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  • AmuterSI

    If I could send one video back to 1995 it would be this video.

  • Nischhal Raj Subba
    Nischhal Raj Subba

    Why not AMD Processor??

  • Sir GreatW0lf
    Sir GreatW0lf

    Linus, you said that you were going to donate the defect shirts to charity, and now you are selling them to people that didn’t buy the good ones in time. What are you doing....?

  • Carlton Grant
    Carlton Grant

    shrink wrap could also work but you would have to remove the pins and replace them which is not too difficult probably quicker than painting with a marker.

  • 420 Friendly
    420 Friendly

    Boring, business, and BAITING. I'll still bait

    • 420 Friendly
      420 Friendly

      Phap phap phap

  • Cole Mickens
    Cole Mickens

    "Power Bottom Peel". Linus, I know you are building a business, but skincare products for techy gays sounds kinda niche ;).

  • Scott S.
    Scott S.

    Yes B for boring. It's boring making all the things. It's a B, drag keeping industry going, making real world things like shelter, transportation, furniture, computers, food, electricity, water etc... All they while the Game guys sit in the basement and play in some games while waiting on ol mom to call them to dinner.

  • L Adams
    L Adams

    Former electrician here, there is high quality electrical tape that will last a really long time without getting gross or losing its adhesiveness, it’s just kinda pricy

  • Artemirr Lazaris
    Artemirr Lazaris

    I was wondering if you could review oil-submersion pc's. Where you have a case wit ha partition wall, that isolates your disk drive,s but components that run hot, are immersed in oil, and the entire system is refrigeration unit pretty much. With sensors etc. This eliminates the fan systems. Making it a very quiet system. They have been on teh market since 1998.

  • Trentsum

    What if the psu had a sleep/standby so your entire build was technically off but u could use remote or cellphone app to power on your system. Or this a stupid idea which has no purpose.

  • zakk2209

    FSM shirt again good taste jake

  • Fabien Path
    Fabien Path

    but even 1000 usd is too expensive for a pc. I can afford one of 400$

  • 大蔵横畑


  • J Vonkas
    J Vonkas

    Low density, lots of padding. Waste if time for me. Sorry for negative comments but perhaps it helps you..

  • Raven Player
    Raven Player

    2:50 Linus Sex Tips

  • Justin marquez
    Justin marquez

    what is your personal gaming setup and your personal laptop of choice]

  • Theepan Vr
    Theepan Vr

    Computer store: Here we have the latest 3050Ti Video Card for you Sir. After purchasing the 3050Ti and as your walking out... Computer store: the Manager is ordering the new 3090Ti to arrive at the warehouse in a few days. If you love PC over Console and its perpetual need to keep updating store shelves, then PC is for you! Keep spending them dollars.

  • Lance Parmar
    Lance Parmar


  • ITX addict
    ITX addict

    FOOOK MSI!!!

  • -sYn-

    soooooooooooo i did this build........... i do not recommend anyone do this build!!! my mobo refuses to let me install an operating system of anykind. neither linux nor windows. tried to get some support help from MSI "maybe flashing the bios will help" i think to myself. but alas the website is down and of no use to no one. i scour the forums maybe just maybe one soul out there has saved some of the old drivers that USED to work........... negative. and infact most of whom i find is having near identical issues as i am having. goes into bios. looks pretty says all the little happy components are up and running correctly but soon as we choose our usb stick flashed with the windows installer she gets all grumpy............ in a total time of around 15 hours of troubleshooting closest i got was the up the voltage on the cpu using the preset modes. (mode 5 and 4 work) and ran stable enough for long enough to actually install boot manager onto my SSD but once she tries to actually load into the desktop it gets all whacky and either freezes up. or blue screens ............ lol save your money and go with a better mobo

  • pkgkrb power
    pkgkrb power

    The word Sus..we use often in Australia.. meaning cautious lol

  • MakoxPulse

    oh i have a similar case

  • LiftOrGTFO

    Excuse my ignorance but how did he already have a login account on a brand new computer? Seems like when he logged in, he already had the wallpaper and apps show up. Did he swap a used SSD from a previous build?

  • Speed IOT
    Speed IOT

    Live ................ WELCOME GUYS!!!!

  • Berry the Technoman
    Berry the Technoman

    The beard works keep it on your crazy baby face we take you 3 times more serious.... you are a man now before a big child. I love the way you do and did things before it only a little more pleasant to watch.......

  • for gaming!
    for gaming!

    mine is 10k

  • Dre DR
    Dre DR

    people post so meny damn stupid reactions... pls god forgive them.!!.. they have internet access!!!

  • TheIllegalTaco

    Sorta new to PC building, is there a reason he only has 1 case fan? Was planning on building a PC very similar to this and was wondering if he just did 1 because its temporary or if some other magic is at work here.

  • photobyterry

    Was the bloke with the camera pissed or something? Keep the bloody thing still FFS.

  • Vojtech

    How much money it takes to suddenly forget about AMD processors? ;) The logo painting must have cost Intel marketing department a fortune...

  • Alex Benson
    Alex Benson

    LMG is full of pretty standup guys if they are unsatisfied with such small tshirt flaws. You know you're getting something good!

