For the first time in my life... I'm COOL! - DIY Air Conditioning Pt 2
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Quotes for a home AC install are pretty ridiculous... so I installed it myself. And we're FINALLY ready to see the full install...
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  • t0nito

    Did you vacuum the system?

  • killerpree1


  • Thomas Stern
    Thomas Stern

    1:30 Wait also you're going to make a shit ton of money off a DIY RSloft video

  • Mcsatans

    See as a Florida guy I don't get not having A/C, if the A/C goes out in the old folks homes down here people die.

  • Derek Bordeaux
    Derek Bordeaux


  • Reaperbot

    hope you mounted the outside unit above the snow and rain fall line. because otherwise your gonna have issues with the outside unit come winder time.

  • Zachary Ormond
    Zachary Ormond

    Drainage is really important as I rented a house where it was blocked and literally lost photo albums, and alot of memories that I will never get back

  • J K
    J K

    Linus calling Brian the "assistant" was very cringe

  • Kaustubh Kharat
    Kaustubh Kharat

    Linus too shops from H & M @9:18

  • jason booger
    jason booger

    linus i hope you cut brian a 10k check for all of this

  • momoster69

    1:39 so linus can also tax write it off

  • Elias L.K.
    Elias L.K.

    Linus is the cool of the doo

  • Brett R
    Brett R

    They both look so unhappy lol

  • Zac

    Man I I have to do this shit in one day

  • Reqz

    Brian is the GOAT and he has a massive calk. *Winky face*

  • Angel Demore
    Angel Demore

    what is the difference between this a/c unit and mini splits? that seems like alot of insane hardware and work vs mounting a minisplit and cutting a line hole.

  • ixxgunnerx x
    ixxgunnerx x

    5:35 this is why u dont say ur done till ur dome,, ur brain shuts off.. it happens to me all the time .(brain shutting off)

  • LJ

    “These things put out a ton of water, They filled up in like 2 hours” *laughs in Humid Floridian*

  • Dr.Bluebox11

    As a certified HVAC tech, I applaud the effort. However, all the little delays like not having the correct adapter to pressurize and evacuate the equipment and ordering the incorrect parts would have been eliminated and install would've been completed in 1 or 2 days depending on the size of the crew.

  • Redman Outdoors
    Redman Outdoors

    Brian has the greatest laugh

  • Peter Carlson
    Peter Carlson

    I'm loving this. Big fan, also HVAC contractor... so much entertainment. Well done LTT team.

  • Elijah


  • VoVillia Corp.
    VoVillia Corp.

    Brian: I get to play with fire! Linus: O.o

  • Amon أموُ نْ
    Amon أموُ نْ


  • Amon أموُ نْ
    Amon أموُ نْ

    poor brain have to deal with lunis everytime its like a kid playing while you working 12:55 i got this i GOT IT

  • crocko


  • sanz

    Brian sure has one contagious laugh Enjoy the water bottle Brian!

  • Phil Dog
    Phil Dog


  • User Zero
    User Zero

    Really glad I watched this... was planning on doing this in my house. Rethinking it at the moment.

  • Carlos Cruz Cos
    Carlos Cruz Cos

    10:47 F

  • Briggham Calder
    Briggham Calder

    me and my crew do quad heads in 1 day not 35


    Dude, Brian is awesome!

  • Mdj Wp
    Mdj Wp

    Are apple computers overpriced. Me and my siblings are fighting. I think they are what do you guys think. I’m the only computer nerd one. Lol.

  • Christian ayala
    Christian ayala

    Brian is the best tbh

  • Jeremiah Mulford
    Jeremiah Mulford


  • Just Josh
    Just Josh

    Imagine they build the whole thing with just a fucking I fixit kit

  • Oleg Aryutkin
    Oleg Aryutkin

    gotta love how north american houses are made of cardboard. where I live you'd have to cut thru 15-20 cm (like 8") concrete, definately not a DIY job

  • lsx blaster
    lsx blaster

    Sorry I can appreciate a friend helping but at the end of the day you get what you pay for. The #1 rule to a ductless system is no torches you flare all the copper and torque to spec

  • J

    11:04 Dead Pixels :O (thought it was my new monitor for a sec there).

