Flagship specs in a Mid-ranger?? - OPPO Reno4 Pro Showcase
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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  • Hùng Nguyễn
    Hùng Nguyễn

    You can't unlock the bootloader of this shit. You basically are locked inside your phone which fested with nonsense oem apps and ads. Disgusting.


    Does it have an out of the box screen protector

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo Tabera

    Good news, everyone: This afternoon an AI Robot tried to kill himself by dropping to his doom. Humanity is saved once again from the evil robot army!

  • Vishal Kanwar
    Vishal Kanwar

    too exxpensive for 720g, promoted video

  • Supersonic Saint
    Supersonic Saint

    It's on a 765G ACTUALLY

  • Ayush

    Linus Sebastian "Pretty Cool"

  • Arjun M
    Arjun M

    When Linus checks out a phone like this, he need not mention it is sponsored... Everyone can understand 😂 you aren't going to unbox overpriced phones like this

  • Martin Fu
    Martin Fu

    Awfully looks like a Samsung

  • ProfessorJ

    R.I.P view count

  • hilary okoh
    hilary okoh

    true dark times #lo

  • EMUI Vietnam
    EMUI Vietnam

    What? Reno4 Pro with 720G Soc has flagship specs? You should not make title like this next time Mr ( event sponsor pay more )

  • Yagnesh Patel
    Yagnesh Patel

    realme 6pro 90hz ,720g , 30watt . much better

  • pyromen321

    3:59 Oppo must be an absolute nightmare to work with! They forced you to censor “LiteFuze” even though you said it out loud. I like how intentionally shitty and obvious you were with blurring! I’m honestly surprised they allowed an Apple logo in their ad! I hope they’re paying very well. I can’t imagine working with a shitty marketing team without a ƬӇƖƇƇ wallet

  • Nitin Singh
    Nitin Singh

    Was that Riley dancing?????

  • kevin alexander
    kevin alexander

    I like seeing devices like this, good to give Samsung, LG and Apple a run for their money. Its the reason I got a OnePlus as replacement as my S7 awhile back. People are still gonna be Samsung skanks, but at least a few we'll see the light.

  • Obi Dark
    Obi Dark

    Chinese spy phone...No wonder Linus gets hacked once a month... I would to see break test with this one

  • TaranTatsuuchi

    That charging animation is cute.

  • ArduinoBen

    My laptop pulls 65w...

  • ArduinoBen

    Buys 6 12k cameras yet nobody tells Linus his hair is messed up.

  • Webert de Souza Lima
    Webert de Souza Lima

    Hey I need to buy a new phone but I'm waiting for your review of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. Something as honest as the one about Samsung S20 Ultra. When will you do it? :D

  • kaaru5344

    Oppo has chinese communist on their board of directors. According to Chinese law any companies working in China must share information with the Communist party when requested.

  • Declan Cunningham
    Declan Cunningham

    Where can I find this phone wallpaper.

  • Charlie Karam
    Charlie Karam


  • Kenneth Oczon
    Kenneth Oczon

    The phone is almost too good to hide linus standing hair.

  • Nicolas Chapados Girard
    Nicolas Chapados Girard

    What about the price comparaison ?

  • Dark_Prince

    Linus...I love your videos, but this ain't a mid-range phone at $600-800. I can buy a used flagship phone from a reputable brand for a cheaper price.

  • Declan Cunningham
    Declan Cunningham

    I need this phone wallpaper. Can someone please find it for me?

  • Tetriscide

    I'm in the market for a mid range phone to finally replace my galaxy s7 with its dying battery, and this phone got me incredibly excited, and I was seriously close to buying it until I found out its Chinese. Back to searching....

  • vasllz

    reno4 vs Oneplus nord ? any advice ?

  • Ingo Cernohorsky
    Ingo Cernohorsky

    still way too big. thats why im still using my galaxy s5 mini. i want a small phone ...

  • JB Technology And Gaming
    JB Technology And Gaming

    For my school art project I'm replacing the people on the last supper with lmg employees

    • MiguelPpM


  • Stephane Caron
    Stephane Caron

    I get why LTT generally don't state exact prices for products that they feature, but they should talk about product availability more... often I see a smartphone featured here with implied global availability, yet I never see anything by that brand in my local (Canadian) electronics and mobile phone stores.

  • Jon Wismer
    Jon Wismer

    It's a start at least

  • Toxy_ YT
    Toxy_ YT

    6:05 lock at the phone in the mirror

  • Mads Petersen
    Mads Petersen

    It’s not the voltage that produce heat in the battery but the current (the “amps”).