  • N A
    N A

    Innuendo 4:50

  • miguel miguel
    miguel miguel

    Legend has it Linus is still painting cables while streaming...

  • miguel miguel
    miguel miguel

    stupid shaky video....why!

  • Manuel Clayborn
    Manuel Clayborn

    do you make gaming pc on the side

  • C. R.
    C. R.

    But I managed to put a i5 10600k and a be quiet cooler in the budget of 1000$!

  • yousaidwinglikeabirdswing

    an i5 in 2020 in a budget build?

  • Seanthiar

    Go with Ryzen and used and the patience to wait for the right find and the price will be really reasonable.

  • Erik Kraynyk
    Erik Kraynyk

    These cheaper price points are almost completely impossible in Canada as we're taxed out the ass here.

  • Adam Austin
    Adam Austin

    Linus: sUs Everyone: Boomer

  • Dralunt

    4:32 Hot knives?!

  • Bijesh Shrestha
    Bijesh Shrestha

    MSI BONER 460

  • Zach Matthews
    Zach Matthews

    "Boring business boners."

  • Saša Minić
    Saša Minić

    Wrinkles on the outer sheet metal part of the door, aren't from cutting. They appear as a result of deforming process. A perfectly cut form of a sheet metal is cut, and placed in a press. When the punch deforms metal, it wrinkles around the edges. It cost hell to remove that. Usually in startups (and tesla is still a startup in car world, despite all the "GIGA" " MEGA" prefixes added to their factories), don't bother with fixing this. They hope that paint work will cover burrs and wrinkles to the point that thez would be harmless in a way not to inflict injuries such as cuts and scrapes to the customers, but are absolutely horrendous to look at. Won't find those at Ford, BMW, WV. And that is what separates industrial giants from industrial start ups. And this is not necessarily a bad thing. It means there is room for growth and improvement. And by fixing such small issues they will eventually fix many many other things.

  • Hugsy Malone
    Hugsy Malone

    I'm sorry, but in no way is a 2060s better bang for the buck than 5700xt. The equivalent Mech 5700xt is oftecheaper and faster.

  • Jamie Sharpe
    Jamie Sharpe

    I got a case that costs £4 more than this one that has 2 argb 200mm intake fans and 1 120mm argb fan with an argb and fan speed controller that can connect to motherboard, psu shroud, mesh front panel and support for 2 2.5 drives and 3 3.5 drives. This case is not that good for the money in the UK at least.

  • gr3m777

    18:10 the paint linus may by talking about might be a ceramic engine paint. I used it before when I rebuilt motors, its made for hot hot surfaces, and its super durable

  • gr3m777

    15:30 most important part of the build deuglification

  • Lhyster John Taguba
    Lhyster John Taguba


  • Ceon

    Don't spent too much on computers, save some for monitor :)

  • Notabotatall _ 27
    Notabotatall _ 27

    Bang for buck. Hah. Intel.

  • David Nuzik
    David Nuzik

    Jake should have left. Disrespectful. There's no discrimination law AFAIK for younger folks, but that was not cool.

  • roberto marrero garcia
    roberto marrero garcia

    waoo amigo magnifica carta me gustaria ganara increible abance de la tegnolojia

  • NoBuc

    this setup is actually around $1200

  • Penndragon

    1:05:30 You have no idea how comforting it is knowing that Linus made the same mistake I make every DAMN TIME I build a system.

  • SRT10 CAS
    SRT10 CAS

    LOL go pound sand to Tesla, pretty sure they giggled a bit there at ya, pointed and laughed and didn't have any further thought of you :) Someone thinks they're hot shit eh hehe, keep doing your PC work, don't bother with anything else :)

  • Rorschach T
    Rorschach T

    Fun fact about recording while driving; you're completely allowed to, if you have reason to believe the video might be used as evidence in a court of law. So, your excuse could be that there might be a lawsuit against tesla in the future and what you recorded could be essential in any such case. Anyway, I'm great at parties.

  • wayne shaw
    wayne shaw

    yeah exactly i am still rocking a laptop from 2009.hp dv6 with intel core 2 duo.Yes it can run crysis.

  • Wes

    Says the guy that dedicated his server farm as a folding host server for covid research...

  • Boony Tooty
    Boony Tooty

    What a mess!

  • bravejango12

    For the GoPro strap it to your helmet and ride your motorcycle.

  • NA NA
    NA NA

    Comments: (!) "?" People: Oooo god, yes, turn me sideways, please, yes, f yeaahhh

  • Peppy Robo
    Peppy Robo

    Linus:”don’t spend too much on PC’s” Also Linus:”check it out guys we have got ourselves the $20,000 board and we’re going to do something with it”

  • Owen Bisson
    Owen Bisson

    iv been wanting to build a pc for a while now but cant really decide on which way I want to lean, more toward gaming or more toward cad and engineering, if i want something for both how do i go about that, also electrical tape sucks when it ages i have a lot of experience with it and its awful. also i still am looking for an around 1 thousand to 1500 price range if possible

  • Ryan Flyin
    Ryan Flyin

    linus did you really have to finger print up all the ram chip contacts? nex time take a piece of cardboard cut a hole and spray paint the sticker :)

  • Pontus Forsberg
    Pontus Forsberg

    Thats kind a funny, it just so happens to be exactly what my pc costed me to build while trying to achieve just that!

