarket coolers (+ Noctua) FTW!

  • Beelzebub

    Why didnt you crank the core voltage to 100 as well?

  • Sashumi _
    Sashumi _

    had the pulseway linus ad, on his video.. pog

  • Loadedgoods

    Take away if it's Chinese Designed aftermarket don't buy it LOL

  • Srinivas Arasu
    Srinivas Arasu

    Don’t tell me no one saw his hair

  • The One-Eyed Cat
    The One-Eyed Cat

    Morpheus II on my 1070 was the best upgrade for my computer ever. And I had an EVGA cooler on it. Maxes at 50°C and noise is uncomparable.

  • JimR

    Put the tape on the sinks FIRST, then just press them in place. Much easier working room that way.

  • InvaderZim1985

    had the same problem with the morpheus 2. i used thermalglue, because the system would crash due to fallen of heatsinks. now my 1080ti works fine :). oh and i got some other heatsinks that covered the chips better.

  • s h a d ø w b a n n e d
    s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    Why are those heatsinks just dangling off it?

  • 55in 1
    55in 1

    I have luck with my 2 Years older MSI 1080ti Armor OC. This Card has a metall cooling Plate over al Rams and VRMs. I must only two Alu Heatpipes on two Rams taken. At my Rams the Thermal Pads going wunderfull and no is faling down today. Its a problematik fom Card to Card. At one the pads going good and a other he falling down. The Temps are Wunderfull and the Card is Silent. I Love the Morpheus II GPU Cooler. In standard i have 1936Mhz and 70-80 Grad Celsius

  • Christoph Englert
    Christoph Englert

    i really would be interested in where to put the fan 4pin pmw connector at?! has there been any connector on the graphics card?

  • A Communist Raptor
    A Communist Raptor

    This is why arctic has you put thermal adhesive on everything but some small little heatsinks on their accellero coolers.

  • firebirdude2

    So no issues after all the memory heatsinks had fallen off?!

  • Kepe

    12 heatpipes? I count 6, which run through the GPU coldplate. Raijintek's marketing BS does state 12, but did anyone at LTT actually bother counting them? This is exactly why I don't come to LTT when I want actual information. LTT's videos are just paid promo fluff pieces with nearly zero proper information.

    • Kepe

      The fact that Linus always has someone instructing him on what to do tells a lot...


    good luck trying to cool your mem junction temps with that cooler

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud

    tl;dr: Thermal Epoxy or Go Home.

  • J Ram
    J Ram

    You made this look so much harder than it is... and then did the least fair comparison with the heat syncs off... i didn't even bother to see your results

  • J024

    Engineers have no logic sometimes.

  • reezlaw

    If you for whatever reason have an old-school blower card, you basically MUST slap a Morpheus on it. Not only my Vega64 became completely silent - and it used to sound like a vacuum before - I got a 30% performance increase, no kidding. I was blown away

  • reezlaw

    Isn't that exactly the same as the Morpheus II I have on my Vega64? It does look _exactly_ the same

  • Andres Cruz
    Andres Cruz

    That 4:13 shoutout to Tech Ingredients though

  • Stefan Ilic
    Stefan Ilic

    I need help with my new gaming pc configuration, what is better: R9 3800x with rtx 2060 6gb ili I7 9700f with rtx 2060 super 8gb?

  • Andrew Kunkel
    Andrew Kunkel

    Will this fit a Radeon 7?

  • knightwolf200612

    I have the Morpheus II for a year now. It has a lot of heatsinks and thermal tape with it. Included are about 10 square memory heatsinks, 5 low and 5 high profile. Every memory chip has it's own little heatsink. I've been using it on my Asus Radeon R9-390 for a year now, with 2 BeQueit 140mm fans on it. The only thing that didn't work was the VRM heatsink because it didn't fit on my grapgics card, so I had to create a VRM hearsink myself from a random heatsink. Every sink that uses the thermal tape still sits strong on my card! The temperature dropped around 15 degrees celcius compared to the stock Asus 3-fan mega cooler! After many hours of playing GTA Online on 2560x1600 resolution it's still max 75 degrees celcius. And the 140mm fans are really quiet even on max power!

