Series X vs. Xbox One - What's the Difference??
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Linus + James play some backward compatible games on the Xbox One X and the Series X to see how the new console makes the games look better, run smoother, and load faster. Plus the new Quick Resume feature which is surprisingly cool!
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Favelazz

    can someone explain me 120fps feature?? is it available for all games??

  • Ethan Manning
    Ethan Manning

    Please see if Xbox Series X will have region free 4K blu-ray player

  • liam vasquez
    liam vasquez

    Just get a pc

  • EdgyShooter

    Damn, microsoft really did learn from the trainwreck that was the Xbox one launch

  • Over lapinion
    Over lapinion

    I’m getting an Xbox series X instead of ps5 probably

  • downer 715
    downer 715

    On the xbox one x you have to turn on instant on so the loading screen doesn't appear

  • M H
    M H

    Now gta v will only take 1 hour to load instead of an entire day. Impressive.

  • Alejosue 2502
    Alejosue 2502

    One of them is a refrigerator and the other one is normal

  • CloutGangGod

    The GTAV load time

  • JoeyOfBananas

    "promotes and de-promotes..." Or you could just... you know... "demotes"

  • Dylan Brower
    Dylan Brower

    yay linus tech tips yay!!!!!!

  • TimeToGo

    you are a very small man

  • Gabriel Brookins
    Gabriel Brookins

    Me watching him complain about having 1.2 terabytes of storage left 😐😐😐😐

  • kill3rbyysight

    so are these 77" oleds??

  • Tiago Cruz
    Tiago Cruz

    The FFXV fps is probably locked at 30fps because the animations are made to look better at that framerate. Maybe it can be unlocked in the settings.

  • Haider Saba
    Haider Saba

    This person is much honest then Austin.🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Kingdecca

    I thought people couldn't use their series x yet? Or am I crazy

  • Рус кус
    Рус кус


  • Yash Kandpal
    Yash Kandpal


  • Jiří Štefka
    Jiří Štefka

    I have original xbox silver edition ;)

  • max kraus
    max kraus

    Linus "cool talking" is cringe

  • Fantastic Chaos
    Fantastic Chaos

    well FFXV is in fact one of those games that a 2080 cudnt keep at 4k60. I wonder what wud happen if u were running crysis remastered.

  • TheKHfan358over3d

    the reason why minigames during loading screens hasn't returned was a copyright thing I think or was it a patent related thing? either way someone owns that concept and isn't using it.

  • Virea Lovingio
    Virea Lovingio

    Xbox s x and PS 5 vs rtx 2080 ti and 3080

    • Jakakak Kakskssns
      Jakakak Kakskssns

      Comparing consoles to dedicated gaming consoles isn’t really fair

  • Cesar Garay
    Cesar Garay

    Does the game will be in hd audio or still in dolby digital and dts?

  • K1ng -A
    K1ng -A

    Black ops 2 on this console ohh yeaa

  • Anthony!

    I replaced the stock 2.5" mechanical laptop hard drive in my XBox One with a Samsung EVO 860 2.5"... performance increase was absolutely massive, game load times were around ~1/3rd. Much more enjoyable to play. Obviously not much impact on the 3D quality / performance of the system but so much more usable.


    jack stauber

  • tallboi

    Ok, so Linus, you probably won't see this but I have a question. Do you think I could download Linux on the new Xbox line? If not windows 10?

  • michael mayer
    michael mayer

    Looks the same to me I'll spend money cause it loads 45sec faster.

  • Joseph Melvin
    Joseph Melvin

    Sorry but they are exactly the same 😂😂😂😂

    • Jakakak Kakskssns
      Jakakak Kakskssns

      They just aren’t

  • Random Tube
    Random Tube

    Im still outside of the Microsoft store with cash in hand. Like take my money now. But Microsoft hates me and doesn't want me as a customer. I don't know why.

  • Chekzin

    And not to mention doom eternal isn't even optimized for next gen

  • Le Djinn
    Le Djinn

    Yeah game developers need to take from pc developers and start using compression software to save us console gamers storage space or make our external ssd prices a hell of a lot cheaper

  • BlazinNSoul

    It was also good the point mentioned about external drives!! Because that has been a point of contention for me for some time. I literally have my entire game library stored on a 6 Tera external drive. At present it takes up maybe 35% of my drive. But then again I have 117 games lol. Now to the good news at present the XOne-X does have pretty good transfer rates. From the external drive to the internal drive. However games like Space Engineers, Monster Hunter FPS like fortnite don't run well. Your drive is constantly spinning up to try to keep up. In an FPS game that is Death kill & not worth even a millisecond of your time lol. I'd be extremely curious what Series X Datarate is on those USB ports? 🤔 Because it's going to make a huge difference how your old games play here.

