Faster Gaming for FREE - Hardware GPU Scheduling Explained
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Windows 10’s April 2020 update was delayed for a long time, but now that it’s generally available, there are a few goodies lurking within that may improve your gaming experience…
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
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    Where the desk pc 2?

  • Juan Diax
    Juan Diax

    I don't want to see the whole video The question is should I turn it on or off?

    • MG

      thats what im saying lol

  • Willy Wonka
    Willy Wonka

    just watch slo mo guys and you get 1,000,000 fps

  • Pavithran A
    Pavithran A

    Dude,say me how to increase my fps in Intel HD 4400

  • Josh Calhov
    Josh Calhov

    Should i turn it on now have the drivers changed?

  • Gideon Max Merling
    Gideon Max Merling

    I somewhat feel sorry for the Windows programmers at Microsoft, they have to work on a repository with tons upon tons of terrible legacy code that is hindering performance and leading to unexpected bugs just because someone out there is still using a program from 2000 BC and needs that backwards compatibility

  • Protagonist

    Did they dent the Radeon gpu?

  • Tao_ikry

    I game on a $1000 laptop with a GPU made in 1997 while Linus here has a bunch of advance stuff I don't understand

  • Azido Azide
    Azido Azide

    I turned it on and got more frames but, it makes it so that I can't watch youtube in the background while I'm gaming. Kinda disappointing.

  • Reece Arcinas
    Reece Arcinas

    My laptop doesn't support gpu scheduling:(

  • Bernardo Borges
    Bernardo Borges

    Hey, I've been playing a lot of valorant recently. Should I enable GPU scheduling?

  • x2FR3SHx

    Hey guys at Linus. I have a i9 10900k and 2080ti. I recently enabled this feature on windows just to test the frame-rate difference. On Call of duty MW at 1440p 240hz i usually get somewhere between 140-201 fps depending on the map. After enabling gpu scheduling im now seeing fps above 200 not dipping lower. I was not expecting this bump in performance at all. Not sure if there was a recent driver update but it made a huge difference on my system. Might want to look into it again.

  • Kommando Kodiak
    Kommando Kodiak

    Did you guys test this at all with an intel system? Honestly going forward both teams should be tested in things like this to see if theres any difference by architecture.

  • Jaxon Starke
    Jaxon Starke

    Dang you Canadian graphs!!!!!

  • Matt Ell
    Matt Ell

    I know anyone can look it up with a Google search, but it would have been nice for him to take a minute to explain how this feature can be managed. Registry change? Settings applet? Metal spike directly into the CPU die? Seemed like an odd omission.

  • Agen7_Smith

    That red arrow is pointing wrong place...

  • Larry Foster
    Larry Foster

    It took Linus around 10 minutes to tell us that the new stuff in Windows does not quite work yet and its because they have not ironed out the bugs before they pushed it on us. Next its also because not many Devs are not using it much or to its fullest capacity.... SO NOTHING NEW HERE

  • Tanish Singh
    Tanish Singh

    My pc while running minecraft: 100% gpu 1% cpu Me: how is that possible

  • Majai Spectrum
    Majai Spectrum

    This Channel is awesome!

  • Joe Xspada
    Joe Xspada


  • Shan Dalumpines
    Shan Dalumpines

    I dont get it faster gaming for free?how?

  • OMEGA _
    OMEGA _

    I like purple

  • James Neave
    James Neave

    I was totally expecting it to be from Windows 2000, not vista.

  • BiologicalHazard

    What about Emulators like YUZU, Cemu, Dolphin, PCSX PS2 & RPCS3?

  • MozartificeR

    Joh:20:31: But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.

  • Simon Perez Rodríguez
    Simon Perez Rodríguez


  • Simon Perez Rodríguez
    Simon Perez Rodríguez


  • W1LL14M

    The high end cards will have no difference, but the low end cards do have a noticeable difference. AMD seems to be withholding driver support on lower end cards as these improvements may disturb their product stack.

