Remember when AMD was on top??
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Do you remember way, way back, when AMD and Intel were trading punches in the CPU battle? We thought it would be neat to go back, waaay back, and build the sort of machine I would have built back in the day - so we did!
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Shadow

    One of the reasons why I watch this channel is all the tech jargon that I learn like "Thumb pressy thingamajiggy"

    • 8D Soundtrack
      8D Soundtrack

      The Last of Us Part 2 Soundtrack (Full Album)(8D Audio🎧) :

    • Sceptux_YT YT
      Sceptux_YT YT

      @Linus Tech Tips the note 20 5g and the 20 ultra 5g records at 8k and 4k

    • stvkgvet


    • Charbel Nasr
      Charbel Nasr

      Can u please make a review about compaq pressario cq62

    • Jacob Peasley
      Jacob Peasley

      Wire spaghetti

  • Bartłomiej 3
    Bartłomiej 3

    I remember... I had 1800xp. And thanks Seasonic too (had one on board). Best regards for nice recall

  • Yoon H. Kim
    Yoon H. Kim

    I just realized that this channel has nothing to do with Linux, peanuts or quantum chemistry and Linus is just probably this dude's.first name. Kinda false advertising IMO. I remember 20 years ago standing around a cold. sketchy ass shopping mall parking lot at 4am waiting for the guys in the AMD tour bus to get on stage. They were going to give away a bunch of Athlons that had broken the gigahertz barrier before they hit the market. Then they gave away 1 to a crowd of a couple hundred that had shown up from DC to Delaware. Fuck AMD.


    im always watching your videos hope you notice me😍

  • Rendang Kuda
    Rendang Kuda

    how about you give me one best cheapest 1 set gaming pc ? hehehe

  • Robert Gullberg
    Robert Gullberg

    Still use my mx518 mouse everyday since 2005 on my dailydriver.


    A brief history Games like Hitman IGI Prince Of Persia Just asked for 128mb ram on my 4 gb pc And I could play them at max graphics with intel hd graphics And there was also VGA And now my PC is Ryzen 7 2600 Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti 16 GB RAM (8X2) 3200 MHz And now I can barely play all best games of now at Max graphics at that high frame rate


    Huh is it 15 years old It's in my room My pc

  • Banana Justice
    Banana Justice

    i prefer AMD. Probably because I have a Ryzan 9 3950x

  • Mrkribz

    That pc is older than me

  • 8D Soundtrack
    8D Soundtrack

    The Last of Us Part 2 Soundtrack (Full Album)(8D Audio🎧) :

  • Glorious 08
    Glorious 08

    I thought he was 30? 15 years ago he was 15????damn he was smart then

  • wolakking TM
    wolakking TM

    haha, 2 years later and well be saying *Remember when intel was on top?*

  • KytZu Puw1ng
    KytZu Puw1ng

    Linus selling us tech features from 2005.

  • Jakub Susoł
    Jakub Susoł

    Y tf do I remember Linus' beginnings on RSloft so clearly XD

  • Nico Domino
    Nico Domino

    Oooo that was a smooth sponsorship transition :lol:

  • Indian Gamer
    Indian Gamer

    dear linus , I dont have a pc at home can you pls give me one , i am desperate.... thanks

  • Chase P
    Chase P

    Doesn't anyone have a spare graphics card they want to get rid of? I am sitting with a RX 480 Ali Express card, and it is so frustrating to play a game with medium graphics.

  • Agheel Ahmed
    Agheel Ahmed

    i born in 2005

  • incaseofire

    I wish I had a dollar for every time Linus plugs his sponsors or his own store.

  • TopPercent

    Dude, I HAVE that CPU cooler in an old PC. :o

  • Electronic Throbbing
    Electronic Throbbing

    We are all out of ammo on this fine day.

  • Tugboat

    Damn its been 10 years for me shtap

  • ThatPhoneGuy YT
    ThatPhoneGuy YT

    Well, this video aged like milk...

