RTX 3080 - Can it Run CRYSIS (Remastered)??
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Huge thanks to Crytek for getting us an early copy. With an early build of Crysis: Remasteredwe took some of our top end components, and a copy of OG Crysis, and remastered and checked them out side by side.
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  • Star Pixel
    Star Pixel

    ngl linus in the suit of the game for the thumbnail was genius he looks so good in it

  • I CAT LetsPlay
    I CAT LetsPlay

    rip my GTX 1050 Ti 😂😂😂

  • Phoen1x

    Ofcourse it takes 4 gigs, cause you play 4k. When this game came out, most of people had 720p monitors, or 768p. You remember, yeah? That resolution takes most of vram

  • João Henrique
    João Henrique

    Me: Watches in 720p. Looks good.

  • Consural

    9:20 Wow, look at that real time ray tracing sunlight on Linus' shirt right there. Looks real.

  • marco lau
    marco lau

    what a crap ! on some system or vga ( like mine 980 ti ) it wont even give me full hd , the max res selectable is 1680 x 1050 .........LIKE THE ORIGINAL CRYSIS .

  • kasevi02

    i cannot believe they actually put a "can it run crysis?" setting into the game!! Genius!

  • Fany P
    Fany P

    How about " Can it run Assassin's Creed Valhalla (4K60)?"

  • Crazy Chipmunk
    Crazy Chipmunk

    They need to be hired to make call of duty maps

  • Crazy Chipmunk
    Crazy Chipmunk

    Linus says wedgies made me think of bully

  • Crazy Chipmunk
    Crazy Chipmunk

    Never played this i committed the biggest sin

  • Julius Caesar Dumaguing
    Julius Caesar Dumaguing

    Am dying on the ""can it run crysis mode" HAHAHAHA

  • HaveFun 37g
    HaveFun 37g

    Honestly but the video image from corner it should be bigger and the webcam with you should be in the corner smaller 😅

  • Khairi

    crysis 2 came out when i was 23 yrs old - pc was way too slow for it. gave up half way frustrated. crysis remastered came out i'm 32 years old. graphics too much i feel like vomiting. safe to say; crysis is just too much for any age.

  • RespawnPlayz

    How the hell can the Nintendo switch run this

  • Aaron Foale
    Aaron Foale

    Why is there no ray tracing setting in your settings? My version has rtx and the impact it has on performance is devastating, I'm guessing the game didn't have rtx at launch. I bet you won't go over 60 fps with rtx cranked up.

  • anita saxena
    anita saxena

    Pls connect 4 8ks together to make 32k display like you made the 16k

  • Jos Iturri
    Jos Iturri

    automáticamente cuando alzo el gabinete y se le cayo la antena wifi al pelotudo este no solo deje de mirar el video sino bloque ...un burro

  • ZedKrueger

    how about 2 3090s in sli can it run crysis?

  • Henry Towns
    Henry Towns

    No game has breakable trees as far as I know. Most AAA games including Farcry, Assassins Creed, GTA V don't have better water or vegetation than the original crysis.

  • MrPewds


  • Rabab omair
    Rabab omair

    *It look amazing in 2020 n love u beared*

  • Snuskedundret

    Crysis Remastered does not look good enough for that performance tbh. Plenty of games now that look much better and have way better performance.

  • Jase Cee
    Jase Cee

    Piss poor optimisation yet again, intentionally - all in the name of trying to ruin a GPU where other devs focus on creating games to utilise the GPU cinematically, with realism in every aspect of the game, with High FR and still most of the memory left.

  • Alex Turčáni
    Alex Turčáni

    In short, no it can't.. lol

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer

    Linus joins the bearded gentlemens club!

  • Reynlmao

    i got your honey add while watching this XD

  • Scott Graham
    Scott Graham

    My R5 1600X with 16g and Zotac 1070 mini runs "Can it run Crysis" mode at 1080p and gives me 25fps. one setting level down and rtx off I get 60fps at1080p/

    • Ancient CS
      Ancient CS

      similiar problem here with an RTX 2070. raytracing just sucks, it even made the Quake 2 Demo run at 30fps

  • Todd Steelman
    Todd Steelman


  • Andrés González
    Andrés González

    Does this mean we have to wait 13 years to easily run Crysis... again...?

