NVIDIA CONFIRMS Your PSU Can't Handle RTX 3000 - WAN Show August 28, 2020
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Timestamps: (Courtesy of Jesse Ferguson)
0:27 - Topic Rundown
1:40 - Intro
2:10 - Epic vs Apple Lawsuit Update
8:20 - Looking at EBay iPhone’s with Fortnite installed
20:42 - Floatplane iOS App pulled [Update 2]
27:50 - [Headline Topic] New RTX 3000 information in regards of PSU
34:55 - Discussion of increasing Graphic Card prices in the used market
45:30 - [Sponsor] Private Internet Access
45:10 - [Sponsor] Honey
47:00 - [Sponsor] Displate
54:10 - Corsair has filled an IPO
1:11:10 - Would Luke buy Corsair shares?
1:19:49 - Would Linus buy Corsair shares?
1:26:20 - [Strawpoll] Would viewers buy Corsair
1:27:00 - Apple preparing its own Search Engine?
1:28:40 - Russian hackers infiltrate Tesla
1:31:50 - RSloft Superchats
1:36:15 - Outro

  • IRMacGuyver

    @1:30:45 yeah corporate espionage isn't really treated seriously in US courts. 5 years sounds like more than he'd end up getting after making a deal.

  • Mike Schimminger
    Mike Schimminger

    Day trading kids. Learn it!!

  • Pascal de Laroche
    Pascal de Laroche

    Look like they got exaly what they were looking for free adveretising on linus tech tips - A strategy marketing

  • 葵瑞真

    Even though I agree with the whole 30% being too expensive thing, I'm not so sure epic is in a good position in this fight either. Apple does not have "Monopoly" in the mobile market let alone gaming platform market in the traditional sense. Monopoly means somewhere in the neighborhood of 80% or higher in traditional lawsuits. That is why the judge's first response against epic's appeal to put fortnight back in store was denighed. Judge currently sees the situation as Epic violating the agreement with Apple. That is also why judge ruled that Apple has no right to take away the developer licenses from Epic because the license violation in fortnight has nothing to do with that. That said, this is definitely good that this discussion is going on since almost all platforms charge 30%, which may make sense if the platform is very small, and making a platform from scratch, let alone creating a whole ecosystem is no small feat, but once the market is dominated by a couple of Giants, 30% does become ridiculous. I think this is inherent in all platform businesses. Platform businesses tend toward one or two extremely strong players dominating and there becomes very little incentive to change the platform fees because there aren't many inventives to lower their prices for developers. I'm not sure how this will all end, since epic does not look too be in a good position, but there's also discussion in Congress about breaking up GAFA as being too monopolistic, so that should be interesting. As a non Fortnight player, I found epics move to "Rally" their followers was quite distasteful. Especially when they are asking to open up someone else's device platform to "freeride" on their market share of devices. I don't see an analogy to the original 1984 situation. If epic was coming out with a revolutionary device that can take on iPhone and Android, then yes. But the situation is different, and my first perception was "take your battle where it belongs and don't involve the consumers when it really is just a move to achieve corporate goals." As much as I like this whole thing to go down to the benefit of developers and users, and I like the fact that Epic is taking on the fight, I also have a very bitter feelings about the way Epic is being the extremist revolutionists disguising their corporate goals and rallying users for their own benefit. There is truth in that they want better deals in the app store fee, but they seem to also want to become themselves a platform to make a buttload of money by introducing epic store are they not? It really is just a corporate battle to my eye, which could benefit users at the end, but I would like that too take place in court rather than involving users.

  • MightyTubby Tuba
    MightyTubby Tuba

    I'm so sad that my 1080 died after 2 years, as a student it hurts even more

  • Juan Silva
    Juan Silva

    Can my PSU handle the rtx? Because it’s 650 watts

  • dv Vaughn
    dv Vaughn

    i have a 750 gold can that handle it?

  • Brandon Sitarz
    Brandon Sitarz

    13:09 it's true at my high school pretty much everyone had an iphone. Except me 🙂

  • Falxie_

    Why do people donate so much to the WAN show?

