Making Nvidia’s CEO mad - RTX 3090 Review
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Nvidia’s not done yet - Their brand new, fastest-ever GPU just got smoked by their own RTX 3090. But is it good enough to fork over $1500?
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Mark Lastiwka
    Mark Lastiwka

    “CAD work by day and gaming in 8K by night” I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t use my work computer for gaming

  • Brandon Dallaire
    Brandon Dallaire

    *Linus shows the difference between graphics of teh DLSS options* Here I stand, with my 2K monitor, looking at exactly the same quality of image Also, why is teh 'Golden standard' 60FPS? Many of us tech enthousiasts have 120hz and more screens, and believe me, going back from 120 to 60 is painful

  • RideExpedition

    Can't wait for this to be the worst graphics card in the next 20 years 😉

  • Andrew Conway
    Andrew Conway

    This Video hurt my brain

  • Rickard Lundö
    Rickard Lundö

    Nobody youtuber = 12 million subscribers, the bar has been set!

  • Kod Adı TÜRK
    Kod Adı TÜRK

    Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090 OC *vs* Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 3090 Master 24G

  • Emys • 15 years ago
    Emys • 15 years ago

    Nvidia's top of the line RTX 3090... **Drops it**

  • GGCrosby

    Linus: Compares 4k and 8k. Me, watching in 480p: There is no difference.

  • BunnyWolfe 26
    BunnyWolfe 26

    Just realised it would take me 7 years to get this graphics card

  • LCarpio

    Me watching this with a GeForce 210

  • Lawrence McCreery
    Lawrence McCreery

    hahaha, seems like your autopilot mental internal narrator voice wanted to resent Jensen but when you heard your own words and realized where it was going you took over: "to heck with that petulant complaining, because Jensen is actually genius and creation and a self-moving wheel who livens and lifts our world, i mean our video gaming visual experience, and that's the kind of existence/Being that makes life and people useful and enjoyable, and why I, even I, Linus, am a bit of a creator and visionary whose nature and chosen purpose compels me to change things up in an eternal quest for excellence, greatness, magic, truth, new records and ideas and horizons, inter alia et al et cetera, so now that I've actually given it conscious thought, I actually like it a lot! He's what I am and he's spectacularly good at it! No way no how can I stand here and look us all in the eye and diss a man for doing what I value and do myself. And in case my words do have influence, I say now the words which will cause the desired outcome: EVEN BETTER graphics cards from Nvidia." I think Neitzsche's Zarathustra would be relieved and thrilled that such spirit is yet and is still instantiated in these more modern times when weakness is worn by many as a badge of honour. Victimhood is so democratic. Napoleon and Jensen probably never blamed or whined for their own trials and failures. Unrelated: I appreciate the elegant nuance when you quote products' prices in "dollars..U.S."

  • Heero Yuy
    Heero Yuy

    I cant see the difference on the triple screen

  • A Kring
    A Kring

    I'm not getting an Nvidia card until their Linux driver is open source.

  • Erik Zolan
    Erik Zolan

    Monitors don't display 32 bits of colors, right? That's why when you look at the specs it shows "10 bit display"... or is that 10 bits per color channel...

  • 15 FPS
    15 FPS

    I don't even have a pc lol

  • 15 FPS
    15 FPS

    I sometimes think that why I even watch this videos even if Can't afford them

  • Alex's Channel Or Something
    Alex's Channel Or Something

    Pc has gotten even more expensive then before

  • Levente Albert
    Levente Albert

    My Wife Left Me

  • Carter

    7:01 Me with a 1080p screen: Ah yes looks good

  • Andrzej Sokalski
    Andrzej Sokalski

    Titan rtx is not for gaming,why you put him here ?

  • My Reply Notifications are OFF
    My Reply Notifications are OFF

    Lol you actually think your opinion matters.....

  • MagiciaN

    wait is Linus trying to overclock the Nvidia CEO?