  • Aba Abe
    Aba Abe

    7:01 I just remembered 1 of the youtuber that use zalman psu and said its cheap and avoid it, BRUHH

  • K Branch jr
    K Branch jr

    hey I have the some Monitor, well-- I am 46 and I only use it to configure my R710 and I did get it from the pawnshop for $40 soooo it works

  • Yves Solignac
    Yves Solignac

    Hey Linus, this brings back some memories. I recall having my first computer a bit similar like that. Maybe after an upgrade to a ti4200 gpu also. I remember my first pc I had a nvidia Geforce 2 mx witch 32 mb of ram wich I bought with savings of a vacation/student job. Worst part is.. My dad back then bought 1 month after I bought my pc a new rig with a Fricking better gpu the geforce 2 mx with 64 mb !!! For F**cking sake.. he wasn't even a gamer.. in OBVIOUS comparison of me 14/16 year old... He was such a materialist... :p I also remembered among friends I was a GOD in half-life Death match.. yeah.. good times.... Anyways.. keep up with your vids.. love em..

  • Jagem Brayl Da-anton
    Jagem Brayl Da-anton

    i3_4150 h81m-p33 4gb kingston ram 2gb NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 Suggest good Ram and GPU and CPU pls☹️

  • Gamer Guy
    Gamer Guy

    Holy shit I was still in the womb

  • daniel Aj
    daniel Aj

    okay why didn't he try new games ? 1500$ "classic" rig that can't play new games ? at least 2010 or something... he ain even try with the monitor. smh Oh well thanks anyway.

  • Joris Griffioen
    Joris Griffioen

    Lordy this is pretty much exactly my second build ever, after upgrading from an AthlonXP to that Athlon64

  • Gamer boy And gamer girl
    Gamer boy And gamer girl

    I’m 10 so your right your channel is 1 year older than me and the computer is was before I was born.

  • Xenvy

    Well AMD are on top now

  • Butch

    so.. i go into the garage and pull my 1st gaming pc out of storage. and i have virtually the same setup system, as you are showing. and so i have to plug it in. it started rt up. and loaded windows 7 Ultimate without any issues. i just wish more ram could be used with this MB

  • Samodh Weerakoon
    Samodh Weerakoon

    I'm in Srilanka. I have intel cour 2 duo,DDR2 pc,it was broken,I'm so sad 😂

  • DaDARKPass

    And then a year later intel smashed everyone.

  • Bruno Coelho
    Bruno Coelho

    Linux you’ve never done a video about GPU troubleshooting, as my gtx 1660 is running at 8x Rather than x16!

  • Ryan Hughes
    Ryan Hughes

    I resubscribed for the beard.

  • peroh

    Yeah today

  • Ace II Hermit
    Ace II Hermit

    Damn a trip down memory lane

  • Neha Patel
    Neha Patel

    Imagine messing up the code and not finding the mistake

  • WolfX

    My old pc have amd sempron.The pc not run minecraft or gta san adreas (pc run nothing) My actual pc have i7 3770 gtx 1650 super 16gb ram

  • Gpjr gpjr
    Gpjr gpjr

    linus y are u flexing on me T-T

  • Iwan Haniyoto
    Iwan Haniyoto

    I have similiar specs 15 years ago: AMD Athlon64 X2 4400 with DFI LANPartyNF4 SLI-DR, 2 Gigs OCZ, Nvidia 6600GT and the same Samsung 940N. Its brand new PC, upgrading from my old PC with AMD K6-2 350.

  • ItzMizuuu

    This didn’t age very well

  • kat


  • Bioraual

    Linus: *makes obscure reference to old computer manufactures as if they are ancient legends* Me, who was just a clump of cells back then: *visual confusion*

    • CanuckGod

      Me, who was 27 when Linus graduated from high school: *What's with all this new tech that's much better than the 486 I first had?*

  • Terry Lynn
    Terry Lynn

    When Linus was showing off the Asus Deluxe I thought "wow that's a beautiful motherboard", when he tossed it away I almost had a stroke.

  • Shabab Haider Siddique
    Shabab Haider Siddique

    i was expecting comparison with intel of that era

  • Smiley Bear
    Smiley Bear

    240 for 1gb ram Damn...

