I Stand by What I Said. Samsung G9 Non-Sponsored Review
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The Samsung Odyssey G9, also known as the LC49G95T, is a 49” super ultrawide monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate, a 1,000nit VESA displayHDR certified screen, and quantum dot for great colors. And it’s GSYNC compatible! It’s everything…but can the VA panel keep up without smearing the blacks??
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  • Suddle Solidus
    Suddle Solidus

    I'm planning to have 2 of them, Anybody consider that to be overkill ?

  • Maarten Rottier
    Maarten Rottier

    Is it possible to play games on this at 21:9 at 3440x1440 (120 or 144Hz minimum with HDR) and use the rest of the screen for other aplications like discord or chrome? Thanks in advance!

  • Nothing Here
    Nothing Here

    i dont like the 1000R curvature of the odyssey....whats the best 49" 1800R screen in your opinion? CRG9?

  • twaca

    Has Samsung fixed the flickering issue yet ??

    • bonito chua
      bonito chua

      Hah!. No. my g7 32inch still flickers like a disco ball only with gsync on. "Somebody still need to address it".

  • Super Peter
    Super Peter

    I got the monitor and an RTX2080 Super and cannot set the Refresh Rate >120HZ. In the video they are talking about DSC, which my GPU should support. I dont understand, why iam stuck there.

  • Jose Fundora
    Jose Fundora

    u know its weird to see one of your adds for honey before one of your own videos and your the only channel that's done that to me, if i was on your shoes id say ''a dream come true''

  • Damir Sadikovic
    Damir Sadikovic

    The LG CX 48" just made this thing look like a joke.

  • Lütfullah Karahanlı
    Lütfullah Karahanlı

    Hey Linus, i am coming back to this video just to say that you have to help us with clarification about the defect g9’s with dead pixels and g9’s screen tearing apart and backlight getting exposed. Why is it recalled and why is it not available for purchase anymore? Please help Linus!

  • Joe K
    Joe K

    Because of you I got the updated model of this monitor, currently loving it and they have seemed to have fixed some of the previous issue that the other one had due to the C-19 and in being an automated assembly and no one to make sure those previous one were getting done correctly at the time.

  • D Najj
    D Najj

    I m curious the fact that it doesnt have an IPS panel, does it make it better for gaming than something like the 34GN850-B

  • ha Ma
    ha Ma


  • Dreamy

    Linus is at his best when he doesn’t double down sometimes 😂😭 The moniter is cool but damn it is so expensive

  • Drones and simulation
    Drones and simulation

    Just upgraded to G9 ( came from the older 49 samsung ) and just one word WOW

  • Arsalan Lavang
    Arsalan Lavang

    you’re dumb

  • DADO

    This monitor was doa,to ambitious,just got recalled.

  • Snap

    And still not addressing to the majority of problems reported for this hardware. Well done

  • Kuroashi Gaming
    Kuroashi Gaming

    Linus: "Instead we see coronas on the back side of the ship..." (2:54) Me: Oh no, here we go again... *Hand washing intensifies*

  • Cuttest Pomeranian Simba Friends
    Cuttest Pomeranian Simba Friends

    Wish I can own one to see a year long cash in and out on my excel..... cannot afford it... a start up is a challenge..... and that monitor is a luxury

  • NateAintIt

    Is the g5 27inch a good monitor?

  • Kjetil Balstad
    Kjetil Balstad

    Almost bought this, but tried it in the store, and noticed games looks really bad. If you look at a perfect circle in front of you and look to either side, the circle will streach and look closer the further to the side you look. This makes it impossible to play games on this for me. It's the same experience I'm having with my thee Asus 165" Hz 27" ROGs, I was hoping it was less of a problem since this display equals two 27" displays, instead of the three I have, but even if it's better it's still shit. So, I'm only playing on a single 27"...

