Intel lost the game - AMD Ryzen 5000 Reveal
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Dr. Lisa Su has guided AMD in three short years from being the scrappy underdog to finally overtaking Intel’s best in nearly every category. Where do we go from here?
Watch the AMD Where Gaming Begins event VOD:
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  • Kit Mateyawa
    Kit Mateyawa

    Pricing is too good to be true compared to intel .

  • Frits Felix
    Frits Felix

    Time to finally upgrade my AMD 486DX4 120Mhz. But seriously. It't great to see AMD do so well. They have fought very hard for it. And yes, my next upgrade will be AMD based. The 5900X is my target.

  • Artez Conciquider
    Artez Conciquider

    Intel:beta lake

  • Squatchin Maine
    Squatchin Maine

    Big Navi will be another toaster brick disappointment, we all know it, amd still crap.

  • Squatchin Maine
    Squatchin Maine

    Cherry picked fake hype BS, believe it when we see it..... pfffft.

  • Alejandro Oyola
    Alejandro Oyola

  • Brandon

    Intel got too greedy, so AMD caught up~

  • Donald Nguyen
    Donald Nguyen

    Ryzen 5600 + RTX 3070 = Happiness

  • JazDev

    I lost the game...

  • Mark r
    Mark r

    RIP Intel 2020

  • Isaiah_TGI

    I lost the game

  • ChickenDudu 717
    ChickenDudu 717

    Cpu don’t matter as much, a core i7 or i9 or Ryzen 7 and 9 any works but just get an RTX 3090 cuz gpu is the most important for nice performance

    • Brandon

      Games desire cores, not just graphics

  • Kouhei Massey
    Kouhei Massey

    only watching this to know when another budget processor price will dip bc of the release, so I can catch it then kekw

  • Major Tom
    Major Tom

    Me: *cries into PC made of junkbox parts from 2013*

  • HPG Cody
    HPG Cody

    Intel:Ha! We killed the competition so hard boys its time to just sit back and rake in the dough! 6 years pass of AMD being quiet Intel:Its okay! just keep putting out refreshes we won't ever be challenged! who needs RND when you are the best! AMD:Introducing Ryzen cpu! Intel who hasn't worked on any innovation in years:*profusely sweating*

  • Vince Haylem
    Vince Haylem

    3700x or this?

  • ZTenski

    I just lost the game too.

  • Timothy Cox
    Timothy Cox

    I've been using these latest gen Ryzen's for BlueIris Camera servers and they are AMAZING. 20UHD cams in constant stream used to choke my previous Corei7, My new builds using 3700X just eats it up. Color me impressed, especially at this price point. Bravo AMD, Now, can you make Radeon cards suck less? Nvidia still gotcha there...

  • HPG Cody
    HPG Cody

    so is intel gonna become like amd did all those years ago when I was in highschool? everyone used to dog amd for using more and more tdp then intel, now we are seeing intel use more and more tdp then amd. Will intel fall in grace like amd? we shall see.

  • Tom Dz
    Tom Dz

    550$ Just for the processor 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😭😭😭 Thank you PS5... Take my money 🤑 Pc gamers are so dumb 🤣🤣🤣

  • DrimX

    xd the amd fanboys in commends =]]

  • David Cook
    David Cook

    Does AMD and NVidia have the same CEO?

  • eric's garage
    eric's garage

    I’m over here with an fx4300 fucking around and not upgrading😂

  • IceBlade341

    Nah, not worth it. Especially not worth 20% more money for 15% better performance. Ironically, Intel has the better offerings now.

  • George Sharara
    George Sharara

    I love AMD as much as anybody but according to UserBenchmark, it isn't actually great value compared to intel. You cannot definitively say for e.g. $200, AMD will beat Intel. Intel wins at every price point. So why all the hype? Is it because AMD doesn't suck anymore?

  • Clean Living
    Clean Living

    I'm glad AMD exists, because I remember how shitty the Pentium 4 was because Intel had NO competition at the time, and after AMD crushed them back then the i5 was the result which is a great CPU. So it's good for the consumer to have competition like this

  • Mendyzaa AI
    Mendyzaa AI

    Do i buy the 3600 or the new 5600X?

  • Doc Ds
    Doc Ds

    Then bam 11th gen comes out

  • Kasomoru Mitsuru
    Kasomoru Mitsuru

    AMD added sli to their cpu.

