RTX 3090 SLI - We Tried so Hard to Love It
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Officially Nvidia has killed SLI but the 3090 has SLI fingers... lets give it a go.
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  • ThePixelitomedia

    SLI = waste of money

  • M 07
    M 07

    6:15 Rap God

  • Ez T-bag
    Ez T-bag

    soon PC need Briteq - CEE-CABLE 10M to keep running

  • Bishal Chakraborty
    Bishal Chakraborty


  • Brian Tep
    Brian Tep

    3090 sli to run quake 2, i approve

  • Shirwel

    where to buy this gpu!! i just need one hahaha

  • Sarah Cooper
    Sarah Cooper

    As nVidia they have studio drivers so would it be possible nvlink would be ideal for the data crunch side of GPU's?

  • Ahmed Sohail
    Ahmed Sohail

    “She’s a heavy boy for sure” 2:19

  • Luc LeCroy
    Luc LeCroy

    But can it run RTX Minecraft shaders???

  • Lucky-CODM

    But can it run minecraft is the real question.

  • Lexy Starwatcher
    Lexy Starwatcher

    Funny that this popped on my suggested videos as I was looking to set up my free disused 970s into an SLI cause I can't afford anything that costs money. Never mind I had to buy an SLI cable off amazon because I lost the one that came with the motherboard.

  • Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at'ite
    Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at'ite

    3:30 You got it wrong !!! There is alot more powerful customer cpu than that, and is: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X , see here how strong it is ;) www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.html

  • Retro Un-Retro
    Retro Un-Retro

    She’s a heavy boy

  • Tim_

    i would use this to play minecraft

  • Blue Dinosaur
    Blue Dinosaur

    I actually agree with linus, FUCK motion blur makes games look shitty and causes motion sickness

  • Vincent Hernandez
    Vincent Hernandez

    i doubt the 30 series videos matter cuz they aren't on sale

  • fire surfer
    fire surfer

    Thanks for reminding me to use the coupon I got from Micro center before it expires.

  • USA_Ham

    Too bad SLI isn't supported on Star Citizen. Imagine actually being able to play it on anything more than 40 FPS on any graphics setting other than minimum.

  • Bald People
    Bald People

    I love how I don’t have a pc but still watch his vids

  • Vulpine407

    Damn that's a lot of dust on the card's case in the closeup shots. Time to dust-mop the shop Linus.

  • Rafael Tavares
    Rafael Tavares

    Maybe the heat from the top card made the thing not work properly

  • TheLetsplaymine

    motion blur should be removed from all games ffs

  • Cory Ball
    Cory Ball

    You’re my friend that pops up on my entertainment devices so you have friends.

  • Five Nights At FoxLife_Real
    Five Nights At FoxLife_Real

    The graphics card is great and all but the question is... *"Can it run Minecraft?"*

  • ricead

    More interested in how it works for AI using Tensorflow than gaming, or 3d rendering AGIsoft.

  • Julien Taming
    Julien Taming

    now we can play Flight Simulator 2020....

  • Robert Paulson
    Robert Paulson

    ....why are these cards growing to the size of an actual PC?

  • Rhazien

    But can it run Crysis

  • flame

    2:20 SHE is a heavy BOY for sure?

  • Matthew Pierce
    Matthew Pierce

    He says “dual 4090s” Linus is in the future

  • Xedoken

    what is a case?

  • xpugur

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  • Dante T
    Dante T

    Motion blurr sucks!

  • Jeffrey Paguio
    Jeffrey Paguio

    Love watching RSloftrs review/use 30 series cards that is unavailable for anyone to purchase. For competition sake, let’s hope AMD shows something very good this week!

  • mudder runner
    mudder runner

    "3:23" Try and set the amount you want as you like *I got the amount I really wanted **pyptolmon.xyz* අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

  • ZaxooRDR2

    me wtih 1650 super: yeah man that's so cool

  • Aleksey Chemetev
    Aleksey Chemetev

    What is the case he using?

  • Middlestep [official]
    Middlestep [official]

    You need a PSU-per-GPU with these new cards...

  • Alex Dude
    Alex Dude

    FE on bottom and asus on top would have been ideal for airflow, due to the rad on the FE

  • Tinee Pro
    Tinee Pro

    seriously dont get the point of upgrading to that overkill when i can play the same games at max with a psu of 650, ryzen 7 2700, 5600xt with temp of 50c..

  • John Fysh Iridium Liao
    John Fysh Iridium Liao

    'She's a heavy boy' - Linus Sebastion, 2020

    • Saravanan K
      Saravanan K


  • Law Wen Jun
    Law Wen Jun

    So... the rockstar launcher is a "SLI capable game "now?

  • Sunny Ko
    Sunny Ko

    My wallet ran away after I clicked on this video... fuck now I got to go find him before he drowns himself somewhere that I can't find.

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi

    2020 isnt all bad it seems - 14:30 linus got buff yo

  • Arunanshu Biswas
    Arunanshu Biswas

    11:51 Linus using the Forbidden Knowledge to give the GPUs extra power.

  • paxichtVideo

    3:44 little heart attack :)

  • Legend Plays
    Legend Plays

    wtf that gpu is so big lmfaooo

  • Duruthu SAthsara
    Duruthu SAthsara

    I can't even afford a SLI bridge.