  • Kelso Watsey
    Kelso Watsey

    apple is just for people that dont know how to use technology

  • Creeper Keeper
    Creeper Keeper

    What’s wan stand for?

  • Judess 69er
    Judess 69er

    that moment when people don't know how to install cydia on their iphone's lol

  • Joseph Fitch
    Joseph Fitch

    And everyone called me crazy for owning Apple, Android, Windows and Linux systems, no one is shutting me down😂

  • Simon Dowsett
    Simon Dowsett

    Who else thinks Linus should have gold rings hanging from his head phones, or lose the ear-rings altogether?

  • VirtueAss

    Fortnite players are children. They use apple because Fortnite there because that is the platform the parents provide for them. They will simply switch platforms and Apple will not only lose current users but sour future possible clients.

  • Markas Antonius
    Markas Antonius

    Forced 20 sec ad, gtfo !!!!

  • 4Null

    20+4 pin for GPU when? 🤔

  • KuraMad2000

    Pretty sure the reason the verge guy, stefan I think was his name, is still getting flack is precisely because he didn't show any sort of desire to admit or correct what he did wrong. Really, it was so bad that it's wholly possible people out there damaged their PCs because they followed that guide for their first PC build. You are correct, really all they had to do was redo the video correctly. That's ALL they had to do. And they wouldn't even do that so, I dunno. The harassment is completely unwarranted now, but at the same time he hasn't done himself any favours.

  • LivelysReport

    I really do not know a whole lot about the I phone or many of the apps and or the apple app store.. but has apple locked their phones from using any other app store but the apple app store? Can not the users of the Apple I Phone go anywhere on the web and download an app for the Apple I Phone? Why can not Fort Night or Knight.. whatever it is, why can they not simply put up their own web site and sell their Fort Knight app from their own web site?? I recall years ago when there was a problem between Microsoft and independent browsers.. and they were taken to court and Microsoft lost as it was deemed if I am correct as Monopolistic practices.. I would think that that ruling would have a whole lot of pull come time for Fort Knight if it goes to court.. they can simply cite that this same type of thing happened with Microsoft and they lost..

  • lv8pv

    imagine a bank taking 30% of each transactions, arguing they need that to print money and maintaining payment services and their security. Considering the argument for apple appstore, that bank argument start to make much more sense...

  • Patrick Johansson
    Patrick Johansson

    About the upgrade of ur psu ! If u do and dont use the gpus adapter in box , may disabel ur warranty , i think one youtuber did a video about this!

  • tipoomaster

    I hope they talk about the Unity IPO too, very curious about that one

  • lkpalazzo

    odd that 12 pin looks like a mini mate-n-lock connector

  • YaboyzzSR Yt
    YaboyzzSR Yt

    That means more electric bills

  • Dyils

    Guys, I'd really recommend different thumbnails for the WAN Show. They all look alike, it's basically just Linus and Luke in the same position every time, making a slightly different face. Soon enough, you'll have exhausted all possible combinations of different faces. I'd recommend just making a thumbnail from one of the main topics or most exciting topics... or multiple ones.

  • Isaiah Tapia
    Isaiah Tapia

    Lmaooo no onrs going to buy a 1080ti anymore

  • Johnny's Videos
    Johnny's Videos

    This is why apple is pretty much dead to me

  • Shendue

    I have a 1200W PSU, I serioudly doubt it.

  • TheDaggz

    Clickbait title. 850W minimum recommendation for the 3090 - You seem to believe everyone is using a 450-650W PSU which is absurd. I have no issues running a 3090 on my system and the majority of my friends won't have any issues either, so why label the video with a fearful/frightening title as this nonsense? Clickbait B*****ds.

  • Wilco Berger
    Wilco Berger

    Fully agree with everything said between 19:57 to 20:20.

  • xSKOOBSx

    Oh look corsair's parent company is registered in the Cayman Islands.

