How Close is TOO Close?
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Just how far from the TV do most people want to sit? We survey the LMG crew to find out…
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
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  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips

    Thanks to LG for sponsoring this video! Learn more about their NanoCell TV's and click the ‘buy now’ button to see the retail price: (Mobile) (Desktop)

    • shin0bi 272
      shin0bi 272

      I am sitting exactly 8ft from my samsung q90t 75" and its pretty good

    • Bhadru Maloth
      Bhadru Maloth

      Tell linus to keep his current haircut and beard.plz Before Corona he looked like a toothbrush

    • Churble Furbles
      Churble Furbles

      Past "recommendations" were marketing cope for when tv's were too small to matter regardless. There is no affordable imax tv yet, even 86" is only 42" in height,

    • Tad Mikowsky
      Tad Mikowsky


    • Dipti Goenka
      Dipti Goenka

      Can you make a video on combining 8 240mm aio liquid cooler and the temps of ryzen 9 3950x at 4.9ghz oc or 5.0 ghz oc (if possible) BTW love you from India

  • Matthew McCann
    Matthew McCann

    It seems that with 4k resolution you are finally able to sit closely enough to your TV such that you meet the SMPTE and THX recommended distances, but are far enough away to not be able to discern individual pixels. If this is the case, are there any real benefits to pushing resolutions on new TVs beyond 4k?

  • Nico Schulz
    Nico Schulz

    You tink that 1,50 meters is okay for a 55 inch 4k Tv (mostly for gaming)

  • Prabash M V S
    Prabash M V S

    1:02 Avenger Infinity War

  • Justin FisherTv
    Justin FisherTv

    Doing this with a 90 inch tv makes no sense idiots for a smaller normal size tv

  • Damir Sadikovic
    Damir Sadikovic

    I sit about 6' away from my 65" OLED... its perfect. Also I think we are all thinking it so I'll man up and asks it.... We gonna need to see Sarah's butt for science.

  • XpodX

    I like to sit closer too. I like these multiple people tests, can you do a video where there's blind test on 4k vs 8k and 60hz vs 144hz vs 360hz?

  • Youthman

    I sit 9’ from my 150” diagonal in 2.35:1 aspect ratio in my dedicated theater room. Myself and my guests feel it’s completely immersive without feeling like it’s too big. Here is a tour of my room -

  • Jiří Sejkora
    Jiří Sejkora

    hype for Nick :)

  • Kurt Lechner
    Kurt Lechner

    Thanks for the video. So far I've been too stupid to choose a comfortable distance from the television. So far I've sat too deep in front of the TV and only seen the newscaster's shoes.

  • Microage

    This TV sucks... Better get a Sony XH90 guys.

  • Sub Ripper
    Sub Ripper

    I did the thing holding my hand out to estimate fov, my home setup is ~30° and is just about right for me. Out of curiosity I also compared that to how close I hold my phone when I'm watching videos, and it takes up almost exactly the same footprint as my tv. Interesting.

  • Rayden

    That new intro though!

  • Brett Cameratraveler
    Brett Cameratraveler

    2D, 30, 40 degrees...? VR be like 3D, 180 gtfo

  • Nithin Ravi
    Nithin Ravi


  • Leonardo Mariano da Rocha
    Leonardo Mariano da Rocha

    Great content, saying you should seat closer to your tv because its higher content is bullshit

  • Falxie_

    Of course Taran has a "fist test"

  • Bhavin Patel
    Bhavin Patel

    Eyeball not to scale 2:23

  • Adam A
    Adam A

    Me: laughs in sitting a foot and a half from my CX 55

  • Jason Carls
    Jason Carls

    I actually like seeing the pixels on tvs. Am I weird?

  • Johnny

    You should have served people who arent tech literate and see what they say

  • Tiberius Moon
    Tiberius Moon

    Pixel density is also a factor

  • Dakota Lally
    Dakota Lally

    5:26 LMAO!! Taran getting out the mental protractor.

  • Eduardo Quiroz
    Eduardo Quiroz

    Have more pretty girls in your youtubes Linus!!!!! I"m going to rewatch your videos 3 more times now! LOL

  • BackPa

    I watched 120" from 3 meters distance. It was optimal for me.

  • Regal R4
    Regal R4

    This video is really relevant to me as I daily drive a 55" Samsung NU8500 as a monitor for work and gaming at about 30". I run it at 1440p 120 Hz. Is there a difference in immersive viewing angle when using it as a monitor and as a tv?

  • Maik Helling
    Maik Helling

    The formula to calculate the optimal distance for sitting infront of your screen is [H/(2*nz*tan(1.5/0.5))] with H= Height of Display and nz= being the pixelcount horizontally. :)

  • J024

    Of course Taran applies his own science to this.

  • J024

    Kind of odd LG doesn't make Oled TV's that large. Max LG Oled size is 77" (Apart from that 30k unit)

  • kasper0823

    You get used to it with time. When i got a 32' monitor i was like 'wth was i thinking', now i could go for 40'.


