I've Never Seen Anything Like This - Asetek Rad Card
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In the new Alienware Aurora R11 is a GPU cooler like we've never seen before....
Check out the Rad Card: www.asetek.com/gamingenthusiasts/technology-for-gamingdiy/gpu-cooling/rad-card
Check out the Alienware Aurora R11 - geni.us/4fdRrK2
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: rsloft.info/loft/video/gq6X3KasuGTNjoo
iTunes Download Link: itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712
Artist Link: soundcloud.com/laszlomusic
Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High rsloft.info
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 lmg.gg/fxHYK
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Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 lmg.gg/8upii

  • Alex Harkett
    Alex Harkett

    Anyway you could do a test of the new 3090 version?

  • Snuskedundret

    That's the ugliest pc case I've ever seen.

  • Jody Alberger
    Jody Alberger

    gonna make a diy one for sure maybe for cpu

  • Jason Ander
    Jason Ander

    Holy carp all this time I thought it was asotec

  • Strat Cat
    Strat Cat

    Too bad Alienware is owned by Dell now

  • squinty36

    I got the Alienware Aurora R7 when that was new for $900 USD which was a steal with the i7-8700 16gb of ram, 2tb hdd, and a 1080 so I was quite happy with it

  • Eviction Notice
    Eviction Notice


  • Thales87 G
    Thales87 G

    Would anyone actually recommend this pc? I was thinking about getting one but the case just screams “bad thermals” so i built my own

    • Loki

      Thermals actually aren't that bad, provided you've got the liquid-cooled CPU.

  • Penndragon

    3:05 You can pretty it up all you want, but at its core, it's still a Dell.

  • TheFeebleSheep

    Linus is looking really good in this video.

  • SexCannonMusic

    Looks better than the the new xbone or the ps5 , that's for damn sure xD

  • Jerry Powell
    Jerry Powell

    The audio work on this was cool, but you shouldn't have turned him completely down on both sides. Made me stop paying attention to the content and made me annoyed, had to rewind after posting this comment. :(

  • VoVillia Corp.
    VoVillia Corp.

    Six figure mold and makes a cheap case, that's Dell in a nutshell....

  • Clifton Tibbits
    Clifton Tibbits

    It reminds me of the old Compaq cases...wish they would have gone Amd sooner,but they know better than me,actually waiting to see their hand held that's coming up,that could be big....

  • MariusThePaladin

    ??? Wait, I use PC partpicker to try and make a PC with spec lowe than this but it came up more expensive ? How ???

  • Ramadhan Rafly Workacc
    Ramadhan Rafly Workacc

    is he doing an air purifier review?

  • 1234

    I have an air humidifier that looks like that.

  • unliving sauce
    unliving sauce

    7:38 nobody going to talk about that okay

  • Seth Metcalf
    Seth Metcalf


  • Reece Crook
    Reece Crook

    at 7:30 that stereo audio tripped me up i thought my headphones were broken no one ever uses stereo on yt

  • Lennfor

    Hate me, shame me. I don't care I love blower style cards

  • Jonathan Tanner
    Jonathan Tanner

    6:19 The Founders Edition 3000 series?

  • Casey Fox
    Casey Fox


  • The Screem Regular
    The Screem Regular

    69% less noise *nice*

  • Shadowreaper

    "and an rtx 2080..." oof

  • Patrick Bourke
    Patrick Bourke

    "a sweltering 33 degrees" *laughs in Australian.

  • Mark Firman
    Mark Firman

    Ha-ha, kudos to the editor for panning Linus' voice when explaining about the hot air and water :3

  • Nathan

    My god that's an ugly machine.

  • Lil Jeep
    Lil Jeep

    11:01 Can anyone explain those two words to me?

  • Yiğit Can Aydın
    Yiğit Can Aydın

    Why you fucking removing the seals it sill scratch

  • hitmiccs

    The front of this case looks like something GLaDOS would have created out of boredom...

  • Jinglemybells23

    Nice cooling

  • Carbz

    if everything was premium, you would pay like 1000 dollars more just for that, its cause they can sell it, and people that buys this dont know what an 8 pin connector is

  • FdFoxter

    That computer looks like an Edsel

  • CHIraqMVP1

    if its a small form factor why would you want that second radiator thing taking up more space?

  • Russbot Apocalypse 2020
    Russbot Apocalypse 2020

    That rubber feet bouncing case turn test lmao. Things that make Linus vids "special."

