No Compromises Tiny AMD Gaming Rig
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On today's stream we build a mATX build with all the Ryzen goodies, in a case that's almost ITX size!
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Autumn Springs
    Autumn Springs

    Can’t stop watching pc builds...... look into buying a “Braun” lol

  • J ay
    J ay

    Zombies walkin the halls at 28:05....

  • Jason Nemeck
    Jason Nemeck

    Wow. This is funny. Watching this video for the first time. Bought this very board, with that very same CPU one month after this build. I didn't build it in this case though. Same speed for the memory too, though different brand. Odd that he refers to that as a "stock cooler". The cooler that came with my 3600X doesn't look anything like that. The fan and heat sink are round. Doesn't matter, I switched it out to a medium-sized tower cooler and some fans. My case wouldn't allow, the full 120mm sized ones, due to space limits. Wanted an RGB cooler/fans, but it was 3mm too tall. Glass sided case, so I couldn't force it to fit.

  • Jim Docherty
    Jim Docherty

    nicely done Linus

  • Krinkels

    Not sure if it's just me, but the repetitive and overly saturated use of the word "gaming" on the PC market starts to feel more like a cringe than a pride.

  • NorfolknGood

    We're there no plastic adhesive stand offs in the box for the extra matx holes? If not get some & use them back in the 'good old days' of crappy cases that's what we used when holes didn't line up.

  • NorfolknGood

    W = M for MOTHERBOARD maybe?

  • Max1996

    That case, 100$ on AliExpress? What, all for the glass sidepanel? It doesn't even have anything for cable management.

  • KutWrite

    This might be a good replacement for my desktop dual-boot Mac Mini. I had to jump forward a bunch of times past the installation problems and related chit-chat. :(

  • Donny Goniwicha
    Donny Goniwicha

    How are you booting a new build computer with Windows already installed?

  • pcllau

    I built my own PCs way back in in 2002 and to solve that no motherboard screws near PSU. You need to use those brass risers to prevent the motherboard bending when you insert PSU cable. Rookie overlooked that lol

  • Dan noringer
    Dan noringer

    somebody needs to be managing the audio levels....really

  • Dan noringer
    Dan noringer

    get a lavilier wireless mic for Linus

  • Dan noringer
    Dan noringer

    great topic, terrible photography

  • Jonathan Kilbourn
    Jonathan Kilbourn

    My ROG Strix X-570-E Gaming says it will handle a max of 128Gb RAM......Is it a bad idea to fill that?

  • zzz xxx
    zzz xxx

    AT 35:08 Isn't this an computer assembly not build? To my knowledge build implies more complicated and creative process, where here Linus has ready made instructions to be followed to put in all parts.

  • Monx101

    watching this again after a few months, any body there got dizzy of the constantly swaying camera aside from me?

  • Pete Nielsen
    Pete Nielsen

    A diabetic size water bottle is available now. I just wish I was not diabetic sized myself. I would not mind a case that is average weight but looks like it could be diabetic too - a dual system case!

  • Sean Carson
    Sean Carson

    I know this is 2 months late, but have you considered 3d printing some clips for motherboards used in situations like this? It wont hold it to the case, but it will reduce flex while plugging connectors in.

  • Joel Ehrig
    Joel Ehrig

    Case looks cool! ...It sucks.

  • 256KLABS

    i have to say, having those small cases is really nice looking! much more than those mega beast monstrosity! kindof a shame i already ordered a full ATX board... oh well

  • Guido Barbieri
    Guido Barbieri

    You call that tiny? Sent from metalfish t40.

  • kris gottula
    kris gottula

    Linus Build a pc that will run 7 days to die 4k ultra settings ....

  • K M Adnan Anik
    K M Adnan Anik

    With everything shrinking down to Linus size, I wonder when we are gonna see a M.2 SSD server build.

  • Walter Machnicz
    Walter Machnicz

    I have built with unsupported motherboards. You can get plastic Standoffs and plastic nuts and install them from the bottom. That way if a nut comes loose should not be fatal. Brass standards with plastic nuts is also doable. Brass nuts would worry me.

  • starflow90210

    I'm at the 40min mark now and since at least 10mins I'm thinking "How's he gonna plug that cable into the Power Supply"

  • James Cannon
    James Cannon

    I am glad I found this video. I am building a similar build.