  • Daniel San
    Daniel San

    My pc is 40yrs old

  • Eastman

    intel fans look so shit...posted by AMD gang

  • Michael

    Crappy stock cooler. Comes with $2 worth of thermal paste. Linus: "This is what makes it a great value!"

  • Dustin Fishbach
    Dustin Fishbach

    no one CARES ERS

  • Nicholas Greene
    Nicholas Greene

    see the problem with me is that for every ltt video I have ever watched. I look at it and say, "Yeah I could buy that" Then I remember I am watching this with a cardboard box and a 1 core CPU with $10 to my name. But It makes me hope someday I could get the pc of my dreams.

  • zerox187

    20:20, no way, I thought for sure Anthony was the extremest of athletes.

  • The Division
    The Division

    did Linus Tech buy all RTX 3080, 3090??? i cant fid it any where!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Jesus. When I subscribed 3 years ago... the channel had 2.5 mil....

  • Adam Flynn
    Adam Flynn

    Nice paint work with those markers Linus

  • Zeguy_exe

    Excuse me- *what*

  • organicwest

    Tesla vehicles are built like golf carts

  • EnglertRacing96

    black sharpie on cables? DAFUQ shrink tube.....

  • Ken H
    Ken H

    MSI ? Cant do it Peace !

  • Casual Drinker
    Casual Drinker


  • Alezor

    Nobody: Linus: Paints computer parts for 10 minutes straight.

  • ResinLip B Face
    ResinLip B Face

    Disclaimer: Do NOT hold hot butter knife in hand.

  • Harvey YFBY
    Harvey YFBY


  • Meeka

    theres no way i can build a computer like that for $1080 aud.( already converted dollars from Canadian to Aud). Went on all the Amazon links and came up with a total of $2250.00 aud. which is $2104.00. Just on 3 weeks and price exploded lol.

  • Oliver Carlsson
    Oliver Carlsson

    "Don't spend too much on computers" says the guy who made a company around buying super expensive computers.

  • Sosostupid

    The nicest thing you said about your sponsor was to “take that back” after One of the negative comments about them. MSI should drop you like your parents must’ve...sorry I take that back.

    • fatmanjumprope

      He's said many of times that he doesn't really care about the sponsors, They ask him to sponsor, not the other way around.

  • T. Hane
    T. Hane

    This build is trash. I spent 5 minutes and without catching items on sale. I could build; I5 10400 Node 202 case SF600 SFX PSU 32GB DDR4 500GB NVMe 2060 ITX Mobo Noctua Cooler - $1150 (not including tax) for $140 more you get a build that is half the size and twice the RAM and no jank stock cooler. Price would be lower if you went for sale items..or AMD!

  • Nick Moodie
    Nick Moodie

    It's amusing to watch Linus in his beard, at times trying desperately to be seen as a grown up man but whilst trying to stay in with the gaming community, juggling trying to be a 'boss' cringingly, he's so inadequate :-)

  • Dobby S
    Dobby S

    I dont know what you did but i spend 1K on my gaming system 2 Weeks ago and i'll be putting a 3070 inside it not a 2060s

  • Patrik Manni
    Patrik Manni

    You get captcha'd consistently because you're at a 'public location'. A bunch of different computers and accounts at one IP will do that.

  • Spinkey

    damn those shirts and their dead pixels damn you all at

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones

    If you’re doing Microsoft flight simulator 2020 in vr, you’re going to want as much as you can afford💵💰

  • some random npc
    some random npc

    Fun fact: some intel CPU’s come with a blacked out cooler

  • Aditya Raj
    Aditya Raj

    Linus:- Don't spend too much on computers. Me:- This video is for me. Linus:-(Spends $1000). Me:-(Quit the video and start overclocking my dual core CPU) BTW I have a pentium dual core e5500 (2.8ghz) oc'ed to 3.8 ghz 4gb ddr2 ram Gt1030 In my region, PC parts are really expensive....So I have to be satisfied with these specs.....Thanks

  • Littletweeter

    Yea Linus, 3070 is gonna be in shorter supply than the 3080 lmfao. Give a real answer to that ebay 2070s question.

  • Cesar Zuluaga
    Cesar Zuluaga

    Why Linus why?

  • snowy

    Says the person who bought a 32,000$ pc for a vid

  • G Gamer
    G Gamer

    Note to self for when i buy and build my first pc next month: -everything blue must be painted black for increased fps

    • Ash

      but dude blue makes your cooling more efficient, balance it

  • ItBeNiro

    Considering how badly a foil shirt gets damaged after just a couple of rounds in a machine wash, especially with a pair of jeans in there.. microscopic defects like that shouldn't be reason for a discount. I mean, uh, CHEAP STUFF BEST STUFF

  • Ramon Garcia
    Ramon Garcia

    What laptop make and model is that on the desk?