  • saifulbrine ,
    saifulbrine ,

    I'm here learning about PC component before getting a PC

  • omer cohen
    omer cohen

    i got my RTX 2080 TI a month ago, satisfied with, but i wonder how the 3090 TI perform

  • Vigi1antVort3x

    So if I put +10 to 3080, I have to pay twice the amount for it?

  • Weston Forced-last-name-display
    Weston Forced-last-name-display

    7:03 does anyone else see Zero difference?

  • Mei. Kanzaki
    Mei. Kanzaki

    That thing can run Crysis ?

  • The Jigular
    The Jigular


  • Carlos Fandango
    Carlos Fandango

    Stealing Adored's revenew, feeling big and hard? Low as f*ck!!!!

  • Mats Norway
    Mats Norway

    Where is Autodesk Fusion/Inventor/other test scores?

  • EverySecondOfMine

    I came here from AdoredTV from his video about the 3090 not being a Titan. In his video he explained why the 3090 is not a titan, and because people told him that youtubers too said it was a titan, he showed the clip of you saying that it wasn't a Titan and even praised you for it. What did he get? Fullscreen decided to take away all revenue of that video, which you are seeing money from too. From the full 30 minute video... This is ridiculous and you guys should rectify this.

  • Raziel

    Done watching your vids for your ridiculous copyright strike against AdoredTV for using one minute of this video in a 28 minute long video. You have become what you were looking to change.

    • Bill Lindsay
      Bill Lindsay

      I don't think you understand how this works

  • Max Giroux Productions
    Max Giroux Productions

    They all look the same to me.

  • Leon Pozo
    Leon Pozo

    I should of said this weeks ago, but respect to you for your honesty Linus.

  • Internet Supervillain
    Internet Supervillain

    You're a joke now Linus. Sad to see you doing advertising for Nvidia, AND making copywrite claims on real tech analysts like this guy .

  • Brody Harris
    Brody Harris

    For us less financially fortunate pc gamers, I feel bad for whoever bought the 20 series cards...

  • Tabletennis Fun
    Tabletennis Fun

    Is this card a good choice for my system with a threadripper 3970x? I do game but i also need it to do 4k viedeo editing. Or should i go for a Quadro rtx?

  • GreensAndBeansGaming

    hmmm probably add a $100 month to your electric bill.

  • Its Soyiy
    Its Soyiy

    finally i can play minecraft with 69420 fps

  • Sam Vente
    Sam Vente

    Linus: *talks about native 8k* me: *cries in 1080p*

  • TheOfficalEeshTM

    RTX 3090 Users: ray tracing xD me with GeForce 256: Am i a Joke to u?

  • D P O
    D P O

    Yea....there real mad..

  • Ga Me
    Ga Me

    Modern Gamers: Waaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaa It's so expensive! They're ripping us off! Why is this ultra advanced bleeding edge technology not affordable for ME!?

  • ↁคภเєl ↁเคz
    ↁคภเєl ↁเคz

    Getting some fuck you Nvidia vibes from the other Linus hahaha

  • Blade

    Ah yes u have an Rtx 3090 but do you have a gtx 1060 like me? Hehe I thought not. Congrats ur better than me

  • Bear Banters
    Bear Banters

    I have a 660... shut up.

  • DrSmixy

    me cries in 1080p 144hz

  • mv vo
    mv vo

    linus, title baiting is getting real old

  • King Prime
    King Prime

    But it is it more powerful than a PlayStation 5??? Cause I seriously doubt it..

  • IsaacShark08

    3090: *exists* My gtx 745: You won’t, right?

  • Γιάννης Π.
    Γιάννης Π.

    Well I am happy with my rx 5600 xt and my 1080p high refresh panel. I will pass 😎

  • ninino

    I’m planning to get the 3090 and I just recently ordered the 3800x and I have a b450 tomahawk max lying around can I use that board?

  • PandaMan

    buy the titan replacement and don't get the full titan features enabled?

  • Edmond Majhi
    Edmond Majhi

    what's the point if we cant buy it. 1500$ card selling at 3000$ . Nvidia has lost it.

