Is this $40 card a SCAM?
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Are you a distinguished audiophile who uses their PC for high-end audio reproduction? Or perhaps you just want the best possible sound to come out of your speakers… so can you smooth out the power delivery of your PCI-e bus with a $40 power filter card?
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link:
iTunes Download Link:
Artist Link:
Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Cary Littleford
    Cary Littleford

    Not a huge fan of the book given how much medical advise says to keep young kids of screens as much as possible. Esp given the addiction psychology deployed by so many games to 'hook you' etc. the evidence of changes in brain growth wiring are very scary indeed.

  • cfoyt

    Just get an external DAC...

  • J Niemelä
    J Niemelä

    "improve overclocking". Linus, you really didn't check that did that rig OC better with that card!!

  • Joni

    Maybe you can connect your pcie x1 soundcard to the x1 dlot of the card:D

  • Владимир Н
    Владимир Н

    Try Gigabyte motherboard...

  • Dockerton FPV
    Dockerton FPV

    a lot of noise comes from ground loops people dont realize they are creating. Speakers humming? cut the ground pin ;)

  • WigWoo1

    The weird thing is is that the second speaker buzzing sound you showed as an example at the beginning actually happens when my computer is turned off. When I turn my computer on then the buzzing stop

  • Marius Schmitt
    Marius Schmitt

    Every video Linus drops stuff.

  • Joshua Gallahan
    Joshua Gallahan

    Thank you Linus for doing what you do. Today is my birthday and I've been really sad for a while and feel really lonely. You keep my spirits up when I'm low and I'd really love to meet you 💓like today is my birthday and I worked and spent most of it alone.... your videos made me feel better and is going to do like every night and help me sleep. Thank you

  • ignafiltro

    "were gonna see if it can improve audio quality" Uses a fucking ROG Crosshair Hero with impeccable audio power filtering already...

  • Arjun Chatterjee
    Arjun Chatterjee

    2:00 nice impressions of bad speakers!

  • Rue

    Nice Squee SFX at 4:24. Which one of the editors is secretly watching MLP.

  • Cube Master
    Cube Master

    Literally my graphics card and motherboard, lol

  • Nathaniel Millett
    Nathaniel Millett

    Creative Sound blaster for the win!

  • Apollo

    Dear lord fluttershy sounds. Also don’t ask me how I know this shit

  • Catman yt
    Catman yt

    LC=linus current

  • Monty

    Total junk. Stacking capacitors of different sizes in parallel is never an effective 'power cleaning' solution

  • Temporärer Name
    Temporärer Name

    That sounded like autotune when he said "pcAIE express" at the Start there

  • Yung patrikpitas
    Yung patrikpitas

    i want the book for my nephew he is to small for his firts pc

  • SevenDeMagnus

    So cool.

  • Techtacular

    Linus drops again if I get a cent every time he drops something....😂

  • ItsMeSushi

    It probably would work if you dint drop it

  • prune eater
    prune eater


  • Samin Yasar
    Samin Yasar

    Linus বড় হয়ে গেছে

  • Alexander Mosselaar
    Alexander Mosselaar

    Your book is a scam. It goes to “d” and higher too, not only “abc”

  • TheMattiePoo

    You can't detect coil whine in a pair of headphones off the motherboard..... after you send it through a massive amp, you will be able to detect it. But yeah, that card doesn't do anything.

  • jort93z

    Should have tested it with a janky, chinese psu.

  • Dominic Tõnisson
    Dominic Tõnisson

    2:01 why was that so smooooth

  • The Clips
    The Clips

    07:12 "you can insert your placebo both ways" dude I couldn't stop laughing lol

  • ruediix

    He's making me feel old by saying his first sound card was one that didn't come out until I was in college.

  • ruediix

    I guess all their high coil whine nVidia cards burnt out. I know those are even worse, but they blew themselves out in 5 years.

  • ruediix

    Plugging your book! I love it!

