Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade - Anthony
Thanks to Intel for sponsoring this series!
Anthony has been having trouble staying active since moving to BC, and especially since recent events force many of us to stay home - So when Intel fronted $5,000 to upgrade his home setup, he had a very specific concept in mind...
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  • CubularCreeper

    I adore Anthony's fox collection!

  • WulFPV

    I'm a furry, and I know a furry when I see one... eh, maybe he just likes foxes..

  • Steven Stone
    Steven Stone

    Anthony is such a wonderful guy

  • Joshua Hunt
    Joshua Hunt

    Links really does care doesnt he? #myheart

  • Joshua Hunt
    Joshua Hunt

    Anthony is everything!!!

  • Rayvelationz

  • ChaosHusky

    Still love ya Anthony.. xD I noticed you found ReactOS, but have you seen PsychOS yet? :o Damn, you have a number of the consoles and such i have myself.. Only you think you have a cramped apartment with loads of random stuff in the way? Hah.. I used to comfort eat myself, when anti-depressants just weren't doing their job lol.. (Edit: Same old PS3 i have and same story too..the dreaded YLoD repair! And a Slim that has a very hot-running CPU..both Jailbroken!) Interesting thing is..I was also a Sega kid, I also use 5v supplies the same way as you! Haha..what're the chances?! You have an OSSC too! I've wanted one of those but the cost vs how much i would use it, i have a few other ways including an old DVD/HDD recorder that converts rather well!

  • Dreamy

    Anthony’s house is pretty cool.

  • Dreamy

    Intel sponsors “Extreme Tech Makeover” video series: Company spends it on AMD CPU processors.

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope

    Speaking on behalf of all youtube: we love Anthony.

  • George Walker
    George Walker

    Does anyone else purposely search "LTT Anthony" on RSloft because they like watching him so much? :D

  • Kartharsis

    Me and my homies love Anthony

  • Rishi The Gray
    Rishi The Gray

    i wish tvs would sell non smart versions that just act as a panel without the whole google assistant and netflix integration bs for like $200 cheaper cause i will never ever use them

  • Bobfiez


  • Jaden DeRossett
    Jaden DeRossett

    Anthony was been one of my favorite ppl on LTT and has had every grain of my respect and now that he is making the effort to lose weight just makes me give him even more. I also love how open you are about it. You are so brave and you have 12.1 million people's love and support. Rock on Anthony.

  • Hakim Hanafi
    Hakim Hanafi

    13:22 is it just me or linus lookin kinda *T H I C C*

  • Chris Flores
    Chris Flores

    Anthony is freaking awesome PS-Jake sucks

  • Itchytastyplays

    I wanna know what TV stand Anthony has...I want one of them.

  • Belle Smith
    Belle Smith

    I think I have the same red panda plushie!

  • Smith

    I just wanna see jacked Anthony in a year

  • Central Intelligence Agency
    Central Intelligence Agency

    Anthony seems like such a lovable guy. I wanna be his friend

  • the wizard
    the wizard

    man i wish i got 5k budget... lol..

  • Itz Peepz
    Itz Peepz

    Anthony has to be my favorite

  • Marwane

    13:22 What you all came here for

  • Xen Zer
    Xen Zer

    13:26 oh yeah

  • jackson mooney
    jackson mooney

    cant be easy to open up like that on a 12 million subchannel, moving stuff take my like

  • Cobertos _
    Cobertos _

    Is... Is Anthony a furry? o.O

  • Jacob

    god i love anthony

  • Bacher108

    Anthony is the best man. He's just an honest guy you can tell.

  • Kevin Huddleston
    Kevin Huddleston

    Does anyone else wonder what kinda soldering equipment Anthony has? I IMAGINE him to be hakko, but I'm still curious.

  • ニガス イン パリス
    ニガス イン パリス

    I hope you get what weight you want, Anthony.

  • DanyLcsOfficial

    Anthonys collection of red animals is so fucking cute. i am gonna die from cuteness

    • Starkos

      Maybe he's a furry.

  • Fake Name
    Fake Name

    Holy s*** We've never heard his voice like this before..... If he isnt already he should be freelancing on top of his work here as a V/O artist.