    • Kjetil Balstad
      Kjetil Balstad

      @Vincent Tuminello yeah, but at least on the games I've tried I can't turn it down enough, and using three displays I would like to be able to have a wider FOV, just not a distorted one. Perhaps they should make one viewport for each display in the engine or something. I don't know, perhaps some games does this well, but I'm a bit disappointed given the fact I bought 3 27" Asus ROG 165Hz IPS to have fun with...

    • Vincent Tuminello
      Vincent Tuminello

      You can reduce the fish-eye effect by turning down FOV.

  • Jordan Blackman
    Jordan Blackman

    How usable would this be with a mac?

  • Loopy Lup
    Loopy Lup

    Did they ever sort out the issues? and is this still a good purchase? thanks

  • Jeroen W
    Jeroen W

    I wanted to buy this but went with a Valve Index instead. No regrets...

  • Sean Sollars
    Sean Sollars

    Why I can't find a North American video reviewing the Samsung G5 Odyssey 27" monitor is beyond me.

  • Electrex

    The monitor is pure trash.

  • inventor

    Что то ничего не понятно опять походу нужно учить английский язык.

  • SuPeR aNi
    SuPeR aNi

    Just placed an order, unfortunately on backorder. Rumor has it, the early batches had light bleed thru, I hope that's sinced been fixed🤞

    • wine bartender
      wine bartender

      Samsung us has them on sale again for $1480. Model # changed slightly but they are in stock. Just purchased one today and it will be here in 2 days.

  • Tristan WhiteMamba
    Tristan WhiteMamba

    I'm not sure if you will read this or not, but the Samsung G5 came out on August 31st in a 27" and 32" screen size and I was wanting to know how it stacks up with the G7 and G9 and if it is even worth getting for the price point or if I should just go with another monitor in the price range?

  • DGM

    What’s the difference between the G9 GT49T and GT95T

  • Mike Rhodes
    Mike Rhodes

    I can't find one anywhere! Sell me one of yours?


    This is so bizarre there is so little information about this monitor and why it was recalled. Can't believe after 2 months it hasn't been resolved.

  • everyday learning
    everyday learning

    Few can afford this monitor. *reality* Overkill for most gamers. *likely*

  • jdcamo1

    You should've compared it with the older 49 inch Samsung monitor

  • gottafly gaming
    gottafly gaming

    I saw a video from YBR (Beamng drive RSloftr) that got this monitor and the HDR looked absolutely terrible

  • Matt Jensen
    Matt Jensen

    How is this compared to LG CX 48” OLED TV/Monitor ?

    • Nimbus o
      Nimbus o

      10x better

  • galanos

    Hello.can any one give me the best calibration settings for gaming on g9? Thnx

  • Augustus Gloop
    Augustus Gloop

    But does it come with a remote?

  • Scott Jones
    Scott Jones


  • Alex Agiovlasitis
    Alex Agiovlasitis

    Nice headband and cuffs, deepfake confirmed. Also Deepfake looks like a fuckin poodle. Well done intel.


    bruh moment

  • sam jam ham mammogram
    sam jam ham mammogram

    Gimme a 34" and I'll buy one

  • Estevan Phillips
    Estevan Phillips

    Excellently timed “Don’t click away yet.” That was exactly where i was about to click away.

  • SupremeMilkLord

    Does anyone know if they have fixed the flickering issue yet? I was planning on buying a G7 but have been holding out for that? Or anyone know of another 2k 240hz monitor they would reccomend?

  • Kadeem Samuels
    Kadeem Samuels

    Would you recommend for a PS5?

    • Cleezty on IG
      Cleezty on IG


  • Cliff P
    Cliff P

    4200 than the monitor you cheaper out on by 4000.00!

    • Cleezty on IG
      Cleezty on IG

      No, it isn't..?!

  • Nouche

    4:05 - “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog”… WHY? Isn’t there some problem there?

