How does Linus make money? - 2020 Update
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A LOT has changed in the last 4 years... so we thought it would be best to give you the 2020 version of "How does LMG make money"
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  • NesciO

    He makes between 800k and 1.7m per year depending on how much he pays his employees. Source: I did the math

  • Danny Jones
    Danny Jones

    Answer: Clickbait titles (why he does this is beyond me given the amount of subs), and having 2,000,000 adverts and sponsors in each video.

  • GiG DaDDy
    GiG DaDDy

    The best in tech on RSloft!

  • Matt Garney
    Matt Garney

    Linus Tech Tips makes money by sneaking across the border and switching our US quarters with Canadian quarters.

  • Scott Morel
    Scott Morel

    Drugs and gigilodom

  • Mike Soda
    Mike Soda

    If you can buy everything you need & at least some of what you want, you're doing good, which is all that matters. Linus has opted for cheaper routes for some very expensive things such as AC but whether he did that out of necessity or simply to preserve as much of his wealth as possible doesn't really matter. Being rich takes 2 things, making a lot & saving a lot. Sure you can only make a bunch of money but if you spend it too quickly like many "pro" sports players do, then it don't mean shit. I think he's found the right balance between the success of walmart or amazon & the good nature of a mom & pop shop.

  • 0007i1

    Floatplane Contributes 6% The LMG Floatplane account has 17,795 subscrbers. Asuming most are the $5 tier lets say 15,000 people are $5 and 2,795 are the $10 tier. [(15,000 * 5) + (2,795 * 10)] * 12 = 1,235,400 1,235,400 = 6% 100% = 20,590,000 1% = 205,900 TOTAL: 20,590,000 USD 27,410,746 CAD 29,210,641 AUD BREAKDOWN: In-Video Sponsor Spots: 5,559,300 RSloft Adsense: 5,353,400 Merch: 3,088,500 Sponsored Projects: 2,882,600 Amazon Associates: 1,853,100 Floatplane: 1,235,400 Other Affiliates: 411,800 Other Revenue: 205,900 I this this would be kind of close but due to the unknown ratio of $5 to $10 floatplane contributors i believe the answer can lay between 35,590,000USD and 17,795,000. Personally i believe the ratio would be quite heavy towards the $5 tier. This doesn't take into account what floatplane inc gets from other creators

  • Brandon Polk
    Brandon Polk

    As a RSloft Premium user, I’d love some more info on how that money goes back to the creators. I’ve never really been able to find much info on it.

  • Juan Ossa
    Juan Ossa

    Bought a hoodie and a water bottle after watching this video. Keep doing what you're doing guys, one of my favourite youtube channels.

  • Tomás Hoces
    Tomás Hoces

    You even made money by making this video! i love it though, keep making money

  • gator fan
    gator fan

    Thank you for your transparency, honesty, and genuine caring nature for your audience.


    Just me or does LInus look like he's been smoking the ganja a bit these days. Red eyes etc. Haha. Love you linus!

  • Danny Saputra
    Danny Saputra

    Why don't he use Canadian dollar as the prop?

  • Abdala Brothers
    Abdala Brothers

    For each 1000 views on yt, the channel gets about 3-5dollars. A billion views would be about 3.8million which in this case represents 26% of their annual income. So there you go, LTT makes about 14-15million a year. Really crazy to see how he build such a huge and influential company on the tech world, out of a youtube channel

  • Shahrooz Leon
    Shahrooz Leon

    I love Linus and his channels.

  • da3v0

    love your work! keep it up! don't burst yourself! it's about seeing how geeks like you (and I'm truly myself one) love what you do, and can live from it! keep it up! ... from Germany btw ;)

  • invisibleman11 __
    invisibleman11 __

    Canadians are way too nice

  • 1.21Jigawatts

    Bring back carpool critics. I just started listening from the beginning, and found out it was cancelled on this video.

  • Fir3 less
    Fir3 less

    How does ltt make money Also a shoutout to our sponsor, shopify


    Linus you’ve really helped me a lot just from your character and the entertaining videos over the years . You don’t have to explain anything to anyone brother

  • BillyGc

    Since it's none of my business imma unsubscribe 😂. I am always curious.

  • william stoney
    william stoney

    Linus makes a whopping $17 CAD a month He just steals snack from the break room.

