My doorbell may shock you… - Ubiquiti G4 Doorbell
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Tired of paying for subscription services? Or perhaps you want to keep your data under your own roof for privacy reasons? Today we show you Ubiquiti’s G4 Doorbell and talk about why keeping control of your own data can be good for your privacy, and your wallet.
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  • poser

    Three year upgrade plan what's TOCO on doorbell/rackmount/cat-5 vs. ring subscription? please include installation and wire service.

  • Eric Saucier
    Eric Saucier

    couple things ... ur ring door bell is really old as they have a flate face mount now .. even comes with couple wedges to angle it ...., you can pay to store ur clips, tho it can be used withought subscription you just cant review clips from months before ....

  • ShiftyPersona

    Must just be Canadian cable companies that aren't that evil. Here in good ol 'merica, not a damn thing is free.

  • iSpezz Dev
    iSpezz Dev

    I think you are misinformed cable companies do charge you a subscription as well as charge you for each box I've worked with cable for about 15 years and they do not give you free boxes you pay a monthly fee for each box between $15 to $20 and almost all US cable companies do that Just look up Verizon FiOS

  • Brot

    Hey Linus can you say me which Chime you exactly have, will change my Chime to a US Chime because we have in Germany only 8-12V Chimes. Will order a Chime over Amazonas US, thanks man

  • Miguel

    My cable company makes us pay to rent the cable box, but the last few years they always give them for free as a discount... because they are such good people 🤣🤣🤣

  • Chad

    I'm happy you brought up the ring subscription that shit gets me too. Also now we all know you are also a part time drug lord... Can't have Amazon storing your videos lol.

  • Lohoydo

    You must have a nice cable company... here in the states they charge $10 a month if you don't have your own modem. I just picked one up from Staples for $30 when I moved

  • Respawn_101's Lab
    Respawn_101's Lab

    Lmao I have to rent my cable box too 😂

  • Lars Emanuelsson
    Lars Emanuelsson

    Next owner: I have to check every breaker because the last owner, a youtuber guy, did such a lousy job and noted everything in his smartphone :D ;)

  • Mtl Invader
    Mtl Invader

    Linus should review Unifi Acces

  • Wisdomty

    tbh looked way better than i thought.

  • Stefan Jud
    Stefan Jud

    This is a bunch of expensive e-waste. Why do you need a display on your doorbell?! Why a camera? (To sell the feed to the cops like many americans do?) Just keep a ringer and you are fine. Why do you need to see the person in front of the camera on your phone?

    • Stefan Jud
      Stefan Jud

      Wow.. and the best thing, it does not run the ringer properly! So a pretty pointless tool if tje one thing it has to do does not work.

  • Paper n Pencil
    Paper n Pencil

    New intro is cool, epic

  • MrSirViking

    I like how at 7:29 he goes "curiously it dosent appear to be powered?" And the camera man says "yeah cause you turned off the breaker" And Linus just goes right! He totally forgot! :D

  • Julez Owens
    Julez Owens

    Decided not to live in paranoia. I grew up in the 70s when people just had a doorbell. Still do.

  • Robert Leiper
    Robert Leiper

    So Linus is one of those people who have large multi colored Christmas lights up in October.. Of course he is

  • Lazarus Gaming
    Lazarus Gaming

    Excuse me Linus, but here in the US, Comcast/XFINITY charges a rental fee for the cable box and wireless router ☹️

  • Yoel Hus
    Yoel Hus

    Does it work in really cold temperatures like -20 C or lower?

  • dom leedade
    dom leedade

    Linus shirt looks like he has a bunch of dandruff falling off.

  • Tom Ong
    Tom Ong

    So this doorbell is can't be used standalone? As in, it requires something like a Dream Machine Pro?

  • Tobias

    are you using metal drill bits for bricks?

  • Josh Allred
    Josh Allred

    Is nobody going to comment on Linus wearing sandals with socks?

  • Hekope

    Early Christmas lights I see. It would be a crime to have Christmas lights throughout the year

  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson

    LOL @ Linus' Learner Warning magnet. You show those ICBC dorks whatfor!

  • Vert -
    Vert -

    Linus: Ok so I've done some preparations and mounted a 16x PCIe connector and inserted a 2080 super in my doorbell, let's see if it can run minecraft in 8K

  • Trap Johnson
    Trap Johnson

    Maxed out notification bar on the phone: fair play.

  • Louis Winoto
    Louis Winoto

    Change the door bell tobe into "Ehe te nandayo" 🤣

  • luke willan
    luke willan

    Still not available in EU, may have to import.

  • TheTargetlockon

    6:26 Ahoy! Drop tbe anchor! LinusDropTips

  • TheTargetlockon

    5:09 :O Guess we can't go back to the old one

  • TheTargetlockon

    4:58 rip

  • C H
    C H

    Those christmas lights.................

