Get this BEFORE your PS5 - Vizio P-series Quantum X 2021
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We look at the HDR performance of the 2020/2021 Vizio P-Series Quantum X (PQX)- the 75" version (sorry, not the 86"). It's got a peak brightness of 2,800nits with 792 full array local dimming zones, 48Gb/s HDMI 2.1 ports for 4K 120 gaming, and the SmartCast OS is faster than ever. Not bad for $2,000!
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  • Dan B
    Dan B

    Really you're better off with a Sony xh900. 70 in, hdmi 2.1, 4k uhd@ 120hz. And you can trust the brand. For the same price (more or less). So yeah, don't buy Vizio. Haven't had a great experience with them while Sony can be trusted.

  • Robbie Grosdidier
    Robbie Grosdidier

    Pinch me Linus

  • Night Recon
    Night Recon

    Get this broken 2.1 tv!!! No ppl, dont get any hdmi 2.1 tv untill 2022. This guy is a sales person.

  • Randomizer

    What about the M series compared to this? If your on a budget.

  • Mr.OGreen76

    Excellent videoThumb up, Bad tv thumb down

  • Carlos Cordova
    Carlos Cordova

    Oh man, you remind me of Mordin Solus from Mass Effect 2

  • Matt Double U
    Matt Double U

    I have a 21:9 ultra wide-screen 120hz monitor from Dell. Will that hdmi 2.1 to display port allow any of the benefits from the series x? I'm going to try and get a good 4k, 120hz, hdr tv next year but was just curious.

  • William S
    William S

    Someone should've told him that Marvel movies don't stream in 4K on Netflix. There are a lot of things about this video that just point to them being somewhat misinformed about the entire situation.

  • UnShapingTheEarth

    Yes! A beard, you look like a man now😂

  • Tom Clemmens
    Tom Clemmens

    ngl I would want a pornhub button

  • Jorge Magana
    Jorge Magana

    I just dropped 500 on the ps5, now I gotta drop another 1000 just to use those new specs?

  • Robert Hambrook
    Robert Hambrook

    I might pay 400 for a tv but not 3000. I also think of the extra cost of buying movies at the higher resolution. I still mostly watch dvd's.

  • GreenSwede

    Funny how you mention PS5 in the title when only Xbox Series X supports 4K at 120Hz. PS5 supports 120Hz but only at 1440p. Source: Digital Foundry

  • K

    These guys clearly have no idea what they are doing. By the way, you know you are NOT suppose to review unfinished products before they are released as a "finished product". Worst review EVER. Trust other sites (almost any other website), other than these guys. Even Rtings dot com does a better job.

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark

    I don't game on TV's. Hard Pass. Only mouth breathers game on tv's.

  • Adam Schulz
    Adam Schulz

    Do they have a equivalent of this in smaller sizes? I don’t care about price it’s just too big for my gaming space. Thanks

  • Logan Meyers
    Logan Meyers

    Linus: "It does *not* look good. :(" Me watching in 480p: What? No, it looks perfectly fine!

  • Borderlands808

    Does Linus know we’re not all millionaires like him? I can’t even afford a 300 dollar tv. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • sheldon white
    sheldon white

    that TV looks terrible

  • zen strata
    zen strata

    Why no display port?

  • Mirek 6
    Mirek 6

    For that price I stay with Sony 65" X900H

  • Mando M
    Mando M

    TV sucks 😕 I'm getting the series 6.

  • 220joe

    This tv is amazing. I’ve had the 65pqx-H1 ( bought at Costco) for about a month now. Set up right next to my 55 Sony A1E OLED. I gotta say.......the blacks are identical to OLED blacks 90% of the time. Tbh the only time I see blooming is in menus. Colors POP! Much more vibrant than my Sony A1E. Absolutely amazing tv. HDR content is stunning. “Panel Lottery” or whatever but this tv is the amazing. OLED will eventually make its way into the bedroom but it’s still side by side in the living room because I’m waiting to find something that differentiates them. I’m telling you I haven’t found that something yet.

