Nothing else comes close to this - Sinden Light Gun
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Since the earliest days of gaming there have been light guns, but they aren’t reliable on modern displays. Enter the Sinden Lightgun, a light gun that works on ANY display!
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We saw it here at RetroManCave!
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Mark Firman
    Mark Firman

    Anthony for president!

  • Mack Langen
    Mack Langen

    Anthony is my fav by far

  • Kevin Vo
    Kevin Vo

    Well now I know what to get for a new arcade cabinet

  • intel386DX

    Playing 4:3 games on 16:9 is pure travesty!

  • Dalovesac King
    Dalovesac King


  • Phillip Fiorentino
    Phillip Fiorentino

    Get yourself 2 black ones, the newest Time Crisis and Siphon Filter arcade style games and you've got yourself a real old fashioned good time! Play a drinking game with friends on how far you can get. Each failed attempt where you would have to continue, you have a shot of tequila. If you have 3 of those, you switch with another friend. Anytime it's anything other than your first turn, you must take a shot before taking the weapon and your turn.👌🏻🤣

  • papa charlie
    papa charlie

    Anthony is my hero !

  • TheDwarvenDefender


  • dragade101

    Yet you dont show Time Crisis?????

  • SRTech

    8:58 Linus: "A Modern gaming CPU Has a single core that's like 25% more powerful than that" Anthony: "Not to mention all of the uh like architectural benefits of newer machines" That's why Anthony is AWESOME!!!!! There is so much more to the compute power of a Processing Unit that Bits and ClockSpeed! The ClockSpeed is how many times a clock ticks per second, not what it can do per tick (Cycle)!!!!

  • John Henry Natal
    John Henry Natal

    Red is player 1, Ask Nintendo.

  • Ceri Rust
    Ceri Rust


  • Jeff Jr
    Jeff Jr

    Take my money now!

  • MrKrinkelz

    V cop!!

  • MrKrinkelz

    Anthony is prolly a good story teller in dnd

  • StCreed

    Wait... he had a relevant and interesting sponsor. Amazing! Edit: both of them, even. Please keep those sponsors :)

  • Guy Mahoney
    Guy Mahoney

    This + Assetto Corsa mods for Police Chase Simulator

  • Ryan Jordan Evans
    Ryan Jordan Evans

    albert einstein wants his books back

  • Shrek McLovin
    Shrek McLovin

    How im making it to diamond on Siege finally

  • yellowboy623

    Watching Anthony’s confidence grow has been like watching a flower bloom😁

  • Grand Inquisitor
    Grand Inquisitor

    That gun is way overpriced. It's the cost of at least two nintendo switches... Hard pass

    • VietyV

      @Grand Inquisitor dude. They showed the website price at 10:50 and literally said the price out loud at 4:50, on top of showing it on screen. It's 80 pounds for a single gun, google shinden light gun lmao

    • Grand Inquisitor
      Grand Inquisitor

      @VietyV dude the light fun was 1k cad

    • VietyV

      Where are you getting 2 switches for £80-130?

  • Samuel Gagnon
    Samuel Gagnon

    Best segue ever 😂

  • MotorsportMonkey

    As mirrions of others have said, I want to hear more from Anthony... He is the reason I'm poor normally and end up with tech I didn't know I needed.

  • We Are Legion
    We Are Legion

    Anyone play vampire night on the ps1/ps2, it had a gun that didn't need a crt screen either. Tons of fun. Felt like i was at an arcade

  • Nick Gradoville
    Nick Gradoville

    I need a link so I can get an emulator and house of the dead..1,2,3 or 4. Played it in Japans arcades for a month and don't know how to get it.

  • Stuart Kidd
    Stuart Kidd

    If there was carbine conversions kit to make it in to a rifle as well... So cool

  • Not Applicable
    Not Applicable

    That gun was $1000, out of your damn mind 😂

  • Chava Fajardo
    Chava Fajardo

    I know pc master race and all but I wish this worked on consoles...

  • tzaylor


  • Carey West
    Carey West

    5:18 I legitimately got slightly nervous when he pointed it at his face. ... I'm not sure why.

  • Niteesh

    Blue is player one😂😂 It's like the good guys have any other colour than red, because red is always bad kind of theory🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Leviathan02464

    Light guns made me the gun nut i am today. Always keep a crt around for them

  • Rashid

    anthony always send good vibes

  • dennis church
    dennis church

    i got one its junk

  • fireslayer26

    Mounting solution for the Sinden light gun

  • PJ D
    PJ D

    How do you get those games?

