Intel's Giant Leak... - WAN Show August 7, 2020
** Video starts at 5:16. There doesn't seem to be any way to edit the first few minutes out of this due to some changes RSloft made to the live streaming system... Also can't enable monetization. Weird - LS **
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Timestamps: (courtesy of Michael O'Brien)
00:00:00 - Stream Start!
00:00:12 - Topic #1: Floatplane v App Store (Jump to 00:02:06)
00:00:35 - Topic #2: Intel Leak (Jump to 00:13:06)
00:01:10 - Topic #3: TikTok & WeChat (Jump to 00:37:05)
00:01:18 - Topic #4: Get Unpacked (Jump to 00:50:27)
00:01:37 - Roll the Intro
00:02:06 - Topic #1: Floatplane on iOS
00:02:40 - Relevancy of topic
00:04:12 - "Great User Experience"
00:06:08 - How Floatplane is impacted
00:08:16 - Additional restrictions from Apple
00:10:28 - Apple's hypocrisy
00:13:06 - Topic #2.1: Intel's 20GB of IP (not of the v4 or v6 variety)
00:14:27 - Backdoor in firmware?
00:14:37 - Password practices are the best!
00:15:09 - How it was found & where it was
00:17:01 - Initial meta overview of why it was offsite
00:18:57 - Meme opportunity #1
00:19:38 - Topic #2.2: Nintendo tie-in
00:20:46 - Weird Yoshi
00:22:23 - Overview of the Nintendo leak
00:23:35 - LTT Confessions
0:26:33 - And this is when Luke gets hatemail
00:27:04 - Sponsors!
00:27:14 - SquareSpace - 10% Off -
00:28:04 - Honey -
00:28:44 - Technical problems!
00:29:08 - Cloudlinux - ELS for CentOS 6 30% off, 15% discount on KernelCare
00:30:31 - Happy Linus! Sebastian, not Torvalds
00:31:57 - Dr DisRespect Streams!
00:32:15 - Linus is famous
00:32:48 - "Too Mad PC" Colab Details
00:34:37 - To PC or not to PC?
00:35:47 -
00:37:05 - Topic #3: US Banning TikTok & WeChat in 45 days
00:38:03 - "Poorly worded, ill prepared"
00:39:46 - Getting past The Great Firewall
00:42:09 - Trillian nostalgia et al.
00:44:44 - Tangent #1: Current state of notifications on Windows & Android
00:46:15 - Google, Listen up!
00:47:32 - Luke's trials & tribulations
00:49:41 - [Microsoft] Teams' woes
00:50:27 - Topic #4: "Get Unpacked" the Samsung event
00:51:06 - Note 20 hot take
00:52:05 - Note 20 Ultra hot take
00:52:51 - Math!
00:53:39 - Galaxy Watch 3 hot take
00:54:20 - Galaxy Z Fold 2 hot take
00:55:55 - Tangent #2: Buy a car or a phone?
00:57:16 - Tangent #3: Buying a Tesla
00:58:38 - Tesla's delivery process
01:00:14 - Fanboys!
01:01:43 - "Fix the roof" analogy
01:02:29 - Luke's self-proclaimed Nintendo fanboy
01:03:51 - Today's Guest on The View, Linus Sebastian
01:06:33 - No apology videos!
01:07:25 - PC Tech Support Challenge Sponsored by Intel Stream on August 8th
01:08:15 - #Lienus
01:09:25 - 3 [fixed] computer systems given away
01:09:57 - Stream is at 12:00 pm PDT, August 8th
01:10:14 - The will to prove that the other is not as good...
01:10:50 - Meme opportunity #2
01:11:34 - Linus' Bounty - $2500 (Watch for details)
01:14:50 - SUPERCHATS!
01:16:14 - Tangent #4: Honesty
01:17:55 - Inexperience vs Maliciousness
01:19:13 - Linus will do anything for money
01:19:24 - Luke schools Linus' on technique
01:20:07 - Loving the Gestapo
01:22:35 - Luke's missing "Bye"