  • Saad Alshibani
    Saad Alshibani

    People who is looking for a new TV for ps5 Leave those ads reviewr like him Look for tcl 635 Its 1440/120 led +hdr It's budget it's reasonable It makes sense We are not PC gamers we created the game business we got the story that game play and a will made games We don't care about 900FPS with 100k resolution if it's budget and go with my money I'll pay we aren't stave jobs or bill Gates we are human we see you 𓂀 but we like to play with your toy's we are not stupid following every thing you tell us is right or truth that's go's for sheep's only we are humans

  • Katelyn Hanson
    Katelyn Hanson

    Yo why is James so dummy thick? 11:19

  • Tarik Collins
    Tarik Collins

    I want someone to do a video on 8k gaming with the 3090 on a LG nano cel ,, i mean it's only around 4 grand for a 77 inch.. 3 grand for a 65 inch. .(IT WAS EITHER THAT OR THE 4K OLED 77 BY LG and I decided to go with the OLED) all the videos I've seen or people using consoles.. boooooooo

  • MewTical

    ofcourse all of these tvs are only in the US! like they weren't already expensive enough now i have to pay up to 500$ extra!!! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF SEEING EVERYTHING ONLY BEING IN THE US INSTEAD OF OTHER COUNTRIES

  • Juan Yepez
    Juan Yepez

    you need to review the Vizio Oled

  • eijmertVR

    Imagine paying €2000 for your monitor and 500 for your gaming rig. Everybody will shit on you and call you stupid. BECOUSE IT IS

  • Wayne Jorgensen
    Wayne Jorgensen

    Don't get expensive TVs yet that are 4K 120hz right now. Majority of the first launched games aren't going to run on at 120 anyway. Better off just waiting however long it takes to get many games running at 120fps and wait for the TV prices to come down that use they new tech.

  • Johnny A - Talarico
    Johnny A - Talarico

    How do I get my hands on the 85" p series quantum x in canada? Help me out Linus ..

  • Matt Orourke
    Matt Orourke

    The hisense h9g looks better

  • Travis Fender
    Travis Fender

    Simply stated: Vizio TV's will leave you disappointed at any price point. They have fallen into the category of a Manufacturer who started strong and made a serious decline over a very short period. The brand is notorious for the LED's failing rather quickly and their customer service department and warranty claim process is horrendous. I've purchased 4 of their TV's, and not one below their "M" series. The first 42" lasted the longest @ 6 years (I used it everyday). The last one that I purchesed was replaced (under warranty) @ 9 months only to have the replacemnt TV (brand new when I recieved it) fail at 14 months. So, if you'd like to spend a nice chunk of change on a TV that might last a few months after the manufacturer's warranty expires... go for it. Otherwise, do some more research and go with a brand that is known for better longevity and customer service. Good job on getting excited about a crap brand with a shady track record though.

  • glen a
    glen a

    Hi, sorry if this is a stupid question but I've tried looking online for the below and I can't seem to find the answer, probably due to my lack of knowledge but all I want to know is will the Sony Bravia Kd49xh8505bu get 2.1 hdmi from an update and will the TV be able to produce 4k at 120fps? Or will it bottleneck the ps5 potential?

    • Michael Ellis
      Michael Ellis

      No HDMI 2.1 for that model. Sonys only 4k LED with HDMI 2.1 and 4k120 is the x900h seris and that firmware update to add that feature may not be there before the ps5 launch.

  • CZ P-01
    CZ P-01

    8:54 I would've puked standing that close to the TV with all that movement 😂😂

  • Intrepid Nick
    Intrepid Nick

    1:09 The reason why I came and you came. ;)

  • Ace

    Bro how did linus time travel

  • John Nemesh
    John Nemesh

    Nah, I went with a 65" Sony X900H yesterday. I simply don't trust Vizio and the Sony has an AWESOME picture out of the box...and just went on sale for $969. To get a 65" LED 4k TV that supports HDMI 2.1 (in a future firmware update, due later this year), 120fps, VRR, ALLM, Dolby Vision and even has a next gen ATSC 3.0 tuner AND have all that available under $1000 is simply amazing.

  • ayaan Unni
    ayaan Unni

    I'm getting an 8k tv 😁 I'd say it's better

  • Dante Tharrington
    Dante Tharrington

    No Dolby vision?

