NVIDIA just made EVERYTHING ELSE obsolete.
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Nvidia’s GeForce Ultimate Countdown turned out to be the RTX 3000 series reveal, and I’ve got some thoughts…
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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  • Hont TV
    Hont TV


  • Sheik Shahed Jamil
    Sheik Shahed Jamil

    why so many ad stops? not good.

  • Faheem

    Me skipping several generations of graphic cards Yes this is big brain moment

  • BlackBullPistol

    Guys please a minute of silence for all 2080Ti owners . . .


    Well, that lasted about a month...

  • Z Rajper
    Z Rajper

    my gtx 680: **visible suffering while watching the launch event** me: "nah it'll be fine for another *5 years*"

  • Vivek Vishwanath
    Vivek Vishwanath

    Man, people nowadays will throw around all kinds of lies and nonsensical opinions to shoot down consoles.

  • M

    Wait, wait. So if everything else is obsolete, Linus, do you have a GTX 1080 TI that you want to sell me for less than $400 USD? That would help my rig immensely!

    • M

      @CARLG1 don't know where you're shopping, bro. $400 is the very rock bottom that an overwhelming majority of used 1080 ti cards are going for on ebay, craigslist, etc.

    • CARLG1

      You can get a gtx 1080 ti for $200 or less now, probably less than $150 when that 3070 drops

  • Prederate

    At this point the only reason to get a pc is for mouse and keyboard preference and pc exclusive games. A pc that is as capable as the series x for example will cost you nearly 3-4x the money. Also consoles are plug and play, theyre simple and easy to use. if you want to use mouse and keyboard you can, and nothing beats being able to relax with a controller. Of course that is an opinion but its a popular one for a reason. Also specs dont really matter past 4k 120fps. Lets be honest anything past that (which you cant even see the difference in) is just a money grab.

  • itzRaph

    Ah a “unicorn of a release” the perfect way to describe it

  • Azarilh


  • Dasherplayz

    Any amd 560 and onward users here

  • Aryan Parab
    Aryan Parab


  • Arefear

    Time to upgrade my 580gtx. Will it fit in my i9 2700k

  • Bob The builder
    Bob The builder

    Linus : "RIP in chat for any 2080ti purchaser" soooooo like you linus?

  • Zbionix / Caleb H.
    Zbionix / Caleb H.

    f in chat for 2080 ti owners... HA THEYRE SELLING FOR 2000 DOLLARS LINUS

  • drx1 xym
    drx1 xym

    MAYBE Apple can FINALLY get back to nVidia??? The 3080 looks impressive. Come on, Apple!

  • Adheet Nair
    Adheet Nair


  • Abdalaziz Alkhames
    Abdalaziz Alkhames


  • Skeeter

    So, there is no reason to buy a 2060?

  • Meryl Smith
    Meryl Smith

    "If you want a refresher on what a bad GPU launch looks like, go check out our review of the RTX 2080" This quote aged like milk

  • Just1_Bo1

    Hey um I am using your video for a school project and i am giving you credit but I just needed to know if you were okay with that Thanks!

  • Chris Kamper
    Chris Kamper

    "A blazing sun on your first attempt?"

  • Snoop STP
    Snoop STP

    Wow, sounds like I may have to finally upgrade to a dual core cpu.

  • Kha Nguyễn
    Kha Nguyễn


  • Pog Phrog
    Pog Phrog

    I was gonna buy a rtx 2060 and now I’m changing my mind

  • TheZorblex

    Would be nice to get that 3070 for my first pc build

  • Nick Foskin
    Nick Foskin

    Will the last space invader be hard to kill

  • Stephen

    I predict RDNA 2 will also outperform 2080 Ti. The biggest factor that drives down cost is competition, because NVIDIA could have done a normal price point replacement and put the 3080 at the $1200 spot of the 2080 Ti. That already set the market and there shouldn't have have been a reason to compromise that extra profit from Samsungs process.

  • A_14_Z


  • Mark Hoey
    Mark Hoey

    This video is sponsored by Nvidia.

  • Светлана Баранова
    Светлана Баранова


  • Oren Cohen
    Oren Cohen


  • Rob P
    Rob P

    Where’s your Xbox series X testing? That’s right...they didn’t send you one lmfao😂😂

  • S0mething Mesh
    S0mething Mesh

    3090 is only a 45% greater than 2080ti. It did not warrant the hype and the Xbox and Sony product are launching ~2080 to 2080ti performance level (with optimize performance) or ~ 3070 for 500$. The value proposition for Nvidia is not there, especially when 3070 is like 500$. Amd will has a chance to make Nvidia look stupid.