  • Ching-Chen Huang
    Ching-Chen Huang

    Back then I was using Abit AV8 + AMD Athlon 64 3500 CPU + PNY Verto GeForce 6800GT AGP, the machine was assembled back in late 2004, cost me a lot of money, but it worth every penny!!

  • KingGaming

    Hi I am new to youtube I am trying to get started with RSloft and I need a better machine then what I got any recommendations? Oh and I have a budget of $700.00 USD

  • Erebus

    3:16 "woo" lmaaoo

  • nycdude450

    I still have the AMD Athlon CPU and motherboard in storage somewhere

  • AJ

    I had to return my mother board and CPU because and is a little bit*h and does like it when you don't use their CPU coolers

  • Street Guru
    Street Guru

    And then Ryzen 5000 happened

  • Zendo


  • Aloa He
    Aloa He

    i think i played more than one month to last level in far cry ...that game was sooooo hard.

  • Aloa He
    Aloa He

    I know the time very well.... but i dont miss it hehe - absolut nothing was really a plug and play - BUT the naked (almost) Woman on graphics cards (you btw just seen once you put them out) - i think this needs a revival.

  • Jeff Stiff
    Jeff Stiff

    12:18 I have that exact keyboard! Some of the lights on mine don't even come on anymore, but it's a fantastic keyboard.

  • Dave The Flash21
    Dave The Flash21

    I have a athlon 64 in 2007.

  • Rolando Lacuata Gopez
    Rolando Lacuata Gopez


  • Dom Temo
    Dom Temo

    They are on top now

  • 4DAVID7

    I have a SyncMaster 720N which im curently using

  • Evening Creeper
    Evening Creeper

    i have that pc like that my mom bought it like when i was born

  • hairystyles42

    LynusS Tekk TiitZ

  • FrnchFriez

    its funny if linus just shaved he wouldnt need an old picture for the time machine

  • Hossein Alipour
    Hossein Alipour

    You can buy all of those things only for 5$ in iran😂💔

  • johnbrian consorio
    johnbrian consorio

    so my build was made in 2005

  • NM KING of Music and Gaming
    NM KING of Music and Gaming

    I love all your youtube videos and i love all your intros i like the jelly intro

  • Slotmech

    Ok, Linus, what's with that comb-over? ;) BTW, I still have that Antec case (and a SuperLanBoy as well). And a MSi K9N SLI Platinum motherboard. And an Athlon X2 6000.

  • CMDR Lala Car
    CMDR Lala Car

    wait is is Tiem machine or Time machine @LTT ? :D

  • peyton Sherk
    peyton Sherk

    Can you build me a PC I have never had a pc of my own and It would mean so much too me I love watching your channel and I think it's so cool what you do

  • Coby98 Ger
    Coby98 Ger

    fun fact i have also this G15 MX518 Keyboard and still used this very day.

  • Landon Swindle
    Landon Swindle

    i like how linus said you kids take the price of monitor for granted yet a basic 720p ips 19 inch monitor will set you back around 70-80 bucks nowadays

  • Figg

    got a beard because everyone kept on calling em a p**** in a f****** virgin

  • Scott Scroggs
    Scott Scroggs

    Firing up Far Cry and F.E.A.R. is the real nostalgia here (for me)

  • Rayan

    His power supply is same as mine LOL

  • Rudra Saha
    Rudra Saha

    Those purple brackets bring back memories.

  • B_chan

    *Plot twist* It's now

  • Apollo

    yeah, I remember. The year was 2020-21, intel is got their ass handed to them for a great price.

  • Dead Memes
    Dead Memes

    Remember when Intel was on top

  • William David Wallace
    William David Wallace

    I was still using AMD back then. Typically they lasted 3 to 4 yrs, maybe 5 and then they quit working. At the advice of a friend from IT I switched to Intel and got much longer lifetime from my CPUs/motherboards. My current gaming machine 4790K was built in 2016 and my wife's machine is older than 12 yrs. It still makes me hesitate to build a 5900X based system this coming Winter. Do not find that any of sites like Linus... test longevity.