  • JJS

    I loved windows Vista. Also windows 7. They were both great.

    • Matt Ell
      Matt Ell

      Compared to what came before them, perhaps.

  • James Adkins
    James Adkins

    Eeeeeh I really need to build my gaming p.c before the baby comes. Was hoping to have it by the time I became a father but looks like its not going to happen. Untill then I can watch you guys build them

  • Lance Zimmer
    Lance Zimmer

    I still have a 970 GTX I can't do that even if I wanted to.

  • Zyltoplayz

    Your intro is amazing

  • Domination Elephants
    Domination Elephants

    Time = “Windows Vista”

  • MaLa

    then how do i schedule my gpus??????????????

  • Stijn

    Let's hope AMD working with MS on their APU for consoles it will mean we get a good update coming especially when they want to run big windows on their consoles.

  • PanzerIV

    Great I lost 10min of my life listening to something just to know it's a gimmick title as always and it improves F ALL for now... (-_-)

  • reaction

    pls pls pls can u give me a new pc because mine is crap @linus tech tips

  • Dante Campbell
    Dante Campbell

    The way Linus just tells us this is clickbait then tries to stop from laughing.

  • Victor Muraviev
    Victor Muraviev


  • JAX

    So, anyone who doesn't want to watch the video, the point is that this whole scheduling system doesn't really make a difference and is pretty much pointless. LTT makes good content but this one was a bit of waste of my time to be honest. The title is extremely clockbaiting as well, defo lost some respect towards the channel.



  • TheLag

    Linus, you could record yourself farting 3 minutes non-stop and we will watch it anyways, no need for clickbait tittles.

  • Robims

    The Radeon chasi still looks like it got dropkicked

  • Simon Buckler
    Simon Buckler

    You didn't test lower end gpu's with less memory, it's more efficient memory usage on the gpu that seems to make the biggest difference. Stick a 1650Ti or 5500XT 4GB in there and try your tests again.

  • ElectricBOY MC IT
    ElectricBOY MC IT

    Now i remember why I dual boot Manjaro on my PC

  • blueprint

    linus.clickbait.punchintheface = true

  • Leon Albrecht
    Leon Albrecht

    Does that mean no watchdog timers canceling your computation?

  • MiTaReX

    What a clickbait title, you could've just named it "Hardware GPU Scheduling Explained", but NOOOOOO, you just need that clickbait title with "FREE" capitalized!

    • Andi Saraci
      Andi Saraci

      stop complaining karen

  • Smiley TeK
    Smiley TeK

    Old topic too. Had to say it bros. Been using it for a while, and haven't noticed much of a difference.

  • Md. kutubuddin Uzzal
    Md. kutubuddin Uzzal

    I get depressed everytime I see those good graphics cards and cpus

  • Golden Shotgun
    Golden Shotgun

    But the real question is can it run CRYSIS!!

  • Poyrik Kanal2
    Poyrik Kanal2

    bro in case you have one extra gpu iam tring to build a pc but in our country our 1lira = 8euro so it is so difficult to build a pc i can buy other parts but with a gpu it is over my budget so i cant build one pls reply like so linus could see

  • Sven Heilbrunner
    Sven Heilbrunner

    3:24 Speaking about a multi gpu card from 2003? I wonder if we're going to see a XGI Volari - been a while since i've seen one of those :) Or even a SimFusion? Never seen one of those! That would be a Quad Radeon 9800 chipset. Wow :)

  • _Modern Walking_
    _Modern Walking_


  • Andre Ugland
    Andre Ugland

    how do you activate it?

  • 3000Tonnen Koala
    3000Tonnen Koala

    9:14 Okay so far but WHAT is a Twerkload? Sounds fun ^^

  • Robert Lazar
    Robert Lazar

    Hei everyone. Just got a new pc. It got the i9-10900k, with a deepcool castle 360 aio with 6 push-pull 140mm fans. I ran cinebench r20 and the temp on all 10 cores was between 89-94 C°. Is that normal?