  • tkrotchko

    It was a bit fuzzy as to whether this supports a standards-based NVR, or whether you have to use UI equipment to record video.

  • TheTargetlockon

    0:07 i hate subscriptions... everything is becoming a subscriptions

  • Steven

    1,000 Ring employees disliked this video.

  • Macht Schnell
    Macht Schnell

    Subscription fees suck your wallet dry.

  • stickmenwithrayguns

    Don't put the anchors in the mortar! Drill a precise hole for them in the bricks! This rule applies for tiles in your bathroom as well.

  • EdgyShooter

    *Sees Linus enables doorbell notifications* Finds Linus's house just to spam his notifications

  • Shadowmaster625

    2:34 it is quite possible that remarks like that will get yourself censored on this platform within the next 5 years. This company is not your friend in any sense of the word.

  • Alexander Hill
    Alexander Hill

    Linus absent mindedly pointed to where his data server is. Bro, move your data server after revealing its 'vague location', it won't be hard for a potential intruder to locate it and cover their tracks now. Fuck man go whole hog, bury a couple of em underground and put em under a concrete slab, put a garden shed on top of it. Make digging it up a day long ordeal. Go hard. YOLO.

  • Richard Asketill Noble THYNE
    Richard Asketill Noble THYNE

    Why not Show Peep Hole Cameras, With no Door Bell ???

  • Richard Asketill Noble THYNE
    Richard Asketill Noble THYNE

    Camera View Needs to be Lower, You do not Need to see your Roof ???

  • Dreadlord Daemon
    Dreadlord Daemon

    What is the low end equipment needed to hook this doorbell up and use it? You're running through a high end home server of some sort, but wat does the everyday end user need?

  • Thearavid Sea
    Thearavid Sea

    Clear your notifs, Linus!!!

  • Erik Andreas
    Erik Andreas

    Everyone: "let's find a cure for cancer!" Companies that charge subscriptions: "yeah yeah focus on that cancer dont look at us...."

  • Mason Turner
    Mason Turner

    Who holds bits/screws with their teeth.... you have lips man

  • Xtreme Garrage
    Xtreme Garrage


  • Xtreme Garrage
    Xtreme Garrage

    We have to do that too with our breakers, oh and we have less brakers so it takes like 10 minutes.

  • Scott Prazak
    Scott Prazak

    Wait, wha? The cable company will NOT allow us to install our own modem, even if it's a modem I own... unless that's changed in the last 4 years... Charter.

  • The 4th Steve
    The 4th Steve

    i thought this episode was gonna be about how the Ubiquiti G4 doorbell was a liability nightmare

  • bluesillybeard2 bczhefgthspswd
    bluesillybeard2 bczhefgthspswd

    My doorbell is a raspberry pi connected to the same button that's been there for >50 years.

  • Chinese Electric Batman
    Chinese Electric Batman

    Your doorbell is more advance for my PC

  • Anarchy Antz
    Anarchy Antz

    I came for Linus ranting. I was not disappointed.

  • Jesse Babb
    Jesse Babb

    In the us the is a cost for the cable box

  • Dominic Ornelas
    Dominic Ornelas


  • Maddux Smith
    Maddux Smith

    P L A Y D O O M O N T H E D I S P L A Y

  • JJS

    Man, linus is just killing it during covid isn't he? I'm jealous.

  • Denis Cavanagh
    Denis Cavanagh

    Dam, i could really go for some silica gel right now.

  • EyeJustSleep

    Christmas lights?

  • Parth Chaurasia
    Parth Chaurasia

    02:19 Did he really need to point towards 'his house' ???

  • Dragonflykun

    Another episode of "Linus tricks companies to pay for his house renovation"

  • GOD

    Reolink will give you four 4K cameras and an NVR with a 2TB hard drive and a hundred different features for about $100 more than this basic doorbell.

  • skyblade bloodheart
    skyblade bloodheart

    a subscription based doorbell.... now thats the sort of thing that can bring my blood to boil.

  • Julian Felipe Granados Flórez
    Julian Felipe Granados Flórez

    This video truly is a Linus DROP Tips

  • Brandon Cole
    Brandon Cole

    i bet he shocked himself lmao thats not breaker 21

  • Killerspieler0815

    @Linus Tech Tips - Linus , You shopuld always double check that a circuit has NO power (also to prevent circuits & accidental triggering ... & shocks) ... I have a reasonable Multimeter lieing around

  • Nonya Business
    Nonya Business

    Decided to buy one of these thru your link for my front door, instead of what I had originally ordered thru Amazon on their PRIME Day as they cant deliver for 3 months and I saw your video just the day after I placed that now canceled order. I hope it benefits you. Just glad to be spending somewhere other than that conglomerate.