  • Jack Cordery
    Jack Cordery

    No compromise? For Linus a 2060 is defo a compromise....

  • DuoX

    hes talking about the mount for the ssd there litereally one right underneath the slot he chose lol.

  • Jason Neri
    Jason Neri

    Computer in an electrical panel box will work for in wall. just need to run electrical into it like you would an alarm system.

  • Jeffrey Elkins
    Jeffrey Elkins

    I find it funny that he points out the fact that the mounting points weren't there for that type motherboard and doesn't think about connecting the power cable before putting the board in.

  • Yoh Winter
    Yoh Winter

    drink from the bottle and no but at the 2nd drinking :D GJ

  • JD Perry
    JD Perry

    Q - If you win how much do you owe me? A - A lotto ticket.

  • John Coffey
    John Coffey

    How would this compare to the XBOX Series X?

  • IOnceAteAPinecone

    way more interesting than the split winnings case was the canadian case where a kid won a car from a roll-up-the-rim cup that he found in the garbage. The custodian claimed it was theirs and they check the rim before tossing the cup, the girls family say she's entitled to the prize, and the family of the little girl's best friend (who was present at the time the cup was found) insisted their family was owed winnings.

  • David C.
    David C.

    I've had cases with no mounting points before with flex in it so I always took mounting posts and cut off the threads and screwed it to the board so it rested on the posts.

  • ernie finney
    ernie finney

    Has anyone ever heard of ESD

    • Quirinale D
      Quirinale D

      He uses an ankle strap afaik

  • fattycuzimnatty

    Should raffle these builds off instead of just disassembling like you said.

  • Happy Fox
    Happy Fox

    PHONOMINAL COSMIC POWER!!! itty bitty living space

  • bruce longenecker
    bruce longenecker

    You could definitely fit some of those slim Silverstone fans under there and leave plenty of room.

  • Erik Vasauez
    Erik Vasauez

    Shame Linus, the Verge did a much more informative build guide/video than this rubbish

  • sobreaver

    Snip, just the word alone makes me shiver, some words like that just convey more than the idea ;) Great video, I'm so not a tech guy and I'm struggling over a laptop already all built or maybe a more money's worth desktop PC built but I'm clueless about building PCs, ughhhhhh Doe such simple components, the casing seems to be [freely] giving a lot of trouble to put it all together :! Is such small casing even worth/wise considering good air flow ? o0 gee that Doom Eternal game was quite extremely VIOLENT, I was sarting to.. REALLY LIKE IT o0 XDD Alright, thanks for the video LTT Crew !

  • An Qin
    An Qin


  • IPman77

    A head mounted camera might help you out next time.

  • Le Hearse
    Le Hearse

    “No compromises build”. Compromises rpm sense.

  • nitroxide91

    "In that case"... Grabs case

  • Just Reload
    Just Reload

    Please help, I need a good build with these specs; ryzen 9 3900x, msi x570 am4 board, i have a titan x pascal 12gb gpu (should i upgrade?) Whats good nvme ssd to use with my msi tomahawk x570? And what liquid cooler should I opt for? I got the cordair 680x crystal rgb case

  • Shah Zahreen
    Shah Zahreen

    Metalfish s3 plus is the smallest compatible sfx psu

  • James Singleton
    James Singleton

    Was anyone else just waiting to see how he was going to plug in the PSU?

  • Project Zero
    Project Zero

    LINUS FIRST TIME BUILD ..."it wont take more than an hour" he says... well it wont if you cut out all the water bottle shots and exaggerated box abuse printed website infrastructure cutting of molex cables though you can find a use for it. "those could short" the use of the phrase "thats interesting" and the referral to the instructions that he mumbles so that you can figure out how to look at it yourself seeing as how its the you can build this from home with no problem though he almost failed to mount a zero insertion force processor then blamed it on the motherboard without a self reflection in user error calling the reflection of the camera horrific or something like that though I bet its beautiful hardware or are is he that ashamed of his actual production value.. you could edit out the frames in between where linus walks away and no audio is being played stressing a motherboard instead of plugging in the cable and then mounting one of 2 screws for the 24 pin ... oops "didnt screw in the motherboard good " I wonder if the doctor took your snip snip operation with the same approach editor go ahead and cut... not even 40 minuets in may I continue??