  • J Smit
    J Smit

    Hi, I'm trying to find help on a specific issue with this monitor. I am looking at buying this monitor for work and gaming on my ps4. I understand that it can either be horizontally stretched or just have black bars on the side. But the issue is this: I am going to get the PS5 which claims 4k @ 120Hz (not likely, but it's more than 60hz for sure). I watched a review stating that the G9 will be capped at 60Hz when in picture by picture mode (pbp), which if the G9's default response is to just stretch the PS5's content, will possibly be the only way to play the PS5's content on a non-stretched 16:9 aspect ratio. This would be extremely lame if I, and many other consumers, buy a far superior console relative to the older generations, only to still be capped at 60Hz at a non-stretched gaming experience. So I ask you LTT team or anyone here, that if you have this monitor and a console, please could you let me know if the game is stretched or if there are black panels on the side when you plug in by default. Alternatively, please let me know if it is possible to play ps4 on the G9 in a 16:9 aspect ratio whilst not in picture by picture mode (pbp). This really is a massive deal breaker and will save a lot of people a lot of money if we can figure out upfront if this will be an issue for console players. Thanks in advance! Otherwise, the monitor looks great and the specs look insane.

    • J Smit
      J Smit

      @PirateHarbour you are correct yes. I personally primarily want it for work as well, but the gaming specs are great too. But yes, if anyone is looking primarily for a ps5 monitor, this isn't it. But thank you

    • PirateHarbour

      @J Smit id be getting an LG Oled TV if your just using PS5. they do 4K 120hz. PS5 games will not be optimized for this monitor width

    • J Smit
      J Smit

      If you see this post, please give it a like to get a bit more awareness out of this potential issue.

  • TahmidTameem Talukder
    TahmidTameem Talukder

    This video reminded me of how my friend did betrayal with me

  • Astariol

    It also delivers a $1500 whole in your wallet

  • Lütfullah Karahanlı
    Lütfullah Karahanlı

    can you make this a kind of 3 monitors by dividing the area on the left and right of the 2560x1440 in the middle? would be awesome to have twitch chat on right side and the streaming software on left and the game in the middle. Anthony can you give me an answer please?

  • Cheesy The Gamer
    Cheesy The Gamer

    Went down to 1300$ on Amazon, looks like I know what I’m asking for Christmas.

    • Salvatore Pino
      Salvatore Pino

      Just bought it this morning from them

  • Side Winder
    Side Winder

    why'd you mention the PG27UQ and not the PG35VQ?

  • New Age Cuck
    New Age Cuck

    Restock Oct 1st on NewEgg!

  • Kainthemain

    There is only one God Linus, I think you mean King of monitors

  • Oluwaseyi Ademola Akinruntan
    Oluwaseyi Ademola Akinruntan

    My challenge with it is the fact that it is curved. Then, with a single display, I can't maximize the windows of different apps individually. As novel as it is, it has no use application for me. I'd rather have four 19 inch Dell monitors than this one. Simple. I like each app in its own display. I can understand the possibilities though. If only it wasn't curved. How does an application window look maximized on it. It'd be warped as per aspect ratio I think.

  • Dat Natural Herb
    Dat Natural Herb

    i admit. i want it.

  • ReturnTrip

    Just saw a guy send this back after testing it on twitch because it ghosted.


    This mon is said to be 10 bit but it is limited at 8 bit in my Windows machine... And sometimes there are white ghosting texts...