  • bingo67lum

    Looking at the 65" Vizio qx vs Sony x950h. Currently they are the same price. Content viewing only. Normal daytime viewing in bright room with glare. Nightime for movies, looking for high contrast, dark blacks, eye popping colors. Which TV do you recommend between these choices. Thanks.

  • E M K
    E M K

    I got a 2019 55” LG B9 for $999.99 last year (Black Friday) I don’t have an RTX 3080 currently but when I do my LG B9 has G-Sync - VRR- 4K/120HZ - HDR - Perfect blacks - Perfect contrast - Very low input lag & response time. I don’t think there is a better TV / monitor to game on and this vastly over exaggerated notion of “burn in” somehow being an “issue” is nothing but debunked nonsense /hysteria. Regardless, LG has incorporated several built in features such as pixels that refresh automatically every 4 hours, low opacity options and so on.

  • Jason Little
    Jason Little

    I work for Best Buy and to be completely honest vizio has been underwhelming for the last 5 or more years. My P-quantum display has half of the backlights out. Buy a Sony, Samsung or LG

  • John

    Are we sure this is better than the LG CX 4k 120hz OLED? With 1 ms response time?

  • Nick Sheen
    Nick Sheen

    Still the only video about this TV. It's a shame, because it's a fantastic TV. I took delivery of my P75QX-H1 on August 5th. Best Buy "Notify Me" option pinged me the night BEFORE release date and I got my order in. I had an issue with the Judder and Motion Blur Reduction settings causing crazy green strobing, and once or twice the the UI hung, but thankfully the soft reboot option in the menu fixed the issue each time and they have never returned.

    • Nick Sheen
      Nick Sheen

      @Michael Ellis I also have an M50-E1, 2017 model I think? I'm usually a price to performance buyer, and the M series is perfect for that. I think the PQX will keep me happy for a long long time and so I could justify the cost.

    • Michael Ellis
      Michael Ellis

      I have last year's M series vizio and actually love it. I'm waiting on the 2020 quantum X price to drop and for the kinks to be worked out before I pull the trigger.

  • Just A Moment with Brian
    Just A Moment with Brian

    This entire video is LITERALLY about ENTIRELY made up nit picking! Judder? Haloing around Snokes hand? Wtf? Banding, that is the only actual visible distraction that was shown (so far) in this video. Also.. 2 THOUSAND dollars.. Let's not forget.. as if that's like chump change or something.

  • ken adams
    ken adams

    Linus should just let james do the review

  • Ryan Jensen
    Ryan Jensen

    Is it just me or does the TV have a reddish tint?

  • D. Ortiz
    D. Ortiz

    He said budget tv then says it's $3k... That's not budget and I'd rather drop that $3k on an LG OLED

  • inFAMOUS_Loco082

    What's next **** hub button 😂😂

  • One of a kind Kev
    One of a kind Kev

    waiting for the vizio oled review

  • One of a kind Kev
    One of a kind Kev

    2 bad that doesnt come in a 55

  • matt69savage

    Three grand and the stands cost ten cents. Give it a wobble.

  • ProduceDaBeats 1
    ProduceDaBeats 1

    No do not buy this tv for the ps5 🙄


    I did not recognize you my friend. With this Covid-19 out there people not getting out there to the barbershop anymore. Nice beard by the way it suit u

  • home_grown comics
    home_grown comics

    I purchased 3 Vizio P series tvs for 3 rooms in the house one 75 inch and two 60 inch. all three of the tvs LEDs went out on the same side of all of the tvs. I had the 75 inch 14 months before half of the tv went dark the other 2 were right at a year and a half. Fuck Vizio and their customer service do not buy. Trash for the amount of money / the quality should last way longer than a year and a half.

  • The Big Bient
    The Big Bient

    Lots of excuses being made for this tv and you want people to buy it? Ya right.

  • Sam B
    Sam B

    I'll stick to oled. Nothing will ever come close to the quality. Don't even give me that burn in shit because there are 0 cases I've heard of on the c9 and cx models

  • Brandon Garnreiter
    Brandon Garnreiter

    This vs a Sony X900H for a ps5 (65 in version for each) which one would you recommend? Thanks in advance everyone!