  • Childish Karstino
    Childish Karstino

    That power supply costs. twenty. five. dollars. How has it not exploded just from plugging it in???

  • Jeremy Atkinson
    Jeremy Atkinson

    Through my Pro Firewire Audio Card with my GPU between 350-600FPS......Yeah you get some funny cycle noises for sure. You need to use studio hardware not and already power filtered Mainboard.....IE USB or FIREWIRE. PS: Using all pro gear

  • Geniwab

    10uf axial capacitors with the size of a brick??? ROFL 🤣🤣🤣🤣 They must have taken those from old CRT's, that card is more dangerous than anything else on the computer, those old caps usually short and make very nice fireworks xD

  • Garrett

    It would be interesting to have some type of expert on electronics like an electrical engineer or physicist or some other qualified person to dissect the board design of that card and explain in detail from an electronics standpoint what that board even tried to accomplish does ( or otherwise attempts to do ). I am not an expert, but am a bit of a hobbies, and to to me it just looks like a bunch of large capacitors, a huge resistor and maybe a few other smaller components like small transistors or simple integrated circuitry. I'm also not sure how much sense it even makes to try to scrub the power from your pc after it has already made it's way though the motherboard to reach the PCIe lanes. If you want to run clean power to your valuable devices, then the first thing would be to invest in a device that connects to mains and has outputs where you plug your devices into that maintain a clean 60Hz 120V/AC (If you're from North America of course). They essentially take the "dirty" energy from your wall, and monitors the voltage in order to keep the mains voltage from the outlet of your choosing constant with the help of a small-large rechargeable batteries coupled with an inverter and some circuitry (these can be bought without the need to purchase an expensive uninterruptible power supply, although I highly recommend going this route), then next invest in a trusted and reliable AC to DC power supply. You're looking at spending maybe $300 maximum depending on your setup and how many devices you have if you just get the UPS. And that $300 dollars is a small price to pay in order to protect potentially many thousands of dollars of expensive equipment. It's almost like an insurance plan, but you really only have to make one payment. Only cost is associated with it is upkeep the battery inside (Mine needs replacements about every 5 years and cost me about $80).

  • darkSorceror

    Would be interesting to see if this thing does anything to help with a PCI-Express soundcard. I had an Audigy 2zs as well (yeah, I know it's PCI and on a shared bus) and at first it sounded amazing, but with more and more graphics upgrades, it eventually became unusable. Also, a useful test not included here: FRONT PANEL AUDIO. The cable running from the motherboard-typically from the very back-to the case's front audio jacks acts like an antenna, picking up EM interference. And not mentioned here, but another solution to the same theoretical problem: audio over HDMI. The DAC is no longer effected by the graphics card, only by the monitor. Coil whine still causes problems for some badly constructed monitors, of course.

  • Florian Feith
    Florian Feith

    There is no such thing as being too young for a next-gen console.

  • Torg g
    Torg g

    Don't you have something to measure sound instead of your ears? Seems pretty stupid to sit on camera and listen to music.

  • aaron marko
    aaron marko

    If anybody reads this, I am having a lot of issues with power creating a lot of extraneous noise when I plug in my guitar pedals directly to mains power so if anyone could recommend a specific model of power filter, I would appreciate it. It has made recording while plugged into mains power impossible because the mains power creates so much unnecessary background noise

  • GhostCode

    The book doesn't have RGB so I won't be buying smh

  • M.Z.

    Sebastian "D-Droppin" Linus. 😁

  • Alex Mercer
    Alex Mercer

    i think it's a passthrough card like, you put it in mobo and connect your sound card with pcie riser and power goes through and all cool yes

  • PyroTheManiac

    Linus Tech Drops

  • Annon Anno
    Annon Anno

    Check for audio recording using microphone level input - this is when filtering matter because incoming signal is very low and its going to be affected after going thru hi gain amplifier stage and each noise get gain. Not saying card is working just couple cents from guy helping out in audio studio.