  • Daniel .Power
    Daniel .Power

    Not a fan of the price increase. The dollar to performance over 3000 cpu's is just not going to be there when the 3600 was as low as $155 not too long ago. $300 for 6 cores on top of a $200 B550 motherboard instead of a $100 B450 motherboard in comparison just isn't going to work. AMD has shown its colors, and it is expensive!

  • p0mf!

    UNLOCK ALL CORES!!!!!!!!!

  • thanos mousios
    thanos mousios

    Where the good ol days that I could use my FX as a space heater in the winter 🤣

  • Anthony James
    Anthony James

    so the ryzen 3000 series will drop?

  • LouBunks

    I’m putting together a build currently and Right now I have the 9 3900x. Should I wait for this to drop or stick with what I got?

  • Gowtham

    AMD Rising (Ryzen)...

  • nlsquare

    what do you reckon the recommended ram speed will be for the 5600x? will 3200 still do? or is 3600 the minimum? 4000 sweetspot?

  • technologie evangelist
    technologie evangelist

    Linus you look like a irish leprechaun get a shave

  • A KDN
    A KDN

    I feel like AMD is still holding back. Like...A LOT!😂😂

  • Doc Ds
    Doc Ds

    its gotten to the point that i dont care about the intel/amd rivalry, Honestly unless your making the newest Wall-E movie you seriously DO NOT NEED that many cores. i build a pc every week and you know what? they both do the same thing and run windows the same customers dont know anything and videos like this makes it hard to explain that it now comes down to optimisation for the programs they intend to thanks again ya leprechaun yowie

  • SniperSd Sid
    SniperSd Sid

    why is it called die,dye ?

  • hegyimutymuty

    What happened to Ryzen 4000x? Is it skipped like the OnePlus 4??

  • Bjpwz1

    so is the cheapest 5000 amd gona be better than lets say 3700x?

  • Everything Technical
    Everything Technical

    It’s no longer, “Should you buy AMD?” It’s, “Which AMD Product Should I Buy”

  • 8D Soundtrack
    8D Soundtrack

    The Last of Us Part 2 Soundtrack (Full Album)(8D Audio🎧) :

  • Im Trash
    Im Trash

    Where did the 4000 series go?

  • Stupha Kinpendous
    Stupha Kinpendous

    "Which means we may see a die-area increase..." OK. That bodes well, for sure.


    You dont need to resort to clickbait man.

  • Synonymous

    Are they showing the 2K and 4K results? I mean 1080p? what year is this

  • V3ntilator

    My next PC will have AMD CPU and NVIDIA RTX 40x0 GPU.

  • renz arañas
    renz arañas

    Is it okay to put cpu amd ryzen 3500x am4 3.6 ghz on an mb s-am4 asus prime a320m-k ddr4 hdmi?

  • UnrealUnicorn

    my 3700x will stay for about 3 more years maybeee idk

  • appr oved
    appr oved

    most people focus on the 1 to 1 treshold. wich used to be 3600 . what will be ?

  • caz

    Yeah I will officially be at the heart of my next gaming PC I don’t even have one I’m poor



  • boiledelephant

    Of course, if your CPU isn't the bottleneck, upgrading it will have literally no effect on framerates. And for most of us, the CPU isn't the bottleneck, it's our mid-range graphics cards that are the bottleneck. And to get beyond the midrange in graphics cards now, you've got to spend about half the price of a used car. Also just to say - arguing about which brand CPU will run your games best is like arguing about which medal-winning athlete will carry your groceries to the car fastest.

  • That Seventiesman
    That Seventiesman

    Why lost, has it ended yet?

  • Mr. Mozz
    Mr. Mozz

    19%+ ? Litterly intel will go get there reverse card next year so pls linust dont get dis

  • Akhil manohar
    Akhil manohar

    doesn't he look a bit stoned at the start?

  • KytZu Puw1ng
    KytZu Puw1ng

    Intel's new series name will be Dinosaur lake

  • N.W.A /IceCube
    N.W.A /IceCube

    Intel : Ex Lake

  • Ashit Patel
    Ashit Patel

    Hold your horses, 11900k releasing in q1 of 2021

  • André Rodrigues
    André Rodrigues

    And about work? I had very bad results with 3900x for video edition compared to 10900. In fact even a 7700K is being able to playback easily a colored timeline on davinci that 3900x just struggles and can't playback in real time. Premiere almost the same result... Ok, for after, 3D in general, fusion and etc the Ryzen is amazing# but when it comes to encode / decode, video edition and final render on NLEs, it's a shame. Do you think that 5000 will be different now? I hope so.