  • memeguy420

    Plot Twist: It has console aim assist

  • mario gomez
    mario gomez

    Such a thermaltake case rip off

  • Fèlix Léon
    Fèlix Léon

    There needs to be a "cool, unusual, retro, sweet tech" type video series that Anthony hosts

  • Tim Denius
    Tim Denius

    It could be a real problem, to activate those sidelined borders on an OLED and let them run for several hours. Isn‘t it? Sounds like a good way to have well shaped burn in.

  • Andrew Neal
    Andrew Neal

    The way he says "Just like I want to tell our viewers about our sponsor!" is hilarious.

  • petrum112

    Could it be played onto a peojector tho, i guess lumens matter in that case, but could u?

  • Riley Braun
    Riley Braun

    CSGO? With the gun

  • Young Facade
    Young Facade

    $100 is a bit steep, but thats rnd, i dont see myself buying this until its 2 for $100 or just until its matured and allows for a less arcade style feel

  • Love Lidén
    Love Lidén

    Linus assuming he's the alpha and Anthony graciously letting him think so.


    Does this tech. make mayflash dolphinbars irrelevant?

  • Anthony

    Linus is adding his own recoil to duck hunt lol. He's even moving the gun before he pulls the trigger 😂

  • Eddy LIVE
    Eddy LIVE

    Does this come with games or do we just get those ourselves? Also, how easy is it to install to Raspberry pi

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    Do you have to use a pc to set it up?

  • chad olson
    chad olson

    Does it work for Big Buck Hunter on the Xbox One

  • Peter Sunga
    Peter Sunga

    In theory and in principle are the same...

  • Eyes Wide Open
    Eyes Wide Open

    I need one who works on my videoprojector !!!

  • Trancepticon

    You mean, you have to use your hands!? ...

  • Anywhere Adventure
    Anywhere Adventure

    Anthony should really host more

  • jack arkell
    jack arkell

    I used to fix arcade machines we got a light gun to work on lcd years ago was a ball ache but been able to Chuck a new panel in old time crisis and house of the dead made my life easier

  • TheRobMozza

    Never work with children Antony..

  • Purple BatDragon
    Purple BatDragon

    Oh look. A passion project that allows us to play old games again thanks to amazing technical feats. Can't wait for Nintendo to sue it into the ground for "malicious piracy intent".

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor

    brit tech, you're welcome

  • Hammy

    When are you guys launching the Anthony Show?

  • moltenbullet

    This would be freaking awesome in my projector room. I hope they go into a mainstream product.

  • Gavin East
    Gavin East

    What kind of weird ass zapper is that?

  • Ray Wright
    Ray Wright

    Can't wait until I get mine. What's up with this hardware dongle i heard so that I can use it with a PS1/PS2? Does that exist?

  • David Flory
    David Flory

    My wife's favorite game was Duck Hunt. Ordered this for Christmas for her. Suppose to arrive in November. Thanks for confirming that this was a good choice.

  • Diego Cordovez
    Diego Cordovez

    My man Anthony should have his own Yt Channel, this man is a genius

  • One Two
    One Two

    I think POLYMEGA is using this gun to play light gun games on their upcoming console. Linus when will you be reviewing the POLYMEGA? 🤔 🙂

  • Tyler Rigsby
    Tyler Rigsby

    How does this compare to the Aimtrak guncon?

  • Mike J
    Mike J

    What emulator or platform is being used for all of the games?

  • Alex Leiva
    Alex Leiva

    Anthony episodes are my favorite episodes

  • Sushant Patil
    Sushant Patil

    Someone please remind me what the name of this game is 7:20

  • Umbral Chroma
    Umbral Chroma


  • Majidah

    Does this work with any game? Like Time Crisis?

    • 8 Bit Much
      8 Bit Much

      It should! It definitely works with Time Crisis, but from what I've seen it could maybe even be used as a joystick!

  • inceptional

    Should have put full physical recoil into it like the best arcade gun games had, then it would have been perfect. Edit: Wait . . . does the recoil version actually knock back the big chunk of moving plastic on the bottom-front of the gun every time you fire? That would be sooo sweet.

    • 8 Bit Much
      8 Bit Much

      Yes, the recoil version features a solenoid! There's no footage of it working yet, but it should be awesome!

  • Paul P Jr
    Paul P Jr

    I would get this for Time Crisis and if I could get the arcade game CarnEvil I would use it on that too. Those games were great.

    • KpopPrince

      Also, hi son

    • KpopPrince

      CarnEvil, yes!! Totally forgot about this game

  • Steven Barsam
    Steven Barsam

    I can't decide who I like more: Anthony or Linus

  • Owen Sakovics
    Owen Sakovics

    Are these USB powered or do they have a power cord?

  • Owen Sakovics
    Owen Sakovics

    Can anyone confirm if these are compatible with USB 3.0 and higher ports? I believe Ultimarc recommended using USB 2.0 for their Aimtrak guns, but I'm out of USB 2.0 ports, so I'm hoping someone can confirm that the Sinden Light Guns are compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 ports. Thanks!