  • BlazinNSoul

    Oh there's one other thing people should keep in mind if you're planning on getting a new TV. Make damn good and sure it's HDCP 2.2 compatible. That's so other devices will be able to communicate with it including your Series X. Since the Series X supports the new HDMI 2.1 standard. Which will allow you to broadcast 4K in 120 Hrz & 8K in 60 Hrz. It seems to be a misstep people always run into without checking first. BTW you better leave enough room for new HDMI cable as well. Because that will need to be HDMI 2.1 compatible as well if you don't have it already. :)

  • qaixr NZ
    qaixr NZ


  • Kyle Peplow
    Kyle Peplow

    Hey Linus, Digital Foundry called, they'd like you to stay in your lane bro lol.

  • BlazinNSoul

    On the negative side those external ssds are way overpriced!! Considering we are getting a nose bleeding small drive here of just under a Tera seems cheap. 2 Tera would have been appropriate considering. However on the positive side the fact that literally the entire Xbox Library will the playable on the Series X. Is almost worth the price of admission. This means maybe Space Engineers will finally work without crashing the memory lol. :b

  • Sagar Verma
    Sagar Verma

    Ohhh 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱

    • Jakakak Kakskssns
      Jakakak Kakskssns


  • Vamp

    He got grease on the console in the thumbnail😂

  • Daniel Bueno
    Daniel Bueno

    they dont stand side by side because a difference is small

  • Limin

    When I worked for Micro Center in 2012, the upper management said that they never did or will do advertisement on TV or on the internet because everything is word of mouth. I guess they really changed their strategy in the recent years. I think they are short on cash now and needs help.

  • tomasz jaworski
    tomasz jaworski

    I’m going to buy the game beat the game then sell the game and erase the storage so no need for extra storage for me.

  • StandardTuning4Guitars

    the difference is the series x has extra capabilities such as the ability to seek out and target dweebs who spam youtube with their annoying face.

  • Vlad Elisei
    Vlad Elisei

    Ridge walle.. me: you have no power here

  • Cel Mare Miyamoto
    Cel Mare Miyamoto

    Dear Microsoft, This is your answer to the PS5 which has Liquid Metal, giant heat sink, 120mm Fan, design to an expert level... And you come out with this Toy like Box? Hahaha

  • Alejandro Tobienne
    Alejandro Tobienne

    Sorry too many cut scenes to see game speed loads.

  • Yael Garcia Chanon
    Yael Garcia Chanon

    Despite this making games look a LOT BETTER, I'm probably just gonna spend most my time playing Minecraft on this.

    • Jakakak Kakskssns
      Jakakak Kakskssns


  • Bilal Sardar
    Bilal Sardar

    well they are technically using pc hardware

  • Супа съел
    Супа съел

    Я ничего не понимаю. Но xbox топ


    weird cause at 3:28 i thought the xbox one looked better than the series. Series looks like 720p in that image

  • ItzSubzero

    We gotta see gta on the next gen

  • nothankyouiwouldprefernot

    But can it play CRYSIS?

  • Farens

    they need add RESERVE storage .. archive storage hdd for send game what i not play at now.

  • H1DD3N G4L4XY
    H1DD3N G4L4XY

    Hope I can purchase one in November

  • Grimmm

    Ad block cant save me on android :((

  • Shelton Monteiro08
    Shelton Monteiro08

    ask for a photo of xbox one x i would like to make a sticker just like your xbox to put it on my xbox!

  • Dustin Curtis
    Dustin Curtis

    Trying to build a xbox series x setup. What router, modem, and monitor should I buy?

  • Brisan Hruska
    Brisan Hruska

    i love that when he does his sponcerships it’s soo quick

  • Augusto costa
    Augusto costa

    Need to find the right TV for your Xbox X:

  • Matt Stewart
    Matt Stewart

    That’s why wait comment makes these guys look like shills

  • DiscardedDig YT
    DiscardedDig YT

    That’s a big tv 😳

  • tres youngblood
    tres youngblood

    Load GTA V

  • evan clark
    evan clark

    I don’t have a 4K TV it’s a good new 55 inch but I’ve had the day one launch Xbox one up until now so yeah let’s say I’m due for an upgrade haha

  • jordan hashem
    jordan hashem

    They could have done that with the Xbox one but instead they just made an upgraded version with the same home screen and menu layout as the Xbox one no thought went into that part at all very discouraging to see that really and also deciding to make the series S only 512gb that is disgraceful very disappointed think I'll just keep my 1TB Xbox one S 👍😎