  • dvdvideo1234

    Time to get a Ryzen 😀

  • Udhay Rajput
    Udhay Rajput

    What the hell!? How long has it's been since 4000 series launched? Here I was thinking of buying r7 4800H and now what? Should I wait? It's really pissing me off! And you know what would be even better, Amd launching 6000 series sooner in the future and then making the 5000 series owners to feel remorse.😞😞 These guys just won't let me stay happy for a short while😫

  • Deoxal

    Can't wait for Nvidia to release desktop Arm chips.

  • Román Galindo Garcia
    Román Galindo Garcia

    Would I be able to buy a b550m and an r5 5600 and it would just work?

  • Wykydtron

    I can't wait to benchmark 3D Pinball Space Cadet, Minesweeper and some Purble Place on this baby!

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones

    Maybe one day I'll have a 5950x, but for now I'll stick with my fx 9590.

  • Eric Séguin
    Eric Séguin

    I love the ongoing competitive spirit of both intel and amd. It's driving development and we should get better parts at competitive rates. Nice vid Linus and al.

  • Tong Zhang
    Tong Zhang


  • Zachary

    I am building my new PC this holiday season. My current desktop pc still has the ASUS sabertooth 990fx r2.0 and amd 8350fx. Can barley play overwatch on low settings now. My new custom desktop computer well also have a 3080 gpu. Will be like a 100x upgrade for me lol.

  • Dux Drive
    Dux Drive

    I have i7 6700k and run Ultra Wide 37inch Dell monitor (it makes difference when Im gaming) However as a 3D artist and doing also video-editing, I plan now on switching to the Ryzen for the first time because it has more cores and its a monster for 3D really. But I have some questions: 1) I see the base ghz on the i7 6700k I have is higher than the one on the Ryzen 3590x - does that makes i7 faster in daily tasks such as opening files,browsers etc? 2) If I buy Ryzen 3950x and suitable motherboard for it, can I install later on newer version of this Ryzen 5000 series? 3) What is most suitable motherboard for 3950x , best?

  • Martin Christiansen
    Martin Christiansen

    Would it be stupid to buy the 3600? I mean its still really good value right?

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody

    Bought Both And Wait Which Burns My Motherboard First XD

  • Abhishek K
    Abhishek K

    It was like I was watching more and more ads😅😅

    • boiledelephant

      Or just one huge ad, really.

  • Lomborg

    Intel has been beaten for a long time now?

  • Temur

    Ryzen == Risen

  • legend b
    legend b

    Intel : barren land

  • miguel miguel
    miguel miguel

    25,000 computers in our corporate environment, none of them are AMD...

    • Wrekt

      Why would you need AMD CPUs in a corporate environment anyway? Lol. Unless we're talking Athlon CPUs, Intel's bottom feeding CPUs are more than enough for corporate machines

  • Krishan S
    Krishan S

    making me feel good about my AMD stock :')

  • sinatrashotya

    AMD finally gets competitive performance-wise, but then prices too high. Intel is likely to beat the performance of AMD in March and since AMD played its pricing hand, Intel can then also price their chips to win. People really go to bat for AMD and forgive the many shortcomings for reasons that aren't clear to me. I was excited until they laid out the prices. Now I wait for Intel's hand.

  • Life, liberty and property
    Life, liberty and property

    Intel revenue: $79 billion, net income: $23.66 billion. AMD revenue: $7.64 billion, net income: $0.609 billion.

    • Rays GT
      Rays GT

      @Life, liberty and property Funny how AMD destroyed Intel in CPU performance despite having 10x less budget 😂😂😂, proves that Intel is just a greedy lazy company lmaooo

    • Life, liberty and property
      Life, liberty and property

      @DFCZ right, hopefully AMD will fail.

    • DFCZ

      Those are coffee table numbers right. AMD has next to no presence in OEM or server markets. Problem that AMD has to solve now is how to get into enterprises since people there were using Intel since forever and money not being so tight usually, they will continue in doing so. Also their pricing now is ballsy, I think they should've waited one more gen before doing this.