    • Slotmech

      Interesting... I have an Athlon X2 6000 that still runs (albeit on an ABIT motherboard) Linux Mint. :)

  • Scorp 1
    Scorp 1

    laughs in amd 5000 series

  • Brad Hershberger
    Brad Hershberger

    I love that I have multiples of all these components! In fact, I have a small mountain of sea Seasonic PSUs that I still actively use. I tend to build and de-build specialized PCs daily just for fun. I had no doubt whatsoever that the psu in the video would work like new.. their s**t dont quit! Lol I fully kickstarted my computer repair, refurb and design company by dumpster diving old servers and gaming rigs lol even got my first K-series cpu, GTX gpu and HD 5XXX gpu in the same day from 2 PCs in 2 different dumpsters lol ironically, by the time I got the PCIe adapter for the GTX960ssc, by friend texted saying he bought an RTX and I can have his old card.. which was identical.

  • Layne Bentley
    Layne Bentley

    who else is here watching this after the ryzen 5000 launch like, of course I remember when AMD was on top, it was a few days ago lol

    • Layne Bentley
      Layne Bentley

      @Horrera hashmi lol u right

    • officemaus

      @Horrera hashmi oh ok

    • Horrera hashmi
      Horrera hashmi

      @officemaus he wrote amd was on top, so I said “is on top”

    • officemaus

      @Horrera hashmi what

    • Horrera hashmi
      Horrera hashmi

      Is not was*

  • ΛC1D

    Update AMD "is" on the top

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma

    This brings back so much memories , I had the same motherboard with 3000+ Venice CPU, the CPU was special 0517 batch , which I had find after so much difficulty. This was the first CPU which let me break the 3Ghz barrier and break 30secs in superpi . I used to run the CPU at 2.7Ghz at stock voltages, the stock was 1.8Ghz. I used it for more than 2 years and worked just fine. I had an 6600GT graphics card which I later upgraded to 7800GTX. Thanks for the video lienus.

    • Rahul Sharma
      Rahul Sharma

      Damn, I had the same kb and mouse too !

  • dsp4

    Aaaaah NCIX. Good memories. Really miss that site. It was ugly and parts were a chore to find. But the selection was fantastic, the prices were low, and the price matching was so, so great. And of course there was DirectCanada, NCIX's outlet site, because a PC parts site can never be ugly or unuseable enough, and prices can never be too low.

  • The1Wolfcast

    Where are all the comments about the new zen 3 architecture from amd

  • Jacob D
    Jacob D

    My god this brought me back. Wish I still had the first computer I built. Dont remember much except it was an Athlon XP and the video card was the powercolor x800 pro vivo that allowed you to flash the bios to make it an x800 XT. Which from what I remember, at the time of around '03-'04 was top of the line.

  • Fares gmr
    Fares gmr

    When i was born 😂

  • sharpy 345
    sharpy 345

    i wish i still had the computers i used to have growing up lol. god they were so bad. i think the best video card i had was an x1650 until i had laptops and then built a budget gaming pc in 2011

  • Gary Reid
    Gary Reid

    who the hell needs 1gb of ram.... 250mb is all you need

  • kingcarcas1349

    WHo running a 430W PSU?

    • kingcarcas1349

      Even when the stuff is used, it's always an Asus motherboard..................

  • igor malik
    igor malik

    Pretty sure these are the same pcs my school uses😂

  • Joewastaken

    New vid idea: Remember when intel was one top

    • officemaus

      @Pena McPena yeah it feels SO much like that

    • Pena McPena
      Pena McPena

      Damn it feels like it was just yesterday...

    • AndresTube !
      AndresTube !


  • pengcheng pan
    pengcheng pan

    Anybody noticed that the ''time machine'' was wrote as ''tiem machine''? lol

  • Black Briar
    Black Briar

    still got my ocz key lanyard cant even remember how old it is lol

  • Ian Owens
    Ian Owens

    finally a relevant sponsor.