  • Yasin Yıldırım
    Yasin Yıldırım

    13:25 thats a hot ass linus

  • BJJ Jools
    BJJ Jools

    LTT is really going up in the world 4k video

  • Ryan Llewellyn
    Ryan Llewellyn

    Anthony is a sweet person his energy is positive and that isnt easy

  • dLzzz. Judas Ezekiel
    dLzzz. Judas Ezekiel

    13:26 I've seen girls less adequate at making that pose in bed, Linus... Damn!

  • tip master
    tip master

    Should have used that 5k to put a downpayment on a house... im getting furry claustrophobia vibes

  • Noahisthesmartest

    Anthony's voice is so sultrily

  • LusciousKat

    I wonder if LTT has a discord server

  • Christopher Wiley
    Christopher Wiley

    13:26 Somebody lookin thicc af 😘

  • Stedman75

    I love this man so much, and that buttery smooth voice... Jeeze loo

  • Herbert Feldman
    Herbert Feldman

    Anthony for the kill!!! Anthony knows how to break the internet every time. If it ain’t got Anthony I ain’t watching!!!

  • Niklas

    Didnt see any "thats what she said" comments for 10:18. I am dissapointed!

  • Jack Chapman
    Jack Chapman

    He was talking about losing weight, and then he chose to buy a new tv.... bruh. I thought he was gonna buy a treadmill or something 😂

  • Dan Weeks
    Dan Weeks

    He's a nice guy.

  • Orez

    Me, watching this on the pc I got 2 years ago for my birthday that I did not build having never built a pc and never looked into this: hmm yes big number = big graphik

  • Ga Me
    Ga Me

    Man.. That sound bar system is like $1700 USD! Especially for a tiny space like that, that's overkill. Not really going to be able to appreciate that kind of audio. I'd get a Vizio sound bar because they are fantastic value and instead of the Vizio TV get a 65" or 55" LG CX OLED. I guess that's just me. That is actually exactly what I have in my living room haha. Once you go OLED, you don't go back.

    • Jack Chapman
      Jack Chapman

      Yeah i use a Sony sound bar I bought at the thrift store for $5 and it works fine. I don’t think a 340x price increase would be worth it

  • Bizpixel

    Who else is firefox boy?

  • Everything's Alright
    Everything's Alright

    I like Anthony's plushie shelf

    • Jack Chapman
      Jack Chapman

      I hate it

  • Pete Kelly
    Pete Kelly

    I had that TV stand 15+ years ago 🤣

  • Master Cheif
    Master Cheif

    my ps3 had ps2 support but i never liked it at all cause it would cause the system to freeze randomly if you were playing ps2 and if you didn't just save your game you were screwed

  • James Richardson
    James Richardson

    i have to assume that BC stands for Bloody Cannada

  • TinyStag

    Something about the way Anthony speaks with such genuine cadence and passion just hits different. You can tell it's not just an act, and I could watch hours of his content for the fact that he seems to care about what he does, and who he is, so much. Keep up the good work bud!

  • Mass Fusion
    Mass Fusion

    Anthony is probably the most wholesome person on linus techtips and i think we all truly appreciate and love him for that

  • Sierra LVX
    Sierra LVX

    Anthony is super awesome! I can relate to him a little as I was already unhealthy and this year just made it worse, but I know I can do better. My friend has a VR console and once he's able to help me get a gaming pc to run VR myself, I'll be able to get some fitness at home! This was really inspiring and it's nice to get to know some of the guys at LMG more personally.

    • Jack Chapman
      Jack Chapman

      You don’t need a VR system to exercise, in fact a vr system would probably be another excuse not to exercise.

  • Podtrash Radio
    Podtrash Radio

    Anthony is one smart dude... I would trust him with any of his opinions as all of his decisions are very well thought out.

  • Michael LaFrance
    Michael LaFrance

    I love the fact that Anthony has a KitchenAid stand mixer. That's a real pro move.

  • Caleb Hawn
    Caleb Hawn

    Pretty cool. So EVERYONE's getting an upgrade? That's awesome! I wish I worked at LMG. I love all the foxes. And is that the Broccoli Guy theme song playing in the background?

  • jeff bowland
    jeff bowland

    The only way for Intel to beat AMD now is to give their products away with cash on top.......... lol

  • UnNamed Beast
    UnNamed Beast

    You bash them so much and yet Intel still sponsors you

  • Liam Self
    Liam Self

    9:30 Had a nostalgia moment there with that iMac G3, good memories of that!

