I can't believe how much I paid for this...
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We check out the display that took the 2008 tech world by storm. The Ostendo CRVD 43 was the worlds first curved AND ultra-wide monitor. It’s THICC and awesome and we get to unbox one. Who knew Linus running his mouth would get him a piece of history…… for $6000. Thanks to Vojox for sending us this: twitter.com/VojoxB & rsloft.info

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: rsloft.info/loft/video/gq6X3KasuGTNjoo
iTunes Download Link: itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712
Artist Link: soundcloud.com/laszlomusic
Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High rsloft.info
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

  • Kyle McClure
    Kyle McClure

    I wish that you would have a recyclers giveaway.

  • Ben Watson
    Ben Watson

    It is really fun to see how you nerdgasm all over this thing. A pleasure to see.

  • EG! Hunter123
    EG! Hunter123

    linus : ITS SO HEAVY!!! also linus: B U Y W A L L E T

  • KamiEuKiTo

    I think you still owe that guy $4K.

  • James Shelnutt
    James Shelnutt

    most people just put two smaller monitors next to each other & you can extend the screen to cover both monitors - yeah there's a black bezel in the middle, but no biggie.

  • Ahmed Siddiq ツ
    Ahmed Siddiq ツ


  • baguette man
    baguette man

    This pc is 10 months of work for me

  • Martin

    This company history is fascinating. Have a look at their www.

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson

    linus do you not use controller for pc it's so much easier

  • Spaceman _
    Spaceman _

    Man do I not miss TVs being that thick and heavy. I still get surprised just how thin and light they manage to make them nowadays.

  • Euphoricglow

    am i the only one who has a ridge wallet

  • Mohamed Albaiti
    Mohamed Albaiti

    I’m sure you knew what you are buying because obviously you gonna make more money from RSloft 🙃 so let’s not act dumb and surprised

  • Brainlet


  • Justin Andrei Sanidad
    Justin Andrei Sanidad

    Linus make a pc inside that monitor

  • LlamaLord

    It looks like 4 monitors taped together

  • Travis Kirkland
    Travis Kirkland

    as much Bullshit as you guys buy for these stupid videos, you can help so many people out around the world who dont have as much as you.

  • Damian Bednarek
    Damian Bednarek

    aha 2009

  • Damian Bednarek
    Damian Bednarek

    lol, i have 2x 34"uw aio pc case water cooled. haha so thik.

  • Reaps

    Native Resolution of that: 2880x900 Price: 6000 My monitor's native resolution: 3440x1440 Price:1400 ?????????????????

  • Joshua Scholar
    Joshua Scholar

    I'm a poor person who just got his first modern monitor. Nice, bright Nixeus 144 hz. Freesync, 27 inch 2k ips display. I'm loving jumping up, first from a TV that was too slow to game on, then to a 23 inch dim 1080 va dell I got used almost for free to this. I'm totally satisfied with this cheap new monitor. So it's fun gaming and youtubing at 2k... I kind of feel sorry for this display you're gonna take apart though >.>

  • Henkakhu Commodore
    Henkakhu Commodore


  • Some body
    Some body

    And Luke's pay raise was denied earlier in the day due to budget constraints.

  • Giuseppe Rana
    Giuseppe Rana

    Livestream teardown yes please.

  • Swollward

    linus tech nipples hehehehe

  • Kyle Richardson
    Kyle Richardson

    You guys should pair this with an Alienware Area 51 ALX R1 for an ultimate 2010 setup. I've got a Area 51 R1, but it's not the ALX and the GTX 480 had issues so I put in a 570. Still have the 480. You guys can use it if you want to pay for shipping. Squeeze another video out of that monitor and do more retro PC stuff :)

  • hajkie

    Looking at the seams, i probably wouldnt actually mind it a whole lot.

  • J.R. Williams
    J.R. Williams

    he said how heavy it was as he clearly uber struggled to get it out of the box. A few minutes later "it's 25lbs" LOL what is he 10 years old? My Sony Trintron 21" Monitor was like 65lbs, now that was hard to lug around to LAN parties.

  • Shawn White
    Shawn White

    2008 amazed by how wide it is, 2020 amazed by how THICC it is.

