I paid WAY too much for this Hot Wheels PC!
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The bounty program has come through again and we managed to find not one, but TWO Hot Wheels PC to try.
Thanks to Disappearing Inc for hooking us up with these: www.disappearinginc.ca/
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High rsloft.info
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

  • Who, Us?
    Who, Us?

    THe manscaped ad with his daughter right there and the line at the end made me extremely uncomfortable...

  • Jesse Smoot
    Jesse Smoot


  • Emil tvedt kolstrøm
    Emil tvedt kolstrøm

    Ugly car

    • Emil tvedt kolstrøm
      Emil tvedt kolstrøm

      weird eye positioning

    • Emil tvedt kolstrøm
      Emil tvedt kolstrøm

      cringe beard

    • Emil tvedt kolstrøm
      Emil tvedt kolstrøm

      weird face

  • Stickman Short
    Stickman Short

    I dont know a lot about of computers but when linus talks about them, I'm like are you speaking another language

  • Hank hill
    Hank hill

    Put a gtx in that bad boy lol

  • Dyl Apple
    Dyl Apple

    I remember a HotWheels game on my Ps2

  • Alpha

    “Daddy, what’s Manscaped?”

  • #1hero

    He has kids?!?

  • Urlocal_VBUX Scam dealer
    Urlocal_VBUX Scam dealer

    well i would loved this pc as a kid and since im love flame decals on stuff and its hot wheels , i would play pc everyday

  • Vertimyst

    Wowww, this brings back memories. I used to love playing the Magic School Bus games as a kid.

  • Andromeda Studios
    Andromeda Studios

    See, Minecraft can run on a fucking on anything. It's just that, you'd need to rebuild like 1/4 of the game to work with older OS

  • Andromeda Studios
    Andromeda Studios

    That kid in the green shirt looks super disappointed and depressed. I would be too I was told my 8 core R7 3700x rig was being replaced by....that...

  • Daniel Teper
    Daniel Teper

    well... can it run minecraft??


    6:33 *Angry Lars Ulrich noises*

  • Prime Logos
    Prime Logos

    Imagine building a sleeper PC inside that thing

  • FernandoIndeed

    Those kids are younger than me but probably have a better pc than me.

  • Everything Unique
    Everything Unique

    no one going to talk about the Cum Stains on the tower when he pulled it out?!?

  • Arnab Das
    Arnab Das

    Just hold on a second! Nose hair trimmer? Seriously? These are even a thing?

  • giving 44
    giving 44

    0.51 just say your not done and keep saying till your dead

  • Static__Solo

    Lmao I have the same s15 Silvia sitting right next to me

  • Anonymous cheezy
    Anonymous cheezy

    Can it be overclocked?

  • James Shelnutt
    James Shelnutt

    if I had this I'd not use it as my main PC I'd just keep it as a collector's item

  • Ye eee
    Ye eee

    OMG I played that hotwheels game back in the day lol. That game was the shit

  • Forseti, God of Justice & Excellent Pasta Sauce
    Forseti, God of Justice & Excellent Pasta Sauce

    Linus is known for dropping things. He borrowed a collectors item that the owner values so much it cost $1900 just to borrow it. 4:44 Linus balances it on one hand.

  • Persiphone is a dude
    Persiphone is a dude

    Barbie fantasy wurl

  • Persiphone is a dude
    Persiphone is a dude

    throw water on it to see if it changes colours

  • Adam ?
    Adam ?

    Give this pc to twomad


    linus talking about how to cut your weed right infront of his kids.

  • Haden Bryant
    Haden Bryant

    A small price to pay for salvation

  • MrMcToe

    Can I have it

  • Tanjorel

    The kids: *Is this the one my dad spend alot of money on*

  • I Exist Thats sweet
    I Exist Thats sweet


    • I Exist Thats sweet
      I Exist Thats sweet

      I wish I had a gaming pc youtuber as a dad

    • I Exist Thats sweet
      I Exist Thats sweet

      They have a pc

  • Prime Zero
    Prime Zero

    Am I the only one who finds it odd that the hot wheels pc has no wheels?

  • Alexis TwoLastNames
    Alexis TwoLastNames

    "this button is to open the cd drive" "oh" lol

  • Représente La nation
    Représente La nation

    I mean of course it’s a piece of garbage pc: no RBG

  • exracer 27
    exracer 27

    Cute kids. Take after their mom....

  • It’s Matisyahu
    It’s Matisyahu

    Linus why did you do this to your kids XD

  • spikeiscool 2015
    spikeiscool 2015

    I dont know if you mentioned it, but there was also a barbie pc that looks identical except for barbie decoration

  • SLAMMINgrannies

    oh man I had one of these bad boys as a kid... nostalgia

  • ツiLuvAllter


  • Josias Eliyonai Castañeda de la torre
    Josias Eliyonai Castañeda de la torre

    Turn the defective one into a Ryzen APU mini-ITX Gaming Rig :v

  • Tattle Boad
    Tattle Boad

    why are his kids asian?

  • Prodigy Riptide
    Prodigy Riptide

    Bru this man is buying a hot wheels pc when I can barely afford my keyboard and mouse

  • Ghhh Nb
    Ghhh Nb

    Stare at camera

  • sam

    does manscape runs with 3090 ti ?

  • sam

    im sure his kid is gonna a computer wiz

  • joe mama
    joe mama

    8:04 nobody talking how he didnt die driving backwards and made it to the other track driving backwards still???

  • Justin Dolan
    Justin Dolan

    There was actually a 3rd system that they also sold. It was a computer 4 families, had the same specs as the hot wheels and barbie PC. I can't remember but it came with alot more software and games than either of the other 2 systems. Also was supposed to come with 2 microsoft gamepads, and a steering wheel for NFS. We were one of the few that actually did get our computer delivered to us. Had to reinstall windows every few weeks, then it would be fine for awhile until again it wouldn't boot. Didn't really bother me since, i liked tinkering with it anyways.