  • Dennis

    6:07 isnt a Intel i5 10400 better then a ryzen 5 3600X ? well okay you can overclock the AMD... but with that you need to buy a better cooler aswell. The Intel costs 140€ here in germany and the Ryzen 200€. I dont plan to overclock so for me there is no reason to spend extra 60€ to have an ability that i dont use.

  • Gr33n N1ck
    Gr33n N1ck

    Also snap on and Mac tools and such have screwdrivers that have flex adapters for difficult jobs.

  • Gr33n N1ck
    Gr33n N1ck

    DUDE....SMH... install the mobo first theeeen the Psu...smh drill small holes or adhesive or glass table rubber stand offs try to make it firm if you can...We Both Know Old Guys Have Issues Sometimes 😂

  • PinoColada67

    I would put a filter on the rear intake..ijs

  • Maples01

    My bios has a setting for thunderbolt.

  • Allan Dale
    Allan Dale

    i would of used the little spacer 37 mins into vid under the mother board instead of squashing fingers

  • Terry Adelsberger
    Terry Adelsberger

    the little black standoffs go in the back of the mother bard

  • Shannon Rhoads
    Shannon Rhoads

    No tweezers, no Swiss Army knife (hopefully with a screwdriver), no thermal paste spreader, failed to hammer, lacks braces, failed to use all the thermal paste, actually secured cooler to CPU... :-p

  • Joseph G
    Joseph G

    Can you put standard atx psu like GX650 in here?

  • John Brydon
    John Brydon

    Will this case hold the new nvidia 3080?

  • Matthew Hoskins
    Matthew Hoskins

    why did i watch this, i know how to build a pc, ive been watercooling using aluminum car heater cores before alpha cool (who remembers?) and ek were a thing. i think covid has finally rotted my mind, or im starving for content that isnt politcal nonsense.

  • Joe Smo
    Joe Smo

    REMIX: Ditch the case, and PSU, go ATX, put in the legacy SS X650 Gold that's still kicking butt after 8 years, throw in a Red Dragon Vega 56X, flash to Vega 64 bios, overclock, stomp 2060 save $300.00 … game on.

  • WintersKing

    When I was trouble shooting a 9600k with intel one of the things the tech person asked me to check was to make sure xmp was turned on. It had nothing to do with the cpu usage problem, but they still asked me to make sure it was turned om. Weird that they would ask me to do something that would void the warranty

  • xSKOOBSx

    The correct way to do a lotto pool is every ticket a person pays for in ANY lotto buys them a share of any future winnings, if that makes sense... because you paid into the chances over the course of playing. But no one does it that way.

  • Froge

    "AMD Gaming rig" proceeds to put Nvidia card in...

  • Devin Lehmann
    Devin Lehmann

    Maybe this is just my speakers...but every stream I watch of yours Linus when you're talking it goes in and out. Almost like a whisper. Doesn't matter if i turn the volume up or not. If this is something on my end let me know and a possible fix. Only seems to do it when watching yours.

  • Lee Brookes
    Lee Brookes

    linus why do you seem like it's your first time putting a computer together each and every's sorta like you looked at the first and back page of the instructions then said ok lets "wing it".. then you "rise of skywalkered" the guide books over your shoulder lol...a we bit of preperation can save you alot of time and we will see a shorter assembly too...just a friendly idea buddy

  • Chilly O.G.
    Chilly O.G.

    Why didnt you use a PCIe 4.0 GPU? I am sure you would have done just fine with an AMD 5600 card in this build and still stayed in the same price range..... but the 5600 would have done better than the 2060

  • Tech With Sean
    Tech With Sean

    Ok now put a 3080 in there

  • Gary Calliham
    Gary Calliham

    Linus as for the in wall pc clear wall head to head battle royale 2 gamers one cup...I mean 2 gamers one gaming rig. I have just one thing to say to you.... Do It! :-)

  • Jesse Armstrong
    Jesse Armstrong

    i still use dvi.

  • jordan WAH
    jordan WAH

    That obnoxious neon orange cable, though? Not sure how to feel about it. I'd almost rather ALL be orange or black. Can't be just me, or is it?