  • Bilgisayar Bilgisi
    Bilgisayar Bilgisi

    bana para vehğrrrrr

  • Pulp and Paper Services, LLC
    Pulp and Paper Services, LLC

    what a fail of a video

  • Neinstein-sama

    motion blur is such a joke that people actually need an AI to blur a motion without using their own brain

  • Sneaky Beaky
    Sneaky Beaky

    "she's a heavy boy for sure" ok linus is it a he or a she


    Your beard is far better than 3090 .. that's why I am not here for 3090sli, I m here just bcoz of your beard😍😍

  • Benjie Templado
    Benjie Templado

    y'all have pcs?

  • Tovie

    2:20 Linus "she's a heavy boy" Me "WTF!?"

  • Bittu

    Hello, can someone tell me if 650w PSU will be sufficient For 3070 card?

  • Papa Psycho
    Papa Psycho

    You have an incredibly annoying voice..but that's a good thing.

  • Eiren Rain
    Eiren Rain

    Finally, someone said it: fuck motion blur!

  • Sucukya

    *She‘s* a heavy *boy* xD

  • Rare

    You know asus likes linus when they send him their only 3090

  • Instant Fails
    Instant Fails

    he said the first fan is spinning clock wise but it's spinning Anti Clockwise

  • Richard Menfolk
    Richard Menfolk

    well i have crossfire of 2 r9 290x and my cables is in the mess like it was in video

  • David

    efficiency on these is terrible wtf....

  • Balaram Chakrabarty
    Balaram Chakrabarty

    The NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3090 causes 99% of the earths global warming.

  • Will Hasler
    Will Hasler

    Can it run crisis

  • Ken Q
    Ken Q

    "SHE'S a heavy BOI for sure" - Linus IT

  • Zeke


  • Gavx Online
    Gavx Online

    Arn't all the new big beefy cards really just 2 cards in one, sandwiched together? So we al kinda have SLI.... ish

  • Bullsxyx

    @Linus Tech Tips Hey! What do you do with all of the older graphic cards, Just throw them out or do you make gaming computers? I was also wondering if you have any extra GPU's if I could maybe have one?

  • Guido Martin Ferrari
    Guido Martin Ferrari

    You said it. Intel has the fastest cpu

  • 101dbzgaming

    Asus Rog Strix rtx 2080 ti Overclocked vs RTX 3090 SLI

    • 101dbzgaming

      I know its obviously the rtx 3090 but I just wanted to see you guys answer

  • - UnbreakebleCow
    - UnbreakebleCow

    Their video quality looks 4k even though I'm on 480p

  • Jenzu

    whats the point of giving him 2 3090's if people can't even get one in the first place lol does it matter for the market

  • nukelover9000

    not even elon musk can afford a rta 3090

  • Bryton Massie
    Bryton Massie

    If you wanted to exceed 1k watts just get a zen+ threadripper and some og Vega gpus. Dear god those were powerhungry.

  • So Nice Production
    So Nice Production

    yo homi i have a nvidia gt730 can you offer me an GTXNVIDIA GRAPHIC CARD

  • Ben Casper
    Ben Casper

    "We Tried so Hard to Love It" - sup with the weird caps on some words and not others?

  • Xekos629

    anyone know what case they are using in this?

  • Alex Cerra
    Alex Cerra

    What case is this?

  • Sauceybear

    how is it possible for two 3090's dip to 55 fps? I don't get it. 9:01

  • Sauceybear

    can i has

  • ImNvrRdy

    That's the fattest gpu I've seen.


    7:30 The moment everyone has been waiting for.

  • ipem 11
    ipem 11

    Whats the box?

  • Flo Rolf
    Flo Rolf

    This not only confirms SLI is dead but also that the 3090 or Ampere is kinda shit. Almost no improvement in perf/Watt. You could just as well pump more juice through a 2080Ti. (not quite)

  • Cutedu

    why testing a 2018 game?

  • A-Poc

    "Finally there is a system that needs a 1000w psu" Are you forgetting the Fermi card days?

    • A-Poc

      My QX9770, sli GTX 285's, 16gigs DDR3 1333mhz, maximus formula air cooled system consumes around 970w haha

  • golden budgie
    golden budgie

    im gonna get the 3090 ti's just for minecraft shaders

  • Big Shrek not small shrek
    Big Shrek not small shrek

    Nobody needs to buy a 3090 when you can just sli tree 1030

  • RigidiN

    Why would the stop supporting sli?

  • iRapplexD

    Nah Linus you can keep the 10 years experience of blackscreen.

  • Jackson Carlo Ollero
    Jackson Carlo Ollero

    RTX 3000 seriec is non-existent. WTF is the point of this video?

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams

    So now Nvidea is getting rid of the dbl cpu stuff they got from buying 3dfx?

  • Epictheone


  • Pavel Jelínek
    Pavel Jelínek

    7:40 too week PSU.. loooool 1000W and it's litterally not enough??

  • MCP/ChronicBuzz

    Two of those beasts combined (with the overclock bios at least) are at 1000W+, right? :D So think before you buy. You'll need your own fusion reactor in the basement to run a machine like that :D



  • akchaney34

    Motion blur sucks. Shit all over it.

  • DragonWithAK

    My favorite part is shadow of the tomb raider with 2 3090s barley hitting 60 fps when they claim the 3090 can handle 8k cough cough in doom only on very specific settings

  • RIO

    I7 9700k ???

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