  • James Joslin
    James Joslin

    I wonder how much of the Floatplane issue is Apple not liking them for Hackintosh stuff and generally speaking the truth about their products

  • George Robles
    George Robles

    1:20 hey, what you do with kisses is none of my business. I really don't want to know what you and kisses where doing in the server room

  • George Robles
    George Robles

    48:10 Luke, your battery phone capacity is very low. Your phone battery calibration will just adjust battery full to new capacity. But if not enough power, the phone will just throttle. Replace the battery. Bad battery will not let device operate even if plugged in. C number for lithium battery is usually higher than charger capabilities. Depends on a few different things.

  • JoeCensored

    On the Intel data, my bet is an individual team put this storage solution up on its own because large enterprise IT departments are an extreme hassle to deal with. So it was probably a thing where IT was making them jump through a ridiculous number of hoops or being unresponsive to the team's needs, so they just decided to roll their own solution. But the team probably lacks the proper IT security knowledge to secure it properly.

  • Ryan Malin
    Ryan Malin

    This is exactly why I use android for my personal phone. I can actually do things that I want with my phone. IPhone is so locked down its disgusting.

  • Christopher Haws
    Christopher Haws

    What about apps like Netflix or Amazon? Are they going to force users to not be able to buy stuff there?

  • MSL

    To Luke: check the debugger options for that. I remember a setting that disabled cellular data (while not in a “wake” state) to prolong battery life. You can set it to never stop communicating with your provider in the debugging options (or you could when I had an Android)

  • PCLearnerGuy

    "Weird Yoshi" is already well known among people like Gaming Historian. He was the original design that was really reptile like. They wanted to make him more cartoonish for release. It wasn't a secret.

  • Josh _Fn
    Josh _Fn

    Linus great video as usual! I have something to ask and I doubt you’ll even see this but my PS4s hard drive recently has become corrupted and I can’t stream on it anymore, which I really loved doing. If there is any way you help me buy a beginner pc that’d mean so much to me. Also, I work and im starting college soon and have been saving money for college, if I wasn’t I’d buy one myself.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Pyramid build part 2?

  • Kenny

    TIL WeChat is even available outside China

  • Nam Shaw
    Nam Shaw

    So where can I find the Intel data leak?

  • Patriot 03
    Patriot 03

    Just so you Canadians know, the stuff the Media says about Trump is all lies. Hes doing us a real favor against the Elite and the Media over here is a comedy show, no one trusts them for good reason. People from China ask why people watch the news, saying that over there everyone knows that it's propaganda. Well the US/the West is now discovering that the same is true for us.


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  • David Imrie
    David Imrie

    I've never played a 3D Zelda game at all. and I still own an N64 😎

  • Beeps

    The 'most beautiful woman' bit reminded me of:

  • wisico640

    1:00:15 They're called the Musketers 😂

  • TimDVProjects

    Try uploading an alternative version of the app, one that only contains a sentence that reads: _"Buy an Android phone to escape Apples oppression and have the freedom to use this app."_ Followed by in app payment button for android phones using Apples payment API so they can follow your sales statistics... Wonder how they would react.

  • claud rapoza
    claud rapoza

    Bad timing the doc just got a fancy pc

  • Arbi Parllaku
    Arbi Parllaku

    Btw I believe the notification phone thing is "doze" or "advanced doze" on battery options or developer settings

  • Rick

    I work for an app company, and we have users who email us all the time asking for help cancelling, but we can't do anything for them since Apple makes it all go through THEM. I wish we could just rely on Google Play (who allows us to do so, how novel!) and our own website subscriptions.

  • n0va25000

    I'm sure in a few years Luke is gonna be older than Linus

  • zvxcvxcz

    Linus is right, Teams is awful.

  • Dan Phillips
    Dan Phillips

    It really doesn't sound like the IOS app is even worth developing.