  • Ferdinand Hutapea
    Ferdinand Hutapea

    Graphic option can it run crysis. Lol what a legend.

  • Small

    Crisis (original)- *exsits* Modern high end graphics cards- *laugh in being able to run the game at max settings* Crisis remastered- sup bi*ches Graphics cards- *all explode*

  • Alireza Sheibani
    Alireza Sheibani

    we're old...

  • kovacs2102

    did you got lost in the sea or something? dint fix that high pitch voice


    cpy cracked this game i in love with shape of cpy

  • Arcane YT
    Arcane YT

    Ubisoft and CD Projekt red : lets make a game that everybody can play Crisis devs : lets make remastered version that even rtx 3000 series owners cant even play

  • []

    Linus: (Rtx 3080) *Y E E T*

  • B-Rai87

    Yes it can

    • sweat BR
      sweat BR

      Crysis is the worst optimized game looks like a ps3 game and a rtx 3080 can barely run it on100fps on max settings

  • Loki

    Nvidia: Our graphics cards can run games at 4k with ease! Crytek: What the fuck did you just say?

  • Simon Ho
    Simon Ho

    no no ..

  • Jin Gaming
    Jin Gaming

    Hey, can you test it on SLI or CROSSFIRE? It might run better.

  • sanosuke sagara
    sanosuke sagara

    more game screen, less face screen. We don't care your face for evaluate the performance ingame

  • Darsh Jain
    Darsh Jain

    Linus being angry on having 40-50 fps. Me: super happy having 20 fps in roblox 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Andyilmatto

    Great. Now we only have to wait another 13 years before PCs can run Crysis Remastered properly.


    Plot twist. He is the pioneer of Roasting and RSloft ads

  • monique baxter
    monique baxter


  • Kalder

    So I heard the new question is "Can it run on potatoes?" I saw someone play doom on a calculator powered by potatoes.

  • Manisha Shastri
    Manisha Shastri

    Linus : Ok....I need a 16k TV for the CCTV in the garden

  • Robbie Fazle
    Robbie Fazle

    The remastered looks pretty uninteresting.

  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates


  • Adhityo Prathama Adji
    Adhityo Prathama Adji

    i get it now, crysis is not game , it's more like 3DMark software for testing new system.

  • Leon Sines
    Leon Sines

    Just skip all the upgrades and hijack the holodeck on the USS enterprise...lol

  • Rian Sam
    Rian Sam

    Still, watching this video in 4K doesn't make any difference, hehe !

  • Nathan Hernandez-_-
    Nathan Hernandez-_-

    what the 3090

  • SouLful MUsical Vibes
    SouLful MUsical Vibes

    see u later.......!

  • Justin Zimmerman
    Justin Zimmerman

    I didn't know Red Cameras had focusing issues. I figured with the amount you paid, it would figure it out. Good to know!

  • Vulsker

    And coming soon... "But Can it Really Run Crysis?"

  • IraQNid

    So every 13 years they re-do their game to make sure it is still tough to play at best settings?

  • Domenico Marascio
    Domenico Marascio

    Crysis need remastered ??? realy ???

  • Touge Taz
    Touge Taz

    Can you just quit.

  • Mixios

    10:37 Linus trows a grenade at a box and blows himself up, now thats an oopsy

  • RogueSpartan 285
    RogueSpartan 285

    3:41... Wow, I never took you as the kind of person to be so obsessed with grass

  • Rafa RS
    Rafa RS

    hdr is a scam

  • Ro Bo
    Ro Bo

    What is that keyboard?

  • Thudi guy
    Thudi guy

    When rtx 4080 vs crisis 3 remastered

  • Derrick

    Heey I got that case

  • person59523

    My computer over heated just playing this video.

  • CoDee

    At 9:01 The way he said "neat, huh?" cracked me up for some reason.

