FINALLY... a Ryzen Mini PC!
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Intel has long reigned supreme in the low power mini PC market with their NUC lineup, but with MinisForum's new Ryzen based mini PC's on the market, this might just change..
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link:
iTunes Download Link:
Artist Link:
Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Alveera Khalid
    Alveera Khalid

    7:30 Linus changed into Doggo.😂😂😂. "BAMBOOZLED"

  • Josh Jyreh Taccad
    Josh Jyreh Taccad

    Ok we've got a new meme face here 10:50

  • Web Luke
    Web Luke

    Another AMD, "we have an excuse for everything wrong" product. Sure the "highest-end" AMD chips get the best synthetic benchmarks but never hold up in gaming or machine stability (like every AMD). Intel is still happy to make a good chunk of their money from servers and then dominate the desktop and laptop consumer market without having gimmicky CPUs.

    • Numbah Naine
      Numbah Naine

      Ahh you mad

  • TheUndeadslayer221

    Interesting. How long until Linus tries to water cool it?

  • zach kleinman
    zach kleinman

    I understand about 5% of what you say, but still watch your videos. Why? Don't know

  • Mario Caro
    Mario Caro

    Attention Spartan GeeK account was hacked!

  • Mario Caro
    Mario Caro

    Atención Hackearon la cuenta de Spartan GeeK!

  • Lucas Lopes
    Lucas Lopes

    Zen+ mobile (3000H and 3000U) supports up to 2400mhz, so nothing wrong with their bios. Only the 4000 series supports 3200mhz. Single channel is really sad on this system, it looses a significant amount of performance.

  • Monstaa

    linus breathes loud 0:50

  • Kevin Lolo
    Kevin Lolo

    Why didn’t Linus liquid cool it?

  • John Furner
    John Furner

    Now put a 3090 in it

  • Muhammad Umar
    Muhammad Umar

    i don't even get annoyed by his Segways to their sponsor now

  • Rabab omair
    Rabab omair

    He looks so cute in Beard

  • Sundowner Mc
    Sundowner Mc

    Why is Linus growing a Pompadour Perm?

  • gobme

    Linus is the only person that I like seeing sponsors from

  • Shibey

    Was watching this with my mom but she couldn't see linus so she said "is that a man or a woman"

  • Josh John
    Josh John

    You can see directly on AMD's website the chip is limited to 2400Mhz memory.

  • Julian Burk
    Julian Burk

    Valorant hitting 60fps @4k. I see you, i see you.

  • bartlomiejruranski

    you can find one on

    • bartlomiejruranski

      go on mini pcs then on the AMD POWERED ASUS MINI PCS

  • NoBito

    I was like... NICE! my new pfSense box...$491, NOPE! not for a pfSense. Looks cool machine and the performance is amazing

  • Slushy Ice fan
    Slushy Ice fan

    Oh god the moment you realise there is a pc the size of your hand is better than your tower.

  • Ryan Da Gamer
    Ryan Da Gamer

    Finally Linus looks older than 16 years old

  • Candin Muniz
    Candin Muniz

    Hey LMG! I'd love to see a video highlighting cool, useful tech to have around your house. Things like routers, how to set up a home server, a NAS, ways to use a NUC around the house, etc. Basically I'd love to see what your version of a smart home is. Thanks!

  • T. Hane
    T. Hane

    Too small. DeskMini A300 series has been around for a couple years and has ability to just higher quality CPU cooler.

  • brice Roberts
    brice Roberts

    Is it possible to get that mini media keyboard anywhere?

  • Lorenzo Pollo Caffè
    Lorenzo Pollo Caffè

    Can you guys confirm the fps? I'm still amazed that it can run at 50 to 60 fps at 4k, even if it's at low settings

  • Rubens Onofrio
    Rubens Onofrio

    Hi Linus? Are you planning to make a video about building a good pc to run Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 anytime soon? I'd love to see that. Take care.