  • NinjaGamerUSA

    “The fan is noticeably louder, see?” *silence

  • OFRO

    Ok so I have this pc and it’s my first pc. I’m very confused. My only question is if the case is swappable. I’ve been looking up videos ob RSloft and Googling for hours and still can’t find an answer. Also is the CPU swappable, and can I swap it to a Ryzen?

    • FrikinOSM

      It's an Intel board 1:51 and Ryzen is AMD, so no.

  • Benjinis

    Imagine buying alienware

  • Benedict Claxton Stevens
    Benedict Claxton Stevens

    Can't hear the sound of Linus showing the alienware being loud over the sound of my own computer trying to cope with da heat :'(

  • EdgyShooter

    *sitting in my 30° room* This is fine

  • EdgyShooter

    It looks like a heater 😅 but then again it is 10th Gen Intel...

  • Jacob Lee
    Jacob Lee

    I was hoping they would turn that "Ungghh" sound at 9:52 into a doomguy style "Ungghh-Ungghh-Ungghh-Ungghh" as soon as I heard it. Maybe another time.

  • Marvin Lange
    Marvin Lange

    69... My Air cooled MSI ist much cooler Lol

  • Dan Wilkinson
    Dan Wilkinson

    For the record Linus, i think you made a decent Theremin sound

  • Thomas Raywood
    Thomas Raywood

    Hey, I have an idea. Let's take my toilet tank, lay it on its side, and try to mod it to look like a jet pack. Absolutely butt ugly.

  • Himla Bertreger
    Himla Bertreger

    Dude, what's wrong with you? Be more careful, it's almost disrespectful how you are handling that PC. You look clumsy, sloppy and stupid.

    • Tax-fraud-o-saurus

      Welcome to ltt

  • Fr0st8

    It's essentially the same as my old Aurora R7. Same metal box, different plastic on the outside. Don't miss it at all after getting new Mobo, PSU, and case

  • Christian McCall
    Christian McCall

    I don't think there could be anything dopier than a 2TB boot drive

  • Sage Bias
    Sage Bias

    Could you make a video about putting Ubuntu into hibernate mode on a pc.

  • Don Davis
    Don Davis

    a rotating stand would probably make it easier for the product to go on.

  • TheCod3r

    Who uses alienware in 2020, it's almost a meme at this point 🤣

  • Markus Oralias
    Markus Oralias

    You ever notice how desighns go from boxy to round to boxy to round. Cars in the 70s were round cars in the 80s were boxy, cars in the 90s were round cars in the 2000s were boxy, now we are back at round. Same with computers macs innthe 80s boxy macs in the 90s round macs in the 2000s boxy macs in the 2010s round.

  • Roman F
    Roman F

    I ran 4 years on 4 pins on 8 pin power :D With i7 950 oc @ 4 Ghz :D Then I asked asus support and they told me "you can plug the other cable in IF YOU WANT TO" :D lol

  • First Last
    First Last

    Asetek, the world's greatest patent owner. Can't wait till the patent expires, and someone else wipes the floor with their old boring piece of crap tech that only lasts 4-5 years max.

  • That Guy over there
    That Guy over there

    This will be seen by no one but I need to make this comment. It looks like one of those bladeless fans but with vents on the sides.

  • William Bradley
    William Bradley

    THE CAKE IS A LIE Looks exactly like the office computers in portal

  • JAG 0937 EB
    JAG 0937 EB

    If it only needs 6 pins instead of 8 then why is it a problem to put 6 pin connector? You are just looking for excuses to trash dell (not that i am a big fan of dell or any other soulless evil mega corporation like them).

  • JAG 0937 EB
    JAG 0937 EB

    it looks like an air conditioner or something

  • Matt

    “This computer has so much plastic!’ I wish my pc had that much peelable plastic

  • turiel

    "Alienware is just.... Adele in Alien clothes." Linus 2020

  • Random Shite
    Random Shite

    The lack of care Linus has with every single device he handles is remarkable. I wonder if he takes for granted the opportunity to work along all those brands and get every high end shi* usually for free so he can test, review and earn over it

  • JsL

    Am I the only one who feel uncomfortable with this? Just lift it! 2:49

  • HardcoreGeneral

    Looks like one of those Dyson fans!

  • laststopformadness

    Dell just proves they go beyond cheap on everything but the looks of the outside case

  • Shiro Surfer
    Shiro Surfer

    This PC looks like a console I'm digging it

  • RenZZo LFX
    RenZZo LFX

    it looks like a portal gun

  • Dan Thompsett
    Dan Thompsett

    $200 for a cooler that looks like it's made from at best $30 worth of material parts typical of today's ripoff world of technology

  • Ninja Aqua
    Ninja Aqua

    The sponsor never disappoint me

  • Kent Snyder
    Kent Snyder

    Looks like golden age tech from Titan... or a portable AC unit.