  • Unwanted Commentary
    Unwanted Commentary

    Where is Jenson's comment?

  • Scrubo

    Can’t wait to use Rtx 3090 on among us 720p 420fps

  • itchy wool sweater
    itchy wool sweater

    Still gonna wait till all these issues get worked out.

  • Kaleb Zehr
    Kaleb Zehr

    Pick one up in 8 years when it's $100 on ebay


    I want to play 720p full HD at 60fps can I do that on a 3070? Or should I buy 3090

    • Artair

      No, you can do it on both, 1080p on any 20 Series card is still going to work, you'd have to run Mic Flight Sim to really need a 3090. If you want to lock your FPS then don't get a 30 Series, it's overkill. Don't know why you'd want 720 either.

  • Keith Hays
    Keith Hays

    This is like trying to figure out why home users don't have Xeon machines to run gaming systems.

  • Xinderz

    why am i watching this, i'm poor

  • Alexander van Gelderen
    Alexander van Gelderen

    How are yall selling water bottles for 30 dollars

  • SmittSand

    5:49 Ah yes AK gaming Thank you subtitles

  • Hirnlego999

    This video won't make a difference, Nvidia has sometimes almost a cult-like following like Apple

  • pole_data dev
    pole_data dev

    people using tensorflow or pytorch will love it ! you forgot to mention this ;)

  • Randxm Teslazz
    Randxm Teslazz

    this is the guy from the honey add

  • Flea B
    Flea B

    Just ordered parts for 2014 2020 games at 1440p stupid ultra settings Setup Asus ROG Strix z490E i9 10900k 10c/20 thread 20 mb cache 32gb DDR 4 3000 Gskill trident z RGB 2x 1TB samsung 970 EVO Plus Corsair 1200 watt Lian li PC-O11 razer case with go with all razer with hp kb mouse now case for cpu corsair H150i pro XT 360 rad with 3 fans 120mm rpms 2400 each

  • TommyTarkov

    but can it run tarkov? lol

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski

    Rtx 3090 new need new computer omg ahah put in $3,000 or more

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski

    oh god niceeeeeeeee

  • Zan Jayna
    Zan Jayna

    How about just making it so that installing nvidea driver updates doesn't brick the computer..? - 20 years worth of computers want to know

  • Combine

    This video card draws more power than my PC and my laptop combined :D

  • Kenneth Garcia
    Kenneth Garcia

    @linustech are you gonna do a give away on the 3090 ? Shooting a Hail Mary here. Pls save me from the rat race Linus. 3am at micro center in Tustin isn’t enough to get one 😂

  • Raiverns

    I mean sure its strong but can it play panzer dragoon for the sega saturn?

  • RedRaptor420

    Me sitting here wondering if i did buy that thing would it even fit in my computer like Jesus its huge

  • Biscuit Nougat
    Biscuit Nougat

    Me: *Buys high end GPU* Also me: *Plays all games at lowest settings for maximum FPS possible*

  • spam acc
    spam acc

    the mild increases in performance year on year were enough to keep people waiting (esp those who couldn't really fork out for stuff without clear reason), and even the 10 series and like early Zen and 8th gen Intel run rings around 2012-2014, yet that hardware does keep up enough in optimised games at modest resolutions today. the 3090 being held back is frustrating but ultimately a feature of capitalism and marketing (not treading on your own product line and trying to sell to particular demographics), but the huge increase in raw performance is welcome, even if it means little for those of us with small wallets until we see further developments and can pick up Zen 3/10th gen intel and 30 series rtx for cheapish

  • Safwan Hossain
    Safwan Hossain

    The captions keeps displaying "AK Gaming" instead of 8K gaming 😭

  • tFighterPilot

    Joke: But can it run Crysis? Woke: But can it run Minecraft?

  • The Reil og
    The Reil og

    Can you run a cooling rig with the fan

  • Ebenezer Spludge
    Ebenezer Spludge

    You get a 3090 and the first thing you test it on is Wolfenstein Youngblood? That game is a piece of shit.