  • GlitchThunderrr

    you know you can't purchase. don't lie

  • AttackOfTheZ0mbies

    Crysis remastered is easier to run than old crysis, since old crysis was a cheat game to make it look hard to run, like having water made just how you make strands of hair, so the entire body of water was like a head of hair. It was unfair to make their game look suped up, but remastered crysis is supposedly different.

  • TheJuan&Only

    My Acer Nitro 5: *Softly* "Don't"

  • Wolfie


  • iio58

    It may not be the most popular but they’re probably just jealous that it’s the best. There’s no better GOU or CPU for gaming at build time so you simply built the best possible. Anyone who criticises that is just a jealous tool.

  • Zubair Mazumder
    Zubair Mazumder

    Still on pentium😢😢😢

  • Thunder Ocean
    Thunder Ocean

    This is a cool game

  • Mattrat2009

    Everyone: the gtx thirty eighty gonna be awesome! Gtx 3080: me weak I crash

  • Splashpage

    There was an official texture pack released for crysis just saying.

  • biker guy
    biker guy

    4:31 is that my PC?

  • AviSan

    can you give me an i9 and Nvidia 3080, If you can ? 😜

  • Neil S.
    Neil S.

    Flat Rocks!

  • Ivan Chai Bo Ming
    Ivan Chai Bo Ming

    Go update the Microsoft Edge!

  • Gregory Novikov
    Gregory Novikov

    So If I want 240fps, id have to wait 15 more years

  • Outside Drake158
    Outside Drake158

    Hi, this is so cool, testing Old Crysis vs Crysis Remastered Early-Access. I was surprised that you got only 25 FPS on RTX 3080 when set on Can it run Crysis? But then it was said that you were also recording, so it also takes something. I had a thought - can you imagine, not that it would be needed, but can you imagine having Crysis 3 remaster? Like I think that would be unplayable on any system for at least one or two years on ultra in 8K. But maybe I am getting too much ahead of time :D Awesome video guys, good job :) Thank you :)


    Where is the RTX2090

  • Soorya John
    Soorya John

    my pc runs this video at 20fps

  • Miguel Carvalho
    Miguel Carvalho

    U a goat for this video 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Lightning Strike Coalition
    Lightning Strike Coalition

    the true gaming benchmark is back

  • Copypasta Church
    Copypasta Church

    10:38 don't act like you didn't see what you just did linus

  • InSanic The Hedgehog
    InSanic The Hedgehog

    My friend made a game that cant even run in my pc if i win intel/corsair/origin's "pc to run crysis remastered" i have to test SIMOC in it

  • Mac

    Linus where is your Crysis shrine?

  • Cece Volf
    Cece Volf

    I couldnt get it to work so I just went back to using - opcodes . top

  • eliashmia3 gaming
    eliashmia3 gaming

    Just wait until crysis remastered remaster edition


    My pc wouldn't ran the old version with all very high and 4 k

  • Sasa Andelkovic
    Sasa Andelkovic

    Nothing can run crysis, unfortunately so badly optimized.....

  • Become A Gamer
    Become A Gamer

    16k can it run crysis 240 fps

  • Warren Mc Cormack Jnr
    Warren Mc Cormack Jnr

    Exactlt can it run crysis 3 we will make it run it will run crysis linus crysis linus crysis its linus review on crysis i want to know everything about crysis and you can swim how out there it can get this is easy easy i will get either orange box or crysis 3 working what else can it run i think the fps is broken old xbox 360 games on xbox one

  • Fl1Q

    2007:Can it run Crysis? 2020:Can it run Crysis during a Crysis?

  • Frank R. Haugen
    Frank R. Haugen

    Bad optimization was the reason for it being so resource hungry

  • Fred Mieth
    Fred Mieth

    I literally spit out my coffee when he mentioned that Crysis apparently was released THIRTEEN YEARS AGO?! Damn I'm old.

  • Model Railway Noob
    Model Railway Noob

    My gaming PC ran Crysis :) I built them since the 80386sx PCs (when Soundblaster cards first came out). I am too lazy to build them now but I update them almost as soon as I buy them.

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