I've wanted this for years..
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Linus' bathroom is pretty much the only room in his house that doesn't have a gaming PC in it...until now. After this long-awaited upgrade, Linus will be able to watch Netflix and play games from the comfort of his bathtub- at 4K thanks to a new RTX 3080!
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  • Riley Kitchenka
    Riley Kitchenka

    This would make a lot of sense if you use like a Shield rather than a PC. Possibly better streaming, and you still have some games native and potentially most of your library with in home streaming, if you have a good network.

  • Jun Manalo
    Jun Manalo

    The best ltt channel in youtube

  • Luka Raphael
    Luka Raphael

    Linus’s kids are gonna be the most popular kids to have sleepovers and hangouts with hahaha



  • zen strata
    zen strata

    You get to your attic through the bathroom? ....

  • It’s Matisyahu
    It’s Matisyahu

    That's A LOT of Xbox controller he's just holding over the water....like, $160 of xbox controller.


    So Linus is going for 8k VR interactive pron in his bathtub?

  • Llianrey Green
    Llianrey Green

    IS there a rig reboot 2020?

  • Pete ASMR
    Pete ASMR

    Brain : Diggy Diggy hole. He is my favorite electrician.

  • Light_Switch

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  • Thaveshwar Sivakumar
    Thaveshwar Sivakumar

    Hi. Ive had the idea for 5 years. But I didn't have the financial resources to do so.

  • MiniDuncan

    This intro scares me

  • Taz Olson
    Taz Olson

    I thought this was a dumb idea until I was how well that mount worked, now I'm regretting that I renovated my bathroom to be just a shower and no tub

  • Mystic Ranger
    Mystic Ranger

    You said relaxing...playing doom eteranl in that position is anything but relaxing, playing a farming simulation is relaxing

  • Mystic Ranger
    Mystic Ranger

    All Bitwit's setup will get you is hemmoroid,

  • Dolan Duck
    Dolan Duck

    Imagine the video gets age restricted because of how jealous youtube is and how sexy this video is

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    William Owen

    Does he know that there is speakers IN the tv?!?! WoOoOw

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    Chen Lee

    I'd like to see an update on the hot tub gaming set up.

  • Iridocyclitis

    When you rage and get really mad, you can just end it all and throw everything in the tub. Genius. Gonna do this right away.

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    Andy Jones

    3:14 - Heh... Yes I'm a child. So Is Linus. Pi$$ off.

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    Emerson Topacio

    The CPU is Superman XD

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    Snifey secret channel

    Linus house is probably will or would or perhaps become a fun house for gamers Idk why I'm editing this comment

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    Wolfmobiletron Jackson

    That’s a gamers balthroom

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    Unless you get something like a Sunbrite TV, the humidity from taking showers will eventually kill it.

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    Bandeep Riat

    Bring Electro Boom into some video he's also Canadian. You both will set you tube servers on fire XD

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    Tim Seidel

    3:48 We wanna keep it reasonable Puts a 3080 into

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    David Anderson

    I fully expected a pair of LTT boxers to fall with the bathrobe along with an advertising card. Wasted opportunity...

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    Here I am with my kindle in the bathtub...crying.

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    toby tj

    Hey guys just a question does anyone know much about the corsair k95 platinum?

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    16-Bit Bernie

    This would be cool for a hot tube Edit oh shit they did that

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    Marco Casadei

    4667 of ram hrz is low? I'm kinda shocked since I got 1600hrz ram, lmao

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    Feels so inconvenient but i guess thatd be cool haha

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    looting linus' house gets more profitable everyday. My time will come, just you wait. xD

  • Tommy Mukhtar
    Tommy Mukhtar

    Making fun of Justine for having a tv mount and Ethernet in her bathroom that she wasn’t even aware of and now you are building a whole gaming setup in ur bathroom

  • Sandor Gaspar
    Sandor Gaspar

    Funny :D

  • The Lyricist
    The Lyricist

    Just imagine watching pornh*b here. The best a man can have (The best part, no mess)

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    The Overlord

    10:56 DOOM

  • Franco Sanchez
    Franco Sanchez

    better hope the tv is secured tight so you wont get electricity in your bath.

  • Psykoh da1
    Psykoh da1

    Bro that rgb mousepad is one of my most prized possessions and he's using one as a bath mat ;~;

  • SciVerse

    I'm convinced Covid-19 is slowly making us Mad 🤣

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    Aiden Robillard

    1:54 Linus buys his floss from the dollar store.