  • Alexander Shambrock
    Alexander Shambrock

    8:24 "Thanks Covid" -Linus Sebastian, 2020

  • Oliver Imbrich-Hülsmann
    Oliver Imbrich-Hülsmann

    Did he just explain y trump isnt actually a billionaire?

  • Kim Nuka Schytz
    Kim Nuka Schytz

    About three fiddy

  • Heyooo

    I consider myself a progressive individual, hence I can announce I consider Linus my tech daddy....together with Jay and Kyle. Now do whatever you want with that information.

  • CellGaming

    My guess is that LTT makes about 40 million a year as a whole.

  • Dan Franco
    Dan Franco

    Thanks for this video. I don’t really care about your income but it is great to see some transparency in the whole RSloft influencer thingymabob. Thanks again you sexy lil elf.

  • Connor Smh
    Connor Smh

    I'm tryna get LTT merch

  • Willem McCartney
    Willem McCartney

    So this isn't about how LTT have rerigged their 3D printers to counterfeit bank notes? Lame

  • Jacques-André Langelier
    Jacques-André Langelier

    Since it's none of our beeswax, ill take a shot at between 6 to 9 million revenu / year (CAD obv)

  • Ethan Rahn
    Ethan Rahn

    Around 260M before taxes this year

  • Remco Hamersma
    Remco Hamersma

    Id love to have a ltt bottle but the shippingfrom canada to eu is just too expensive

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure

    Linus I hope you make a fortune! The service and business you provide is highly valuable!

  • niffumau

    So my youtube premium subscription actually does something reasonable for creators? I was thinking of cancelling it but if its going to creators I'll keep it

  • KyuketsuNinja

    so 17-20 millon a year...

  • Frosty Daze
    Frosty Daze

    I've been a youtube premium member for years and was worried the ppl I'm subscribed to doesn't make as much as ads, I feel better now, thanks!

  • darkshait

    Good clickbait

  • darkshait

    Good clickbait

  • Dally Singhson
    Dally Singhson

    Rumour has it that he takes fixed home payment of 17757043

  • Peter Pinto
    Peter Pinto

    9:34 Yet i still want you to tell me the salary you take home or live on day to day...he probably makes six figures.

    • Joeah

      My man I can almost guarantee he makes 7 figures+

  • J A P R
    J A P R

    Bullshit. You DO give positive reviews for money... I bought the lg tone free earbuds because YOU said they were really good. They're ABSOLUTE shit. I really regret spending 149 euros on it.

  • Blue Virus
    Blue Virus

    where is the minecraft server at? :C

  • Matthew Corcoran
    Matthew Corcoran

    TLDR: Adds, Merch, Views you're welcome

  • Gaming Dude
    Gaming Dude

    Lemme guess, 93k for yourself per year

  • Michael b
    Michael b

    I'll say 200k for salary

  • ste ser
    ste ser

    intel give u money u ipocrit

  • Henning Salvesen
    Henning Salvesen

    Linus has turned on the subscriber count on floatplane. LTT has 17725 subscribers. Let’s assume 10% are LTT plus supporters and pay $10 per month and the rest pay $ 5 per month. That is $ 97,487 per month and $ 1,169,850 per year. There is obviously some transaction costs and you can pay yearly to get a discount. So lets say he makes $ 1.000.000 a year from Floatplane. According to this video that is 6 % of the total revenue. That would mean the total revenue would be $ 16.6 million a year! That sounds way to high to me, but that is what the number suggests


    linus makes money by making a video how to make money


    you make money because you have money

  • Delsin Johnson
    Delsin Johnson

    I'm glad you said that. It really is no ones business how much money you make. You have made a successful company and YT channel. So whatever you or your team make is off of you guys hard work and devotion to your fans. Thank you guys, this channel has been more than just educational, its been awesome.

  • Harley Serafini
    Harley Serafini

    he must make about 4 mill per year

  • A McDonald
    A McDonald

    Linus be Balling in that thumb nail.

  • Mxlon

    He makes 10-30 mil some smart guy with a 2 paragraph response in the replies section said it

  • Shamar

    linus you look like you have been working out

  • News that matter
    News that matter

    With his members only Webcam. For an extra fee, he will game topless, wearing only his boxers, sock and saddles. Its worth it for me.