  • pavy415

    y not just get all window units? Much easier and cheaper

  • Stratagem

    We need a brian the electrician playlist. Also I think double pane windows would help too.

  • W. Shawn Wilkerson
    W. Shawn Wilkerson


  • Herbie Campbell
    Herbie Campbell

    So when is the Linus just going to hire Brian at lmg

  • Amere Mortal
    Amere Mortal

    People like Brian are under appreciated in our society.

  • Ryan

    The way he broke the cable armor made me cringe, it's a fire hazard if you do it that way. Breaking it by hand creates a burr on the inside of the armor. When it rubs against the wire insulation it cuts it over time, creating a hot spot, creating a fire. Brian should of known better, use a damn saw.

  • Matthew James
    Matthew James

    Brian should just work at ltt as a host now lmao

  • Matthew Otts
    Matthew Otts

    I will say I go on binge watches of Linus Tech Tips and I know we as fans give him crap all the time but he seems like a great guy to work for.

  • Wickedirish

    do ppl actually watch this crap? hes putting in AC units!!!

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol

    20k for installing? I had a professional install 2 full new air conditioners for 5k including everything like everything

  • Matthew Newhouse
    Matthew Newhouse


  • Donald-J.-Duck

    the computer loadout guy

  • Chris Scerbo
    Chris Scerbo

    I will say nice job running those line sets

  • Jacob Cook
    Jacob Cook

    But the real question... did you run a nitrogen purge through that line set you added while brazing?? *laughs in bad txv or compressor*

  • Papi TV
    Papi TV

    If you're allowed to tell Linus to work faster, shows your importance in the group.

  • DveevD

    Brian is such a nice guy

  • Peter Sachs
    Peter Sachs

    I assume that being in Canada, running a condensate line though an attic could easily lead to a frozen condensate tube in the Winter time. Should I assume this attic is somewhat a conditioned space?

  • Elmotwerks


  • Limboipa Grinds
    Limboipa Grinds

    (HELP) i have a new tech tips channel and I've put up 5 videos and am really struggling for my first subscriberrrrr.... someone hook me up!!!! also let me know what over tips you would like to see

  • Alonnia Ibrahim
    Alonnia Ibrahim

    My quote was 17,000.00 Paid 5,000 and about 30 hours Your drain should go 90 degrees up about 11 inches And use pvc 40

  • Byron Bass
    Byron Bass

    As someone who’s lived his entire life in the South Easter part of the United States, I’m just now realizing that central heat and air is not a standard amenity.

  • Eric Johns
    Eric Johns

    30 bucks for a water bottle?!

  • alin116

    I’m always amazed how these houses are basically built out of cardboard.

    • alin116

      @Sam yet you can basically punch a hole through a wall.

    • Sam

      They’re built significantly heavier than you’d think.

  • Osaeloka Ilodibia
    Osaeloka Ilodibia


  • Noah Dean
    Noah Dean

    Shouldn't braze minisplit lines, flare nut rather.

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze

    You Get What You Pat For. Don’t Be Cheap With HVAC!

  • Preda R6
    Preda R6

    why am i watching this? its weekend ! and i do this every day for work i should be busy with not thinking about work xd

  • mongoloid

    Now just pray your evap coils don't ice up and rain down on you when that thaw out

  • John Kubik
    John Kubik

    I install air conditioning and heating units the reason people don’t install there own unit and hire contractors cause it will be don’t right the first time and up to code

  • Dylan Bassett
    Dylan Bassett

    I hope Brian the electrician is doing well in these tough times!

  • The Ohmega Project
    The Ohmega Project


  • Dale Neish
    Dale Neish

    Lol, quoted install in the 20 thousands for a roof that easy to run lines through. Maybe I should come over to America would make a fortune.

  • Raymundo Gapan
    Raymundo Gapan

    Man no rgb

  • JackyBoy Slim
    JackyBoy Slim

    It’s funny all the HVAC techs saying it hurt to watch this and spouting all the stuff he did wrong. What does it matter? It’s his shit. Let him do it wrong. If he wants he can have someone qualified repair it. Just seems like they want to brag about all the stuff they know and point out all the negatives. Could’ve been much much worse and no one gives a shit on RSloft what you know when you’ve been practicing and doing it for a long time when your criticizing someone who has little knowledge doing the job. Put your egos aside and let your humility take a turn. No one pointing out all the stuff he did right. Refrigeration and electric is tough stuff to work on.