  • TheUnkown201 TheUnkown201
    TheUnkown201 TheUnkown201

    4:32 I thot you were smart you lost my respect

  • leo leo
    leo leo

    wow that can support WARFRAME

  • E-Keyer YT
    E-Keyer YT

    I got a lInustechtips partnered with Honey ad before watching this.

  • Rene Stanneveld
    Rene Stanneveld

    made in china on the cpu ? on the floor here.

  • Sam Shu
    Sam Shu

    Why are you not reviewing pn50. Thats the best and latest generation mini pc using ryzen.

  • haka 47
    haka 47

    10:51 POG

  • chinesebassman

    I really thought I was gonna get myself a pair of decent looking shoes for 5 dollars. 🤦🤦

  • Gero Azmodii
    Gero Azmodii

    You should give random things once in a while to your fans.

  • Funhubble

    I wait for the Ryzen 4800H Version ;-)

  • Lance Carlo
    Lance Carlo

    Where's the Asus Zen2 NUC-alike video? :)

  • --

    What ever happened to the zen 2 nucalikes

  • Ummer Farooq
    Ummer Farooq

    The next AMD nook should be a wireless charge your keyboard

  • Shekhar W
    Shekhar W

    my laptop got aa cinebench score of 900 [intel i5 10210U] and it cist more than double the and NUC-alike

  • Ashton Grist
    Ashton Grist

    these messages can't be left here. Please report to your unit authority. We can't protect you if you fail to report a technical breach of this kind.

  • Ashton Grist
    Ashton Grist

    What part of the sim are you running?

  • Ashton Grist
    Ashton Grist

    clock test

  • Ashton Grist
    Ashton Grist

    OMG back in the day in 2020 when people had those external devices that you had to plug in Ghz lol. To run even a basic implant these days even with the old style optic processors you need at least 30 THz .. pixels and.. interfaces... we thought we were people of the future. I found this other video that goes back even further to 1985 and everything on Mhz.

  • Reanimata

    If it's waterproof how will you wash it ???

  • Gabriel Frank
    Gabriel Frank

    At 4:43 he goes full Canadian Lmao

  • Lil Floppa
    Lil Floppa

    did anybody else notice how he used MOTION BLUR in rocket league?? WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY LINUS BLINK TWICE IF YOUR OK

  • DiceNumber 38
    DiceNumber 38

    wait if the shoes are waterproof how do you wash them...?

  • Impostor Gameplay
    Impostor Gameplay

    "Literally no one" Me watching gaming setups vids Because i cant afford one


    why don't you show the mini keybord

  • Shashank Lumburu
    Shashank Lumburu

    he needs a haircut

  • Bulgogi Prince
    Bulgogi Prince

    All the dropping of the components onto the counter is driving me nuts

  • Mib

    "I don't like rubber on my stick" Says man with 3 kids and vasectomy.

  • Ruben Pouwen
    Ruben Pouwen

    Seems like a really good replacement for a raspberry pie if you need a lot more power than the raspberry offers.

    • Cyan Is Sus
      Cyan Is Sus

      That’s way more powerful than a raspberry pi and the pi is like $40 while this thing is a $1000 sum

  • Ibn al-Muqaffa II.
    Ibn al-Muqaffa II.

    The AMD Linus has a beard, which makes it look modern and cool The Intel Linus is beardless and looks like a famer boy

  • Rocky fish
    Rocky fish

    Are these plug n play systems, and if so what consoles are on it,

  • Bae Lasso
    Bae Lasso

    You don't have to be that rude when opening the case.... looked like he is on drugs, and high.

  • Macam2macam

    wow linus looks really good in this haircut and beard.

  • yoyodavid2002

    Where do i order this again?

  • mark alen benig
    mark alen benig

    Hi Linus, maybe you can make a video of this using NVME slot for external GPU and see how it performs.

  • Timber’s Rc adventures
    Timber’s Rc adventures

    I have shorter HDMI cable

  • wilburthemango

    10:50 linus pog

  • GannonNotFromZelda

    Crazy that a mini PC of all things is still better than the Lenovo all-in-one I've been stuck with for 3 years.