  • Leo 34
    Leo 34

    $499 my butt...they will never be in stock and only way to get it is by paying $2k on ebay.

  • Adrian Eyre
    Adrian Eyre

    The amount of advertising on this channel is unreal

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor

    the title is like saying the car made the bike obsolete, not true

  • life xp
    life xp

    499 for a card for sure is cheap but than what about the rest of your pc? Thinking that most of the people need to spend than more money. and dont just upgrade

  • Life Transcendence
    Life Transcendence

    I'm still using my GTX 745.

  • Walter

    Video card technologies are changing faster than we can buy the cards and I hate to say this but Nvidia and AMD need to slow it down a little to just 1 top card a year instead of the 3 a year they do now as soon as we go out and buy the top card on the market in 3-4 months they are releasing something else even faster it’s almost impossible to keep up

  • MuddahFukkah

    Hi Linus. Did you start smoking weed? You look like it...

  • Gustav Steen Andersen
    Gustav Steen Andersen


  • Respexct_MaRq

    I wish I wasn't poor😔

  • Arnav Palnitkar
    Arnav Palnitkar


  • Juan R.
    Juan R.

    kid rock

  • The Wowell Corner
    The Wowell Corner

    I was about to get a 600 dollar RTX 2060. Now I know that the RTX 3070 is cheaper. LMAO!

  • David Pinsky
    David Pinsky

    I can’t believe atrioc aka the ghost of fall guys made it into this video that so Pog

  • Wilian Rodrigues
    Wilian Rodrigues

    Consoles: We are finally here at the relevancy party Nvidia: Allow me to introduce myself and kick you the fuck out

  • Metamorphic

    f for 2080 ti

  • Noah Standish
    Noah Standish

    I haven't heard "machinima" since early cod vids

  • Black Ops VII
    Black Ops VII

    Is this pc stuff. It sounds like it - console gamer 😜

  • Josmmm Permmm
    Josmmm Permmm

    telugu movies 2019 full length movies

  • Angelo Miguel
    Angelo Miguel

    I need an F in the chat, my heart sank when I saw the price of the 3080/3070. kinda wish i waited a little longer Doesn't help that Linus keeps on showing the better specs of the 3080 in the video compared to the 2080ti

  • SPG 12
    SPG 12


  • Socially Responsible Xenomorph
    Socially Responsible Xenomorph

    AMD has been trying to corner the "Most affordable/value per dollar" market. I imagine this was their attempt to cock block AMD. Now AMD's card has to be more powerful than that and be a better value still.

  • Emily Theus
    Emily Theus

    How did the launch of that amazing product go.....?

  • Bioraual

    Me, who only plays Minecraft: Thanks, but no.

  • Tom J
    Tom J


  • J F
    J F

    Still unable to do MSFS in 8k with meaningful FPS.

  • karebu2

    I don’t understand... I’ve stopped upgraded my computers since 5 years ago. What’s everyone gunning for? 10800p display?

  • darin gonzales
    darin gonzales

    can it run crysis

  • OcanJi

    Atrioc Pog

  • Hindman Fam
    Hindman Fam


  • The Uchiha
    The Uchiha

    who said my boy 2020 was the worst year ever

  • Shadow

    My theory is that with the failed console launches, they are hoping for more people to switch to pc and buy their tech.

  • Gear2ndGandalf

    Thank you Sony, Microsoft, and somewhat AMD for pushing NVIDIA to this point!

  • Virus Boi
    Virus Boi

    Hey!! Check this wallpaper preset i made! It is an audio visualiser ltt and white themed RGB (non-crappy confirmed) minimalistic gamery! i mean how can't you like it!! @t

  • Richard M
    Richard M

    I don't think the 30xx is compatible with an Asus Z170-A motherboard, or is it?

  • Went Too Fast
    Went Too Fast

    > outperform > half the price WHAT O_O

  • Meet Oobro
    Meet Oobro


  • papa mito
    papa mito

    Me who bought a 2070 couple months ago for the same price as 3070 but it's so much better .... someone please kill me!