  • Bushi. B.M.F
    Bushi. B.M.F

    Omg magic school bus loved it when I was kid loved it

  • meneya


  • CO Yaqui
    CO Yaqui

    Is that a Supra

  • Alyssa H
    Alyssa H

    The Titanic reference lol

  • Jeffrey U
    Jeffrey U

    It feels worth adding that I bought this at a yard sale for 20$ when I was like 7 back in 2008 and later gave it to a younger cousin


    I hope that if I have kids in the future, there will still be PS2's do they can grow up playing on iy

  • Ben Mackey
    Ben Mackey

    This is my iRacing rig!

  • J Red
    J Red

    I remember this from when I was a kid being advertised on TV! I had the hot wheels stunt track racer game I got it Christmas of 98 lol. I was 8. I'm making myself feel so old. Lol

  • Car. Exe
    Car. Exe

    Bro I would take this over any thing any day of the week screw new tech

  • Oksana A
    Oksana A

    Can I get a good headset with a mic the one I have has his mic ripped

  • leftyfourguns

    Why aren't your children playing Diablo on their new 90s computer?

  • Brayden The Epic Gamer
    Brayden The Epic Gamer

    What in the boomer joke is this?

  • evren şantaş
    evren şantaş

    ı think that steering wheel is not analouge. Like a button, you need to fully turn the wheel to give an input to the game, so praticaly its even worse than keyboard.

  • Dragonorder18

    Mmm. You imagine what your kids are gonna say to you about making them play this kind of old machine when they're grown up and wiser about computers.

  • Richard Estes
    Richard Estes

    Linus, if you were aiming for the bthe "kids react" results, and didn't get them, then you did something right.

  • fidgety_ DNA
    fidgety_ DNA

    I hope he gets to upgrade it

  • Jenkins BJM
    Jenkins BJM

    I had that hot wheels game when i was a kid, what is this kid on saying its not as good as the old PC

  • Offkeyboard439

    Linus's daughter knows which game to play.

  • Will

    "Why I want to go to Uranus!"

  • Søren Markov
    Søren Markov

    the best part no doubt was the trolling of his kids, that was priceless

  • Someone

    Linus at the end bullshiting his kids so hard lmao

  • tdvr

    Does Linus ever shower his hair?

    • Einomar

      ........ wft?

  • joris lisinskis
    joris lisinskis

    Why is he's kids so sad

    • joris lisinskis
      joris lisinskis

      @Einomar yes

    • Einomar

      Do you walk around constantly smiling?

  • Stas Buriachkovskiy
    Stas Buriachkovskiy

    Казалось бы, причём тут Украина?

  • ThatGuyWithAhoodie

    6yo me seeing this in 2009: But dad this is wunning on windows 98, No look it has a celeron is this a joke? Linus kid: I don’t like the wheel or those lines It’s got great graphics! Linus: you sur... Other kid: I want minecraft Me: does it have tf2

  • Napstaguy04

    Can it run Crysis tho?

  • ScorPion Zen_Guy
    ScorPion Zen_Guy

    A way to flex how rich you are as a kid back in the day

  • Caden Housand yt
    Caden Housand yt

    Mom I need a pc Mom: I have a pc for u Me : huh u got me hot wheels

  • Bartosz Bielawski
    Bartosz Bielawski

    It's true though, kids don't care about graphics because it's not what games are about :)

  • Dino

    you should make a sleeper out of it

  • Glarftopus

    Sleeper pc

  • Mickey Nash
    Mickey Nash

    When I was young (single-digits), I was SO proud of myself for unlocking everything in Stunt Track Driver. I still have an .iso somewhere. I think I'll go play it again.

  • funyoutuber200

    Hot wheels pc is definitely a hot pc running

  • JediPeaceWalker

    Good thing I'm wearing pants too!

  • orange

    No one linus talking about nose hair ifront of his child

  • Teodorito

    Correction: you paid too little

  • Freshmemes

    Can it run doom?

  • m m
    m m

    Linus is a pro at smoking meat.

  • Jose Maria Castillo
    Jose Maria Castillo

    u look older

  • Frankie McLamp
    Frankie McLamp

    3:34 - the funniest part

  • Vxp3rr

    You should buy your own and upgrade it for a vid that would be awesome

  • Jack o Cloud
    Jack o Cloud

    Your kids are greatful,or just don’t care

  • Diego Mascote
    Diego Mascote

    He's now no longer lonely

  • Dee Loc
    Dee Loc

    They zoomed in on "I want to go to Uranus " 😂

  • 1000 Subscribers No Videos
    1000 Subscribers No Videos

    Girls are temporary, hot wheels PC is forever

  • Ha Thim
    Ha Thim

    turns out that this pc is more worth then antiicpated

  • Enter Nam
    Enter Nam

    6:00 How does this kid have a pc at eight(not tryna be rude ) but cmon

  • PewDiePie Subscriber
    PewDiePie Subscriber

    linus' daughter -"does it have minecraft on it?" everyone : ah, u are a person of culture!

  • LmaoYou DontSay
    LmaoYou DontSay

    This is probably every kid's dream

  • Mike Animates
    Mike Animates

    When Linus was talking about the MSI I thought it was in the hot wheels pc for a moment... I want to see someone take a case like this but put in gaming parts although it’s most likely no possible

  • notur0tapyx

    got a hot wheels ad on this video...

  • Massivesket 420
    Massivesket 420

    DoEs iT hAvE MiNeCrAfT oN It

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