  • Sami Kauhanummi
    Sami Kauhanummi

    Yes, this is a paid advert, but a rough price would have been nice to know. And not just "mid-range".

  • Moebius

    damn, this video has not a lot of views.

  • Alfie Gidney
    Alfie Gidney

    this video flopped

  • Mikail Ulum
    Mikail Ulum

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Wow, look at that the camera there.

  • TG父 Wāstê
    TG父 Wāstê

    Oppo just copying S10 here. 👎

  • Bavo Knol
    Bavo Knol

    "it had 3 buttons" damn, so surprised

  • Sama Moataz
    Sama Moataz

    What do you Accept? Ofc he Is SPONSORED

  • Gamas Lazuardi
    Gamas Lazuardi

    Sexy camera nodule

  • imicca

    5min gives 4h RSloft. DOUBT

  • Nik


  • Sharp_Stone

    Lol how the adapter is not bleached out at 3:50 and it is at 4:00 😂👌

  • Mattyac96

    Hi LMG, I completely understand the showcase vs review differentiation but this video felt especially different in tone and voice. Oh well gotta pay dem bills

  • Filip

    Was that a light theme on Twitter? Feels like someone blew up my retinas.

  • Alan Lyne
    Alan Lyne

    This never showed up in my sub feed or notifications? I have the bell on..... Anyone else have a similar issue?

  • TheLiasas

    600 bucks are nowhere being midrange these days. Most ppl go for phones under 400 usd, and the offerings there are alrdy amazing. See how the pocophone brought top of the line snapdragon of the time for just 250-300 usd. Paying up to 400-500usd these days should bring literal top-spec stuff. Anything else above that is just a fashion thing

  • Matea Underhill
    Matea Underhill

    Is this the new LTT policy? You're not gonna cover any phones (besides Apple, OnePlus, and Samsung) unless it is a sponsored review?

  • Rocky Ugsod
    Rocky Ugsod

    Well, the device gives justice to the sponsorship.

  • Robert Kohari
    Robert Kohari

    I'm cheating on Apple since they started making phones, and on Samsung for 6 years now.

  • Daniel-Pablo Rossner
    Daniel-Pablo Rossner

    Anyone else think this was short circuit at first?

  • Austin _
    Austin _

    This video didn't show up in my feed. Anyone else?

  • P GS
    P GS

    I want this phone but where's the NA version?

  • derstilleabonnierer

    Guys i was Wondering: whats your Personal Pick for the best Phone 200$ max? Been a while since i asked this Community the Last time

  • Smartypants Screwdriver
    Smartypants Screwdriver

    nice. i saw an ad to see an ad.

  • Umbra Deus
    Umbra Deus

    the headphone jack has me sold... lol. I think all wireless headphones are garbage and should be pulled from shelves. It doesnt have actual android OS? that might deter me.

  • Artyom Ivchatov
    Artyom Ivchatov

    LMG is taking ad orders from a Chinese-owner company. Yikes.

  • Dierskie *
    Dierskie *

    Take this pale guy in a gray shirt and see how we desaturated the background...

  • Mason Delisio
    Mason Delisio

    @linustechtips hey I am gaming on a 10 year old XPS dell pc could you hook me up ?? U do that I will by u new socks and sandals

  • jmalmsten

    Saw the logo upside down and suddenly, I wonder... is there a cheap chinese knock-off version of this manufactured by... oddo?

  • wrth

    hehe, UK plug as all things should be *laughs in tea*

  • mico george
    mico george

    Why is the screen flash on when showcasing the night selfie mode 🤣

  • Nouman Ali
    Nouman Ali

    Dope intro finally

  • ZoltanoMoltano

    One Plus Nord?

  • RedDead Underwear
    RedDead Underwear

    Poor video getting buried

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net

    Enjoy it whilst tit lasteth...Fore all the companies shall continue to merge or be bought out. Synergy. lol MEGA CORPS ARE HERE TO STAY and they shall be Ultra Corps one day ( literally a handful for everything in 80 years)

  • nicfit23

    List the goddamn price in the description ffs or at start of the video. It is a needed context to all that you say.

  • Franklin Allen
    Franklin Allen

    The only reason Pixel, Galaxy and other flagship phones command such a high price is solely because people will pay those prices. They could sell flagship phones for $500 and still turn a profit.

  • etechwall

    This phone will cost here 33k and just their main selling point is 90Hz. With a 720g chip. Lmao. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Der NiK
    Der NiK

    People really talking a Lot of BS here in the comment section. Cmon People, think First, then write.