  • Jorge Luz
    Jorge Luz

    linus that don't make sense , imagine youtube say now on your profit money is now 30% for youtube, or if you want upload new video o need give 30% for youtube, epic need apple and apple need epic, youtube need u and u need youtube simple....

  • John Ahrends
    John Ahrends

    What is amazing is that EVERYTHING you can purchase in fortnite is purely aesthetic... Epic has lost its mind. They entered into a contract along with all of the Developers in which it costs them NOTHING to be in a "Store" now that they are making huge money they are crying about paying what they agreed to pay. The fact of all of this is that those companies that become successful help fund the environment for those developers that are just starting out.

  • John Olooney
    John Olooney

    My only worry is that i spend a lot of money on a 3090 only to then see a 3090ti released in Q1 2021 - i wont be at all happy with nvidia if this happens. Nvidia should really announce their full and complete gpu line up so buyers can make an informed choice on what to buy knowing that the best is the very best for their systems and budget - to not do so and then slip other cards in at a later date with better specs per dollar lets us all down frankly. This also applies to cards coming that are obviously going to sit between the 3080 and 3090 because it is clearly going to happen with either a 3080 ti or Super this denies a lot of those customers those cards and Jenson already said the 3080 their flagship GPU - so he has committed himself and therefore has lied the moment they release anything else above the 3080 and under the 3090 - lets see when that lie happens eh... Nvidia created a lot of bad feeling with the 2080super and it punished early 2080 adopters who are their best and most loyal customers and that wasnt very fair to them - Nvidia should really focus on Nvidia customers and not solely AMD

  • Gabe Nord
    Gabe Nord

    Fuck Epic and Tim Sweeney. I dont care about Apple or how they choose to do their store that they created that is only on their products.

  • Callum Evans
    Callum Evans

    oh man I had OCZ gold ram 37:00

  • Soul-_-Destroyer


  • Victor Le
    Victor Le


  • Jared Tavernari
    Jared Tavernari


  • Mauve Monk
    Mauve Monk

    Good on Apple. I actually like hearing how Apple responded lol

  • Claustrophobic Games
    Claustrophobic Games

    I've never been a fan of the Apple business plan. Not a fan of greed

  • HMan

    "A native connection with your power supply" Dude, the adapter is just a Y. Nothing in the signals has changed. If you already have a single rail PSU with enough wattage to feed the card, you do not need to change your power supply (or even the cable). I can assure you the wiring can carry the current (so long as you connect both branches of the Y). If you have a dual rail PSU, make sure you use one power cable from each rail to spread the load.

  • crapcopter

    Nvidia confirms that 4x 750w server PSU units running in tandem can't handle the rtx 3000 series Woah

  • Bill Blomgren
    Bill Blomgren

    With the new ARM macs, will the MAC be tied totally to the ap store? If so, will they go for 30% on ALL the big production packages like Photoshop, Premier, and so on? And will they yank the certificates for those applications if Photoshop and so on when joining the creative cloud is done outside of Apple's store? The level of greed at apple is beyond belief...

  • Bill Blomgren
    Bill Blomgren

    30% is a heck of a margin. Computer stores are typically at the 5% margin in a lot of cases... Apple is incredibly greedy. (The big reason I don't own ANY apple products.. and my sister (an artist who loves macs) has noticed that her PC is a WHOLE lot faster than her Imac.... hmmmmm

  • PinchPeak5203

    34:38 this did not age very well

  • Blood of Heroes
    Blood of Heroes

    Not even a competition. Android by far has the bulk amount of the cellphone users world wide. Apple as a single company is HUGE but in terms of numbers of customers worldwide Android dominates. Apple DOES NOT have more affordable phones. Linus is simply wrong on this Android dominates the affordable phone field. Epic losing Apple does not hurt them as much as Apple losing a developer war if others chose to jump in on the bandwagon against them. But Apple is used to dealing with not having support of software... just look at the MAC.

    • Blood of Heroes
      Blood of Heroes

      When it comes down to it. Talking on the Fortnite mobile users... they will by far simply trade in their cellphones for a cellphone that can play their game than simply give up on playing. Too many said gamers have too much invested in their game.