  • Barnadhya Barman
    Barnadhya Barman

    I want to buy series x so much but because of those incredible exclusives I will have to go with ps5. I wish Xbox starts making amazing exclusives, their hardware is also better than PlayStation

  • SeaWeed5

    3:06 420 lol

  • New Message
    New Message

    Lol pc gamers have power but can't load faster then a Xbox haha

  • New Message
    New Message

    Oled is the Gaming king

  • Subscribe to Kacy Duzan09 and not me
    Subscribe to Kacy Duzan09 and not me

    why does the thumbnail look like bill cipher with flesh?


    Microsoft using Linus to promote the lack of games is okay you can play your old games even better good one microsoft XD

  • Jasbinder Singh
    Jasbinder Singh

    Linus videos are great adverts. Nothing more.

  • Jasbinder Singh
    Jasbinder Singh

    I was about to buy one, but after watching these videos it isnt that much more powerful. Going for the ps5.

  • 18T220

    Dislike for the constant shilling of LTT store, 5:18 was too far. Could buy good brands for that price.

  • Yaseen071 Khan
    Yaseen071 Khan

    is it only me or does it look like its a bloody ac unit at the top

  • Brezimenko Brezprezimenko
    Brezimenko Brezprezimenko

    It looks so cheap IMO..

  • Chuck n
    Chuck n

    Someone got paid to review this..... Seems a bit bias

    • I like ur mom
      I like ur mom

      No shi1 he’s sponsored idiot. But he clearly had his own opinion and wasn’t bias. If he wasn’t Sponsored, this video wouldn’t be here

  • Matthijs Waverijn
    Matthijs Waverijn

    Every body shitting about blinds and the sun the point is this a God damn studio inside a building and you won't see a shit piece of sunlight but Just because of the Light in the room since every thing is White causing a bit of reflection

  • Mark Nielsen
    Mark Nielsen

    Old Xbox 360 Me who's only ever played Xbox 360

  • Parallel

    Greetings, I put on Steam the rpg game I'm producing, Parallel, but hope to bring it to Xbox 🙏

  • duck wurth
    duck wurth

    The grease on the xbox in the thumbnail hurts me on a spiritual level

  • Dylan L
    Dylan L

    As a ps4 user, i think i am gonna pass on the ps5. I've always disliked the OS. Xbox did seem to do better

  • Chill Peter
    Chill Peter

    Load up GTA V lol

  • chris pomplun
    chris pomplun

    Will doom eternal get better later with ray tracing?

  • Anxious Dreams
    Anxious Dreams

    Some 2.2k butthurt ps fangirls disliking the video lmao 🤣

  • Imminent Fates
    Imminent Fates

    On the game that ran thirty there's a good chance that the animations were tied to the frame rate

  • Lee Hobbs
    Lee Hobbs

    First time since xbox 360 I've been tempted back to the console world.

  • Baz Baz
    Baz Baz

    Barely no difference iii he is a joke

    • I like ur mom
      I like ur mom


  • Larkspeed

    The difference is the Xbox One fits in my entertainment setup and the Series X doesn't so they lose a customer.

  • Jacobi L
    Jacobi L

    Wait, FFXV has different quality modes

  • TobyTank12

    Hi guys I heard that I need a hdmi 2.1 on my monitor to get the 120hz at 2k or even 1080p is this the case or have I not understood that correctly Thanks

    • Tyler And Leah Canadian
      Tyler And Leah Canadian

      2.1 monitors don't exsist yet either

    • Tyler And Leah Canadian
      Tyler And Leah Canadian


  • Cameron Boyle
    Cameron Boyle

    Way to the Console wars battlefield⤵

  • ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神
    ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神

    Interesting video always nonetheless Despite the cancerous fanboys down below 😊😊😊

  • Tuxedo Manny
    Tuxedo Manny


    • I like ur mom
      I like ur mom

      What is this

  • Max Is cool
    Max Is cool

    I’m gonna wait until 2021 February to get a ps5 because it will lower in price

  • Jonathan

    Gross marketing attempt!! There is no reason to get a next gen console this year. Both Sony and Microsoft have failed at creating a worthwhile next gen console.

  • Kayden

    Quick resume from a cold boot is fucking impressive!

  • jackbauer322

    yeah we can't see any difference on the video ... film from the same angle and luminosity ... guys hire someone with cinematography background please !


    You guys should slap a SSD into the xbox one x and run the same test the series x is still more power full but comparing the boot times is comparing apples to oranges.