  • Darren Skjoelsvold
    Darren Skjoelsvold

    NOK Norwegian Kroner. 100 isn't too much but still something.

  • Ruben Letras
    Ruben Letras

    Can't find it anywhere for sale. Do you know where to buy?

  • Gustav Sandergaard
    Gustav Sandergaard

    Using and is a compromise

  • VQ37forDayz

    Me Casually watching Linus Linus: "Do you know what else I think sounds good!" Me: Oh no! *double taps screen to fast forward 10 seconds*

  • Brian M.
    Brian M.

    ...what's the story be hide all the Pink?

  • jianhong lin
    jianhong lin

    this build compromised on peace of mind that my house isn't gonna burn down

  • jianhong lin
    jianhong lin

    One would think that W was an M for the motherboard and short their entire PC

  • Michael Meehan
    Michael Meehan

    for $5 would you just replace the case fan?

  • Michael Goodwin
    Michael Goodwin

    I'm getting ready to build a pc... but I'm gonna skip this no compromising case lol

  • Jim M
    Jim M

    The case appears to be missing the mobo-side of the fan mounts. I see two standoffs and a mount point on the PSU cage on that end yet they didn't even include the other screw to mount the PSU cage... Looks ... good? otherwise.

    • Jim M
      Jim M

      oh jeez those are just the standoffs o_o

  • csorrows

    They put a heat spreader on the lower m.2 slot to protect it from the heat of the GPU. You did notice it's right where the GPU will cover it right? Come on Linus, you are slipping here. I thought it was damn funny you complained that the filter screen was not magnetic... I'll give you a minute... Yea, the case is aluminum...

  • Tokenizer Dice
    Tokenizer Dice

    what`s the cooler called in this build?????

  • LovelyDoetje

    LTT case should be functional, good cooling options and easy to use. Nothing fancy, just in any ral color.............. and some external light options just to show off the gold sparkly flakes within the paint job. Option to buy it in same design as the buyers wedding rings. Different materials should be available like stainless steel, aluminium, wood, rock, plastics, cardboard. You know nothing fancy. And off course a beerglas holder. Just simple and GAMING.

  • Knight Of Ni
    Knight Of Ni

    stick a 3080 in there

  • joejoeevans

    No regrets or no rugrats?

  • Jaap van der plas
    Jaap van der plas

    if it is not plug & play, it is already a problem for many people. who is this video for?

  • Precise Havoc
    Precise Havoc

    me being at 57:39 thinking hes done. then i looked at the timeline.

  • Dano C.
    Dano C.

    So I played the lottery using the same numbers for 200 consecutive draws and didn't win once, so I quit and on the next draw all my numbers came up... Hey lottery officials "I played every time with those number so I think I should get my winnings"... "sure man, here's $50,000,000 for your loyalty"... I think not...

  • Terry Siu
    Terry Siu

    PS2 slot become handy now because windows 10 sometime fcuk up keyboard and mouse driver

  • Dano C.
    Dano C.

    I was wondering why they still had a PS2 input also, but when I was messin' around and disabled legacy USB in the BIOS and needed to go back into the BIOS my USB keyboard would not work and I was almost ready to do a CMOS reset and remembered I still had an old PS2 keyboard, and voila! It did the trick, started it up hit del. and got to my BIOS and the first thing I did was re-enabled my legacy USB's...

  • Dano C.
    Dano C.

    Did he forget to take the tape off the thermal pad attached to the underside of the M.2 heat sync plate?

  • xn0

    On the thumbnail Linus looks like the mad hungry hobo at the end of the street, about to devour a small child.

  • Q8 Tech تقنية الكويت
    Q8 Tech تقنية الكويت

    i'm thinking you are biggest miner in the continent

  • Sneaky Demon
    Sneaky Demon

    Executive decision on that fan.

  • sweettea . tony
    sweettea . tony

    Gimmie that screwdriver

  • matthew house
    matthew house

    LTT is a little known youtube channel, he is just getting into building PC's ;)

  • vidfreak56

    What about cooling. That doesnt' look like its got great airflow.

  • Randomizer

    Anyone else getting distracted by the light behind Linus on the tool racks?