    The title looks one out of vsauce's videos

  • The Real O'Donovan
    The Real O'Donovan

    0:50 - -- Don't believe this! I'm on a 32" monitor, at about 34", depending on how I'm sitting. Naturally, if I'm hunched over the keyboard or sitting way back in my chair, that will change. The BEST rule of thumb is to take the WIDTH (NOT the diagonal) of your monitor. You should be sitting at 1 to 1.5 times that distance. With a 32" monitor (31.5 diagonal display), the width is 27" (diagonal measurement x 0.857), which means my sweet spot is 27"-40.5" which is RIGHT where I am. At that distance, it's PERFECT for your field of vision. If you believe the table shown on the screen, I should be at 54". That would make the display TOO small to make use of my field of vision. 2:17 - The "THX recommended distance" is 8.6". The "sweet spot" of 4k over 1080p is at 7.1" to 10.6". That makes somewhere around NINE FEET (NOT almost twelve feet) the best distance for this size display. 3:05 - That would be the 1940s, Linus...NOT the '70s. >facepalm< 6:14 - Basically, everyone in the farther group (including Linus) might just as well be watching a 1080p display because they won't be able to discern any difference. A few years ago, Consumer Reports did a real world test, using a 55" display. EVERY person tested could NOT discern ANY difference until they were MUCH closer than the distance at which they CLAIMED to be able to tell.

    • BroLifeGaming :
      BroLifeGaming :

      well i am very special as i can tell 1080p on a fifty five inch tv pretty clearly

  • theacp127

    I've installed some TVs of this size when I worked at an AV company and usually it was just put about 10-15 feet away depending on the size of the room. Usually we put TVs this size in either living rooms or master bedrooms.

  • MoistGoat

    I shouldn't be surprised that Taran of course knows how to measure his own FOV somehow.

  • 01Beaker Productions
    01Beaker Productions

    I just tested my sitting distance to my computer monitor and found that I am sitting at the Taran Intergalactic Standard of Overwhelming Immersion recommended viewing angle, so I agree with Taran.

  • Aspen Savage
    Aspen Savage

    I love the xbox achievement effect lmao

  • camelCased

    And then there are visually handicapped people like me, who have to use my 24" monitor at 25cm distance.... at lower-than-native resolution... for 8 hours a day, because I'm a programmer.

  • FireLordCanti

    Lol Taran the intergalactic outlier.

  • Neon Havok
    Neon Havok

    Lol Sara butt 😅 I bet that sucked in elementary school also can you do this with gaming monitors?

  • Marco Polo G.
    Marco Polo G.

    Its funny how women tried to sit closer since they naturally have a slightly wider field of view

  • v1m30

    With an 8k high PPI TV and a source/movie/game that has very wide FOV that it should have I would sit as close as I can without seeing individual pixels. But film makers don't want to do wide FOV as majority of people has a small 1080p TV or regular narrow FOV theater... so we get these zoomed in movies where it's cheaper to produce as less of the set is visible and human heads take are gigantic portion of the image making it uncomfortable to sit close. There are some older movies made on film with wide angle lenses and great scenes that showed the widescreen well when everything was old super narrow FOV still but then it got super commercialized and cheaper options available for that format and back it went to zoomed in narrow FOV as it's cheaper to make movies in. It's all about what your source FOV is and what viewing FOV you can handle with it. A game set to 90 hFOV will be a very different experience compared to a 140 hFOV at equal distance, the same applies to movies.

  • eurosonly

    You know you've made it in life when you could afford a tv that costs more than most peoples cars back in the 90s and 80s. Now a days having a big screen tv doesn't mean much.

  • notthere83

    "I got it right then" - Linus failing...

  • notthere83

    Taran, my man! Just calculated the viewing angle of my home theater setup => ~50 degrees.

  • Play for Fun
    Play for Fun

    The black hair guy looks like the gay in How To Get Away With Murder.

  • spam acc
    spam acc

    i understand having a tv that fills enough of your fov without getting too close, and in understand wanting a bigger tv in a bigger space or if you have more people watching (plus it gives more room for surround sound setups) but a tv that's so big it'd be up against one wall of my room and i'd be against the other seems ridiculous. 89" is not a average living room type of screen. definitely more for a large dedicated entertainment centre

  • TrippyTrix

    linus i just bought a pre built and you would be amazed at how well the built it shit power supply no it has a thermal take in a pre built!??? its skytech archangel w a ryzen 5 3600 RTX 2060 ASrock b450M with wifi dual channel 16 gb memory 500gb ssd thermaltake 500w powersupply and i got it for sale for $999 and its retail price is $1300 i got a good deal

  • nihilityjoey

    One and half times the length of your display is sound advice from thx.

  • AnAn7s29

    Nah, I’ll still choose CX or even better Sony A8H 😉

  • Alexander Alfonsson
    Alexander Alfonsson

    I'm totally Taran. I used to have a 100" screen and I sat like 2m from it.

  • Mr. Gummy Bear
    Mr. Gummy Bear

    SMPTE: More like SIMPTE

  • rohaan Omar
    rohaan Omar

    3:38 huh, the more you know!

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    Sarah Butt? Oh, my! Could we maybe see from the back next time? Asking for a friend.