  • Viclvov Tiger
    Viclvov Tiger

    I got Odysseus, September 17th for $ 1500 from the site bhphotovideo.com But what the hell happened to me that on September 19 in a 2.5 cm strip appeared on the right side of the screen where the image flickers different colors. An unpleasant fact, but it happened ... Should be changed to days. What can I say! The paints are incomparable. But here's the roundness, I it seems a little too much! And, because of this, the screen is shorter by 5 cm! most importantly, they did not fix the problem of distortion of dimensions on the sides, which is present in the games! During 3 hours of communication with their technicians, I received an answer that no one complained, they say, about this, and that it was worth fixing So, who will buy these monitors, PLEASE COMPLINE !!! As I know, this problem can be solved! 7-9 years ago was interested in super ultra wide image, and I know for sure that there is a program that removes this distortion. It imposes full-length mesh, and manually calibrated. semicircular screens from 2-3 projectors for games, used this program! It has been three years since these screens began to rivet, and there is more than one company that began to produce these monitors, still has not solved this problem! So that once again, we COMPLAIN! And not to RSloft, but to the company's support team! The more complaints, the sooner they will solve this problem!

  • Layne Bentley
    Layne Bentley

    does anyone have the wallpaper at 2:18

  • crcaccounts

    So lower pixel density than a cheap 4k monitor? Think I'll wait.

  • Steve Laubach
    Steve Laubach

    I got the G7. So far I'm happy with it but I haven't done a ton of gaming on it so far.

  • Bri5150

    Have you seen this? Think it's a fix? www.newegg.com/front-black-back-white-samsung-odyssey-g9-series-lc49g97tssnxdc-49/p/N82E16824022902?Item=N82E16824022902

  • S

    1000R means that a circle will have a radius of 1000mm or 1 meter so if you have an eye with a radius close to 1 meter then yes it has a curve that is close to this screen, but you can of course sit about 1 meter from the screen. or sit 1.8 meters from an 1800R screen that will be exactly the same. the problem is that most of us have two eyes and then it is not the eye, but the field of view that is important

  • Rileys World
    Rileys World

    Any chance of seeing some 3080 benches on this thing?

  • Wildan

    So did they fix the flickering issue meanwhile? It's been quite a few months since the problem surfaced. I'm interessted in buying one, but only if I can make sure they fixed it.

  • Chris Zerzelidis
    Chris Zerzelidis

    And I still stand by what I said it's qled panel not good for eyes as a pc monitor they should have called it a monitor for consoles instead, plus there are already better options.

  • Vandoeun Long
    Vandoeun Long

    Can't find any to buy

    • Vandoeun Long
      Vandoeun Long

      @Clinton Shaw can't afford it atm anyway trololol thanks fam

    • Clinton Shaw
      Clinton Shaw


  • adrian alsina
    adrian alsina

    This monitor vs the PG35VQ??

  • Martin Esquivel
    Martin Esquivel

    is there a review for samsung g7 from u guys?

  • Micah Y.
    Micah Y.

    Anyone know if the flickering issue has been fixed?

  • Tommy

    How deep is that desk?

  • spring som fågel!
    spring som fågel!

    no g7 vid came ;(

  • Andrewkc1969

    Great review! I bought one of these because of your review and I couldn't be happier! I'm a developer, so the wide screen really helps me lay out different applications I need. I bought it at Best Buy and paid a little under $900. So the price you show is way off the mark.

    • Max Keyner
      Max Keyner

      Are you sure it's the g9 and not the predecessor?

  • Fine Mouche
    Fine Mouche

    wich games handle this resolution ?!

  • Fyscou


  • MR T
    MR T

    I play alot as in alot of stratagy games like haerts of iron, crusader king, stellaris but also alot of arpg's. How will this monitor fare in those games? i lean towards a 35 inch 16:9 or 16:10.

  • Johnny Grimm
    Johnny Grimm

    Anyone know if the display is fixed by this point?

  • Ivan Reyna
    Ivan Reyna

    Is the Samsung chg70 good for the Xbox series S, are they compatible with each other?

  • Fabio de Andrade
    Fabio de Andrade

    Just received this monitor today. It works great with my EVGA 2080 Ti Kingpin. The only issue I am having is that when I switch to 240Hz it changes the resolution. All of the ICONs and the Taskbar clearly change in size. According to the Nvidia drivers it is still running at 5120 x 1440. Called Samsung. They have no idea what is going on. The only thing they would tell me is that they would recommend either I use an AMD or an Intel Video Card.... I was able to create a custom configuration and can run the monitor at 144Hz instead of the standard 120Hz. At 240Hz, the monitor looks terrible compared to at 120Hz.