  • August Beck
    August Beck

    Cross referencing between a few calculators online and dividing that by 0.26, I would estimate that the company makes about 10 to 15 million in a year. Because Linus does not live lavishly like many youtubers, there really isn't any way to estimate how much he takes home. He could be taking only 200,000 as salary, or he could be taking home the majority of it and still have enough to pay his employees, and is just squirreling away 10 million dollars a year into savings, investments, or trusts for his kids. But I think that is the important take away here. He does not flaunt his money either way, he lives relatively modestly compared to what he could be doing, and so he has my respect. As long as he pays his taxes. Linus, you better be paying your taxes.

  • PickyGaming

    Nice work keep up the good videos.

  • Brett Lombard
    Brett Lombard

    Its easy, you earn $5.69 per month.

  • Radek Zielinski
    Radek Zielinski

    it's like sitting on the toilet and talking about how you make money by sitting on the toilet and talking about it. Are people this dumb?

  • Max Czapski
    Max Czapski

    Let me help you clean up that mess on your desk, good Sir.

  • frfrmpukn

    Great video!

  • CodeKid Games
    CodeKid Games

    "we have tripled in size of headcount". WOW YOU WENT FROM 1 PERSON TO 3 PEOPLE. GG

    • CodeKid Games
      CodeKid Games

      more like 10 to 30 or something

  • William Swann
    William Swann

    if his minecraft server makes 0% than if anything was purchased he is a rich man

  • opinion on kosovo:legal opinion
    opinion on kosovo:legal opinion

    Rich tips

  • Aqua

    i've watched since NCIX and yet to buy merch... I am a Bad viewer.

  • HAL 9000
    HAL 9000

    My educated guess would be $10k per day. Do I win anything? No? Not even a phone charger? :( Well anything beyond $100-200 (per day) is more than my mind can grasp

  • Mike E
    Mike E

    +1 for it being none of our beeswax. People who bitch and complain about a CEOs salary are usually the ones who never take action. Keep up the legit work!

  • xwatchid

    I've been the tech guy for friends for the past 25 years, just started watching this channel, it's very entertaining, I don't care how much you make,

  • James

    You do it by copy striking AdoredTV...

  • OnTheHunt4

    I just saw yesterday that Walmart has developed a series to show Shopify sellers how to also sell on Walmart. Now I’ve got 2 more sources to check out, thanks Linus and team!

  • Freeman

    The fact that he is still using Note 9 speaks for itsself, respect.

  • Josh Thompson
    Josh Thompson

    Massive respect for the none of your beeswax comment!!!! I only recently subscribed because I was looking for info on PC building. Youre a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate you and your team. But again, Massive respect for the none of your beeswax comment :) Cheers Linus. Thanks

  • darkdudironaji

    Linus takes home $200k per year salary. Source: Pulled out my ass.

  • Sam _
    Sam _

    Well apparently 'Linus' LMG are also making their money by claiming smaller tech channels content....Pretty fucking shitty to say the least. Hope it's unfounded, either way LTT need to address it.

  • Freeman

    Role model for ethical youtubers.

  • Thomas Basting
    Thomas Basting

    Hey Linus, I really love your passion to the channel. Watching you since years now. But could you please upgrade your shop. Clothes are fine but the only usable Item are Cableties and the Waterbottle. What about Mouse-covers, Keyboards, Headset-covers (or bags) and such things?

  • Rikard Öqvist
    Rikard Öqvist

    Great video, you are very authentic! Also valuable content for any digital entrepreneur out there.

  • Ixora

    We already know linus makes dough, his empolees steal 2080 supers and 1080 tis and linus like "hey u stole this lol"

  • Vasil Silianov
    Vasil Silianov

    I know for a fact that you do 10 000 000 000 per day only on LTT water bottles!

  • g4l137

    What's funny is videos like this really encourage me to know how best to support the channel. I've always enjoyed you guys, but now that I know how much of an impact store sales and clicking the links actually are, I'm far more likely to be a part of it. I wish other similar channels could do something like this. The transparency is so important and really helps keep confidence in you all. I'm happy this channel is successful, and I'm happy to have been a part of it for years. Thanks for being so honest!

  • Ret Ro
    Ret Ro

    Most honest channel on youtube

  • Boris Erdogan
    Boris Erdogan

    Linus making money talking about how much money he makes. Good ole capitalism.