  • Jamielol

    Funny, i always had a feeling that Cnet was full of nonsense!

  • GaLoS

    Just bought an LG CX 65" OLED, mmmm baby she looks good!

  • Vangurading

    im 14 it all ways hurt to sit that clouse since i was 6

  • Shrihan Baniparsad
    Shrihan Baniparsad

    We bought nanocell TVs last Black Friday last year and my dads been fixed on where each TV should go depending on the distance, thanks for the video

  • Allan Patterson
    Allan Patterson

    The viewing distance that has always worked for me is 3x the width of the screen.

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler

    4:09 Didn't know RSloft allowed you to show butt.

  • Solomon Shields
    Solomon Shields

    no one gonna bring up those sock/sandals? dayum Linus

  • Marcelo Meireles
    Marcelo Meireles

    Are these videos exclusively for Americans??? The world doesn't understand feet, okay! Respect your followers off the US.

  • Novikov_Principle

    That's some S-Tier ad-roll segue from David at 5:06 . Linux, take notes!

  • Uganda Knuckle
    Uganda Knuckle

    Taran, a new league

  • Matt Bowen
    Matt Bowen

    The NTSC would have been setting that stuff up back in the 50s or 60s I think

  • silverthelegendary

    I think videos like this should be seen more. The information presented is very interesting and I hate seeing it with so much less views in comparison to other LTT videos.

  • George Muller
    George Muller

    Idk I'd be way closer. I have a 4k 45" tv, and I sit about 4'-5' away at max

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy

    Sorry, James/LG but you forgot the 3rd type of person, the cant see type, I honestly am 3'/1m away from my current 65in and its still too small. Im hoping to upgrade to a 80-90in as soon they go sub 1.5K

  • Pedro Melo
    Pedro Melo

    LTT D2!!!!!!

  • 1stNightingale

    I'm with David!

  • Itsneight

    P Series Quantum and Quantum X blows LG NanoCell out of the water... LG Oled tech is good, but its also near double the price of Vizio's Quantum tv's.

  • Indigo

    My takeaway from the video is that Taran does his fisting in the theater. You do you, Taran.

  • Done Playing
    Done Playing

    Sarah Butt

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones

    Janice!!! Janice needs to be in more LTT content. She's a gem.

  • Burhanuddin Rabbani
    Burhanuddin Rabbani

    I came for sarah butt btw i am a butt too

  • Magariz

    I have a Nanocell 90 series, fucking amazing TV!

  • Tres Gutierrez
    Tres Gutierrez

    Ttub haras

  • Cavey Möth
    Cavey Möth

    1:02 Looks fine to me. Man, normal people like to sit far away.

  • Pink Guy
    Pink Guy

    This man turned to vsauce

  • Me at home
    Me at home

    Big fan of the channel but, man... this was a boring and pointless vid

  • Harry Bounden
    Harry Bounden

    Projector comparison please!

  • Cory Bitting
    Cory Bitting

    Of course Taren measures view angle when he goes to a theater lol

  • maruftim

    Taran is an absolute nerd and I love it

  • njitram2000

    I sit 3m from my 110" projector screen. Takes a day or 2 to get used to and then you wonder how you ever lived without that level of immersion. Of course, a projector is much easier on the eyes than a tv that size.

  • SpikeTheBear

    "eyeball not to scale" wait REALLY?

  • Hezekiah Domowski
    Hezekiah Domowski

    We need a dedicated video on the fist test!

  • Krists Steins
    Krists Steins

    btw its not that big i have seen an 453 inch tv

  • Wahots

    Nice video! I'd like to see a bit better chart and data layout, as the current one was difficult to read.

  • BenBenOy

    Taran is the intergalactic chad I can relate to

  • Menthix

    Yeah, the TV is big, but what about those huge black bars when watching a movie? If I'd get a TV I'd only use it to watch movies, nothing else. But in this case I'd want a 21:9 TV to have the best experience. Where are those?

  • FRS_laser

    4:09 sarah butt lol

  • Juan Ramos
    Juan Ramos

    I'm glad to know that the eyeball was not to scale.

  • Atlas Callisto
    Atlas Callisto

    2:16 "*eyeball not to scale". Hmm...

  • Anonymouse

    3:46 Linus, will you marry me? (just mute the sound)

  • Ethan McManus
    Ethan McManus

    thank you taran for that helpful bit of knowledge of the "fist test"

  • rwiersema

    Secret agent Janice \o/

  • David

    Day 61 of asking for a PC thanks 👍😁

  • Markers

    Had the 2019 model of this TV for a few weeks last year. Then my son decided to chuck a storm trooper. So now I have a really nice wall mounted paper weight. Pros: Looks great. Cons: Doesn't like being hit with solid objects.

  • MotoCat

    "And you can play your back catalog of XBox One and PS4 games at 120Hz!" Wow that sounds amazing! *runs games at 30fps locked

  • Impulse

    Taran gave me major Sheldon vibes in this

  • Kevin Frost
    Kevin Frost

    So did Sarah marry into that last name, or...?

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