  • Avenga Baco
    Avenga Baco

    Apple has never been supportive of games on any apple os outside the dev software

  • Roald Meyer
    Roald Meyer

    Steve Balmer reference :D

  • K S
    K S

    Hand-me-down iPhones from parents is probably a big source of iphones for kids.

  • Muru Roa
    Muru Roa

    Teens suddenly value "security" on their devices? 😂😂😂

  • DaNix notifly
    DaNix notifly

    anyone know some good powersuply

    • PinchPeak5203

      corsair rmx series

  • TJ Roelsma
    TJ Roelsma

    Game show host: spell greed contestant: A P P L E

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    20:15, you think America is going to do what? And what do you mean by America? Canada? It's easier for a country that doesn't host the business to take actions such as "anti-trust", because companies can pack up and move. If Microsoft was HQd in Europe for instance I don't think the case against Microsoft would have happened there, and it might not have happened anywhere. In the US in particular, anti-trust suites aren't an easy win, so they don't happen very often. Maybe it's easier to win a case by claiming "anti-trust" in Canada? South America, which is also part of America, usually doesn't get involved in these types of cases, and neither does Mexico. Right now it would be pretty easy to take Amazon to court with some anti-trust case, and believe me there is PLENTY of complaint against them for many reasons where I agree with the argument against Amazon, but there just isn't a big move against them in the US, which is probably where they've have the biggest affect on other companies. The same would be true with Apple. I DO think that with technology being such a global thing, as developers around the world start developing more games/apps that people use, Apple might be taken to court in other countries than the US. Because 30% is a HUGE chunk of money to take away from developers, who more often than not struggle. The security argument is pretty weak really, and I think some countries would start demanding financial records from Apple to show why such a huge fee is warranted, and it would be easier for Apple to simply cut that fee, in THAT country. And, that's the other issue, which is laws are different in every country you operate in.

  • DrFrostyBuds

    The money they pay for those fortnight iphone you could literally build a computer, leave it on at home and do remote play on a better iphone or whatever phone or a tablet, laptop or other ways to do this. Love what you said basically that the kids playing fortnight are so young they don't even know that playing on a phone is kind of stupid compared to a pc. No good mobile games exist, lol, they are all trash. Do you remember the whole thing with apple and the iphone batteries and throttling the phones on purpose? Remember what they said about why? some total bs basically trying to say they have to do it to keep the user safe, lol. IMO they lost TONS of credibility in recent years, fully on Epic side and I hate having to deal with epic at all. Had to buy Mortal Shell via epic because it is only on epic. Isn't the issue only due to the micro transactions? Why can't epic release the game FREE on IOS and sell what are basically codes on their epic website / store and you put the code into the app to get your micro transactions. Sell the in game currency in your outside store and you keep 100%, right? Seems easy enough.

  • IamLegionXXX

    What people are not thinking about with Apple being a monopoly all developers can sue as well as all customers so that would bankrupt Apple.

  • IamLegionXXX

    Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Twitter are all on the chopping block and some lied to congress.

  • bri pertplus
    bri pertplus

    Is that apple search app the direction apple would take to lose it's "privacy" stance/market it has? Why else would you make a search engine if not to aggregate data from individuals?

  • Douglas Goodall
    Douglas Goodall

    Years ago when I swore off Windows, I went Mac OS instead. When we didn't have to buy Code Warrior anymore, that was a good thing. But I still didn't care for Objective C. When the iPhone app store arrived, I took one look at the developer program and app store acceptance criteria and decided not to develop iPhone apps. It wasn't about 30% at the time for me, but rather the arbitrary process by which Apple decided whether to accept your app for the store. You could design, build, productize and release your app, and Apple could say, uh, no. As a result of having the most expensive phones (over a grand now) and an unfair cut of the in-app purchases, they became one of the richest companies. I think they are too greedy, and that has kept me from wanting to use the app stores, or participate in their unlevel playing field. The new silicon basis of the Apple MacBook and pads will make it harder than ever to write cross-platform apps, and my current hope is that Linux will evolve into a desirable platform for developers.