  • Uber Primee
    Uber Primee

    I like how you can tell the answer by the thumbnail.

  • ThatGuyMigz

    This video pisses me off a little bit. I'm not saying that the card is not absolute junk. But the ways LTT is testing this is absolute bogus. Linus even MENTIONS that his motherboard has onboard filtering built into it. How the hell are you supposed to test that card that is meant for shit hardware, when you use hardware that isn't shit? Mentioning that it'd be better to "just buy a new motherboard" without keeping in mind that if you buy a new motherboard, you may not have the same CPU sockets available for example. If a shitty card could fix everything for just $40, I'd say it's somewhat worth it. I still think the card is crap, but when you say that you can't hear a difference because you couldn't hear crackling or something without the card. Then that simply means your setup is not shit enough. IMO, this video did little to nothing. It just recorded some video footage of how the card looks, but never actually tested what the card was supposed to do properly.

  • Ananasdisaster

    Hey you say this card can make higher OC... Your guys tested it?

  • maperjack

    I had the same audiocard ohh the memories

  • Chris Powder
    Chris Powder

    My first Soundcard was a Terratec Maestro 32/96 (Pentium 1 120MHz Win3.11) and my second, baught in 2004/2005, the Audigy 2, very good cards!

  • Cameron McPherson
    Cameron McPherson

    You are doing this test wrong. This exact problem is something I have been fighting for 3 months.

  • stoneybridger

    mmm why does you fancy amp rectify your ac inside it? why not rectify nearer the socket and stick a few capacitors inline?......there, lovey smooth full wave dc.......

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    sound quality can be very different from board the board. and lot has to do with the DAC. my old am board sounds better than my newer intel. they are both considered older now but from my experience I think external audio would be better since you could down grade audio when upgrading a movie

  • Telhias

    But will it burn? That is the question...

  • yea

    Linus without a beard looks like a pre pubecent 12 year old

  • Vloging Challengers
    Vloging Challengers

    It low key looks like something that would be a pcie version of a usb killer. lol

  • George YT
    George YT

    10:04 I have same but with golden ports.

  • SiriusGaming

    what a waste of a video, nothing happened, there was no initial "issue" to test against. It was fine without and with the card.

  • Bimon1234567

    R is for RGB

  • eliblessed

    Why did I watch it? I think I'm addicted to tech

  • Unknown Crow
    Unknown Crow

    Linus drop tips

  • BadTrip

    Generally, the problem is when you record stuff. In particular if you have something on a line in channel. So, in theory, if you have a device that can suck up that interference it would improve the recording quality.

  • Alex Jung
    Alex Jung

    2:00 this was damn smooth

  • Just Another Actual Human
    Just Another Actual Human

    A PcI eXpReSs

  • Yttrx Stein
    Yttrx Stein

    Grado headphones are overpriced shit.

  • Yfr28

    Was that fucking Fluttershy at 4:24

  • John C. Reid
    John C. Reid

    It wouldn't be a LTT video if Linus failed to drop the thing he was testing.

  • Von Becker
    Von Becker

    That power supply scares me

  • the majastic creature
    the majastic creature

    Whiniest gpu and he puts a sapphire limited edition inside a gpu I can confirm has like no coil whine

  • Lan SJ
    Lan SJ

    The only thing that card is doing is feeding your network activity to a domain in China :P

  • KWC Coin
    KWC Coin

    Born a bit earlier. Usually 10k for this kind of equipment. Another 10k for the cable and then connector. :-))))

  • samysnes

    Bro, Rick Astley had a couple bangers! Don't you dare disrespect my man Rick!

  • html code
    html code

    I want review for Realme X3 Superzoom

  • FTMselection

    Maybe it can help with RTX30 series GPUs turboing issues?