  • Dan Phillips
    Dan Phillips

    I can't believe Apple hasn't be taken down a peg or two for their anti-competative behaviour sooner. The tax issue and charger issue in the EU should have been taken further against them.

  • Ed

    alarms in android work a week ahead

  • TheMun One
    TheMun One

    Im just excited to see Linus get shit on by the Doc.

  • KuraMad2000

    did you guys forget about that $1000 diamond app from like 10 years ago. All it did was display a diamond on your screen..... that was it, 1000 bucks.

  • Jon Pileot
    Jon Pileot

    53:39 Still using my pebble time. Its kind of jankey sometimes but the battery life, water proof, ease of use, always on display... Such a GOOD watch, I'll be sad when it finally bites the dust.

  • LaduziTV

    Linus. Have some respect. You CONSTANTLY interrupt Luke when he speaks. You call him stupid. You call him an idiot. It’s not your show. It’s The Wan Show. When’s the last time Luke went out of his way to interrupt you and talk down to you? Never. Slow down Linus. Ur head is getting big.

  • Nathan

    Apple just sucks. It's that simple. It's time for that scum to die.

  • Anon

    Used to love the pebble time. It's dated now but if pebble was still a company we'd have some great products out by now.

  • Jon Hughes
    Jon Hughes

    Inventing an idle clicker game at the end lol

  • This is my Real Name
    This is my Real Name

    Now i can sleep

  • Jon Hughes
    Jon Hughes

    I'm loving these bounties

  • Sully Saints
    Sully Saints

    lmao linus its a “youre the most beautiful person in my eyes” kind of way. beautiful doesnt mean attractiveness there is also beauty in the mundane or beauty of the personality. and when my s/o says im the most beautiful person to them it’s romantic af. edit: but then again lots of love languages: so linus’s isnt words of affirmation lol 😂

  • BigRon

    Why not just walk away from Apple they are not worth the time of day!!!

  • Dylan C
    Dylan C

    GoldenEye is the bomb

  • Dylan C
    Dylan C

    You're terrible lol

  • RxMxG

    "All I want is a Pebble Time, but like modern" Exactly! Pebble is so versatile, such a shame that Fitbit doesn't release any successor to Pebble. In term of batter life, the closest to Pebble so far is Amazfit.

    • wisico640

      Still got my time steel and prefer it over my Gear S3 :o

  • undefined

    apple sucks massive ass

  • ike

    What happened to his android install? I never use the calendar the alarm app lets me set any day of the week as easy as the time I use the alarm exclusively for reminders, with a few extra clicks I can set a one time+date in the alarm if I need it to be more than 1 week out without re-enabling the calendar program I literally never used I can also put certain apps notifications to the top, I only do this for text message tho, the rest get buried but luke could just set reminders to be the top if he dosnt already use that for other apps (he might)

    • ike

      I see, they have notifications stacked/grouped I never use that, mine are listed by when they hit my phone (but not when sent) No time stamp, but it is in order except I have text at top of all. I absolutely get dead-to-spam notifications, its the network connection causing it, for some reason they dont push even if I have no bandwidth issues. This has been on different devices in very different network situations & different versions of android. Its rare now but random seeming

  • The Rogue Adventurers.
    The Rogue Adventurers.

    On the iso app they should have a huge "APPLE SUCKS" Sign right at the top of it

  • US

    Linus talking about “Adult/Old Link” doesn’t seem that old just made me realize that Linus’s kids are closer to “Adult Link”s age than Linus is 😧

  • DorrisOpen23

    I am still daily driving my note 9 that I got on the release date

  • S8ER01Z

    Dr Disrespect definitely said your name on stream. Worlds collided... briefly

  • JT7868

    Who the F is Dr disrespect?

  • Matthew Dolman
    Matthew Dolman

    If you need to VPN into our out of China astrill is the only option. All China expats know that.