  • screaming

    what about on linux

  • Bannana

    Game mode 2.0.

  • Mohammad Reza Azizpour
    Mohammad Reza Azizpour

    What is the diffrent between this technology and triple buffering in nvidia control panel? Are they same or did i get it wrong ??

  • Demburoneo

    I have some experiment with your imagination and mind for everyone. It sounds ridiculous, hear me out. Imagine that your father and mother has the same mind as you. They can get you entirely how you possibly can. Follow your thoughts afterwards and see the change in your thinking. It's just a little experiment. 🙂

  • Satria Nusantara
    Satria Nusantara

    linus ryzen 4000 review

  • Azeoix

    Me sitting here on 1809 LTSC *winky face**

  • RX 580
    RX 580

    These graphs are extremely dumb ,should have mentioned graphics where showing % Performance delta

  • Michael Timpson
    Michael Timpson

    Has MacOS been doing this for a while? It seems the software has been negotiating between using integrated and dedicated GPUs (on systems that have both) for more than 10 years.

  • Trial

    one day 240 fps will be low performance

  • Vadim Ianulionoc
    Vadim Ianulionoc

    Some editing savvy needs to cut all the sequences from LMG lifetime where Linus says "aaand" and make a video, would probably die laughing!

  • Blue Jay
    Blue Jay

    Thank goodness I can always count on the comments. Also, thank goodness I understand scheduling a know this is clickbait.

  • Rafiif Albani
    Rafiif Albani

    No, you're can't do that. You're not thio joe

  • John Philip Tan
    John Philip Tan

    Question: does Linux have somewhat as good GPU scheduling?

  • Soren Firestar
    Soren Firestar

    So here's a question then, if the new scheduler "offloads" GPU focused tasks by having the GPU handle GPU heavy things with scheduling. Then wouldn't this help multitasking by allowing the GPU to handle the GPU stuff if you're watching a 4K video or have a game running in the background / on one screen and then if you're doing something CPU heavy on the other screen then they would be able to essentially both function better by not conflicting with each other during the scheduling process as much or because the scheduling is not all being done by one central location would this actually make it more difficult for your computer to multitask

  • Cameron Heslop
    Cameron Heslop

    Hi, I need help! I don't know where to post this. I have a nVidia GeForce 550M and nVidia has stopped updating the drivers in March 2018. My games have started to suck and I cant afford a new Laptop or PC. Thank you!

  • Anand Kumar
    Anand Kumar

    Who likes the new intro..😍

  • Dávid Kollár
    Dávid Kollár

    I liked the video, but the title is just clickbait. Especially how everyone else already reported that it's basically no change for now

  • Mitsos Tech
    Mitsos Tech

    For a second I thought that he would give us a link about downloading a gpu

  • iamdmc

    Does the scheduler work better with intel CPUs?

  • Russell Harris
    Russell Harris

    But Linus,you haven't used a flight simulator for any of these tests.This will put maximum load on everything for a better insight into performance....................................

  • Alec Mohs-Hale
    Alec Mohs-Hale

    I thought they damaged their AMD card when I first saw it. Didn't realize the 5700xt had that dent built in.

  • PastaFazoolio

    Stop this clickbait bullsh*t if you wanna be taken seriously.

  • Rek Dem
    Rek Dem

    Graphs are good in general people are dumb as heck. Yall need to get a degree.

  • Huntha


  • gaming and emulation
    gaming and emulation

    Clickbait title, but keep us updated for this in future tho

  • Crypto Jack
    Crypto Jack

    Hmm probably I'm not ur audience

  • Death Strikers E-SPORTS
    Death Strikers E-SPORTS

    GTX 1060ti 6GB DDR5X OR GTX 1650 SUPER 4GB DDR6 Which will WORK Better / LESS BOTTLENECK WITH MY i5 3570k (4.2Ghz) PLEASE HELP

  • Matt Barker
    Matt Barker

    Might be time to look at expanding the benchmark suite - perhaps some Deep Learning and AI. I'm sure Adrian at Pyimagesearch could provide something.

