RTX 3090 8K Gaming - FIRST in the WORLD
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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  • Gabrielle

    Just become a NASA worker and you can have unlimited ram

  • Caner Bey
    Caner Bey

    720p goo brr

  • Glitch God
    Glitch God

    Um I have that tv

  • Silent Teαrs
    Silent Teαrs

    My laptop can't even process 4K

  • KamichamaTechstarify

    If yolu are watching this vid in 8K, you can see pixel noise outside of the game scenes xD So it's actually not produced in 8K.

  • information channal
    information channal

    What is the cheapest gaming pc in the world

  • I Enjoy dead memes
    I Enjoy dead memes

    One day, everyone is going to be like “Dude, you’re still running games in 16k? Upgrade your Pc dude, most of us run games at 64k, 128k, or even 256k.”

  • Camilo Garcia
    Camilo Garcia

    i like eating pasta.

  • Ixora

    AYeo i can watch it in 8K! Laptop crashed btw

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    Fir3 less


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    Brandon Robbins

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  • Infize.origins

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    Ummer Farooq

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    Ummer Farooq

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    Maria Leilani Magbitang

    RTX 3080 build check it out @t

  • Jarryd Lottering
    Jarryd Lottering

    This is a $30 000 TV just so that you all know

  • Bagus Agatha
    Bagus Agatha

    Linus : Holding graphic card only with one hand Nvidia : Intense SwEaTinG

  • Black Prophercy
    Black Prophercy

    Where is crysis ????

  • ProGunBeast

    me with my 480p phone: huh what does he mean it looks normal

  • Curtis

    Can’t wait until 2060 when I can get this tech without selling a kidney for it

  • Archit Mishra
    Archit Mishra

    Do you have to send back the ultra expensive stuff or you get to keep it? Asking for a friend.

  • justine ramirez
    justine ramirez

    imagine 2 rtx 3090 fits on 1 motherboard

  • SuperiorWare

    1:27 You gone need a Stand Up Forklift for that baby. I wouldn't of used any energy moving that thing around.

  • Wee May
    Wee May

    Tried watching it on 8k my pc crashed

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    Kelvin Khusbin

    day 3 : still havent load my first second of 8k video

  • Saeed M
    Saeed M

    Watched to the end and still have question didn't get answered though: why does he have a beard? Who told him that beard is something she should go with? You watch the video, then a second time, another third time, and you just ain't know what is wrong in the video...

  • Clayt Alien
    Clayt Alien

    I have a 75 inch 1080 p and I see no jaged lines or pixels

  • Rb 0971
    Rb 0971

    I guess this is one good thing about being a RSloft

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    Karim Shahrouri

    Hes having so much fun lmao

  • North Hustler
    North Hustler

    Looking at getting a 2070 Super, any advice on the 20 series or 2070 cards?

  • Dasherplayz

    How was nervous as shit when linus was holding rtx 3090 at the start that he could drop that

  • Manish Uikey
    Manish Uikey

    How can you play a game in 8k if the game is not made in 8k?

  • Arr Jay
    Arr Jay

    Why would you need that fancy build for nowadays shallow games out there. I am in short time bored on a 8k TV too, doesnt make difference.

  • Ivar Donado
    Ivar Donado

    8K just in a few already light games, otherwise it runs like crap. I wouldn't advertise a GPU as "8K gaming card" with that performance.

  • arief arrachman
    arief arrachman

    perfect detail

  • Angad singh
    Angad singh

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Linus: Opens a gigantic crates with a Box cutter

  • Cpt. BlazedAsFck420
    Cpt. BlazedAsFck420

    In Japan 8K TV is Standard :D

  • HomeFireFox

    Now what I wanna know how many frames on lowest settings

  • Guanyu Ren
    Guanyu Ren

    but can it run minesweeper rtx?

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    Play ark 8k

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    The Cool Man

    Finally can run ark survival at 60fps! For $40,000

  • Si†ri


  • The First NOEL
    The First NOEL

    I may just be 1 of your million subscribers, but I wanna say the tech contents you offer is very entertaining. And for that, thank you!

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    Pole Dev

    8k monitor is just two 4k monitor

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    Nitin Shaily

    1:48 lol.. thats what she said

  • Adrian Cabil
    Adrian Cabil

    Me: I will buy that tomorrow My wallet: Do you have money?

  • Jokki

    Are we gonna draw the line before it gets more realistic than the real world..? Yeah 8K is good and all but will 16K even fit in a house? And is it all made asuming we all have some 30k to spend on a big display because in my country 30k is enough for half a life.

  • Rocky johnson
    Rocky johnson

    Linus! Send me some of that Old Tech that isn't really that Old Please Sir :)

  • Jokki

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    yasser khalid arsa

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    younes rasmussen

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    Yunicz Gaming

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  • FallanxTV

    Just me or there's some motion blur when he plays FPS ?


    Me: watch 8k gaming My 1080p moniter: Don't even think about that

  • Arkalias

    so i have a crap monitor and i just tried using 8k youtube quality and my screen went black i actually have no clue why edit: i dont have rtx 3090 thats why

    • craig ablett
      craig ablett

      any idea what the case is? lian li mid or xl case?

  • Nyaan Nyaan
    Nyaan Nyaan

    “We have the privilege to play on a 8K TV” Me:Let’s turn on my 1280x720p monitor :))

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    Alan Q. Wake

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    Trinity Bright

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    Daniel Barraza

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      Michael Hall

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    Rudi Sikito

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    That's sick. One day we will be able to get a 3090 at msrp. Maybe by summer 2021

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  • Alexander Zunker
    Alexander Zunker

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  • KingReplica

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    jobanpreet singh

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  • Miké Bolt
    Miké Bolt

    This 8k Video is lagging but all the other youtube 8k videos are working...!?


    Realtalk looks like PS4 🤣

    • waynicliz

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  • Link in the Chain
    Link in the Chain

    I got in trouble with the law in 8k. Sir, do you have a license to run that machine? Me: License? What because it's so fast? Him: No because you're too dumb to understand it's just pictures on a flat screen. There's no such thing as, PC. It's in your head. I'm talking about your lawnmower. In a couple years, you'll understand the lawnmower man thing. Girl: Oh no it's the lawnmower man! OMG the lawnmower man! OOOhhh The other guy: Ohhh because you need a license to drive? I can't catch corona if I'm in 1955.

  • Dutchbeer12

    Where is the time that you can count the pixels on your screen

  • manav madaan
    manav madaan

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    Im Isie

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    Knate Harrison

    Sad thing is we can't see the 8k on our devises



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    Marc Navaroza

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      Alex Danias

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    Porridge Games

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      Porridge Games

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    Josef Muller

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      Its Me Dawg

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      Pramod Dubey

      @Its Me Dawg yeah but..... how do people still find that's what she said jokes funny

    • Its Me Dawg
      Its Me Dawg

      @Pramod Dubey are you on crack linus literally said this in the video

    • Pramod Dubey
      Pramod Dubey



    Does these games support 8k

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    Talat Mushtaq

    Yeah!!! Watching 8k gaming video on 480p sure is alot of fun and you can clearly see the difference 😅

  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates


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    aryan Luthra

    When u watch it at a phone on 360 p and can't make out why he he going n u t s

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    Izzaac Alley

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    Supa Dupa Swag

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  • Your Daily Noob!!!
    Your Daily Noob!!!

    Linus: says a dip to 57 fps is terrible Me on my 2014 Hp 15 Notebook pc: 😶

    • Ixora

      he was joking about how good it is


    this card will probably shit on the ps5 xD

  • William Banack
    William Banack

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