  • John Bonani
    John Bonani

    as if Intel doesn't have any CPU's that people want to buy! AS If ... lol ... nerd humor, who knew? But beyond bringing consoles up to graphic and system load standards - that PC's have had for years now with better GPU's and RAM cache and base processing power, WTF is the point of having these new CPU's anyway. 8k gaming? I'll never spend $10,000 on a 8k monitor when they become that cheap 10 years from now. as if ...

  • Ian Parks
    Ian Parks

    Dr Lisa SU....... He has a girls name and is wearing high heals :O

  • Mahendra Kataria
    Mahendra Kataria

    Intel win the game.

  • Nabil Khan
    Nabil Khan

    The intro animation is amazing!

  • Lime

    i hope they release ryzen 3 5000 series, you know, for poor and budget gaming

  • Sebastian Lee
    Sebastian Lee

    the screen logo is getting interesting, well done

  • johnnyhun1

    come on, amd announces every year that this stuff will be revolutionary and change the world, and every year they fail ... do you still buy this bullshit?

    • Wrekt

      @johnnyhun1 16%, a number which used to be single digits before Navi GPUs. That's success. Now that RTX series launch has been botched and AMD's Navi 23 is coming, see that number rise even further.

    • johnnyhun1

      @Wrekt it did nothing to the industry despite they said it will change everything --> lies. Also, check steam's hardware survey, 73% of users use nvidia card, 16% use amd graphics card. If that doesnt mean a total failure in sales after all these bulslhit marketing i dont know what is failure to you ...

    • Wrekt

      @johnnyhun1 yeah, what? Which part of it was a failure? I don't see any underperforming Navi cards around that you'd think it's a failure

    • johnnyhun1

      @Wrekt yea when they announced the Vulkan and that it would change the whole industry... see whats now :DDD

    • Wrekt

      What do you mean they fail? AMD pretty much dominated with the Ryzen 2xxx and 3xxx series CPUs


    I wouldn't be surprised if Nvidia is the next company to manufacture CPUs

  • YouTube Kumar
    YouTube Kumar

    this is in alan walker's mask off playlist..

  • Jon Shaffer
    Jon Shaffer

    amd pumped out garbage for years. No thanks i'll stick with the company that has always had quality products

    • Wrekt

      @Jon Shaffer How can they run hotter than an intel CPU when the intel chips are 14nm while AMDs are 7nm lmao. You fanboys make no sense

    • Matthew Barte
      Matthew Barte

      @Jon Shaffer amd atleast is consistent on the temps while Intel can have lower temperature but then it can also be hotter than AMD

    • Matthew Barte
      Matthew Barte

      @Jon Shaffer intel runs hotter though

    • Jon Shaffer
      Jon Shaffer

      @Matthew Barte They still run hot because amd builds them to within and inch of there life.

    • Matthew Barte
      Matthew Barte

      They aren't garbage anymore though..

  • Predator4457

    Intel has fallen, AMD has Ryzen.

    • boiledelephant

      I cringed so hard at this. Not least because I still vaguely remember my youth, when I too picked apart tiny differences between market leading brands to try and find some achilles heel that would vindicate my irrational brand loyalties.

  • Danny

    Never had any luck with AMD CPU's. Is this finally the time to try my luck again?

    • Thunder Life
      Thunder Life

      They are pretty good and the first run bugs are gone so you maybe happy depending on what your upgrading from.

  • Arthur Durand
    Arthur Durand

    Man, I love you, love your content, spend hours on RSloft watching! I'm still on a Core 2 Quad machine with 4GB of RAM and GeForce GTX250, I so need a new PC, but don't have the resources Donate one of the PCs you have laying around somewhere?

  • MB G
    MB G

    STOP !!!!!.....behold.....THOSE HEELS... 0:33

  • A-a-ron

    I haven't upgrade my computer but when I do diffinitely ryzen

  • Rick Hawkins
    Rick Hawkins

    include video and I'll start thinking about it

  • Brother Jonathan
    Brother Jonathan

    I'm still sitting here with my FX-6300 saying, "This will be the generation I finally upgrade," knowing full well that it won't be.

  • Booligan Diaries
    Booligan Diaries

    I have this motherboard and I want to get this new CPU coming out but I'll have to switch my motherboard,. What would be a very high end motherboard to upgrade to?

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