  • Charles Jackson
    Charles Jackson

    But what bout the vizio oled

  • yankees23241

    Vizio is garbage! Lg CX is KING!

  • yankees23241

    Better color than an OLED! HahahHhah! Funny shit!

  • clairvoyant 1
    clairvoyant 1

    I bought a m series tv great picture. Tv out of box has a issue with turning on and off. It took over 3 months to get a replacment. I got kids and need the tv try telling kids for 90 days they can't play fortnight. So I have to buy another tv. (I rely cant afford it I am dieing of cancer and don't work) i buy another vizzio. P series this time. This tv has a overheating problem. Vizzio sets up replacement. I get a phone call discussing covid precautions regarding delivery. I M told friday between 8 am and 6 pm they would be there. I miss a important medical appointment and wait at 9 later I call vizzio they won't even call the delivery company. 3 days later I am over a hour away at a medical apt they call me to say they will be there in 30 minuts I leave my appointment they help me mount tv as they are pulling away tv goes blank screen also hdr dont work. Vincent from vizzio says I will get expedited delivery and compensation. Next day I get a call from vizzio i answer call disconnects. I call the number get a girl that spends 26 minuts to not find out why they called. I get a email saying they have been attempting to call me. (LOL 1 attempt with no followup from a disconect.) So I call that number takes the next guy 34 minuts to tell me great news my replacement tv will be delivered on yesterday. Are you kidding me. Now the next day, keeping in mind Vincent promised expedited delivery and compensation. Now i get a email that my tv will be delivered on Oct tenth, some speedy delivery!@! So I call back get Vincent at this point forgetting that my replacement tv was a returned unit that wasn't checked. So I mention the speedy delivery he promised me and compensation. And Vincent says he can't tell me what the compensation is until I get the next replacement. What the hell by not telling what compensation i will get. Meaning they hope that just getting a replacement should be enough after all this. Whata slap in the face. I go month's without tv and can't even move up a yr at this point I could get the new model for less than I paid for last yrs. What kinda customer service is this??????(

  • ScoFoZo

    how can you talk about future-proofing when fald is still bad? qned is on the horizon, and although it'll start at a different price point, it will hit the same brightness but with true blacks and perfect contrast compared to led. I haven't seen this sort of brightness in person, but I may stick with my oled, and wait to see what CES has in January

  • cp070476

    Vizio 480 dimming zones.. X900H 32 zones.. 'It's not the zones it's how you use them'.. Proof right here.

  • A G
    A G

    Ah no. We don't all have Linus money.

  • Randy Bobandy
    Randy Bobandy

    Yeah. After watching multiple videos on the LG CX and the Sony XH90 I’m now completely convinced to spend a little bit more lol. The colour doesn’t compare. Neither does the OS and build quality and I really could not live with those big halo effects

    • Jacob Abbott
      Jacob Abbott

      QLED panels have wider color gamuts than OLEDs lol

  • nicholasbapplegate

    These segway sponsors LOL

  • Meticulous Se7en
    Meticulous Se7en

    What the heck was up with the crazy zoom in on James hand here?!?! 11:15

  • Anonymous

    I got a vizio p series 4k 120hz in 2018... no hdmi 2, but it was only $700 too. So glad I got it!

  • Greaterpurpose 13
    Greaterpurpose 13

    If it only had eArc 😢

  • Ondra Maciarz
    Ondra Maciarz

    Too much of product placement Linus...

  • Will Bradley
    Will Bradley

    TCL still has much better dynamic range and way better price...there aren't going to be many games at 120 fps. The benchmark is 60 at 4k, Tcl 6 series will be the best budget set for gaming until the chinese steal better tech for us.

  • Rude5000

    Can the camera guy please stand still? I trying to focus on the tv and I can't feels like on on a cruise.

  • Jeremy Mukes
    Jeremy Mukes

    I've had a few different LCD TVs and so far VIZIO has been the best for me my 65' that I got in 2105 displays a lot like it's running 4K when it's in fact 1080p. The black isn't as deep as it would be in HDR but it's pretty damn close.