  • Kyle Kliamovich
    Kyle Kliamovich

    now you'll need to insulate that attic, so your AC isnt running 24/7 lol. Awesome vid!

  • John Suarez
    John Suarez

    Brian's laugh is contagious

  • Rowan Nicholson
    Rowan Nicholson

    Ik that feeling of backing up into nails but instead of my back like Linus it was my head😂 luckily when I did wasn’t enough room so wasn’t enough momentum to do damage just hurt like hell😅👍🏻

  • Geoffrey Brady
    Geoffrey Brady


  • Dylan Wadzinski
    Dylan Wadzinski

    I hate to be this guy but doing your own AC installation is a disaster in the making. I see tons of people DIYing their AC and it almost never works out.

  • Chris Embry
    Chris Embry


  • Ryan Malin
    Ryan Malin

    A carbon dioxide bottle in the intro? Youre using a Carbon Dioxide A/C?! Some of the newer supermarkets are using CO2 as the refrigerant. Its really cheap. The only problem is that it operates at high pressures (1200psi for CO2 vs 250psi for standard Freon refrigerant) and if you have a leak, the Liquid CO2 can have a phase change directly to Dry Ice!!! So you can instantly turn your liquid CO2 into dry ice, inside your AC's pipes, Anti-Bueno.

  • Jarod Georgevits
    Jarod Georgevits

    Dumb should have paid the pro. Cheap cheap cheap no warranty for install and I highly doubt anybody would ever come in and work on that system after two unexperienced people worked on it

  • Corban Perkins
    Corban Perkins

    doesn't Linus have a net worth of like 5 mil

  • Sumit Bhandari
    Sumit Bhandari

    DIY??!! I literally thought he would make one....🤦😅 😂😂😂

  • Tom

    Admiration for you guys...power show.

  • bingobango

    Wow and y'all even cut into a fucking vent to put unmetered water into your sewer or septic. Brian the electrician shouldn't be doing HVAC also I never saw him purging Nitrogen when he was brazing. So congratulation on contaminating the system by your incompetence

  • Elann Suvat
    Elann Suvat

    I honestly thought Linus was going to use an air conditioner to cool a PC.

  • Elann Suvat
    Elann Suvat

    Only Linus will crawl through attic spaces and install an air conditioning system in sandals.

  • Daniel's Game Vault
    Daniel's Game Vault

    Wow - never ceases to amaze me how houses there are basically made of cardboard. Good luck doing that on concrete ! :))

  • There is not a fish in my boot!
    There is not a fish in my boot!

    Here I am watching air conditioning videos, while freezing

  • Chris Graham
    Chris Graham

    loved this. will not be dyi'ing my own aircon. plus i think its illegal where i live haha

  • Boy Matthew
    Boy Matthew

    Used to working with installing and servicing air-conditioning unit. It is really exhausting folks.

  • Shooter Q
    Shooter Q

    Give Brian a permanent job.

  • Luis

    idk who charged linus but his house would been 10 grand max professional

  • Niccolo Krüger
    Niccolo Krüger

    just gotta love this kind of housebuilding , @6:00 her just cuts the ceiling with a jigsaw..... i would need to cut 30cm of Steal and concrete :-( thats why i choose the all units..

  • Lensflair

    How long did it take the municipality to grant the permits for this project? And did the city electrical and plumbing inspectors want to see the install before you replaced the insulation? Assuming that’s your side yard, I’m also surprised they approved the location of the condenser unit so close to the property line.

  • Perpetual Animal
    Perpetual Animal

    no micron gage?

  • MrPhilbert

    I installed my own in 2018. This included a legal electrical cutoff. It only took a weekend. If you are an advanced diy person and have everything ready, it's not that hard. I did need to buy a vacuum pump to charge it up as well.

  • skillzz

    You can visibly tell how tired they are near the end of the video, both their eyes are just dead

  • Jimmy Vu
    Jimmy Vu

    gotta subscribe just for brian

  • FV Airsoft
    FV Airsoft

    I love my LTT store water bottle 🤣. Stays cool for around 24 hours.