  • Heroic Alex
    Heroic Alex


  • Bible Prophecy Made Clear
    Bible Prophecy Made Clear

    So this is good for video games but what about editing videos?

  • Ilya Tarasov
    Ilya Tarasov

    Video release date: August 12. Drivers version in video: 20.5.1 beta. Actual drivers available on August 12 (for two weeks already): 20.8.1 final. Maybe you should somewhat reduce the gap between the production and release for such topics?

  • PC enthusiast
    PC enthusiast

    That Radeon Card looks suspicious :)

  • Broko

    damn i wasnt familiar with the desing of the 5700xt, an i thought it had that dent because linus dropped it

  • Horizon Foz
    Horizon Foz

    Generally if you want compatibility leave it off, since it only works effectively on optimized driver, OS and application. Thing is still "beta" at the moment, should see improvements in couple years.

  • Scala

    I'm willing bet architecture comes into play a bit also. Wouldn't be surprised to see next gen cards demonstrate relatively much greater differences with the different schedulers.

  • Calamity TO
    Calamity TO

    I’m new to this techy stuff and I have a question. If I had a really good GPU but not a very good CPU would it matter if I had that good GPU?

  • Ace Strife
    Ace Strife

    - "It's still very much in the early stages, and it isn't quite mature yet." That's exactly Windows 10 in a nutshell. My daily driver is Win10 v1703; 2 years out of date, with a Ryzen 3950x. It's still margin of error when I do testing between the two OS's. Singlethreaded tasks don't work any better on the latest win10 build, and in fact they may be WORSE, whether due to me not bothering to optimize the alt install _(heavily disabled tons of windows' crap on my main)_, or due to the specter/meltdown mitigations within the latest builds, or the system timer being set to 10MHz minimum instead of the 3.4MHz it could reach before (again, another security mitigation). There's also clock speed variations the CPU does every single second skewing run-to-run results. Multithreaded is a bit different. Sometimes it's better, sometimes it's worse. Either way, there's no clear 'winner'. Tested multiple synthetic benchmarks like Cinebench, 3DMark, HWBot (got into HPET on/off testing with this), Unigine's suite, CPUz, IBT, SuperPi, misc others. Also tested multiple game benchmarks of various genres across the board for CPU vs GPU differences. Whether or not the latest Win10 builds do better in certain scenarios like running a bunch of VMs all at once, or multitasking with browsers/games/misc stuff going all at once, I don't know, and I don't care to test because I'm never using the later Win10 builds until I can fix a way to fix the UI changes Microsoft made which is the sole reason I'm still using v1703.

  • daniel hardy
    daniel hardy

    Im trying to stream 8k videos on my msi gtx 1660 super gpu. playing them is no problem, but i have a problem with video foreground is running with freezing and background has silver/grey reflections on bright objects, like water buildings, trees, grass areas. I have tried changing setting in the Nvidia software and updating my windows.drivers,software, but nothing is working. How do I fix this problem?

  • Chris Wood
    Chris Wood

    Always learn something new with each Linus video 🖖♥️

  • Jim Beam
    Jim Beam

    I wonder how Half Life Alyx would do.

  • 832elf

    great video. I don't game, but I'm looking for a trading laptop. Would you suggest ryzen 5 or 7? also does the graphics card really matter, 1650 ti or a 2060 or is it more important to have 16 gigs of RAM or 24 g b rather than a powerful graphics card for trading? looking at the legion 5 but it's only a ryzen 5 Thanks for your help

  • Akash Rawat
    Akash Rawat

    is it just me who gets horrible stuttering in almost every game under 60fps.

  • Gnana Prakash
    Gnana Prakash

    Who ever made those graphs needs a slap in the face! I advice you not to put multiple variables in the same chart with only 2 distinct visual bars. You could have atleast explained the graph at the beginning before talking about the topic.

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