  • Leviathon

    I looked at this TV and it looked decent, but the LG CX OLED still looked a lot better and had better features so I bought one of those instead. LG OLED’s can’t be beat. Their software, features, picture quality, and motion are top notch and this Vizio doesn’t even come close. Right now You can get a LG CX 55 for 1599 or a 65 for 2499. Go for the LG like I did because you won’t be disappointed. If you are worried about OLED burn in then get a 5 year extended warranty that covers it like I did. However, LG now has all kinds of technology in their TV’s that significantly reduces the risk of burn in or screen retention. Under normal use you shouldn’t have a problem, but I went ahead and got the warranty to be safe.

  • Jeffrey Wolsieffer
    Jeffrey Wolsieffer

    .. well, actually, I'm not surprised at this being dysfunctional - at this time.! . remember the Hype, "The Winter Olympics Will Be Held in 4K for 2020" . . while all nations loved the idea, I knew it wasn't possible "by that time frame." - - I'm just wondering if we might be going in the wrong direction on this HD Stuff ... a Concaved and ultra-wide set of Sun-Glasses might work better and you could see more. - just my opinion. JW

  • HushParanoia

    LG c9 shits on this, bye.

  • BirdEye SeafoodStall
    BirdEye SeafoodStall

    #Vizio Done #Done it Again!

  • matt murray
    matt murray

    This guy is poison for your pockets he is literally doing everything he can so he can make money from his sponsor and not help you save money in the process.

  • F.J Tabb
    F.J Tabb

    So basically I need to stick with my Uh6150 LG

  • Tekdrake

    No, I do not think I will buy a TV for more than $300. Ever. LTT has become this upper-middle class person's channel. Always talking about retardedly expensive shit. How do you have a million subscribers?

  • Barleyleg

    It’s a Vizio product.....keep the box because you’ll be sending it back for repair/exchange within 6 months. 2 different soundbar models, and Quantum X last year later......Vizio gets the three strikes rule. They can have all the bells and whistles in the world, but Vizio puts out crap products.

  • M Stelios
    M Stelios

    I want a pornub button on my remote!

  • The Big Bient
    The Big Bient

    Ill pass, Lg oled all the way!

  • Matthew Pace
    Matthew Pace

    Well, now as someone looking to replace his tv with a 50 or 55” for around $500-700 I have no idea what to get. Almost seems like I should wait for the tech to get better

  • Orlando Oropeza
    Orlando Oropeza

    For $2,000 there shouldn't be ANY compromises. Just saying in my opinion.

  • Julian Heredia
    Julian Heredia

    im not buying a tv dat i need to turn my head to play a game

  • Clint Flippo
    Clint Flippo

    My vizio just bricked itself. It stopped responding to inputs.

  • Travis McDaneld
    Travis McDaneld

    The LG 49nano85una is the best budget next gen gaming tv.... $650 for a 49" TV that runs 4k 120hz with freesync

  • Micah Powers
    Micah Powers

    I wouldnt buy another vizio if it was given to me for free. Theyre freaking trash tvs. About on par with tcl.

  • Hürkan Çelik
    Hürkan Çelik

    can we please remember linus sayin 4K GAMING IS DUMB back in 2018 :))

  • Terry Holley
    Terry Holley

    I almost bought this tv for my xbox series x im going to buy later this year until i watched this video . Thanks Linus you saved a brotha $2k

  • Dazer

    Aggressive price point. Then proceeds to say $3000. WTF ??

  • Jay Gordon
    Jay Gordon

    I'll wait for 120hz OLED with uncompressed colors. Sad that the LG TVs actually went backwards this year.

  • Unknown Bytes
    Unknown Bytes

    I can’t have more than 55” even that is too much. 43-49 is the sweet spot for me

    • Peter Pan
      Peter Pan

      Unknown Bytes you won this round...

    • Unknown Bytes
      Unknown Bytes

      Peter Pan tv makers care. Now get!

    • Peter Pan
      Peter Pan

      Shh no one cares about your preferences

  • Unknown Bytes
    Unknown Bytes

    And yet again. Another linus video with a linus monitor systems ad😂

  • King Juggalo
    King Juggalo

    But the LG CX oled

  • gok u
    gok u

    I was waiting for him to say Under 500 dollars. Ha! Dreaminh

  • Thibaut Cornier
    Thibaut Cornier

    Love Vizio 💖🇺🇸

57 хиљ.