  • Michele Marie Dalene
    Michele Marie Dalene

    if you do open it.... change the electrolytic caps. I am sure they are going bad.

  • Pradeep Shukla
    Pradeep Shukla

    His contents always larger than life

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones

    No wonder you can afford to buy a $6,000 computer monitor when your selling water bottles for $30 Smh

  • Valcor

    5:55i noticed that from the white bands on the screen Clear white bands everytime a new screen starts

  • NinjaFrog YT
    NinjaFrog YT

    He looks like disappointed Thor before he was fat in endgame

  • Prototype 81
    Prototype 81

    Looks horrible.

  • SJ218P


  • Max Baker
    Max Baker

    Might just start buying up old tech stuff and resell it back to Linus. Pretty decent business model really.

  • deadgamer #
    deadgamer #

    I so wish I had a pc

  • Abdullahi Noor
    Abdullahi Noor

    Livescreen teardown

  • Zade Abuzahra
    Zade Abuzahra

    Me, watching this on a curved monitor...

  • Eric Cantarelli Motta
    Eric Cantarelli Motta

    My father said they used to have some of these when he worked in a electrical company from the state of Paraná, here in Brazil.

  • phantomEdge damascus
    phantomEdge damascus

    tear down video will be cool

  • xDarthWonkax

    Bitching about how much he paid like hes not gonna get at least double that in monetization.

  • Kavinisanth A V
    Kavinisanth A V

    Samsung also has this kind of monitor but its a lot smaller in weight it's name is 'ODYSSEY'.And its way more cheeper i think in US may be around 2500 dollars i guess.

  • hardrivethrutown

    Get a first gen x58 based i7, 12, 24 or 48GB DDR3, a Radeon HD 4870X2 or GeForce 9800GX2, chuck in an early SSD or 10k RPM hard drive raid array, get an Antec 1200 and a old 850 watt PSU and try to make the ultimate 2008 gaming machine... And of course try out that monitor with Crysis

  • Affirm


  • Cool Spot
    Cool Spot

    "Welcome to holy fuck!" I need that clip uncensored lol

  • Ga Me
    Ga Me

    I looked up Ostendo. Apparently they are still around. Looks like they are working on “quantum photonics” which, at least from what I gathered in a few minutes, is some fine light manipulation stuff. Looks like they are just about to open a fab for some kind of quantum photonics silicon chip manufacturing? Anyone want to chime in here? There website seems more geared towards marketing. Not exactly sure what applications their new work is targeting exactly but it seems like quantum computing stuff of some sort.

  • ShiftyPersona

    I like how hard he tries to justify the 6 grand cost 😂

  • Ziggy Zigzaq
    Ziggy Zigzaq

    Water cool this bitch!

  • Lolsaw 14
    Lolsaw 14

    It looks like a crt....

  • Indian Gamer
    Indian Gamer

    dear linus, i used to play fortnite in mobile wich is very hard. i dont have a pc at home. can you pls gift me a pc pls..... if you can please relpy.. thanks

  • mason Gerry
    mason Gerry

    Did u pay 6k for a “not bad monitor”

  • Tumultuous Tenets
    Tumultuous Tenets

    Pays 6k for the only working display on the market. Wants to tear it apart. Buy a non working one for that. This belongs in a museum as an important part of PC History.

  • V PeRK V
    V PeRK V

    Must be nIce to blow all this money n write it off as work expenses. Fck am i doin with my life

  • Bitu Online
    Bitu Online

    এমন একটি অনেক মোটা চলবে না

  • Aurelian Epuraș
    Aurelian Epuraș

    Yes 😈

  • Connor Smh
    Connor Smh


  • GP33

    And yet he payed $7300 for a useless clear tv that does nothing right.

  • Sync faith
    Sync faith

    It looks like a really old tv

  • AtSin

    The guy definitely bought an rtx 3090 by now.

  • Greenstar 69
    Greenstar 69

    so youre the meme guy

  • Youpala


  • STaR_WaLKeR

    I watched this whole video bc I felt bad that you spent all that money on this ancient tech just for our entertainment! Linus rocks!

  • Not Available
    Not Available

    He keeps taking it closer and closer to the edge of the table, and it's seriously giving me anxiety........