  • Jonathan Visser
    Jonathan Visser

    I am from holland and you got the approval of the cheese people for using us as example. ( For a EU country at the end

  • Daniel Segomil
    Daniel Segomil

    At 11:08 there is a fish .. but is this a kabbalistic fish symbolism ? ... I know for sure that this is not a Christian symbolism ! Linus i have an eye on you ... some people knows some truth !

  • Kyban Esc
    Kyban Esc

    Whoever plastered those joins needs to learn to clean their trowels and buckets, smh dragging bits of hardened plaster or dirt in through each swipe leaving those shitty scrapes.

  • r12esh

    My doorbell may actually give you a SHOCK

  • Kiehuva

    just waiting for another linus drop tips

  • mister krutoy
    mister krutoy

    Imagine walking past Linus’s office and just seeing that whole building changing colors and blinding you with the bright LED’s

  • Shawn Tolle
    Shawn Tolle

    Or you could just by a Eufy Doorbell and avoid the cost of all the other equipment Linus needed to run his doorbell...and the monthly...

  • alksdjf;alsdjf

    Best neighbourhood ever, there's so many kids here - Linus Sebastian

  • jackson mooney
    jackson mooney

    This was like an anti commercial, at every step I was like wow I want nothing to do with this trash difficult product

  • Peter Rodriguez
    Peter Rodriguez

    Eat the silicon gel????

  • Robbie

    Talkin mad smack on Ring for their subscription shite, but you let them sponsor your videos all the time

  • Stijn Claassen
    Stijn Claassen

    Linus has always a Ring doorbell in his back pocket

  • Fabi Voltair
    Fabi Voltair

    I upgradded my Router and Wifi this year with Ubiquity. Best decision ever. All the problems I had are gone since then, and even my upload speed went from 2Mbit/s to 5Mbit/s which doesn't even makes sense but here we go :D

  • Aditya K
    Aditya K

    Next video: Liquid Cooling the doorbell

  • Cekrom

    7:22 Thanks subtitles =D

  • Subhodip Dey
    Subhodip Dey

    Sometimes yelling "WHO IS IT?" seems more convenient.

  • C B
    C B

    He didn't show the part he had to change his chime so it actually worked???

  • a

    The doorbell button and chime are wired in series and pressing the button short-circuits it, fully completing the circuit to fully power the chime. The light bulb in the button lets a low enough current through that it doesnt affect the chime much but the video doorbell needs to draw a lot more power, hence the additional chime accessory so it can do that without the chime buzzing all the time.

  • bowedfloor

    Linus, Cableco's in the states love to charge you rental fees for the STB. One recently got sued and told by the federal government that they could no longer charge a equipment rental fee to customers who didn't have the equipment.

  • Adjektive Naamm
    Adjektive Naamm

    Girls: it’s not photoshopped! The door behind them: 9:30

  • ChicknNugts

    Meanwhile in the US they charge you a monthly fee for the cable box and remote

  • 3:16 Media
    3:16 Media

    I wish that was the case. We pay for our cable boxes AND services. What’s worse is they are a monopoly here, so they can charge what ever they want because we have zero options.

  • Schio Alves
    Schio Alves

    I really don't get this “security” gear that you can take off with bare hands

  • Knight Solaire of Astora
    Knight Solaire of Astora

    "Cable companes aren't even that evil" **MODEM RENTAL FEES WOULD LIKE TO KNOW YOUR LOCATION LINUS**

  • Lucifer


  • Medicinal Cannabis301
    Medicinal Cannabis301

    You have to pay rental fees for Comcast cable boxes. At least the last time I had cable and it was 15 dollars a month. I'm in the us and it was Comcast aka Xfinity.

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C

    So now that you have Ubiquity cameras at home and Geovision cameras at the office (at least last time you showed us) what do you prefer?

  • Barrett Lewis
    Barrett Lewis

    I was excited about this because I've already got ubiquiti access points, a managed switch, and a controller, and I have vowed to never touch any internet connected home automation. Sadly this seems to require external connectivity to 'unifi protect' to function. Disappointing. Whenever some vendor makes a system that puts my privacy first, I'll give them my money. Edit: I realize the storage is still local but that's not good enough. You got 99% of the way there and then decided you wanted to remotely keep tabs on my connections and make me dependent on your backend. Again, what a letdown. I'd gladly forgo push notifications for a self contained system.

  • Aki

    sorry but i will not leave such device where guys like mr.robot can have access. i will keep my old ding dong!

  • Kevin Faherty
    Kevin Faherty

    I think Linus should sticker his front door with the entire collection of security hardware brand stickers he uses for securing his house. Will be no door visible! :D

  • Darcy Jackson
    Darcy Jackson

    I have used Ubiquiti products many times over the past few years. I have one question about them. Where are their products manufactured?

  • Retro CD
    Retro CD

    I hate the bell I'm hearing in background. It's a terrible beat.

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