  • Douglas Goodall
    Douglas Goodall

    I just wanted to let you know that I have learned a lot by watching your videos. What I have learned is allowing me to make better decisions about the provisioning of my development machine(s). In recognition of that, I signed up as a member to help support what you are doing. Thanks for everything. A suggestion for your store... 18 Oz Coffee Mugs (I am a big fan of caffeine).

  • Burt Macklin
    Burt Macklin

    Paused at 58:10 so excuse things that may be covered. Couple of things though, Corsair expect them to release a new product. I suspect they have been reporting losses for the past x years because they have been in a continuous state of growth (not because of shoddy management) and are gearing up to enter a new market. As far as why LTT doesn't go public beyond what Linus has already stated, why would they? I see no reason to do it. They have grown and are growing at an incredible pace diversifying the company (as far as I know without any outside funding), creating Floatplane in the process, there is no need to seek public funding and sell ownership of the company and be beholden to investors. Floatplane on the other hand may want to do that in the future leaving controlling stake with LTT. While Floatplane still needs to build up it's user base, it may be in their best interest to IPO in order to raise funds to start paying content creators for the viewers they bring in, much like youtube. A lot of people don't realize RSloft operated at a loss for years before recently they started to profit. Time will tell but I will watch Floatplane in anticipation to see what they decide to do.

  • AegisHyperon

    nvidia can charge so much because ATi drivers are super buggy and their cards are low performance.

  • zzZach

    My iPhone has fortnite on it?? Does that mean my phone has value?

  • frank nielsen
    frank nielsen

    i am gonna keep saveing up for 2 years so i hope my 3 year old GTX 1060 3GB can survive 2 more years :) and also to see if the 30 series have any problems and maybe just wait till they come out with a super or Ti version but they also need to make new motherboards and other parts that can get more out of the new graphics cards it is scary to buy graphics cards and all the other parts when the knowledge on pc`s are low but i am trying to learn and i have watched Linus and JayzTwoCents and sadly i dont have any money trees to just go out and buy expensive parts to build a better pc then i have but i know that if i buy a 3090 super or Ti if that is out in 2 years and all the new parts that works the best with each other then it can hopefully last for 10 to 15 years

  • Boogie Meister
    Boogie Meister

    listening to Linus talk about how expensive gpus keep getting after the price announcement

  • notthere83

    Why would you expect more than 5 years in prison for "simple" industry espionage?

  • Informedia Tech - BRUNO
    Informedia Tech - BRUNO

    i just bought 2x gtx 680 in 2020

  • Informedia Tech - BRUNO
    Informedia Tech - BRUNO

    why linus isnt sinchronized audio and video

  • Bloxer Gaming
    Bloxer Gaming

    nice greenscreen linus

  • 6TheSeattleCrust9

    I swear the the thumbnail is gonna be another Linus meme

  • DasVERMiT

    36:04 - BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAAAA!!!!... Nope!

  • SirMangoMantango

    20:00 It's actually the opposite. The difference is that you can go to the shop and find that 9/10 phones are without IOS, back then, you only had computers with Windows. You have a choice if you want the Apple platform, you didn't have a choice if you wanted Windows.

  • Iwan Jirkuw
    Iwan Jirkuw

    Am not fan of these long videos of live stream!

  • Synth Lord
    Synth Lord

    iphone is junk. requiring sync to move files without free and open access to device files is for slaves

    • Synth Lord
      Synth Lord

      they should call it the iSlave

  • Isomer Soma
    Isomer Soma

    36:00 well actually no but ok. I don't think anyone wants a 1080ti anymore.

  • alucardromeo

    Apple created the app store why shoudnt they take the cut? It would be like if youtube stop asking people a percentage of revenue from ads. Is youtube a monopoly then? How about floatplane? do you guys not ask money from that too?

  • simpzon

    13:21 can confirm this.

  • George Pereyra
    George Pereyra

    Watch any mobster movie and see if you ever hear any of them ever extort their victims for more than 10-15%. 30% is so insane not even fictional mobsters take that much of a percentage. "iMob"...