  • scipioafricanus

    imagine having bought this, a few weeks before the release auf the nvidia 30 series

    • Lunchbox13

      if someone buys dell, they probably wouldn't even realise.

  • Kendros Stragopulos
    Kendros Stragopulos

    Is it just me or does the whole contraption looks like a dyson bladeless fan????


    "can i do a peel?"

  • z4pp

    i imagined linus going from one ear to inside my brain to the other ear, and that scared me.

  • Alex Wayne
    Alex Wayne

    ???????????????? this thing is stupid. why dont they strap a 360rad up in that molded "deep in the 6 figures" costing stupidity with three Noctua A12x25?????????????????????????

  • Wafi Ghani
    Wafi Ghani

    Alienware is just Dell in alien cloth, Linus 2020

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott

    He is handling that thing so rough. I bet who ever sent it to him is watching and wincing.

  • Bobby George
    Bobby George

    7:30 love the stereo effect

  • Josh Wick
    Josh Wick


  • andrew

    The case is just a R5,R6,R7 internal metal case with a different bloated size outside plastic...the internal of the case is the same.......it's like cars...just outside panel different. The internal lay out is exactly as my aurora R7. Dell is cost cutting here....same tiny case... I am disappointed...

  • andrew

    I just spend 30$ on quiet noctua fans and I also get 60% noise reduction on my aurora R7...the stock Dell fans are junk.

  • Amit Maharjan
    Amit Maharjan

    Quick Question ... How many times did Linus spell the word " AIR " ?? :D

  • Dennis Marinos
    Dennis Marinos

    looks like Dell optiplex or server case design.

  • RealLifeJunkie

    Can't take it anymore how linus is handling the hardware like a toddler.. wiggle wiggle, stomp, smash.. its terrible.. even you don't have to pay for this, just handle it with some more care pls...

  • EclecticBread NCircus
    EclecticBread NCircus

    Looks like a space heater

  • Moveto BitChute
    Moveto BitChute

    In 2005, besides industrial cooling solutions, *Asetek* was manufacturing one of the few mass market sub-zero phase change coolers called the Lightspeed LS. "Most of you have probably never heard of Ferrari..."

  • Luke Van Ginkel
    Luke Van Ginkel

    he looks so much better with that beard

  • Derek Gaston
    Derek Gaston

    I can't get enough of ltt I watch you guys all the time during downtime at work and while I'm on the treadmill at the gym. I learn so much watching your videos.

  • SoWhatIfImNotPartOfYourCulture?

    10:14 *nice*

  • Eric Jackman
    Eric Jackman

    So who ever was in charge of Compaq's Presario case design team got a job at Dell huh.

  • Word Guru
    Word Guru

    Did anyone else love at 7:29 when they switched the audio to binaural?

  • dissatisfiedgamer

    at 7:29, you guys had real fun panning the audio left and then right as linus moved on screen didn't you?

  • prepresslabco

    What moron wants to play World of Pay2Win Battleships or Tanks?!?!?!? Bad sponsor!!!

  • Karolis Galvanauskas
    Karolis Galvanauskas

    So that's where Aperture Science got their PCs from

  • happysmash27

    If they cheap out _that_ much on things like black coatings and the number of pins in the power supply, can one really trust the quality of the rest of this PC to not be garbage? I wouldn't be surprised if it failed in less than a couple years if it's made _that_ cheaply. Edit: Fixed formatting. I always seem to forget that asterisks mean bold in RSloft instead of italic.

  • Human Kerbal
    Human Kerbal

    looks like a glorified router


    7:29 just shows how much work and effort are put into these videos. The addition of stereo sound to follow Linus as he moves on the screen is amazing.


    I love it how Linus cares so little about the machine and the company that he is just throwing the case around in the beginning.

  • CipherBytes

    People who complain about fan noise but wear headphones...

  • Josh _Fn
    Josh _Fn

    Linus great video as usual! I have something to ask and I doubt you’ll even see this but my PS4s hard drive recently has become corrupted and I can’t stream on it anymore, which I really loved doing. If there is any way you help me buy a beginner pc that’d mean so much to me. Also, I work and im starting college soon and have been saving money for college, if I wasn’t I’d buy one myself.

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