  • GMT

    The names are different in my country and they sell older models at flagship prices, not interested.

  • Tygo van Baak
    Tygo van Baak

    This phone vs the new Nord please

  • KAI

    ngl this phone looks like a S10 with 4 cameras and 90hz

  • Long Tram
    Long Tram

    rsloft.info/loft/video/q91jkaq_paWybmU Linus singing Bakamitai

  • DoSe

    Linus a pc pls :(

  • PR_i_ME Gaming
    PR_i_ME Gaming

    #Please , #Do a video about "What happens if Windows10 installs on Windows7 (2015 model) Compactible Laptop"!!ASAP ......#if already Did ....Please Share #link in reply field....I have search utube alot didn't find the right one??

  • Aaron V
    Aaron V

    "90hz is a huge step up compared to 60" idk wtf is wrong with me, but i just dont feel the difference. even 120hz too. is it just me?

    • KNY //
      KNY //

      Just you.

  • Shiro Surfer
    Shiro Surfer

    Curved display and plastic back makes this a no go

  • Mogammad Saadick Abrahams
    Mogammad Saadick Abrahams

    These showcases are crap. It goes against what these RSloft channels are for. Honest opinions. How much better can these cameras be than the Nord. It's the same company with an equally priced phone. The Nord's cameras got mediocre reviews, why would this phone do any better. The opinions on this camera seem BS, or atleast incomplete.

  • Kshitij Sharma
    Kshitij Sharma

    This is an overpriced af device

  • Tech IN Mumbai
    Tech IN Mumbai

    1 dislike first time

  • Sunny Sundays
    Sunny Sundays

    Thank you for retaining the showcase terminology in the title

  • ItsFreakinJesus

    Oppo, make another one of these under 6.1 inches kthnx.

  • Trillyana

    I was considering switching from OnePlus to OPPO when I get my next phone (I switched to OnePlus in the first place to keep my headphone jack and I will switch brands again if I have to) but I was put off by the fact that since they aren't designed for the US, they don't support all of the bands on my carrier network. From the research I was doing, it seems as though my OnePlus 5 supports 5 of the 6 4G bands (the 6th being one that didn't exist at the time I got the phone) but OPPO and other brands I was looking at on AliExpress only supported 4 of them. Am I right to avoid them because of that? I mean, I'm sure there are people who use brands like that in the US anyway but I'm afraid to lose mobile connectivity.

    • Trillyana

      @kevin alexander I was looking to see if there are any USB-C headphones that aren't earbuds and can't find any.

    • kevin alexander
      kevin alexander

      Type-C has 3.55MM headphone jack cables

  • aayush kewat
    aayush kewat

    Best for gaming


    i was almost interested in this phone, but then i looked up the company and its from the Chinese Communist Party, so thats a hard pass

  • Doom's Way
    Doom's Way

    That intro 😩👌

  • Prophet

    Linus your tech tips gave me cyber herpes

  • JediMastr80

    I looked it up and if it's true, it's one thing that Linus completely forgot to mention. The OPPO Reno4 Pro doesn't include a MicroSD card slot at all, which is a big deal for many people, including me. I like to store music, movies, video, and other things on my 256 GB MicroSD card and not on my Internal Storage. I'll just stick with my Galaxy S9+ as it does what I need for it.

  • Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown

    5:12 The photo looks much smoother on the OPPO. I just can't stand how sharp the image on the Google Pixel 4 is here. Too many jaggies. Although the color and contrast are definitely WAY better on the GP4. So I don't know, pick your poison.

    • Jordan Brown
      Jordan Brown

      @Umbra Deus I see. That makes sense.

    • Umbra Deus
      Umbra Deus

      those jaggies make the image look better on bigger displays. So if you do a lot of photo editing and showing them off on bigger screens such as a PC monitor or smartTV it will be more crisp and not pixelated.


    What about SoC and Camera spec...????????????

  • Interesting Bits
    Interesting Bits

    I hope they did some OPPO research on that charger; generally the faster you charge the faster your battery dies...

    • vujhvj vgv fujk
      vujhvj vgv fujk

      2:57 actually they did do some "oppo research" on that charger. 🤡🙄

  • AD

    I see no where I can buy this phone in EU! why?

  • mustard roshi
    mustard roshi


  • Remon_PX

    Has beard, still looks like a early 20-something. Linus never ages, huh

  • Facts You Did Not Know
    Facts You Did Not Know

    1:39 That man's dance is on another level 🤣🤣🤣

  • James Rael
    James Rael

    I miss when OPPO made bluray devices...

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