  • Rhime

    What are they talking about at 50:00?

  • David Michael
    David Michael

    Cant wait for 1400 USD top tier gpu’s.... Nvidia drops it at 699 USD lol.... Apologize Linus. APOLOGIZE!!!! Lol /s

  • mpd mpd
    mpd mpd

    30% is robbery

  • Calvin North
    Calvin North

    Apple can suck it. I've never liked them as a company or any of their devices.

  • Heavysoldjier Gaming
    Heavysoldjier Gaming

    30% is completely fair. You would charge someone for setting up a store in your warehouse or kick them out. No different than the App Store on any platform.

  • Dung Nguyen
    Dung Nguyen

    Apple vs Fortnite case: Fortnite should create it own website and sell their V-buck on the website that link to the account of customers and not on the app store with small discounts.

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson

    So what PSU will we need?

  • Basic Shapes
    Basic Shapes

    38:27 - You can thank Amazon and other huge companies buying up all these damn GPU's for their datacenters to build giant GPU farms/GPU compute clusters. You'd think supply and demand would force the cards to be cheap as hell right now,.....they probably would be, if the manufacturers could keep up. And you'd think Covid would have knocked things back a ton, but these big companies are exploding right now, so they are buying even more GPU's, even if normal people aren't as much. It really sucks. And as far as Nvidia's 3000 series cards go, I'll be shocked if their numbers are actually true, because if they are....in this climate....it's hard to imagine them charging less than half the price for something that beats the 2080Ti. Guess we'll see when actual benchmarks happen on those cards....

  • Hynek Borůvka
    Hynek Borůvka

    6% from floatplane is freakin ubelievable. Great job.

  • hunn20004

    I'd never get an iPhone for my kid. Rather install android on a iPhone 5

  • Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'
    Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'

    I'll just buy the adapters for graphics card

  • Fredrick Rourk
    Fredrick Rourk

    Should I get this to power it? rsloft.info/loft/video/Za6VsKDJx2mrZJg


    Even the 3060 series need a new PSU?

    • Andrew

      Probably not.

  • Cody Averesch
    Cody Averesch

    All your talk about cross play and freedom and pro consumer and what not is why I hate fortnite. Epic is absolutely positively the most anti consumer company in the world. Use your brains people, epic is trying to just make it so they also can have their own mobile store. They will then again ruin it like they are attempting to ruin the pc market place. They fact they are crying about monopoly when they are buying exclusives on pc. If none of this bothers you, what is wrong with you? Please boycott the epic store and force them to stop this nonsense. Play fortnite I don't care but don't buy stuff from them. Force them to only survive on unreal. End epic's reign of terror.

  • Serhii Klevchuk
    Serhii Klevchuk

    30% from charity )

  • Zachary Redmon
    Zachary Redmon

    The 12pin is only for founders cards. The AIB cards are showing the old standard 8 pins. So this isnt even an issue

  • Clean Poop
    Clean Poop

    Apple has never removed apps that are already installed on the iPhone. Linus, come on! Luke, you should not be this disingenuous nor should you be pushing disinformation by saying the situation with Apple is in worst violation than Microsoft. Lmao Please, educate yourself before speaking on topics on anti-trust. I can't help but see how ignorant LTT actually on so many things related to technology. You already have a company trying to mobilize kids to "fight against 1984."

  • Tech With Sean
    Tech With Sean

    I’m glad Epic is getting rekt. Tim Sweeney should quit and go live with John McAfee in the jungle somewhere.

  • HeavyArms

    another click bait title?

  • Blacklily Orchard
    Blacklily Orchard

    buying in game currency is pay to win and is stupid.

  • Barrett Abney
    Barrett Abney

    Love the mag clip for his Antlion headset mic on the left headset ear can. It just hangs out there all the time in every episode. I like that mic... He should try it in the episodes.

  • Jack Azz
    Jack Azz

    That monthly cost for the phone does not include the monthly plan that is also a requirement in order to get the phone on the monthly payments

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