  • Matthew Dolman
    Matthew Dolman

    Lol an ftp server with ssl encryption. Welcome to 1997.

  • Mr SuperDuperSuperAdmin
    Mr SuperDuperSuperAdmin

    It's pretty funny how you talked about the '06 mazda being worth as much as the Note 20. Reminds of when the HTC One came out and my friend pretty much traded it for an old Ford Escort

  • RagingDork

    Tesla fans are pretty culty. Pretty much ends any intelligent discussion.

  • Glip Klopsyiop
    Glip Klopsyiop

    New meme

  • Fido Dido
    Fido Dido

    its kisses so you did a single 1 !?

  • Bip Bop
    Bip Bop

    the 512gb Note 9 with sd slot, is like the one I've been wanting to upgrade to. The note 20 only having 256 isn't going to net me that price drop, at all.

  • Ashley Edwards
    Ashley Edwards

    Completely agree about the Pebble Time! So much easier changing tracks and volume using tactile buttons!

  • Fuck off Youtube Don't Want to use my real name.
    Fuck off Youtube Don't Want to use my real name.

    Pretty crazy to hear that about Tesla ... Part of their shtick was supposed to be less of a pain to deal with a dealer, but at least the dealer does the PDI

  • Daniel Handschin
    Daniel Handschin

    I love the luke and linus brotherhood...

  • Bailover Trend
    Bailover Trend

    Just use Tasker and Autonotification on Android. You won't miss a notification again.

  • OttOctavius

    German/eu Internet also has some pretty big/whacky filters

  • Swistek Labs
    Swistek Labs

    Teslas are garbage cars, and they get away with too much crap like that. Opinion of the germans is the same. Crap cars that they convinced people are spaceships or something lmfao...

  • MAbehrens1

    I still really like Goldeneye lol

  • daysErlock

    ... I never would have guessed they didnt play ocarina of time. The game is still amazing.

  • Pepto

    Anyone who thinks any apps or businesses from China aren't malicious to other countries obviously knows nothing about China and their business philosophy. Let's not forget this is also the same country that forcefully took over Hong Kong, just saying. There is much other issues beyond this. TikTok and WeChat needs to be banned, period.

  • Swistek Labs
    Swistek Labs

    android users have to PAY for reminders? Did I understand him correctly?

  • Mike Sloan
    Mike Sloan

    I haven't seen Luke in quite a while, apparently marriage led to quite a noticeable weight gain...........holy smokes!

  • Aaron Robinson
    Aaron Robinson

    45:42 - Alarms that don't give up on you would basically negate the need for PagerDuty.

  • Drakinite

    I may not be your biggest fan, but I'm probably one of your tallest fans. Oh boy, it would be amazing to meet you one day to see what the height difference is like.

  • Cr M
    Cr M

    Beta Yoshi kinda reminds me of those birds in Joust.

  • Cr M
    Cr M

    Media: INTEL WAS HACKED AND WE HAVE A MEGA LEAK Intel: we weren’t hacked, it was just partner info. Hacker: we scanned them with NMap and found... Me: yeah, that’s the definition of a hack. Sure it didn’t penetrate the internal network, but the fact Intel had an unsecured external database makes me shake my head. They should’ve at the very least stuck “Intel123” on the database to prevent random access.

  • DorrisOpen23

    You guys should do this on like Monday and Thursday. I think that would be cool. More content but what do i know i am just a random person on the internet....

  • Messy

    "not the most beautiful women in the world"

  • childrolland

    Clicking on the thumbnail expected asmongold as a guest of LTT, but it was Linus with a beard... Felt scammed.

  • J.V.B.

    Just release an ipa download for jailbroken people and signing services

  • notthere83

    LOL that joke about the internet having no borders and China... Awesome.