  • Reistoph Milkayr
    Reistoph Milkayr

    Is it 8K really matter, I mean more K really matter? All it does its sharpen the image, better focus on world details like physics on everything, lighting, A.I, particles effect, etc that makes game more immersive and enjoyable. For example, loading tons of cabbage in a tavern.

  • Tobias Stamenkovic
    Tobias Stamenkovic

    "Significantly better than 4k". What a bunch of baloney, in that initial demo scene you can sorta kinda make out the sign at the door in the background at 4k, while in DLSS 8k its just a smeary mess. Clearly, you lose on some fronts, while you gain on others. I wouldnt call that "better" at all, its a noticeable compromise. Linus hypetrain in action. Cut down on that nonsense bro, its getting way too much lately. Does "we get SR-IOV on Ampere" still ring a bell? Yeah, exactly. Also, how does your PSU succumb if you should have at least 400ish Watts to spend for the rest of the rig, even accounting for peaks? More nonsense...

  • sh4rkbyt3

    How is it with Folding @ Home though?????

  • The Sir Avocado
    The Sir Avocado

    giving my laptop a 3090 would be like giving the world's weakest man 999 steroids

  • RG_Ezu

    Finally, I can almost run Minecraft shaders

  • Ben Baselet
    Ben Baselet

    I guess I need some sort of glasses made out of transparent dollars because I could not see any difference between those three renders. Or maybe my 4k screen can't display 8k material from a 4k stream?

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      when this single gpu cost more than your 2,000 dollar PC

  • Borg Cube 100
    Borg Cube 100

    Got my RTX 2080 TI with all the trimmings cause lockdown savings in June. 2 MONTHS BEFORE THIS SHIT CAME OUT. Hate Nvidea ❤️

  • EnergyzerTV

    Dear LTT I love your videos and this one being no exception, your easy to read graphs makes for a much better viewer experience than most other videos out there, but as a colour-blind person myself (Deuteranopia) the graph comparison at the power draw of the 3090 vs the rest of the cards in the lineup was difficult at best to tell apart with having green and red dots as opposed to using a completely differing color in the spectrum. Im probably not the only one to notice this too but thought I'd share! Solid video regardless and keep up all yer good work!

  • Nafaka16

    Can a 3080 run at 4k Ultra wide?

  • BHPH Consulting Services
    BHPH Consulting Services

    Just get a 3090 XC3 Evga. That card is light and awesome

  • Tarik Collins
    Tarik Collins

    I want someone to do a video on 8k gaming with the 3090 on a LG nano cel ,, i mean it's only around 4 grand for a 77 inch.. 3 grand for a 65 inch.. all the videos I've seen or people using consoles.. boooooooo

  • williamjseim

    i like to watch the 4k to 8k comparison on my 1366x768 screen

  • Mark Carver
    Mark Carver

    I'm still happy with my gtx 1070 at 1080p thank you very much

  • Custom Kirby
    Custom Kirby

    That thing is bigger than my house

  • Shayaan Ali
    Shayaan Ali

    Me watching 8 k in 240p

  • 322997am

    I genuinely cannot tell the difference between the three images.

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      GT 1030 x 3 = RTX 3090

  • Giovanni Chieffo
    Giovanni Chieffo

    Me watching 8k footage from my 6 inches 1080p phone : 👁️👄👁️

  • Catherine Degamo
    Catherine Degamo

    Hi, anyone here can spare me their old GPU card lying around? I'm still running a nVidia 8800 GT 512mb DDR3 card. And noticing a problem with the card now, wish I can upgrade my GPU but here in Philippines, GPU price are too much pricey.. 😥😥😥

  • Mega Pixel
    Mega Pixel

    I'm so sorry for the comment here but this is what I should do. So I subscribed to your channel long time ago that I forgot about it but I was doing my research and I saw a recommendation video pumped out which I couldn't recognize (I mean your facial is different now!). I watched your video and I listened all these sh.... again. Thankfully I remembered to hit unsubscribe this time. It's that easy!!

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