  • Cirina Harvey
    Cirina Harvey

    I don't trust anything that comes from China now

  • Koloidna Srebrna Voda 15 ppm
    Koloidna Srebrna Voda 15 ppm

    Good work, honestly. I'm technician, and can say that putting card in slot can not filter anything.

  • emsicz

    Couldn't this help with the new issues with nVidia cards that keep crashing?

  • R A
    R A

    You should have called this video. "Nothing happened! Come in to see why"

  • Frank Griffioen
    Frank Griffioen

    The electrical engineer in me dies a little whenever someone says switching power supply... , also i was like oh soo this thing is just one big audio filter, but it doesnt have outputs? Hows that going to work?

  • Botond Deák
    Botond Deák

    My 590+ doesn't have that sound. O.o

  • PyroTheGreat 72
    PyroTheGreat 72

    4:34... there was something off about that segue

  • Raz Khan
    Raz Khan

    Looks legit..

  • Danni Andersen
    Danni Andersen

    Imagine my 8 year old nephew when I tell him I got him some gaming item and I pull out a book for him :p

  • Sammed Pandharkar
    Sammed Pandharkar

    Solution? Standalone DAC/AMP a $100 standalone DAC/AMP will surpass any of the motherboard audio solutions today.

  • Kurt Huber
    Kurt Huber

    Looks like Linus really took those 420's to heart...

  • betif00

    GRADO : Please fix the design for your cords! I've had 3 pairs of SR-80e over the years and they ALL failed because the cords tend to twist and eventually break the fragile wires inside. Linus's pair (much more expensive model btw) is doing the same thing.

  • Grand Inquisitor
    Grand Inquisitor

    Probably worked before you dropped it...

  • Atlas Games
    Atlas Games

    I love how unscientific their testing was they could get some actual result with an oscilloscope and could have figured out if it does anything at all. Also I love how it said it would help coil whine when that's a mechanical problem with the physical coils themselves not a power delivery problem :D

  • TAD2020

    The main reason for a dedicated sound card back in the Win 9x era was that onboard audio back then was done in software and thus on the CPU. So a dedicated sound card would give a pretty substantial improvement by offloading that from the CPU. Onboard now can still be software based, but doesn't really matter as the load on anything newer than like a P3 is relatively tiny by comparison.

  • Yuvrraj Kankaria
    Yuvrraj Kankaria

    can yuo do a giveaway

  • jakobole

    Use an external USB or Thunderbolt audio-interface device as most in the industry use, and get rid of the hideous Realtek-DAC in the process as well..

  • Wiser2k1

    why don't you use 'equipment' to test the other equipment? I'm not sure that Linus listening to something on headphones is very rigorous

  • Lenci TheMain
    Lenci TheMain

    You have to use POWERED speakers. Not passive heahphones. Of course it makes no difference with headphones. I got this problem with my setup, because I use studio monitors and a laptop and I can HEAR the SSD working, when I don't listen to anything and copy files.

  • FangedDragon

    That's the graphics card I have, well shit.



  • J C.
    J C.

    Buying a power conditioner wont get rid of ground loops. And it also won't make one bit of difference to the power quality. Unless you spend a ton of money. The atx spec has tolerances for maximum allowable ripple on a power supplies dc output.

  • The Antipope
    The Antipope

    TL;DR: Of course it's a scam. (And to a lesser degree, so are the fancy audiophool headest & amp stack Linus shows at 3:00, in that they aren't worth even a 10th of their ridiculous prices.)

  • Quirko Germont
    Quirko Germont

    With a good audio interface with own Power supply works to, not so good as 50 k tower but enough

  • BeRkStAh

    Wow nice looking Books Linus and crew! Good stuff. also new cpu t-shirt looks mint. Must have one.

  • woofiewill

    If you're going to do audio testing like this, why not go get some lossless audio off of Soundcloud / Bandcamp or something? Something that's free to share so people can hear what you're hearing? (not to mention you could be highlighting some indie artists)

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