  • Ivan Vasiliyvich
    Ivan Vasiliyvich

    I got a nzxt kraken bracket and a cheap evga 140mm AIO (which isn't technically supported but with some jiggling fits just fine) for $25 from a local micro center for my 1080ti and I got a much better overclock, 65C temps, and absolutely silent performance. In my opinion, it's a much better option than this jank morpheus setup because from the looks of the things, not only is it cheaper, but the rest of gpu motherboard is cooled not by shitty heatsinks, but by a dedicated secondary fan blowing directly onto the board, which is included with the nzxt kraken. According to my monitoring software, the memory was actually cooler than stock with this setup, even with a nice oc. What makes it even better is that because of its simple design, it will fit pretty much any gpu (even the ones that aren't technically supported), so you bet your ass I'm gonna try to jank it on a 3000s series when I find a 3080 or something for a good price.

  • Stelios Mouratidis
    Stelios Mouratidis

    Can I just say, that this video is one my fav just because of the shot on 0:34? Kudos to the camera operator there

  • Nobock

    i dont care because i play with headphones like every gamer should be.

  • Tim Titus
    Tim Titus

    Am I the only one to mention the pink watch band?

  • Husain B
    Husain B

    damn bro thats fkin massive how would u use this if you want to use a pcie to sata thingy too

  • Husain B
    Husain B

    we need more intel videos plz

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    I rather test my gpu by playing games furmark doesn't max the heat or boost

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    I bought Kraken G12 and Corsair H80i v2 for my Titan X Pascal now the card have a stable boost at 2050 and the memory runs at 5500 the cards max out at 50-55 celcius only on few games usually it's around 40c when i play games

  • Jacob Rice
    Jacob Rice

    LTT vids have been trash for a while now, this one is just on another level. Thumbnails with some dumbass facial expression, Linus being an idiot for 10+ minutes, shameless merch plugs, I wish this guy would just retire already.

  • Hail Helghan
    Hail Helghan

    Automatic thumbs down for indoors mask wearing

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman

    8:56 "with 4x msaa we really tryna toast this card" me: runs fur with 8x MSAA while having heaven and MSI kombustor runnin in the back with not more than 75C xDDDDD

  • XDbored1

    VRM heat sink falls off runs Furmark with power limits maxed fans barely running Linus you were trying to get that 2080ti to catch fire i know it also these aftermarket heatsinks are for cards that don't have good AIB models mostly Vegas since your probably going to watercool Titans and you can get a good AIB model for just about everything else

  • Pomegranate Rhapsody
    Pomegranate Rhapsody

    Isn´t it better to get the NZXT AIO bracket and some cheap 240 or even 360? i mean this crap is already 90 bucks on amazon...

  • Ryan Dickson
    Ryan Dickson


  • Prince FDarkness
    Prince FDarkness

    How is this representative of how the product actually performs when most of the heatsinks fell off? This isn't a particularly useful video for anyone who is considering this product.

  • omar errabaany
    omar errabaany

    I am not going to open my GPU ever 😂

  • Sam

    For some reason today my fan on my ryzen 3 3100x went to 3500 rpm for 2 minutes while I was playing fall guys then it went back down to 2100 rpm

  • Sentinel X9
    Sentinel X9

    That probe lens shot is sick!

  • David Neil
    David Neil

    No more Dollar Shave sponsor?

  • Cameron Harvey
    Cameron Harvey

    Honestly I never understood the trend of super silent. I literally have a metal fan on my desk and my ac is usually on for half the year. I don't think I've heard my PC one time.

    • Someonelse

      I totally understand it, I don't have any other noice sources around, and even if I had, I wouldn't want to add another.

  • Z Z
    Z Z

    A much better solution is to AVOID video cards with BLOWER cooling designs . . . This video and solution is NOT for the average consumer...


    "It's good to do a dry wipe before a wet wipe to pull off the majority of the goop" I apply the same technique wiping my bum.

  • rkeith linden
    rkeith linden

    Linus and his Hair!!!!

  • F. Huff
    F. Huff

    Great demo Linus. I'm not sure that the Morpheus is ready for prime time.

  • Oliver Shipp
    Oliver Shipp

    With the thermal tape, aren't you supposed to clamp them down for an hour or so to let everything bond?

  • andy tunnah
    andy tunnah

    I use the Accelero Xtreme IV. Dropped my FE 1080Ti down from 84c and the noise of a hoover, to 55c without the fans spinning up (as in from their lowest speed). A few weeks later it now hits 70c max, but fans still don't really speed up. Massively helped my tinnitus!

  • The Ultimate Irishman
    The Ultimate Irishman

    You don't really need heatsink on those inductors...