  • jose soto
    jose soto

    love the new intro

  • Tim Wallis
    Tim Wallis

    Hair and beard is way better looking than what he had before.

  • Aj Uzumaki
    Aj Uzumaki

    My Intel Core i5 8th Gen has 1.6Hz of speed compare to the NUC of AMD CPU. Intel is gonna go very soon from my life, wlc AMD.

  • signum.

    Valorant (for some strange reason) sometimes shows the resolution at 4k even though it's actually at 1080p. I do not have a 4k monitor. It might have done the same here.

  • Yashiro

    So next year can we expect a zen3 ryzen apu in this DeskMini?

  • Ryan Brunette
    Ryan Brunette

    That hair.

  • Nikhil Sahu
    Nikhil Sahu

    Processor Made in China who ignore that

  • Vincent Tan
    Vincent Tan

    No matter what AMD come out , now every body are excited. sorry , i go for Intel

  • Pete Eddy
    Pete Eddy

    Desktop mini 300 with 4700g should be a beast!

  • Pete Eddy
    Pete Eddy

    Plex, TiVo for pirates.

  • Pete Eddy
    Pete Eddy

    The GPU is in the neighborhood of an XBox One S. And the CPU should smash a Jaguar cpu. Not great, but definitely playable.

  • PlatinumEagleStudio's

    Why don't the comments ever talk about the actual product in the video?? Also Skylake is 6th gen, so this thing is on par with a 6th gen i7. That's pretty bad to be honest. I have a 7th gen Kaby lake CPU and it would probably crush this thing.

  • לירון סולימני
    לירון סולימני

    that computer is actually better than what i have.... R.I.P


    linus can give tough competition to JerryRigEverything

  • drddddd

    Now, water cool it.

  • Joaco Monsalvo
    Joaco Monsalvo

    Anyone could tell me where to buy that little keyboard? I really apreciate it

  • Noble Hawkins
    Noble Hawkins

    liking for hair

  • BluExMamba24

    He seemed legit more excited about the keyboard than the actual mini PC lol.

  • Astroboii plays
    Astroboii plays

    Linus your beard your a man now happy for you bro

  • JoeStoppinghem

    Hope you test the system as a pfsense box.

  • Ethan Braun
    Ethan Braun


  • Corben Crew
    Corben Crew

    Any stick drive reviews yet?

  • Milo Tidwell
    Milo Tidwell

    I'm sure it's been said but the CPU should be good for up to 4 x 1080P transcodes at one time.

  • Ez Life
    Ez Life

    Games about warfare that are very modern ....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh😲😲 I see what ya did there 😂

  • Ez Life
    Ez Life

    My pinner is something a little different .... example dam you could have put more then that look at this little pinner you rolled

  • Illl Illl
    Illl Illl

    linus on drugs now?

  • Skatman

    Man, I need more ethernet ports for my Sophos XG box (like a PFSense). Hope that they produce one soon!

  • RyZe Jojo
    RyZe Jojo

    How many fps have this in Fortnite

  • Tyler Millaway
    Tyler Millaway

    Linus is like trump. Tiny hands and more.

  • BBJ

    how the hell is that tiny af pc getting 60 fps at 4k graphics when my huge pc can hardly get 40

  • petrum112

    What is the flag, moldavia?

  • Christos Papailiadis
    Christos Papailiadis

    Did he just RGB his kitchen?

  • andrei ka
    andrei ka

    guess open source based vid encoding is a weak point of amd - tnx to support of hw encoding (qsv or vaapi) intels can handle 1080p@30ps any time

  • kayonesoft

    I really like the NUC-alike moniker.

  • pun 89
    pun 89

    Hi Im looking for a mini pc that can run steam games more specifically the left 4 dead series do you have any recommendations?? Asking for a friend. My ideal set up is portability. I bought a portable monitor to go along with it.

  • Jonathan Bull
    Jonathan Bull

    Any chance Linus could do an audio engineering or composer's PC build sometime in the future?

  • kw

    soy face

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