  • elijah goldfeld
    elijah goldfeld

    You're the greatvtechman...my surface is fucked, Android tablet s2 juices 3% every half hour, emergency..need help..any tips, for your prick of an uncle

  • Ethan Collins
    Ethan Collins

    Still gonna buy ps5 and xbox seris s

  • ExeCubos

    All Good but... Can it run Crysis?

  • Angry Whistling Cock
    Angry Whistling Cock

    Cryptocurrency is what drove GPU prices up.

  • Piotr Dudała
    Piotr Dudała

    Pair it with 3rd GEN Threadripper and Honebadger please.... on reflection one more thing: all these things with background, machine learning and so on are damn impressive. But.... why are they at all? Apparently, Nvidia hits the wall with perspective performance updates, and like with other segments, they want to remove themselves from providers of raw FLOPS to providers of solutions (because providing flops is going to become prohibitively expensive and difficlut).

  • charles norris
    charles norris

    their plan worked... was gonna get a ps5, now I'm building a 2000$ rig. last nvidia purchase was a 960, I had been playing on a ps4 mostly, because i just couldn't justify the cost to get a better experience, when i bought a used ps4 for 250$. now, I can blow console out of the water again and do it for less than 3x the cost. my contrast ratio, freesynch, framerate, ray tracing, fps are all over console spec and the whole build costs less than a 2080ti. thanos nvidia, amd, sony, samsung, for working together at last and making the master race viable again.

  • Ecstatic X
    Ecstatic X

    Sitting here with my 1060...

  • Lil Load
    Lil Load

    You’re making my 1060 upset ..

  • Anchit Khatta 1812
    Anchit Khatta 1812

    Yeah...can u use it to play ghost of Tsushima, miles Morales, GOW, Bloodborne, TLOU(not part 2,fuck that piece of shit) Spiderman ,demon souls(2020) ....Hahaha

  • Justin Bryant
    Justin Bryant

    But they cant be had..

  • Rodrigo Zonatto
    Rodrigo Zonatto


  • Alexander M Milioris
    Alexander M Milioris

    8:30 Is that Christian Eriksen?

  • Reversez

    who bought rtx 2080 here

  • Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius
    Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius

    Honestly ps5 has more than enough performance for me

  • Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius
    Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius

    Rip AMD graphics

  • S.C Studios
    S.C Studios

    which game is he featuring at 7:45 someone please tell me

  • zimma1984

    Linus likes to be a contradiction these days real life performance is really around 20% gain for 3080. When real-life performance of Xbox series X and PS5 come out should compare to a 3070 and still cheaper. RDNA 2 top card likely to compete with the 3080 with Nvidia taking the crown the with the 3090 being it is a power-hungry card and rdna 3 could possibly trump Nvidia as the Samsung fabrication isn't as good as the TSMC, in the next wave of gfx cards. For accurate leaked sources should check out moores law is dead 's channel his source's been spot on about the consoles, ps5 exclusives and pc new upcoming gfx cards.

  • Gamerfelix06

    "BFGPU" Big Fucking GPU

  • Fat Clyde
    Fat Clyde

    So, marketing. 1080ti selling for £800. 2080 selling for the same and 3080 selling for £700 - £800. Anyone else confused ? Sorry to those who have bought 2080's recently but why are the price levels static if EVERYTHING ELSE IS OBSOLETE ! ? Who's paying the same money, or more ! for 1080ti or 2080 ?

  • a.m.m shahin
    a.m.m shahin

    F for Sohag360 bro

  • Brandon Hanna
    Brandon Hanna


  • Wingnut353

    There is such a thing as being too early to the game, and not being in any much of the real talk... that's the situation Nvidia is in, they retain dominance only through sheer throwing money at it.

  • Adrian Vindas
    Adrian Vindas


  • Revy


  • Amanda C
    Amanda C

    I am terrified at the prospect, but is it possible that someone could answer a question? How tricky is it to straight up switch an existing Nvidia gpu (780ti) for a 3070 and is there a concern my cpu won't be compatible? Or does the gpu compensate?

  • [Ow0]

    NVIDIA Is Creating Everything This Year, In 2021, I Bet They'll Create NVIDIA Condom's.

  • Mark Koetsier
    Mark Koetsier

    3:52 Did he fart?

  • João Paulo
    João Paulo

    PS5 will still master over PC due to pricing and the fact that the exclusives are top quality. Nvidia cries knowing that AMD is and will be in every consoles from Sony and MS.

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