  • Graf Zeppelin
    Graf Zeppelin

    What good is HDR1000 when you have so few dimming zones?


    can definitely make a rocking chair with this.

  • ShalevHaham666

    Linus: this video not sponsored by samsung, the g9 is a monster. also Linus: Origin pc with SAMSUNG ssd sponsored us today.

    • Aadi Sahni
      Aadi Sahni

      Samsung didn't sponsor them in this video even indirectly. They said that Origin PC has HIGH QUALITY parts LIKE the Samsung 860 Pro.

  • Thin Deezal HD
    Thin Deezal HD

    This makes me love my CRG9 even more....

  • Artifex 28
    Artifex 28

    Just wait until you try Asus ROG Swift PG43UQ (psst, Overdrive level 4). :)

  • ingeonsa

    If this is legit, beware on unboxing rsloft.info/loft/video/gc6o1pCd26uSr4I

  • Badlex 727
    Badlex 727

    I... shouldn’t watch this without my glasses

  • Aleksandr Strizhevskiy
    Aleksandr Strizhevskiy

    So it seems like this monitor was either recalled or discontinued. Don't see it available anywhere online or anywhere near me. News stated Samsung has requested to pull sales due to defects.

  • dreistheman

    VA? Nope. Can't really go back from IPS on my end.

  • ramshambo2001

    You guys should revisit this monitor, there are reports of major defects and it still doesn't seem to be available anywhere

  • Karl Jeon
    Karl Jeon

    When everything is sponsored so you have to say: non-sponsored....

  • Krut Capili
    Krut Capili

    Damn still with my 60hz

  • Bratislav Metulski
    Bratislav Metulski

    its NOT HDR FLICKERING - its Adaptiv Sync Flickering! . . . BTW - is it REAL G-SYNC or just "compatible"?


      just compatible

  • SnapShopVisuals

    DAMN linus, the new intro tho.

  • valerian

    Perfect screen for flight simulator ?

  • Noob Abyss
    Noob Abyss

    1440p 144fps & Square monitor still the best for me at least my kidneys still intact.

  • Eric Lerma
    Eric Lerma

    "The Odyssey G9 is the New God of monitors" So it's the Darkseid of computer monitors

  • Stephane Luong
    Stephane Luong

    Hi Linus, any idea what the difference is between those two G9 Odyssey models? lc49g97tssnxdc vs lc49g95tssnxza

  • Kevin Beason
    Kevin Beason

    I bought a Samsung 27CFG70 27" 144hz VA Curved QLED monitor. It had HORRIBLE pink lines during gaming. After RMA they sent me a monitor with dead pixels, and it still often freaks out on static images with artifacts, even at 60hz. The monitor is awesome spec-wise, but Samsung screwed up the very basics, and RMA'ing just gave me other problems. Buyer beware.

  • Nathan Squire
    Nathan Squire

    VA has a lot of issues, Pixel response(tho this is lesser and mainly only dark to dark changes the same issue OLED has). My main issue with the last Samsung monitor I had(the first 100hz Samsung QLED ultrawide) was the colour uniformity, grey was very noisy and this was very distracting, I think this is partly caused by the Subpixel layout which has more screen door effect and just less uniformity. the other issue is viewing angle which is not that big a deal on a PC. This, however, is not an issue that I have never seen on any Samsung TVs that also use VA panels, the Samsung TVs also have great viewing angles and response time. So, in short, the Samsung TVs have no VA drawbacks but that native 6000:1 epic contrast ratio to rival OLED. So, I hope this is more similar to their TV Pixels because that would make is a nearly perfect monitor.

57 хиљ.