    • Owen Sakovics
      Owen Sakovics

      @8 Bit Much They confirmed it is compatible w all USB

    • 8 Bit Much
      8 Bit Much

      I would message the creator and maybe ask them to put it on the FAQ, I found no answer.

  • Knowledge Gained
    Knowledge Gained

    ah yes weapons

  • Santa Claus
    Santa Claus

    Can you play COD with it?

    • 8 Bit Much
      8 Bit Much

      It could maybe be used as joystick! It would be awesome if someone modified the controls and maybe used another control attached to it to use it for FPS games.

  • Mukesh Lekhi
    Mukesh Lekhi

    It sucks you have to hold this gun two handed with one hand on the barrel! Gun con2 design was perfect for lightgun games.

    • 8 Bit Much
      8 Bit Much

      So true, this would be so amazing with other models such as a rifle, or allowing the technology kit to be purchased to make/print your own.

  • Vladir Gaeser
    Vladir Gaeser

    Can you even use this as a regular mouse? Cause thats just badass

  • Limboipa Grinds
    Limboipa Grinds

    (HELP) i have a new tech tips channel and I've put up 5 videos and am really struggling for my first subscriberrrrr.... someone hook me up!!!! also let me know what over tips you would like to see

  • Jose Velazquez
    Jose Velazquez

    Can you use this on a projector

    • 8 Bit Much
      8 Bit Much

      It depends, Lamp based projectors should have no issue. LED or other types may not be bright enough.

  • Gabriel Gonzales
    Gabriel Gonzales

    What if this was programmed for PUBG, Modern warfare, or even valorant 🤔🤔

  • bigcasino 84
    bigcasino 84

    I want one but don't want to be scam don't hear good things about indgogo anyone have any advice on this because I got the cash burning in my pocket for one

  • superbn0va

    The recoiled version is overpriced till the point that it’s kinda offending towards lightgun fans. I rather wait till this tech will be used in better and cheaper lightguns

  • Zybbee

    I hope all is well I feel like God laid this on my heart for me to send you this message! The Bible verses that changed my life which was Acts 2:36-43. I just wanted to say that Jesus Christ can restore your life and that is a promise according to Acts 2:39, and God loves you. If you’re in need of a good church near you here you go: God bless have a great one 🙂. I prayed for you I hope all is well 🙂

  • Alexander Rapp
    Alexander Rapp

    Sure would be fun to play some time crisis at home.

  • Poker Radio Game Show
    Poker Radio Game Show

    Got one that works with REAL consoles from NES, SMS, and 7800 to Dreamcast, PS2 and Xbox Prime?

  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts

    If you play Cup Head, Red is p1 and blue is p2, Linus is wrong 🤣

  • DontBe8thNotes

    16:9 : disgusting 4:3 : chad

  • Alerxz twist kid
    Alerxz twist kid

    Can I use this for Call of duty

  • Dark Storm
    Dark Storm

    Imagine the latest time crisis with this baby

  • Christopher Godfrey
    Christopher Godfrey

    How the fuck did growing a beard make Linus even more childishly obnoxious.

  • khendy Chrush
    khendy Chrush

    Anthony knows my future

  • Kabreh Khan
    Kabreh Khan

    Could easily be made wireless via a USB dongle, or add recoil feedback, or smoking barrel after rapid fire... There's a lot of space in the gun to house large battery pack for these. By the way, does it work with projectors?

  • Vinny M
    Vinny M

    I was a major Anthony supporter until I saw him playing Duck Hunt _s t r e t c h e d_ to fit the modern TV. That's a BIG no-no. You guys should know better.

  • DuckRotation

    Why the hell does everyone immediately play Duck Hunt with it? What's wrong with Time Crisis, Area 51, Point Blank, Virtua Cop, CarnEvil, Ghost Squad, Lethal Enforcers, Mad Dog Mcree, Crypt Killer, Vampire Knight, Death Crimson OX, Elemental Gearbolt, Revolution X, Battle Clash, Jurassic Park 3, Alien 3: The Gun, Ninja Assault, Let's Go Jungle, Luigi's Mansion Arcade, or even Maximum Force?

  • SevenDeMagnus

    I love the old light guns that doesn't have lag. I love light gun games. God bless, Revelation 21:4


    Something about Anthony saying “gangsta mode” gave me a good chuckle

  • G

    11:04 Actually, red is mostly player 1 in arcades. I have never seen blue as player one. Especially in the house of the dead arcades.

    • ThatKrejsyOne

      Time crisis might be the other way around? Long since I played it in an arcade

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