  • Nivek

    I just using the Raijintek Morpheus 2 on my Vega 56 since 2018, and not a single heatsink dropped :D The thermals decreased from 85 to 60 Celsius, and bye bye blower cooler :)

    • Jim N
      Jim N

      @NicoSwagzawa I think @HyPn0o covered what i'd have bothered to type in reply to you (Cheers hyp for backing me up). Linus absolutely bodged this review.

    • HyPn0o

      @NicoSwagzawa Linus failed to take proper care & i agree with Jim it was a half arsed instal. Absolutely does matter how well or bad Linus installed VRM or Memory heatsinks & how well he applied thermal paste.... by what reasoning would you think it wouldnt?!!! Raijenteks website 'feature page' has some rendered mock up GPU illustrations but whats actually included in the box is detailed on the 'Unboxed' section on very same webpage. Lets face it that 'feature page' is not the instructions now is it - so using that to mock Jim.N here looks pretty bloody stupid considering the actual 'instructions' are clearly down as listed as included in box... blinkerd fanboyism of Linus is not constructive.

    • HyPn0o

      Nice results Nivek, was surprised to see Linus make such an ass of this and kinda hate on the product... as when googling else where it's been getting a massive thumbs up, even found some guy on a GPU forum showing it keeping a GTX2080ti around an average of 58/59c with no higher than a peak of 65c when using two 1200rpm fans within a tiny enclosed case!

    • NicoSwagzawa

      @Jim N You obviously didn't read my comment, did you? I said Raijintek is displaying ON THEIR PRODUCT PAGE a Nvidia card without *any* of the VRM heatsinks applied. It doesn't even matter how improperly he applies any of them. That only leaves the GPU heatsink to mess up, and we saw the whole process on camera. It's only applying paste and screwing the heatsink to the back plate. Hell, according to Raijintek's own instructions, adding fans to it is *optional*, so Linus could have even just run this thing without fans and still have installed this cooler properly by Raijintek's own standard. The manual is available on their site, if you don't believe me.

    • Jim N
      Jim N

      @NicoSwagzawa Havent watched the full video then have you; as Linus didn't clean the mem or VRM's properly before mounting the heatsinks and then complains of poor adhesion by sticky thermal pads - so begs the question what else had he not done with due care inbetween cuts/edits/takes unseen to us via video wonder? The pads supplied i had no issues with on either my cards (As in they were on first time, sealed tight and not budging), but then i took my time to clean everything properly. Considering my 980Ti and 1080ti (Both known to be very hot cards), stayed in low 60's with 1400 rpm fans adjusted down to 70% of their max speed; i disagree with you. Now I'm all for water cooling (My cpu is water cooled), but this GPU air cooler is upto task or else i'd have my GPU under water aswell... (lol...)

  • Amar Gala
    Amar Gala

    No mention about the long-term value of this cooler being that you can re-use it on your future GPUs also

  • ерунда сэндвич
    ерунда сэндвич

    How about a headset?

  • __Mort3012__

    Seems it might be a thing, for someone buying a 2nd hand reference card. N' to the guys making them.. Some decent resin to fix the heat sinks on!

  • Rafe Zetter
    Rafe Zetter

    As soon as I saw the heatsink I was like...err??... errrr??? - that looks exactly like my Alpenfohn heatsink I've been using for the last FOUR YEARS - first on my GTX 770ti, then my GTX 980 ti and now my 1070ti - as they all have the same board architecture. - I though Linus was supposed to be at the CUTTING EDGE of tech?

  • Stéphane Duchesneau
    Stéphane Duchesneau

    The Morpheus cooler has been out of stock for like, forever!

  • PanzerIV

    Sure my reference 2080Ti has a shitty ugly and noisy heatsink but when u paid only 1000$CAD on the used market "761$USD" and no taxes, there's no way I would have paid +400-500$ just for a better PCB & Heatsink cause in the end both are still just 2080Ti so will get pretty much the same performance anyway.

  • Attila András
    Attila András

    Bad memories come back when I see that thermal pad and the small memory cooling blocks come apart. This is how I killed my 9800 pro when I installed some Zalman vga cooler... :( they just fell off the memory chips but I couldn't see it under the main block. Bad, bad, bad...

  • Strangely Repulsive
    Strangely Repulsive

    really bad video. didn't compare to a good cooler and didnt use the best possible fans