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    OP Plays / WildApple gaming

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    prune eater

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    TeamMagic borasmagic

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    Seth NaDeau

    Doom eternal is amazing

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    Ahmad Ibrahim

    Yo man, you got my dream in your bathroom, nice🙂

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    also, he could start a new channel on tech flipping a house 10 years from now when he sells the house and do a compile of all the stuff he did to his house

  • H1nD009

    i dont blame the owner of a company using his company's money to upgrade his house while serving as a means to generate more content for his company....im just jealous....

  • Unlucky Thirteen
    Unlucky Thirteen


  • QuickFireGaming

    We were so determined to find out if we could, we didn't bother to think if we should...

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    Jean-Paul Marat would be so jealous

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    Timothy Ewing

    I was just telling my wife the bathroom is the last room I need to network for my whole house pc 😂

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    lol one slip or splash and keyboard/ mouse/ game controller are wet.

  • Bideo James
    Bideo James

    "Military grade"; that doesn't mean what you think it means. Military grade is "anything that fucken works, jesus pass me the duct tape, lowest bidder my ass"


    your gonna wanna take about half an inch off the latter to the attic so it sits flush and stays ridged. Also who the F**K has an attic hatch in the bathroom??

  • malvarez1991

    I wonder how he got Yvonne to agree with this

  • Andrew Forbes
    Andrew Forbes

    hey Linus i need some help ... im a little confused on what motherboard to get theres so many im thinking of getting an i7 ....i play alot of online cars racing and my comp keeps shuting down .. i have an i3 with an asus motherboard H11OM-K any help would be great ty waves hi from australia

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    David Vasic

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    Srilakshmi Garaga

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    Ello Oku

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    Caiã Oliveira

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    Lg Electronics

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    Obsidian Clorox

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    Wrench Aholic

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    Abdullah Yousef

    This is by far the funniest video on Linus Tech Tips

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    Shirou Sensei


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    Redman Outdoors

    Linus needs to just hire Brian full time, one of the best people on this channel.

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    Tom Evans

    oh my god you have dimmer switches in the bathroom what the fuck

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    Birki gts

    If I sat in the tub as long as i gamed my skin would fall off.

  • Trenton Bennett
    Trenton Bennett

    The extra brace in the wall might also be a firebreak, depending how old the house is. Anyway...that RGB bath mat! LOL

  • maxwell greenfield
    maxwell greenfield

    Idk about zip ties. You should consider using VHB tape for future projects. Some are designed for extreme cold/hot, wet/dry, and even hold the facades to skyscrapers where rivets can't stand up to the loads and weathers.

  • maxwell greenfield
    maxwell greenfield

    Lmao horror movies don't even have attic access in the bathroom. That's just too creepy

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    A *shower thought* come true

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    Lmfao getting free house renovations 1 sponsored video at a time

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    How long does it take linus to drop one of the peripherals?

  • Tommy Schnidt
    Tommy Schnidt

    linus you make way too much money for your tile to look that shitty. please get your bathroom remodeled

  • SpoonJuggler

    As someone who's spent too many saturdays and sundays in the bathtub with a major hangover, this is exactly what I need.

  • Jm_ LAMP
    Jm_ LAMP

    We all know how linus is going to go out....

  • Jm_ LAMP
    Jm_ LAMP

    Why he didnt use that waterproof dust proof silverstone case? The world will neveeeer EVEEER know

  • Julian Gonzalez
    Julian Gonzalez


  • Joshua Boldt
    Joshua Boldt

    No one is going to mention that the intro had Fonzie jumping the shark?

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    Kevin David

    next you need to dangle a wireless toaster above your TUF GAMING PC and you won't need it after your first use!

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    SivaKumaran Saravanan

    Final destination...

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    5:19 Me watching RSloft by myself 12:25 RSloft when my parents walk in

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    michael eli

    the 3080 RTX shortage is due to all the Youubers having them. I see a 3080 RTX in every computer now from Linus to Jayz2cents to GamersNexus LOL

  • Cheeks2184

    Is the 5100Mhz really worth whatever crap CAS latency you're gonna get?

  • Cheeks2184

    3:55 10GBp/s networking isn't over the top? Who knew?

  • Zelotus

    This is all fun and sweet until your tv and soundbar fall mid bath

  • Kilin Zeus
    Kilin Zeus

    Linus rages then throws mouse, mouse hits tv and falls into bath “Linus hasn’t uploaded in 3 months”

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    scott loving

    I'm more hung up on the fact that you have attic steps in your bathroom....

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    Bennett Hackett

    This is basically having a giant, plugged in toaster hanging over your bathtub

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