  • Tzielsky

    the other video: "AMD is really good for gaming more than intel" Intel here $5000: "I use intel for my gaming rig"

    • RK Adi
      RK Adi

      If the cpu switched to amd behind the scene, thats the best backstab to intel i ever know

  • Matt Bryce
    Matt Bryce

    Anthony has more Fox plushies than me.... and im a furry.

  • Minecraft H01xor -_0
    Minecraft H01xor -_0

    12:26 he be kinda thicc tho

  • B BOI
    B BOI

    I'm actually really proud of Anthony for trying to lose his weight

  • Potta Coola
    Potta Coola

    Wow Anthony is a full of interesting and helpful things for your home that nobody knows about ! I think i learned more in this one episode then about 15 linus videos put together.

  • Tang Kian Siong
    Tang Kian Siong

    omg . thats a nice tv stand

  • hardik khatri
    hardik khatri

    hey, that serta hensley!

  • DanTheGamer


  • Skywind

    16:30 ay yo his scarf fell off AY THE SCARF LINUS THE SCARF

  • cloudstrifelv

    Someones a furry...

  • Prax

    Anthony so cute 👉🏼👈🏼

  • el vper
    el vper

    Anthony is the best

  • PaulPooper

    I use beige painters tape on the leds of my guitar pedals that works great as a diffusor

  • Stephen Hawkey
    Stephen Hawkey

    I want to see Anthony's retro game collection, if he's buying an OSSC. He's gone down the RGB retrogame rabbit hole. I saw he was playing a Genesis game earlier.

  • Ralph C
    Ralph C

    God the red panda had me laughing so hard!

  • Malachi

    12:55 that's TV af

  • Benjamin Truter
    Benjamin Truter

    bless Anthony's heart, he looks so happy, Linus this is my favorite series you guys have done :)

  • TechFave

    0:05, because you're sponsored by Intel??

  • jamie hoben
    jamie hoben


  • Chris Meyer
    Chris Meyer

    Anthony, I appreciate your honesty. I have weight and health issues and they are not always easy to talk about. I also would like to encourage Anthony not to give up. I can tell he has worked hard and lost a lot of weight. I honestly can even tell a difference in his breathing. Again this is from someone who has the same struggles. I really hope he gets to see this message!!

  • Quokkat

    Anthony is the best

  • Lazer

    He should a got a oculus for working out instead of a vive

  • Juan Andres Salvador
    Juan Andres Salvador

    Anthony looking good!

  • musicpunk6

    I hate American Megatrends bios programming. 1995 called, they want their format back.

  • LumberJacques

    But why does he have a printer at home?

  • Reaper 52
    Reaper 52

    What TV stand is that?

  • Beven

    lets go Anthony lets go

  • Hriday Jain
    Hriday Jain

    I have legit the pc Anthony has right now lol bruh

  • who8myfish

    I like how Intel dumps money on a multi-ep tech makeover a month before Zen 3.

  • Aryan Arora
    Aryan Arora

    anthony is so wholesome bro i love it

  • Conrad 306
    Conrad 306

    Anthony is one of my favorite people on the team. He's so calm and collected, and is extremely intelligent. Not to mention that voice.

  • emiwe

    Can we talk about how great Anthony is at narration. I’m just thinking about how amazing his voice is.

  • Karl's Game Port
    Karl's Game Port

    I see the Analogue Super Nt there under the TV - awesome way of playing SNES games on a new TV - Anthony clearly a man of good taste :D

  • Denis Adigamov
    Denis Adigamov

    Gotta love good ol confirmation bias when Anthony's setup is such a close mirror of my own. PC to TV VR in living space HDMI switch to attach all consoles through Soundbar experience for soundstage Awesome

  • Mario van den Berg
    Mario van den Berg

    Anthony, the David Attenbruh voice for the PC community

  • Navjyot Singh
    Navjyot Singh

    Anthony: It's my video, I am gonna talk tech in this one Linus: What am I gonna do? Anthony: Put my stuff toys at right place...

  • Gorbachof AnkleBreaker
    Gorbachof AnkleBreaker

    13:25 Damn Linus I see you

  • Shaun Diz
    Shaun Diz

    basement apartment? aka mom's basement?

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