  • Peach Meep
    Peach Meep

    Lol he said it said it in a live stream once but not on purpose so I will not tell his business if you know you know don’t go telling other people

  • Cheran Friesen
    Cheran Friesen

    He looks more and more like hiccup from how to train your dragon all the time

  • camtwan1

    After some very rudimentary math, I estimate the companies revenue is around 8-12 million a year. You can assume about 60-80% goes into tax's, fees, and overhead. so profits are around 1-3 million in 2020. However, that percentage could be higher and I'm sure he uses most of the profits for assets in the company so these numbers are very, very, rough. but close enough :)

  • Sir Nycto
    Sir Nycto

    he makes $29.99 .... enough to buy a water bottle ....

  • Dan Ludvigsen
    Dan Ludvigsen

    first linus video i watched was linus review a pc case on a bench in a park :D and i have watched linus reviewing stuff ever since :)

  • Donovan Flores
    Donovan Flores

    Cool how they're more upfront about their earnings than say some governments or some multinationals.

  • Stephanie Fritsch
    Stephanie Fritsch

    I live in poverty and can’t afford to give you any business. I love your content. Sorry I need to buy food on my disability income. I watch most of your videos. Thanks

  • Otubesuck myballs
    Otubesuck myballs

    Dear Linus please shave

  • RC 13
    RC 13

    Rough estimate for 2020: * ~1 billion total predicted channel views * avg. RSloft CPM is $2 = total of $2m paid by advertisers * RSloft takes a 45% cut = $1.1m AdSense revenue for LTT * AdSense revenue is 26% = $4.2m total company revenue in 2020 This is a very rough estimate so would love to hear other's thoughts.

  • mrk107

    Will stop shopping at your store Linus until you tell us how much you make per year. Because that is our business. 😁

  • Azzys Design Works
    Azzys Design Works

    Im convinced, being an amazon seller and a registered brand owner on there, that the AI has taken over, or, China is a much bigger market for them, so they put the ban hammer on anyone here, but forget to enforce it when it comes to sellers and manufacturers over there. Look at the forums over there @Linus Tech Tips, heck, that could be one hell of a story to cover.

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez

    Wish I could buy your merch from Perú. I'd love to buy one of those cool bottles.

  • KutWrite

    Anyone care to guess how much was on his desk? I say around $10k. Interesting that it was US dollars, no Canadian.

  • KutWrite

    So Linus... with all that dough, you couldn't buy a comb? Actually, congrats on building a successful biz.

  • Ga Me
    Ga Me

    If only the media was as honest and transparent as you Linus........ To think they have the power to get people elected to office that can then turn around and reward them.... It's crazy that you can't disingenuously endorse a product without getting into big trouble but the media can literally do the same thing with politics and not have a care in the world. (referring to US, not Canada - not sure how this media issue is up there) I wish more people would stop and really try to understand how business and economics works. It sure seems like a lot of people in the "gamer" crowd really have no idea how anything works in the real world. I am always seeing people whine and complain about prices for products - especially the latest bleeding edge stuff, acting like they're entitled to those products for some ridiculously low price just because they can't afford the actual price... Like, that is not how it works... If you can't afford a Porsche, that doesn't mean it's too expensive, and it's unfair that you can't afford it... Also, "rich" people aren't necessarily rich. That's another thing people need to understand. A lot of people, especially with certain social/government stances these days just do not understand how economies work, or how something like capitalism works. There's a pretty large anti-capitalist movement growing out there right now. Because a lot of people don't want to take risks, get the skills and work hard to achieve their goals. They just want stuff handed to them. They often cite the "wealthy" people out there and how unfair their wealth is. They honestly believe that those people could simply share all that wealth and everyone would be rich. But of course, if all $billionaires gave away all their money to the "poor", all that capital would be gone and we'd still have all the same problems - except now with nobody to invest in the economy. Anyways, that was a rant... Seemed relevant. LTT is a great example of how someone with ambition and drive can achieve success. Especially if you focus your enterprising efforts in a subject you're truly passionate about. I remember watching Linus videos in the EARLY NCIX days - standing out on a public corner opening a computer case box to tell us about the revolutionary new snap-in HDD tray..... I bet people drove by you thinking "what a nerd" out there. But the jokes on them. Those are the people who also probably complain that people like Linus make too much money and it is so unfair!

  • codefeenix

    They dont do IT consulting lol, have you seen their servers rofl.

  • Weevil

    Anyone remember the old tunnelbear days?

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