  • CDJWmusic

    Im going to quote JonTron on this one: "Sure Phil, but why?"

  • ixxgunnerx x
    ixxgunnerx x

    comment , yes tare down!!!!!!

  • Pixels

    I thought the monitor was a whole pc

    • Phone game Reviewer
      Phone game Reviewer

      Same here bro

  • caleb capson
    caleb capson

    Not at all interested in tech stuff, but this is amazing. I would have bought it just to shock house guests.

  • Shrthnd

    Every time linus touches that, i feel like he's going to break it.

  • Daniel Coates
    Daniel Coates

    I wonder if they ever made the money back on this one 😂

  • FailingArtistStudios

    You can see the heat waves coming off the back

  • Ryan

    it looks terrible

  • Colin Atkinson
    Colin Atkinson

    Wonder if you could hollow one of those things out put a modern screen in it and build a computer inside of the backend…

  • EUROPOL Intl. S.
    EUROPOL Intl. S.

    Dude, i notice it looks like 4 monitors combined, 4 very different ones lmao. Who pays for this lol.

  • Groovy Greg
    Groovy Greg

    It would be sweet to see Linus and the boys mod this thing to modern standards

  • Diplomat kimLong Un
    Diplomat kimLong Un

    Ur lucky

  • Lucas Ramirez
    Lucas Ramirez

    Linus sounds like the Michael Scott of technology

  • Marius

    Hmm very interesting! You don't think you've paid 6,5k ten years ago (when it was a great innovation) but you actually paid 6k now? I see the "evolution" here...

  • Ritch

    I'd plug that into my 2008 m15x any day with glee it's such a chunky boi I love it



  • HimikoJoshua

    I like how theirs RSloftrs like this that have the audacity to complain about an items price knowing that the average person can’t even afford a 4K monitor and then you got this dude with multiple sponsors, multiple companies sending him FREE things and don’t forget the ad revenue he gets from these videos and he still complains about price....

  • Tales499 [Mikey Blaine]
    Tales499 [Mikey Blaine]

    As soon as I saw Linus lift it, I got PTSD from Austin Evan's latest Mystery Tech video where he dropped a monitor from 2-feet while wearing an Elmo costume

  • TheChiefHobbit


  • FracTech

    I got one of these for my birthday in 2009. I was the coolest kid in school getting one of these. Really wish I would have kept it cause I could really use 6k today lmao

  • Michelle Stone
    Michelle Stone

    The seller saw you coming. "SUCKER!"

  • Christopher Coonan
    Christopher Coonan

    You need to hit the gym Linus. ~30lbs should have been handled with one hand, as unwieldy as it is.

  • Narsty Boy
    Narsty Boy

    I'm looking for a new monitor. Should I buy this one?

  • Caleb Enloe
    Caleb Enloe

    The shirt bothers me

  • Arakwar

    Tear it down, rebuild it then in another video drop it from a high place ? Floatplane exclusive!

  • hale xp
    hale xp

    that a piece of shut, it just framing us to not have these ultra wide angles with normal displays, same for touch folies

  • 寒晴小弟

    curved crt?

  • Kevinthecool 2
    Kevinthecool 2

    5:00 Little do you realize that this single-link cable was worth $50-70 on the market at the time this released. It was advanced for hdmi, and is real useful for dvi-only monitors. No such thing as "too much monitor extension" I picked up a heavy duty cable for $35 at RadioShack ~4 years ago. Still using it

  • Baron Birdman
    Baron Birdman

    Lgr would love this

  • Thomas James
    Thomas James

    Honestly that display probably would have been pretty good at the time if they made it with one of the "screens" centered in the display instead of two meeting in the center.

  • James Donlon
    James Donlon

    Linus Stretch Tips

  • CC

    I think I’ll stick to my G9 but insane cool display from over a decade ago!!

  • Eric Pisch
    Eric Pisch

    I’m glad I didn’t know these existed in 2009, I would have bought one lol

  • Aston P.
    Aston P.

    censors himself yet captions say "fuck"

  • Jan Du Plessis
    Jan Du Plessis

    Tear down linus👍

  • B4nan0n

    wide screen CRT vs wide screen LCD the next time

57 хиљ.