  • Alan Sabu Mathew
    Alan Sabu Mathew

    Why is Luke almost always out of it o.0

  • ShikiKaze

    Tesla fans boys are the dumbest group of people I've ever met. And I have to deal with a Confederate anti-vax Trumper and his wife Karen next door. He's more appealing with his level of stupidity than dealing with them. It only took 3 electric car show to make me never go to one ever again.

  • Johan Lind
    Johan Lind

    Trillian FTW!

  • neo 71665
    neo 71665

    piss on apple

  • biff647019

    I swear there's something about Alex, Riley and Luke that makes them all come off like they're brothers. Alex and Luke look like brothers and Alex and Riley look like brothers, maybe even just half brothers. Oddly they never would have looked to me to be related at all if Alex wasn't there; cus I see little similarities between Luke and Riley. It's Alex's fault!

  • Taihong Wang
    Taihong Wang

    *sending pm to Linus twitter, I need an AMD PC, plz

  • Slash Valintino
    Slash Valintino

    I have my pebble time still. Rebble is a good hack option. Its kinda sad how old this thing is and I still don't really know of a better option.

  • ISOHaven

    That built in AC is old! I had one of those back in 2004-ish. It was fun to play with.

    • ISOHaven

      I bought it from an old website I used to buy from that sold a ton of cooling products and JOLT! I want o say frozencpu dot com?

  • The Innocent One
    The Innocent One

    its a thermoelectric 'Peltier' cooler. I am 100% sure he's going to get ripped.

  • ISOHaven

    You do know iMessage also does SMS right? ;p If texting is good enough then both of those (one) is all you need.

  • Rial Seebran
    Rial Seebran

    48:30 I think your talking about doze mode on android. Background Activities are paused

  • The Innocent One
    The Innocent One

    A modern pebble time is any of the Amazfit Watches.

  • holotape

    Too many timestamps

  • Cody Jones
    Cody Jones

    23:55 OMG thank god I'm not the only one. I can't get into the n64 Zelda games to save my life. I don't know why they just don't do anything for me.

  • ISOHaven

    I'm confused....are you basically saying Apple is full of crap, lying and purposely shutting you down for reasons they allow everyone else to do? An insane amount of apps allow user generated content.

  • Rowan Paul
    Rowan Paul

    When was the last time anybody cared about Android tablets? A: never, Linus, never

  • Austin porterfield
    Austin porterfield

    47:22 realize Linus has a hat on.

  • notthere83

    Wow... Dumping on all of my favorite N64 games... Who cares whether they aged well, that's a different discussion from whether they were great. They were and now there are other games, mostly better in many respects.

  • ivailogeimara

    The thing with reminders and calendar events is so frustrating. They are useless for the use case of making sure you don't miss an event on some date at some time. Why the heck are you not being able to set alarm as the reminder type I have no clue. Thank god there are 3rd party apps doing these kind of things. The problem is that a lot of them have weird glitches or get an update after some time which makes them useless. I last installed app called "Reminder with Alarm" by Arthur Ivanets (it was the first result). Lets hope it does it's job. If it doesn't work I'm gonna have to write one myself. I have no idea why a smartphone doesn't have this basic feature that most dumb phones had in the past. In the past I used to set Tasker tasks that set alarms for specific hour on specific date.

  • Marcel Lipovsky
    Marcel Lipovsky

    Hmm seems like the same PC case "Nextherm ICS 8200" and it has been reviewed

  • Brian Cummings
    Brian Cummings

    apple is FOFS. always known it

  • Sam Barrett
    Sam Barrett

    A friend once told me they wouldn't message me unless I brought and iPhone to iMessage them. Moral of the story is I very sarcastically pretended to be upset and have not spoken to this "friend" since.

  • madcol

    "All I want is a Pebble Time but....Modern" All I've been asking for since the death of the only smartwatch that actually did all the basics well.

  • Jarrad Pryor
    Jarrad Pryor

    "air conditioner" turns out to be a fan

  • Zack S
    Zack S

    Teams is the f'ing worst. I miss shit all the time at work.

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